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Rin's Predicament

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Rin's Predicament by Jeffery Mewtamer

The hot, mid-July sun beat down on the grounds of Futatsubashi
Elementary as Rin Kokonoe ate lunch with her two best friends, Kuro
Kagami, and Mimi Usa. Despite wearing a white, spaghetti strap top and
sky blue short shorts that barely cover enough to comply with the school
dress code, the abnormally hot, even for the last week of the first
term, weather left the fifth grader sweating heavily and with a parched
throat. As such, Rin paid no mind to the potential consequences as she
downed an extra carton of milk, a couple of extra juice boxes, and even
an entire bottle of water in addition to the fluids she normally
consumed with her lunch.

Distracted by the heat and her nearly unquenchable thirst, the bell
signaling the end of lunch caught Rin by surprise. As she went to
discard her trash, she realized she would have to skip her usual
lunchtime trip to the toilet, but figured she would be fine as she
didn't feel even the slightest twinge of needing to go. As she
re-entered the school building, the AC felt like a breath of fresh air
as she made her way to class, oblivious to how her body was redirecting
the recently consumed liquid thanks to the sudden drop in ambient

As her teacher and crush, Daisuke Aoki was about 10 minutes into his
first lecture of the afternoon, Rin felt the first twinge of her bladder
filling. At first, she ignored it to focus on Aoki-sensei's words, but
the sensation of fullness in her lower abdomen continued to grow
steadily and the added pressure from her shorts not being very stretchy
didn't help matters.

Glancing at the clock, Rin noticed that only fifteen minutes remained
until afternoon break, and while part of her was screaming at her to
raise her hand and ask for permission to go to the bathroom and feeling
that Aoki-sensei would let her go, another part was telling her that she
needed to act mature so sensei would start to see her as a woman rather
than a student and that acting mature included being able to hold her
pee until the scheduled break.

When the bell rang for break, Rin shot up out of her seat and dashed for
the bathroom as quickly as she could while keeping her thighs pressed
together. When she reaches the nearest girls' room, she lets out a
groan at the sight of at least a dozen girls waiting to enter the
restroom, but knowing she doesn't have time to reach the next nearest
restroom, she decides to wait in line in the hopes that it will move

Just as she reaches the front of the line and steps foot into the
restroom, three sounds assault Rin's ears making her heart sink and her
bladder throb. The first is the sound of a toilet flushing, indicating
that sweet relief is within Rin's reach. The second is the sound of
running water as a girl washes her hands, urging Rin's own pent up
waters to rush forward. The third is the bell signalling the end of
break, ringing out like a death knell for Rin's poor, overfilled

Rin's salvation is right in front of her, but she knows that if she
takes it, there's no way she'll make it back to class on time. Deciding
to put her efforts at being the kind of model student that Aoki-sensei
would respect enough to fall in love with before her biological need to
eliminate wastes from her body, Rin leaves the bathroom without
relieving herself, her walk quite stiff and her bladder screaming in
protest with every step as she returns to the classroom.

Back in class, Rin is preoccupied with keeping her bladder's contents
where they are to the point that she's not hearing a word Aoki-sensei is
saying. About fifteen minutes into the last class of the day, it
happens. Rin's bladder gives a sudden spasm and despite Rin's best
efforts to clench all of her muscles to stop the impending flood, she
feels several drops leak out and soak into her panties, the fifth grader
mentally screaming 'NOOOOOOOOO!' as it happens. Swallowing her pride,
Rin decides to raise her hand to be excused before she shames herself in
front of the whole class.

Seeing her raised hand, Aoki-sensei acknowledges her, "Do you have a
question, Kokonoe?"

Standing up, putting her hands on her desk, and trying to not look as
desperate as she is, Rin asks confidently, "Sensei, may I go to the

Massaging a temple in exasperation, Aoki-sensei responds sternly,
"Kokonoe, it's not even twenty minutes into the class. You should've
gone during break. Now sit down so I can continue class."

Feeling dejected at such a flatout rejection, Rin sits down, her
bladder, fuller than ever, screaming at her for not making an attempt at
convincing him to change his mind. After several minutes of crossing and
re-crossing her legs under her desk and siently fuming at Aoki-sensei
for not letting her go, her mind, as precocious as it is, has a naughty
thought: 'What if sensei wants me to wet myself?! What if he has a pee
fetish?!', which leads into her fantasizing about a private tutoring
session involving her needing to pee and not being allowed to go until
she correctly answers all of the questions sensei gives her.

Rin is broken out of her daydreaming as another spasm rocks her bladder,
a longer spurt escaping pass her defenses. Gripping the edges of her
desk so tightly her knuckles turn white, she screams mentally,
'Nonononononono! Noooooooo! If I'm going to wet myself, it has to be
where only sensei can see!' Managing to halt the flow before it can soak
through her panties to her shorts, but sure the wet patch on her panties
is big enough to leave a stain, Rin glances at the clock to see that
only fifteen minutes remain until the final bell. 'Yes! I might not be
able to last long enough to reach a toilet, but I'm sure I can last long
enough to give sensei a private show!' Rin thinks to herself, her
determination to hold renewed.

When the final bell rings, the other students, Kuro and Mimi included,
rush out of the class as Aoki-sensei gathers up his lecture materials.
Looking up after neatly stacking the last of his notes to see Rin as the
only student still in the room, he asks, "Kokonoe, shouldn't you be
headed to the restroom?"

Upon confirming that she's alone with Aoki-sensei, she stands up, both
hands jammed in her crotch as she walks towards his desk while saying,
"Sensei, I think it's too late for that." Pulling her hands away from
her crotch to reveal a dark patch on the crotch of her shorts from where
she leaked while making the trip to the front of the empty classroom,
she continues, "I tried going during break, but there was a line and by
the time I reached the bathroom, the bell had already rung and I had to
rush back without relieving myself." Forcing a smile, she adds, "Sensei,
I've never had to pee so badly, and I know I'm at my limit, so I hope
you enjoy seeing what you've forced me to do by denying my request to
be excused."

With a great force of will, Rin spreads her legs just as her dam breaks
completely, her sky blue shorts darkening greatly as riverlets of pee
flow down the insides of the fifth grader's thighs. Before long, her
shorts are soaked beyond their capacity to absorb liquid and a thick
stream starts cascading from her crotch to pool on the floor beneath
her. As Rin stands in front of her teacher, wetting herself without
restraint, her face is covered in an expression not of shame and
embarrassment, but of relief and pleasure bordering on ecstasy as the
relief of finally emptying her overfilled bladder washes over her.

As she empties completely and her stream slows to a trickle, her young
body trembles in what she will later realize was her very first orgasm,
albeit a small one. Opening her eyes and looking down to see that she's
standing in a puddle nearly a meter in diameter, she exclaims, "WOW! I
didn't think I could hold that much pee!" Looking up at her teacher, she
asks, "Did you like the show, Sensei?"

Daisuke Aoki had had many surprises in his just over two years as a
teacher, not the least of which had been how Kokonoe tended to talk
about sex in a way you'd expect from someone two to three times her age,
but seeing the grade schooler who had been crushing on him almost since
they first met and whom he had developed feelings for that he wouldn't
admit even to himself tended towards the romantic walk up to him,
confess that she was bursting to pee and then apparently wetting herself
deliberately as she blamed him for it took not just the cake, but the
whole bakery. To add to the twenty-five year-old's shock, the sight of
his favorite student wetting herself while wearing a facial expression
that somehow managed to be both angelic and downright lewd at the same
time was making him aroused.

His trance broken at the sound of her asking him if he enjoyed the show,
he falls back into his role as responsible adult and answers, "If you
had to go that badly, you should've just insisted it was an emergency
instead of forcing yourself to hold it and then trying to give me a
guilt trip by wetting in front of me."

Noticing the bulge in his pants, Rin giggles before retorting, "Sensei,
there's no need to lie when it's just the two of us. The tent in your
pants makes it obvious you liked watching me pee my pants." Placing a
finger to her lip and getting a thoughtful expression, she adds, "Either
that, or you enjoy scolding me."

Deciding to ignore her comments, he says, "Wait here and I'll see if the
lost and found has any clean clothes you can change into." before
leaving the room without giving her a chance to tease him further.

Aoki-sensei returns several minutes later and hands Rin a pleated skirt
while saying, "I think this will fit you."

Taking the skirt she asks unabashedly, "What about dry panties?"

Blushing brightly, he replies, "There wasn't anything in the lost and
found, but I raided the nurse's office and found this..." he trails off
as he hands her an oversized pull-up.

Taking the diaper that was ovbiously big enough for older children, she
asks in mock surprise, "Don't tell me Sensei has a diaper fetish as

Aoki-sensei's blush deepens, It was the only underwear I could find!"
Trying to change the subject, he hands her a few more items, "Here's
some wet wipes to clean the pee from your skin, a large ziplock bag to
put your soiled clothes in, and a sweater you can tie around your waist
to conceal the damage while you make your way to the restroom to

Wondering if she can make his blush any deeper, she mock pouts, "Aww,
isn't Sensei going to diaper me for piddling in my pants like a wittle

Nearing the end of his patience, Aoki-sensei says sternly, "Kokonoe, just
go get cleaned up!"

Giggling at the interesting shade of red on his face, Rin ties the
sweater around her waist before leaving the room and heading to the bathroom to change.

Upon entering the restroom, Rin locks the door heading into the hallway
before tossing her flip-flops in one of the bathroom's sinks. Removing
the sweater, she peels off first her soaked shorts and then her panties,
the white cotton of the latter mostly stained yellow with her pee. the
soaked garments join her footwear in the sink and she turns on the hot
water to rinse them.

Despite how hot it is outside, the air conditioned air of the bathroom
is cold against Rin's bare, wet skin and she lets out a shiver at being
naked from the waist down. Opening the pack of wet wipes, she makes
quick work of cleaning her feet, legs, thighs and crotch, taking special
care to make sure her girlhood is clean of any and all urine residue.

Once clean, she walks over to the sink while her lower body air dries to
make sure her soiled clothes are properly rinsed and thoroughly rung out
before placing them in the bag.

After drying her hands, She slides on the pull-up and is pleasantly
surprised at how comfy it feells. After putting on the skirt, she looks
at herself in the mirror from as many angles as possible and is happy to
note that, while the skirt is much longer than what she usually prefers
to wear, it conceals the diaper quite well, with only the slightest
bulge over her butt, but in a way that just makes her rear look fuller
in a way that no one who doesn't know what her butt normally looks like
would notice.

Shaking her flip-flops dry, she puts them back on her feet and wraps the
sweater around the bag with her wet clothes before leaving the bathroom.