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[Podfic] These Scatteres Shards of a Broken Mirror

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Cover Art provided by niania.

These Scatteres Shards of a Broken Mirror

    Author: morganoconner

    Reader: niania

    Fandom: Supernatural/RPF crossover

    Pairing: Gabriel/Richard

    Rating: PG

    Warnings: pre-slash or friendship, depending on what you want to hear

    Summary: Had Richard known that playing on archangel on television would make him lose his mind, he may have thought twice about it.

    Text | Wordcount: 2600
    MP3 | Size: 16 MB | Duration: 00:17:54



Reader's Notes:

There's a timestamp called "My Dreams Lie Scattered Before You" which you can find here. There's also an audiobook version with both podfics in one file here. (m4b, 12 MB)

New beginnings... When I saw the topic for the latest cakehole_club challenge I started thinking about who on Supernatural really deserves a new beginning. Well I guess my answer was clear from the start. Gabriel! ♥ I need Gabriel to come back. So if he can't come back in Sam and Dean's universe, let's pull him into ours. And that's exactly what morganoconner did! When I started reading SPN/RPF crossovers I never thought there would be Gabriel/Richard or Castiel/Misha out there. There're only a few authors writing J2/Sam&Dean so who the hell would even get the idea of Gabriel/Richard? Ha, morganoconner's mind must be an amazing place to be!

Talking about new beginnings when watching episode 803 this week I really hoped for Sam and Dean getting a reboot. So much crap happened between those two how are they supposed to ever get over this? Even in season 1 they had a hard time becoming Sam&Dean again but then happened Sam's death, Dean's death, John's death, hell, the freaking apocalypse, soulless!Sam, god!Cas, purgatory... Holy crab look at that list! ^_^ I need them to be Sam&Dean again! And now I'm totally off topic...

Also this cover is my very first try to use a picture manipulation program. No I never tried to get rid of red eyes in my own photos before. So I started at the very beginning, downloaded GIMP, watched a few tutorials on youtube and tried to create something easy but not bad looking for this podfic. It took me like five hours to produce this, but I kind of like it. :) I can't even imagine how some artist produce perfect manipulations like this one which just showed up on my flist. Well no one is born a master...