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Whole New Way (to love you)

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It’s a sunny, sticky day. They’d all gone for a run earlier but called it off early to come home, shower off, and collapse in the air conditioning of their apartment.

Contrary to popular opinion, the three of them didn't spend all their free time talking about sex. But after the housework was done (which included Charlie bitching about Liv’s hair dye staining the sink), and Lincoln finished telling them about some new method of early vortex detection, and the three of them got tired of arguing about the Brooklyn Lions’ chances in the playoffs, the topic was inevitable.

Early in their relationship Lincoln had suggested “kink night,” as if he (or any of them) needed the incentive. Liv and Charlie had been more than willing, and the game had evolved so that now they were sitting in their living room with their datapads, ready to see what the random kink generator had for them this week.

“Wheel of perversity, turn turn turn. Show us the kink that we should learn,” Lincoln intones, like a ritual.

Liv rolls her eyes and cues up the page. “And the topic is: gender play. Sounds good to me. Anyone want to veto..?”

Lincoln shakes his head, grinning. “Fine, but I ain’t wearing a dress,” Charlie says immediately, not without humor. “I’d be a hell of an ugly woman.”

“No, but-- huh. There’s a lot more than that.” She sends the kink wiki entry to their pads. “You can go the other direction, Charlie.”

Lincoln catches her eye, nodding enthusiastically, and she knows they’re on the same wavelength. She tilts her head, considering Charlie. “You can do hyper-masculine, easy. Motorcycle boots, leather pants. And, uh, leather jacket?”

“White undershirt,” Lincoln says without hesitation. “Tight enough to see his nipples underneath, because he’s just that manly, and chest hair curling up over the top.”

“Sleeveless so we can see his arms,” Liv says, and reaches over to high-five Lincoln when he holds up his hand.

“Okay, that’s easy enough.” Charlie eyes them both, amused. “Not like you’ve been thinking about that, or anything. Lincoln in a dress?”

Lincoln shrugs easily. “Make-up for sure, it’s been a long time since I’ve done that. I could wear a dress and go all out, if you want.”

Liv purses her lips. “More androgynous. Make-up, yeah. High-heeled boots and a corset.”

Lincoln grins. “Basically, you want me to dress like Frank-N-Furter.”

“Maybe a little less over the top,” Liv says dryly. “I was thinking more Bowie than Rocky Horror.”

“I will make myself very pretty for you,” Lincoln says solemnly. “If Charlie’s going hyper-masculine, you gonna go ultra-feminine?”

“I was thinking more of a ‘chick with a dick’ thing,” Liv says, and grins as both their eyes go wide. “Bright red lipstick. Push-up bra--I’ll find a pretty red one, Charlie, just for you--so you can’t miss ’em.” She brings her hands up, lifting her breasts to demonstrate. “And tight pants so you can see the outline of my cock along my thigh. Costume, uh--”

“Mirrored sunglasses,” Lincoln says, sounding a little breathless. “Nightstick. Police blues.”

“Not like you’ve been thinking about that, or anything,” she mimics. “Yeah, perfect. I want to get a hotel for this. Strangers meet in a bar--”

“Maybe Lincoln and I do. You, you order us up to your room for interrogation.” Charlie’s voice has gone low, that deep register that goes right to her crotch.

“Right! Because you’re both too hot to be in public, a hazard for public safety.” Liv takes a breath, goes for it. “Lincoln sprawls on the bed, too pretty to wrinkle yet, and has to watch me wrap my red, red lips around Charlie’s cock.”

“Surprise inspection?” Lincoln murmurs, but he’s as caught up in it as they are.

“He’s got his hands in my hair and really goes for it, fucking my mouth, and I know I’ll feel the bruises later.” Liv licks the corner of her mouth, watching Charlie’s eyes go dark. “And when he’s finished, I go over and kiss Lincoln, so he can taste it, and then he can suck *my* cock for awhile. Might even move it aside so I can ride his face.”

“No ‘might,’” Lincoln says, eyes holding hers. “I know how wet you’ll be, after going down on Charlie. Dripping. Won’t take much.”

“And--” her voice catches and Liv swallows to clears her throat. “And then I fuck you into the mattress, Lincoln, so hard you’ll be able to feel it for a week. And my cock doesn’t have any refractory period at all.”

“And when Lincoln’s all fucked out,” Charlie says, his voice a deep rumble, “I’m gonna flip you over and do you just as hard.”

They all look at each other for a moment. “So you’re making the reservation. Soon?” Lincoln taps on his pad, holds up a hotel welcome page. “Now?”

“Later. Right now....” Liv gets up and strips off her tank top, stands there topless in front of her men, her fingers playing with the waistband of her shorts. “I’m going in the bedroom to lie down on the bed naked with my eyes closed. I want to suck one of you off while the other fucks me. You guys decide who’s where.”

They’re both obviously hard, staring at her, and Liv loves the power she has over them. The reverse is true too, of course. “Before I close my eyes, though, kiss each other for me?”

Lincoln laughs and the tension breaks, if not the anticipation. He turns to meet Charlie’s mouth and Liv will never get tired of watching this: the way Charlie’s hand automatically comes up to grip the back of Lincoln’s neck, the way Lincoln’s fingers flex involuntarily against Charlie’s thigh.

“I enjoy being a girl,” Liv sings, out of tune, not caring. “Meet me in the bedroom when you’re done.”

Judging by the scrambling sounds behind her as she walks away, she won’t have long to wait at all.