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The 12 Days of Wincest

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“Dean it's freezing, pull over. You can't even see the road.” Sam could see his breath as he spoke. The Impala's heater was running full blast, but it couldn't keep up with the below freezing temperature and did little more than keep them from turning blue. Outside was practically a blizzard. Sam couldn't see the road save for the white outer line and he wasn't entirely sure that what he was looking at was actually the line or a line another car had made in the snow. Snow chains or no, the Impala wasn't made for this kind of weather.

"I can see just fine. Quit your bitchin'." Dean rolled his eyes at his brother.

"Dean you're gonna kill us and it's too cold for us to get stuck in a snow bank when you go off the road."

"I can see the road fine, Sam!"

"You're fingers are gonna freeze and snap off."

"You gonna warm 'em up for me?"

Sam raised an eyebrow at his brother and just stared at him.

"We are not pulling over."

"So you don't want me to warm your fingers up? 'Cause I have somewhere nice and warm you could put those icicles." Sam thought for sure if anything was going to convince his brother to stop, it was sex.

Dean shifted in his seat. "I want a hot shower and a warm bed and I ain't settling for less. We'll stop when we find a motel."

"How the hell are we gonna see it with all this snow?"

"We'll see it. Just relax."

Sam sighed. "Well if you want to freeze to death, go right ahead, but I'm not." Sam climbed over the seat and into the back with a lot more difficulty than he used to, but he managed it without kicking his brother in the head all the same.

He pulled a big thick blanket out from under the seat where they'd stashed them and tossed it over himself. Sam snuggled down into the blanket and moaned happily.

"So warm. Mmm, that's nice."

"Really?" Dean glared at his brother in the rear view mirror.

Sam smirked, but he didn't reply. He was busy setting a plan in motion. A moment later came more noise from the back seat.

"Mmm, fuck, mmm," Sam moaned. "God, Dean fuck, mmm."

"Sam what are you-?" Dean looked up into the mirror to see Sam's head back against the seat, positioned right where Dean would be able to see him, his eyes were closed and his mouth hung open. Then Dean heard the wet squelch of Sam's fingers pumping in and out of his ass.

"Shit Sam."

"Dean," Sam moaned.

"Dammit, you win." Dean pulled the car over and climbed over the seat to warm up his frozen fingers.