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Foxmobile Adventures

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Bård and Vegard had been travelling for two days, and were exhausted. Stargate had called them and asked them to come to LA because they wanted them to make a pilot for a humour show. There could be a chance some of the tv stations would accept it. So the brothers started out on the long trip from Oslo to Los Angeles.

Now they had finally arrived at the hotel where they were going to stay for the duration, and all Vegard could think of was getting into a soft bed and sleep, sleep. After getting a shower of course, that was almost as important. He felt dirty and sweaty all over. But instead of handing the brothers each their room key, the clerk told them that there was a problem with their reservation - the two single rooms they had ordered, were not available until a few days later. For the first days, they would have to share a room. And they weren't even getting separate beds. Vegard groaned in exasperation and looked over at Bård.

It had been a nice flight over to America, but now all Bård wanted was a shower and bed. He was used to having his own room, however, as soon as he saw Vegard's face, he knew they'd be sharing a room. 'Bummer,' he thought. 'But we'll make it work.' He put his hand on Vegard's shoulder and told him "It'll be fine,Vegard. Let's just get the keys, ok? I stink."

Vegard nodded and accepted the two keycards from the clerk. At least they were getting a key each. "Here," he told Bård and gave him one. Then he reached down for the handle of his black hardshell suitcase and looked down the corridor. "The elevator is down there," the clerk said. "Third floor, to the left." "Thanks," Vegard said and started walking, without turning to see if Bård was following or not.

Bård stared after Vegard, thinking 'Fuck, he's pissed. This'll be a blast. Not.' Sighing, Bård picked up his suitcases, (he always packed too much stuff, especially shoes,) and followed Vegard to the elevators.

The elevator doors were just opening when Bård arrived, so Vegard went in and turned around, waiting for his brother to get in. "Don't take all day," he chided. "I want the shower first! Afterwards, you can do what you want." 'Whatever that would be,' he thought to himself. He was definetely not happy with Bård and his antics today. Checking up stewardesses and whatnot!

Bård hurried to the elevator and stood next to Vegard. "I can do what I want, Vegard? What's that supposed to mean?" Bård snapped back. He had been planning on calling one of the hot stewardesses he had been flirting with on the flight here. Since Maria had said she wanted a trial separation, Bård was angry, sad and a little scared. He'd never been without Maria and the kids somewhere in his life. He sighed and put those thoughts out of his mind to focus on the lovely stewardess. Not to mention the hunk of a steward who Bård also flirted with.

Vegard pressed the "3" button and turned back to his brother when he heard him snap to him. "Well, what DO you want, Bård?" he asked in a bitchy tone, his eyes measuring his brother up and down with contempt. "You just barely left Maria crying at my kitchen table, with Helene trying to look after six kids at once, before you start chatting up every man and woman from Oslo to here! Are you so eager to ruin your marriage?" he spat out.

Bård glared back at Vegard, trying not to say anything he might regret later. Vegard was right, he'd already made Maria cry and now Vegard was angry with him. Didn't his brother realize that he was trying to cope with all of this, and a little distraction from that helped ease his pain. "Vegard, please, not now. You don't know the whole story! Stop being so mean to me! Maria wanted this separation, not me! You know that." Bård looked imploringly at his brother.

Vegard eyed his brother in silence for a few moments. He heard the imploring tone, but he was too tired and annoyed to bother with it. "No, I don't know the whole story, and I certainly don't want to hear it right now," he scoffed, as the doors opened to the third floor. "But I'll be damned if I'll have to babysit you because you suddenly want to bed everything on two legs!" He pushed past Bård the moment the doors opened, his suitcase slamming into the wall of the elevator as he went out the door, not even looking at his little brother. In vain he tried to find out which way to go to find their room, and stopped with a sigh.

Bård was angry now, and walked past his brother to the hallway ahead of him and looked at his key card for the room number. "355" he muttered and headed further down the hallway. He finally got to room 355 and put the keycard into the slot. There was a small click and Bård opened the door to their room. It was tiny and there it was - the one double bed in the room. "Oh, this day just keeps getting better and better," he said to himself. He set his suitcases down and flopped down on the bed.

Vegard followed right after his brother and closed the door. As he turned to the bed he almost stumbled over Bård's suitcases in the middle of the floor and cursed. "Damnit Bård! Move your luggage over to the corner so we can move in here!" He angrily lifted his suitcase up and carefully stepped over those on the floor to get to his side of the bed. Once there, Vegard threw his suitcase hard on the bed and opened it roughly, beginning to search through it. He gave Bård a sharp glance.

Bård jumped off the bed and said "Sorry, master, am I disturbing you too much!" He angrily picked up his suitcases and put them in the corner of the room. "Hey, asshole, you gonna take that shower now or what?" Bård started taking his own clothes off, still angry and hurt at his brother's temper at him. He turned around and went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him and locking it. 'If I'm gonna piss him off just breathing, I may as well go all the way!' He turned the shower on to get the temperature right, and hurriedly removed the rest of his clothes and threw them in a heap on the floor. He stepped into the shower and started to cry.

Vegard's anger flared when Bård called him asshole, and he turned his head to shout at him. But surprisingly quickly, his little brother grabbed the bathroom right before his nose, and that caused what was left of his patience to snap. "Fuck you Bård!" he shouted after him, banging on the door. "I said I wanted the bathroom first!" But there was no reply, only the sound of water sloshing down. Vegard kicked the door for good measure, hitting his big toe painfully, and limped back to the bed. What was the matter with Bård today anyway?
Vegard found some clean underwear, socks and t-shirt and his toiletry bag and put them on the bed before he closed his suitcase and put it on the floor. Sighing, he kicked off his shoes and stripped down to t-shirt and boxers and laid down on the bed, waiting for the shower to be available.

Still crying in the shower, water running over him, Bård hung his head. He was so sad he could almost not bear it. He wasn't sure he loved Maria anymore. He married her to do the right thing, be a dad to Sophie. He loved Sophie more than life itself, not to mention his other two kids, Nora and Jens. Thinking of them made him cry even harder. Bård heard Vegard pounding on the door and yell at him. He also heard the thud of the door being kicked. He hurriedly washed up, rinsed, shut the water off and got out of the shower. He grabbed one of the biggest soft towels on the rack and towelled off. Bård wrapped the towel around his waist. He had another towel wrapped turban style around his head.

Bård looked himself in the mirror and figured he could hide the red eyes from crying. He turned and unlocked the bathroom door, opened it and stepped out of the bathroom.

Vegard looked up when he heard the door open. He had had some time to calm down while waiting for the shower, but he was still annoyed that Bård had snatched it first. Just as he was about to say something about it, he caught a glimpse of Bård's eyes. They were red and swollen. 'So... he's been crying? i guess I've been too harsh on him.' Trying to keep his voice calm, Vegard simply said: "I hope you left some towels for me." He wanted to say something more, feeling badly about having made his little brother cry... but he didn't know what to say. Instead he grabbed his change of clothes and the toiletry bag and walked past Bård. Stopping in the doorway he turned and regarded the slender body wrapped in the huge towels, looking thin and vulnerable standing by the bed, and sighed. "Look, Bård... I'm sorry, okay?"

Bård walked out of the bathroom past his brother and sat down on the bed again, trying to keep his eyes averted so Vegard wouldn't see how red and swollen they were. He didn't want to start crying again in front of Vegard... he wasn't sure he'd be able to stop if he started. Bård heard Vegard apologize, and that almost made him break down again. Dropping the towels, Bård quickly lifted the covers and got into bed. He enjoyed sleeping in the nude. Vegard knew that and would just have to deal. Bård rolled over on his side away from where Vegard would be sleeping.

Vegard waited for a few moments, but Bård didn't seem to aknowledge that he had actually apologized to him. Instead, his brother dropped his towels on the floor and stood there naked for a moment before disappearing under the covers. All Vegard could see was a tuft of wet hair. He shrugged and turned around into the bathroom, closing the door after him. There was no need to hurry anymore, nobody were waiting for him, so he took his time under the delicious, warm shower.

It was difficult to stop thinking about Bård though. Maybe he should have been more attentive to him. After all, it couldn't have been easy to have to leave his family for USA just when he and Maria had decided to separate. The boy probably had a lot on his mind because of that. Vegard realized he had been stupid to take out his bad mood and exhaustion on Bård. If he was awake when he got out of the bathroom, he would probably have to apologize again. Vegard finished up in the bathroom and put on boxers and t-shirt. Quietly he opened the door again, wondering whether Bård was awake or not.

Bård heard his brother in the shower finally. Bård lay on his side, tears running down his face,shoulders heaving. He was so sad, but relieved that Vegard had apologized to him. He needed his brother's love and support desperately in order to get thru this. He wondered what his life was gonna be like now. Bård realized that he had never had any other life experiences other than Ylvis, marriage and a family. As much as he hurt, Bård was also a little excited about the possibilties of experiences to come. He stopped crying for a bit and reached for a tissue to blow his nose. Bård heard the water stop in the shower, and Vegard preparing to get out of the bathroom. Hearing the door open, Bård hid the tissue under his pillow and closed his eyes, waiting.

Vegard padded silently over to the bed. Bård was laying completely still with closed eyes, and at first he thought he was sleeping. But he was laying too still, there was no relaxed breathing to be heard, so Vegard realized he was still awake. 'So he hasn't fallen asleep yet. Better not disturb him if he's trying to sleep,' he thought, and sat down on his side of the bed. He set his alarm clock and checked his phone before crawling under the covers, laying down on his side facing the backside of Bård's head. Should he say he was sorry once more, or would that only disturb Bård if he was trying to fall asleep?

Bård heard Vegard walk around to the other side of the bed. That man would try to be all quiet and stealthy, which was impossible for Vegard to manage. He always clomped around or fell over something. Bård smiled to himself at the thought. He felt his brother sit down on the other side of the bed and crawl under the covers. He could feel Vegard's eyes boring into the back of his head. Bård tried not to laugh,but he wasn't quite ready to talk to Vegard yet. He wanted to see if Vegard's apology was real. And Bård was still a little nervous to talk about his marriage.

Vegard kept staring at Bård's wet hair. It was moving, which meant his brother was definetely not sleeping. He hesitated - should he take the chance to talk to him and risk having to talk about feelings? Or pretend he didn't see that he was awake? Fuck, his conscience wouldn't let him get away with that. "Are you awake?" he whispered.

Upon hearing Vegard ask if he was awake, Bård hesitated a second, then answered "Yes, I am." Bård pulled the blanket around himself and continued laying away from his brother. "Why do you want to know?" Bård asked, muttering into the pillow. He knew he was being a dick to his beloved brother, however, Bård just didn't want to fight with Vegard anymore tonight. Bård finally relented and turned toward his brother and looked him in the eye.

Vegard perked up when he heard Bård replying, although he sounded grumpy. He waited while Bård made up his mind to turn around, and finally got a chance to look him in the eyes. Yes, definetely still red-eyed. Vegard sighed. Was it going to be one of "those" nights again, with a lot of talking back and forth? Or more crying? "I said I was sorry," he started when Bård finally looked at him. "I'm exhausted and grumpy, and I took it out on you. I didn't mean to be so harsh on you. Sorry." He gave Bård a worried glance.

Bård barely heard his brother's apology as he rushed into his brother's arms, wanting contact. Wrapping his arm and a leg around Vegard, he tried to nestle into his shoulder. "Just hold me, bror," he said. "No more fighting... please?" Bård looked up at Vegard imploringly.

Vegard had to smile when Bård crawled into his arms. This was almost like in the old days, when Bård was little and needed comfort, and came sneaking up into his bed at night. But after they grew up, this had become much less frequent, only once in a while did they hug at night. But apparently Bård was on edge tonight, so Vegard allowed the embrace. He wrapped an arm around his brother's bare shoulders and hugged him close. "No more fighting," he agreed. "I'm too tired tonight anyway. I just wish you had been wearing some clothes now that we have to share the bed..." he added as an afterthought and wrinkled his nose.

Bård smiled and hopped out of bed. He found some boxers and a t-shirt, put them on and crawled back into bed, wrapping his arms and legs around Vegard again. "Better, storebror?" Bård said, smiling into Vegard's chest.

Vegard stared in amazement as Bård jumped out of bed, got dressed and jumped into bed again. "This has to be the first time you actually listened to my complaints about your lack of clothes in bed," he laughed. He embraced his little brother again and allowed him to nuzzle into his chest. "Are you feeling better now, Bård?"

Bård looked at his brother's amazed face. "Well, I thought I ought to try to make someone happy. Haven't been too good at it lately, I guess." Bård's smile faltered, and he buried his head in Vegard's chest again.

Vegard heard the pain in his brother's voice and embraced him. "It's okay," he said quietly, "I understand things have been difficult for you recently. Try not to think about it." He almost shook his head at his own words, they sounded so stupid. But talking about feelings was terribly difficult for him and he didn't know what to say when Bård needed comforting.

Bård relaxed for the first time since they left Norway. Bård knew that talking about feelings was not Vegard's forte. He appreciated the efforts Vegard was making to comfort him. He knew Maria and Helene were best friends and told each other everything. Which meant Vegard heard it as well. Bård thought, however, that his brother would support him more, not Maria. Bård was taken aback by his brother's responses to the separation. It seemed too extreme. He wasn't upset about Bård's flirting with the staff on the plane, was he? Why would he be? Snuggling up against Vegard's shoulder, he replied, "Takk, Vegard, takk." As children, whenever Bård was scared of a noise, imagined monsters, (not to mention the very real monsters of war outside the compound where the Ylvisåkers lived in Africa), Bård always went to Vegard for solace. Vegard never refused him and Bård grew to count on that comfort and love. He also knew that there were times that Vegard was frightened as well. Bård could tell by the tightness of the hugs or feeling Vegard tremble. Bård did everything in his power to comfort his brother as well during those times. It was a comfort and love Bård grew to count on since then. He felt he could survive anything as long as Vegard was there to support him. Suddenly exhausted, Bård closed his eyes, safely in his brothers arms, the world forgotten.

Vegard felt Bård relaxing in his arms, and felt some of the tension leave his own body. Maybe things would get better with his little brother if the two of them tried to stay calm and friendly to each other and not fight over stupid things, like they had today. Bård fit so well into his arms and he remembered all those times before, when he had sought comfort with his big brother. Tonight was no different... they were older, that was all. But the mutual comfort was still just as strong as before. Bård's breathing seemed to even out, and at last Vegard felt just how tired and exhausted he was himself. Wearily he closed his eyes and nuzzled into the still damp hair of his brother, and fell asleep.