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Ready to Fall

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"I can't come to the wedding, Laura," Derek said into the phone as he balanced it while trying to dig in the cupboard to find the twins something for dinner. "I need someone to help out with the girls and I've got to stay here so I can do the interviews."

"Der, you're my baby brother," Laura whined - actually fucking whined - into the phone. "I can't get married without you there! I need you to give me away!"

"Laura, we were born and raised in Beacon Hills, but you're insistent on getting married at Disneyland," Derek groaned. "Why does it have to be there?"

"You know I want to get married there," Laura said. "Hell, you've been telling everyone you meet since you were able to talk."

"You were five when you said you were getting married at Disneyland, Lo," Derek said, sighing.

Laura sighed, "Look, Derek. I want to get married at Disneyland, all the preparations are made, and I need you to give me away. You know it's what Mom and Dad would have wanted."

Derek sighed again, but Laura knew it to be his angry sigh. "Don't do that to me, Laura," he said, an angry edge to his voice. "Don't pull this Mom and Dad bullshit on me. You know damn well that Cora and I miss them just as much as you do."

"Okay, so how about this, Der? You pack up the girls, come to Anaheim this weekend, stay a week and we'll have the wedding next Saturday. I know you already got the approved time off, and not coming would just be a waste. While you're here, I'm going to introduce you to a girl I know. You know Stiles, right?"

"Yeah," Derek wondered where this was going. "He's only been with Malia forever. I hope he's not the one you want to introduce me to. Guy's a pain in the ass."

Laura laughed, "No. His step-sister, Lydia Martin. I don't know if you remember her or not. They were three years behind you in school, and as soon as she turned eighteen, she moved to New York City to be with her boyfriend and went to NYU. She started out a mathematics major but worked at a daycare during freshman year, and loved it. So she changed her major over to early childhood education. She doesn't teach though, she was never interested in it, so she's just been a nanny. She broke up with her boyfriend a few months back and she's coming back home to live, and I know she'd jump at the chance to be your nanny."

"I don't know, Lo," Derek said, hesitation clear in his voice.

"Well, I do. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend time with Lex and Tal? They're angels."

Derek rolled his eyes, "Laura, the only reason you think that is because you're not around them 24/7. Lex is a lot like Cora and Tal reminds me so much of you. They're troublemakers."

"Just do this for me, okay, Der? Pretty please? You're gonna love Lydia, I promise."


"C'mon, Stiles, I don't wanna go," Lydia said, watching her brother carefully. She was lying on the bed of the guest room of the Stilinski-Martin home and she was getting sick and tired of Stiles trying to tell her that she needed to move on.

She had been broken up with Jackson for almost six months, but she had only been back home in Beacon Hills for about six weeks. She was avidly looking for a job, but the right opportunity just hadn't presented itself yet. She had been staying with her mother and John until she could find the right job, but it just hadn't happened yet. She had spent a few weeks moping around, trying to find the motivation to get out there, because the breakup with Jackson hadn't just been bad - it'd been terrible and he was the reason she had moved back to California to begin with.

David Whittemore, who was Jackson's father, had been a very prominent lawyer in the city, and everybody knew of him - he was practically a celebrity. And Jackson loved playing up the whole celebrity angle, and spent every second he had relaying to the press how Lydia was nothing but trash. He made it impossible for her to get another job out there, so she packed up what little she possessed and moved back in with her parents.

Natalie had been married to John Stilinski since Lydia and Stiles were in the seventh grade. Stiles had been Lydia's friend for a really long time, and she knew that he would've let her stay if she asked, but she didn't want to ask him of that. So Natalie and John took her in and she moped around for a few weeks before starting to look for the job she so desperately needed.

And now Stiles was standing here, in the doorway to the guest room, trying to talk Lydia into going to Laura Hale's wedding. She was marrying Jordan Parrish, who worked for Stiles' dad at the sheriff's station, and Stiles was a good friend of both Jordan and Laura, and it had all started when Scott had been bitten by a rogue alpha werewolf when they were sixteen. They had been welcomed into the local pack, the Hale pack, with open arms and Lydia had torn herself away from everything when she moved to New York to be with Jackson.

"I can't, Stiles," Lydia said. "I don't know the Hales, not anymore."

"Laura invited you, too," Stiles said. "Besides that, I know you know Jordan and like him. I want you to come with me. Be my plus one."

"What about Malia?"

"What about her?" Stiles asked.

"Well, you're engaged to her, aren't you?" Lydia asked. When Stiles nodded, she said, "A plus one is usually the person you're dating, or otherwise attached to. Ergo, Malia."

"Oh," Stiles said, like something just clicked for him. "Malia's gonna be one of Laura's bridesmaids. They're cousins, you know. The family has been really tight ever since the death of Talia and William Hale a few years back."

Lydia sighed - she'd heard of the death of Talia Hale. Talia had been an incredibly prominent alpha, and she was someone that not a lot of people would have messed with, but when hunters had gunned down not only Talia, but her human husband as well, everybody heard about it. Everyone was just grateful that the kids were out of the house. Peter, Talia's brother, had talked them all into going to the park to run off some of the excess energy caused by the full moon that night, so Talia and William were the only ones home.

"I figured since Malia's already gonna be there, you and I could go together. You are my sister, after all."

Lydia sighed. "I know you, Stiles," she said, after a few moments had passed, "and I know you're not gonna let this go. And because of that, I'm gonna go. But I'm not happy about it."

Stiles grinned brightly, "Thanks, Lyds. Let's get ready to go to a wedding."