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Marriage and Other Dangerous Activities

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Avery ran a hand through her hair as she looked at her husband as they stood in the middle of the living room having another argument after what felt like days, "I don't know why you're just now telling me your brother is coming to stay with us," she spoke as she shook her head. "I think I deserved to know before today. He is coming tomorrow."

"It slipped my mind," Taylor countered as he ran a hand through his hair. "I guess I wasn't thinking and I know I should have told you sooner," he said as he walked closer to Avery. "Can you forgive me?" he asked as he locked eyes with her.

Looking into Taylor's eyes Avery swallowed hard before feeling herself exhale softly when Taylor reached where she was and the moment she felt his arms going around her waist she knew she was going to be putty in his hands. She could never stay mad at him for long when he put on his charm.

"How long is he going to be here for?" Avery asked as she bit her lip, keeping eye contact with her husband. "You said he was going through a divorce and I want to know how long he intends to stay here before finding his own place."

When Taylor went silent before answering her, Avery couldn't help but have some fears on what his answer was going to be, mainly because Taylor was too kind hearted especially when it came to family though with this particular family member Avery had never met, he hadn't even came to her and Taylor's wedding four years ago but Taylor swore it was because of his wife's busy schedule.

Apparently Taylor's soon to be ex-sister-in-law was some big time Hollywood actress and that meant she and her husband where always busy.

"I told him he could stay as long as he needed," Taylor answered finally breaking the silence. "But I know Zac and he likes to be independent Ave. He'll find his own place here in Nashville soon but before he does maybe you'll like the company. You always complain you get lonely here when I'm off recording music or on tour."

Avery couldn't help but sigh softly because Taylor did have a point. With his career as a country singer and the demands of making albums and going on tour life did get lonely here at home, especially since she had yet to get pregnant though they had been trying for the past year when they had the time.

Biting her lip she looked away from Taylor's gaze, "I want to still be mad at you," she conceded. "But I can't because you make it so damn hard," she laughed as she looked back at her husband. "Now can we make up? I think you have a few hours before your brother's early flight gets here," she whispered before leaning in to kiss him on the lips softly.

Feeling Taylor return the kiss, she smirked as she let her body move closer into his and soon she let out a gasp as she felt Taylor picking her up, her legs automatically going to wrap around his waist as her arms found their way to his neck.

"Just where do you think you're taking me Mr. Hanson?" Avery asked playfully in between kisses as Taylor started to leave the living room, keeping a firm grip on her the whole way.

"To the bedroom," Taylor muttered out into Avery's mouth as he began to walk up the stairs. "You got a problem with that Mrs. Hanson?"

Shaking her head Avery kissed Taylor again, not saying anything as he continued the walk up the stairs and to their bedroom. The moment he laid her down on the bed though and laid over her, she pulled away and looked up at him, "I love you," she told him before reaching up to undo the button down shirt he had on. "I love you so much."

"I love you too Avery," Taylor spoke before shrugging his shirt off after it had been undone and then he leaned down to kiss Avery again, his hand sliding up and under the shirt she had on, an action that caused her to shiver and get goosebumps on her flesh.

Avery believed him when he said he loved her, she truly did though sometimes when he was gone so much she had her doubts on how faithful he was, especially when she remembered just how they had met and got involved. She had been his mistress the year she had turned eighteen.

His marriage to his first wife Natalie had been going south he had told her. With two children and his busy lifestyle they had never had much time together and when he had met Avery at some club she had snuck into the attraction had been apparent for both of them. So much so that they had went to bed their first night meeting though she hadn't known he was married until the next day when she had finally noticed his ring but even that hadn't stopped him and for the better part of a year they had snuck around behind his wife's back.

They had been doing good too until a paparazzi person had caught them in a not so friendly setting and the pictures had gotten leaked. It wasn't long after that, that Natalie had divorced Taylor and got custody of Ezra and Penny though Taylor did get them one weekend out of the month and he made sure to make time to go to sporting events or other events. That was something Avery usually skipped if she could because things would never be good between her and Natalie though when they did run into each other they were civil for the kids sake.

Hell, Natalie had even let the kids be there when Avery and Taylor had gotten married the year Avery had turned twenty. It had surprised Avery that Natalie had agreed but Taylor had said all he had to do was bat his eyelashes at her and she caved and Avery could believe it because Taylor just had that specialty of making women forgive him by just looking at them the right way.

Being brought out of her thoughts as Taylor pulled away from the kiss Avery pouted slightly as Taylor took her shirt off but the pout soon disappeared when his lips went back to her own and without her shirt on, his lips eventually made their way to her neck and Avery was sure that's when things started to get a bit fuzzy for her.

Taylor had always been skilled with his lips and usually when they started to explore her body she found herself forgetting time or forgetting what was happening but all she knew was most stuff with him usually happened much faster than she liked even if it did leave her satisfied.

Waking the next morning with the sun coming through her bedroom window, Avery stretched slightly before burying herself into the blankets that covered her naked body and as she laid there in her bed, she became aware that it was empty and she opened her eyes, her eyes soon going to look at the clock that told her it was almost noon.

Almost noon which meant Taylor had to be back from the airport with Zac and it was with that thought that she jumped out of bed and began to look for clothes so she could shower and be presentable because what kind of person would she be if she looked less than okay for her husband's brother who would be living with them for the time being.

Once she had found her clothes, Avery did eventually make her way into the bathroom that was attached to her bedroom and she soon took a quick shower, one that relaxed her nerves because she was nervous. She did want to make a good impression on Zac, even if she still wasn't too keen on him staying here in her house.

"Get it together Ave," Avery said to herself once she was out of the shower and dressed. "You can do this," she nodded to her reflection in the mirror as she pulled her hair into a tight bun before leaving the bathroom and then her bedroom.

On the way downstairs she felt her nerves getting worse again as she heard talking from the kitchen and when she reached the kitchen she cleared her throat which caused Taylor and his brother who were both at the stove to turn and look at her.

"Ave," Taylor grinned as he caught Avery's eye. "I'm glad to see you're up. I was just teaching Zac here how to make those omelets we learned to make together this winter," he said as he then turned to look at his brother who was also staring at Avery. "Zac, I'd like you to meet my wife, the woman I've been talking about all morning."

Zac laughed at Taylor's words though the moment he eyed Avery, Avery felt herself blush because he looked familiar and she was sure it wasn't just because she had probably seen pictures of him at Taylor's parents house or even seen his face in magazines because of his famous wife.

"It hasn't really been all morning," Zac spoke as he gave Avery a slight wink. "Just half the morning."

And Avery probably should have laughed at those words or done something besides stand there frozen in shock because it was when Zac spoke that everything snapped back into place for her on why she had found him familiar. He had been the lead male in the porn movie series she had recently watched over and over again just three months ago when Taylor had been away on tour.

Avery had needed relief during those months and she had listened to her best friend Noelle's advice of watching porn to get off and somehow she had gotten into some damn weird series about a male stripper whose job it was to help lonely bored housewives and fucking hell for three months she had imagined herself as the lead females in all of those movies and little had she known she had been envisioning herself being fucked by Taylor's brother.