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Loki screams. He screams and screams, but nobody hears him. He doesn't know how long he's been screaming he only knows that it feels like forever. It is worth it, Loki reminds himself as he feels the hot burning of a brand being pressed into his side. It is worth It. He reminds himself every time he is tortures, every new and inventive way to hurt him, he reminds himself: It is worth it.

He doesn't know how long it's been, or when his tormentors will come back. All he knows is that he is doing this for Anthony. He is doing this for his love. His love is the reason it's all worth it.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Loki counts as the seconds go by. By his count it's been two days since last time and they should be back to torture him soon.

One. Two. Three. Four. Four. Four. He loses track. He doesn't know how long its been. He doesn't know and suddenly everything is even worse, he can't even guess when the next wave of torture will come. All he knows is that it will come. It will never stop. But it is worth it for Anthony's life.

It's hot, it's so hot and it hurts. The heat makes his soft blue skin blister and peel away from his flesh. He wonders how long it will take before there's nothing left of him. He wonders if, when they put him here they'd planed on the heat being its own little form of torture. He doesn't know, all he knows is that it is. It's okay, he thinks, he saved Anthony. Then suddenly, there is light and Loki cries at the unfamiliarity of it.

It's been what seems like forever-he doesn't know how long, oh god he lost count and he doesn't know how long- since he last saw light.

It just hurts his skin more. His skin is so unused to the light that it burns and he wishes for the dark rooms of Jotunheimr. He wonders if this is yet another technique they have to torture him.

"Anthony," he whispers to himself. "It was for Anthony. You saved Anthony."

"Do you hear something?" A female voice asks and Loki cries out in fear at the noise.

They're back. They're back and they're going to hurt him more. There's nothing he can do, but wait.

"No, Pepper." Another voice says. "I don't hear anything. I was just busy wondering why you dragged me to Iceland and why these goddamn caves are so hot."

"I dragged you here, because Thor just joined the Avengers and some new Scandinavian artifacts would be good to donate to a museum. As for the heat, we're probably near a volcano."

Loki screams at Thor's name. They're with him. Oh god, they're with Thor and they're coming to torture him more. Thor's send his little friends to hurt him.

"Shit," the man's voice says, "That was definitely a person."

"Who else would be down here?" Squeaks the female but Loki isn't listening, he's staring off to the distance trying to disassociate from his body so he won't feel it when the pain starts, because the pain will start soon, that much he knows.

"I don't know," the man says, "But they sound like they're in trouble. Jarvis scan for other life forms."

Loki snaps his head towards the voices. Disassociating isn't working right now, and they seem to be getting closer. Tugging at the chains that bind him, Loki wails. He needs to escape. He can't stand letting this happen again.

"Sir, there appears to be a humanoid life form, approximately forty feet to your left behind the boulder blocking your entrance."
A strange distorted voice remarks in an odd accent.

Loki hears clicking noises and a bright blue light before the boulder he's been looking at for his entire stay in the caves bursts into shards. Loki screams as a strange armored man steps forwards.

Then he stops and begins to count. His torturers never stayed more than two hours. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

"Shit Pepper, look," Loki hear behind his counting. "He looks like he's really fucking hurt."

"He's blue, Tony," The woman says with a not of panic. "He's blue!"

The man snorts, "Like that's the weirdest thing we've seen this month."

"Please don't hurt me," Loki whispers at the armored figure approaching him. "Please don't."

"I won't," The voice says as the figure removes its helmet and Loki looks away refusing to see who it is. It would only be worse if he knows his torturer.

"Don't take me to Thor," Loki begs, "Don't let him hurt me."

"What the hell," the woman says. "Why would Thor hurt him?"

"I don't know," the man said. "Let's get him out of here."

The man grabs Loki's and yanks his chained arms towards him causing Loki to pass out in pain as his heat sores react. As the world fades to black Loki smiles, he won't feel it if he's unconscious.

When Loki wakes up his first clue that he's somewhere else is the lack of chains. His second clue is the soft bed beneath him and the cool air surrounding him. It feels nice against his battered skin.

When his eyes pop open, Loki panics. He's out of his cell, but he isn't back home. Everything is so different. There are strange devices all about him and the light in the ceiling isn't even from a torch. It's nothing like his home on Jotunheimr or Anthony's home on Midgard. It's nothing like he's ever seen. So Loki hides.

He spots the most familiar thing near him, a table, and dives underneath it in an attempt to escape the overwhelming area around him. That's when the man's voice came again.

"You know the beds a lot more comfortable," the man says and this time Loki's brain isn't so addled with heat that he can't recognize the voice.

"Anthony," Loki breathes as he crawls out from beneath the table and sends a soft tendril of what little magic he has left to go explore. It quickly tells him that while this is Anthony, It's not his Anthony; he's different now and he doesn't know Loki. It almost makes Loki give up, the thought of his loved one being gone. Then he reminds himself that Anthony isn't gone, he's simply buried with in this other man.

So Loki hides his love for the other man, "It's to strange."

"The bed is strange?" The man asks. "That's odd. I know after I was held captive I couldn't wait to get back to my bed."

"Who are you," Loki rasps out. He doesn't want to call this man Anthony by mistake. He refuses to ruin his chances to get to regain about his past lover.

"You really don't know do you," The man asks as he squats down to be in eye level with Loki.

It hurts to stare at a face so familiar yet so different.

"No," Loki replies suddenly bone feel tired. "I don't."

"Tony Stark," the man says producing a hand that Loki simply stares at until Tony put it down. "What's your name?"

"Loki," the Frost Giant answers. "Loki Laufeyson."

Then his eyes catch on the strange technology around him. "What's the date?"

"May 27th," Tony answers as he sits down all the way.

"No, no, I need the year." Loki insists. There's no way all of this change happened in the three hundred years he thought he'd been held captive.

"2012," Tony tells him slowly.

"I need to go," Loki cries attempting to stand up, but toppling over.

"Why," Tony asks staring into Loki's eyes. "Where?"

"Home, they must think I'm dead," Loki pants. "They must think the Aesir killed me."

Tony's brow furrows, "Why would the Aesir want to kill you?"

Loki laughs as his fingers trace the lines marking his blue skin, "Has Midgard really forgotten already?"

"Apparently so," Tony says. "Now tell me, why you so scared of Thor?"

Loki jerks away from Tony, "Thor! Oh god, Thor! You're friends with Thor, you're going to hurt me!"

"I won't hurt you," Tony says and it's only because he recognizes that voice as Anthony's that he calms down. "But why did the Aesir?"

"I'm a Jotun," Loki explains as he hugs himself. "Or if you're a filthy Aesir who likes to use slurs, a Frost Giant."

Loki sees that the second name means something to Tony and with a sigh he scoots farther away. It's obvious the Aesir have already pitted Tony against his kind. He'll never get his Anthony back.

"Alright," Tony says as he witnesses Loki withdraw from him both physically and mentally. "I'll be back later."

Tony leaves and suddenly, Loki is alone once more with the crushing darkness. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. He counts waiting for someone, something to come back and remind him he isn't alone.

He gets his wish, though not quite in the way he wants. The next person whose voice he hears isn't Tony's, it isn't even the woman from the cave's. It's Thor's voice.

"Friend Tony," Thor bellows and Loki releases a whimper. "I have received your summons. How can I help you?"

"I was wondering about the Jotuns," Tony replies. "Could you tell me about them?"

"No," Loki moans softly. Tony can't hear Thor's version; Tony can't believe his kind to be monstrous.

"Of course," Thor rumbles. "I shall tell you the story of them attacking my coronation story and how it lead to me killing King Laufey."

"No." Loki gasps, "No. That didn't happen he didn't kill him. He didn't kill Mother."

As Loki begins to panic, he loses control over the small bit of magic that Odin could never take from him: ice magic, a Jotun's birthright. Ice creeps away from him, spreading out and coating the room he's in. The more he hears of Thor's story the less control he has.

He can feel his rage and terror building up inside of him. It's cold and hard and feels as if it's a glacier settling in the pit of his stomach. The more Thor says the more it grows and the more it grows the less Loki can feel. Soon all that Loki is aware of is the ball of emotion sitting in his gut and the cruel words slipping off of Thor's tongue.

"The two Frost Giants Laufey sent were easily slaughtered, but my friends and I wished for revenge and so we went to Jotunheimr."

"I see," Tony says in response though his tone is odd. "What did you do there?"

"Almost started a war," Thor laughs. "It would have happened too, had King Helblindi not acknowledged that Laufey had attacked first."

"King Helblindi?" Tony asks, "I thought Laufey was king?"

Thor hums, "He was, till I slit his throat and ends his toxic reign."

Thor's words are the very last straw for Loki. All the anger and fear that has been building up inside of Loki suddenly bursts forth and year another sheet of ice covers his room. This time the ice isn't contained to his room and it spreads out into the hallway where Thor and Tony are situated. A blast of ice hits Thor square in the chest as Loki howls in rage.

"You killed him," Loki cries storming out of his room despite the wounds that make it painful. A flurry of ice and snow follows behind him in an intimidating swirl. As another sob racks through Loki's body a second bolt of ice strikes Thor as he tries to stumble to his feet. It feels good, Loki decides this way he can take revenge for both his mother's death and his own torture.

"You killed him," Loki hisses. "You killed my mother."

Thor looks up from where he's spread out on the floor and looks at what's attacking him, with slight awe in his voice he whispers, "Loki."

With barely contained rage Loki replies, "Hello, Thor."