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hunt you (feel you in my bones)

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AJ checks through the list again, just in case there’s anything she’s forgotten, any information she’s glossed over.

Of course there isn’t. As a witch, she’s meticulous. She’s had other people’s problems blowing up in her face far too many times; she refuses to do it to herself.

There is one thing, though. One thing she doesn’t have yet, the ingredient she knew would take longer to get hold of, something she can’t find in the apothecary in town. No, she’ll have to comb through the wilds for this, have to search high and low and keep her eyes sharp and open and on the prize.

But she can do it. She can do it, because she is nothing if not determined and resourceful, and there’s nothing that stands between AJ and something she wants. Ever. Even if she has to resort to making potions as a means of getting it.

She’ll head out tomorrow, wrap herself up in even more black than usual and brave the storm that seems to be brewing. She’ll find that flower, the one shown in the book that’s listed as extra rare and is supposed to make a love tonic extra potent.

She’ll do it. She’ll do it, and then, Paige will be hers.