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Canal and Bowery

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Hearing music being blasted from the kitchen, Quinn's eyes shot open quicker than a bullet leaving a gun. Glaring he stood from the bed, pretty sure he knew just who was playing the music. There is only one person it can be and when he saw him he was going to murder him.

Quinn couldn't help but keep his glare as he left his room and headed down the hall towards the kitchen.

"Morning Quinn," Zac grinned as soon as Quinn entered the kitchen. He's sitting at the table eating a slice of the leftover pizza they had last night.

"Fucking dipshit," Quinn groaned as he walked over to Zac, hitting him in the back of the head. "Your loud ass music woke me up," he snapped before going to where the radio sat on top of the microwave. Reaching out he turned it off before facing Zac again. "As payback I really hope you drop that pizza."

Zac growled at Quinn, he literally fucking growled at him which made Quinn laugh. "You suck," he hissed out.

Quinn shrugged, "You know you love me," he smirked knowing he had Zac there. He had to cop to loving hm. Quinn knew if he didn't he could always kick him out of his apartment as the lease was in his name.

"Not if I drop my pizza," Zac answered as he shook his head back and forth. "If I drop my pizza you are dead to me," he whispered playfully as he took the final bite of the pizza in his hand.

Going to the fridge Quinn opened the door, making a face when he saw how low on groceries they were. "Well you didn't drop your pizza so I am not dead to you," he spoke up as he grabbed the milk carton out of the fridge. Opening the jug he took a huge drink right out of it.

"We are going to have to make a grocery trip today," Quinn informed Zac as he sat down at the table next to him.

Zac raised an eyebrow, "Why? We mainly eat take out so it's not like we are going to starve with just a stick of butter and a few cans of beer in there."

"Because dipshit," Quinn started using the nickname he had so lovingly given Zac over their two years of sharing an apartment. "It's my weekend with Everly and you know how much of an uptight bitch Clara is. She is always checking our fridge to make sure Everly isn't going to starve."

Zac made a face when Quinn called him a dipshit again, "I don't know why I moved in with you. All you ever do is abuse me and call me a dipshit. I should really sue you Quinn," he joked as he stood up from the kitchen table and stretched, his shirt going up enough to show a tiny patch of his happy trail.

Realizing he was staring at Zac, Quinn blushed but he always blushed when he realized he stared too long at Zac. He thinks it's because he doesn't want Zac to think that he is gay like he is. Quinn isn't gay, nope, in fact he is perfectly straight but if Zac thought he was gay he'd never hear the end of it.

"Quinn, are you home?" Zac asked him right as Quinn felt a hand connect with the back of his head which caused him to blush even more.

It was then he realized that he had gotten so caught up in his thoughts over being gay for Zac that he had zoned out of their conversation.

"What did you say?" Quinn asked, admitting that he had missed the last part of what Zac had said.

Zac grunted in disapproval at having to repeat himself, "First I said I don't know why I moved in here since all you ever do is abuse me and call me a dipshit. Then I said I hate Clara more than I hate Taylor."

Hearing Zac laugh, Quinn just looked at him skeptically because he knew mentioning Taylor was usually a sore subject for Zac. He had learned that the hard way and that was why he didn't even mention that Zac had said Taylor's name.

"You moved in because if it wasn't for me you'd probably still be living off that nasty coffee in that coffee shop on Canal and Bowery street," Quinn shrugged as he thought back to the day he had met Zac.

Zac had been all alone in a booth by himself. He looked lost which for some reason had made Quinn feel just a bit of sympathy for him. So much sympathy that he sat down beside him and asked him just why he had looked so lost. A part of Quinn regretted that because he hadn't realized how drunk Zac was which meant he had to listen to him give a long winded speech on how his boyfriend dumped him for another man. A friend of theirs named Alex.

After that conversation Quinn had kept going back to that coffee shop for three weeks and each day Zac was there. It had been the start of the fourth week when Quinn realized that Zac slept in his car outside of said coffee shop. Now two years later Quinn's not even sure what made him ask Zac to come live with him after finding out he was sleeping in his car, but to be honest he doesn't think it matters. It's sort of like ancient history now.

"You have a point there," Zac sighed before shaking his head. "I'll go shower and then we can go get groceries."

Before Quinn can even reply back Zac stalked off towards the bathroom. That fucker better leave him some hot water because he needed to shower as well before they go.

Finishing off the milk, Quinn stood from the table and went to the trash can, throwing the now empty milk jug away. After doing that he heard his cell phone ring which made him look around briefly before he spotted it where he left it lying last night. On top of the kitchen counter.

Walking over he picked it up and hit talk, "Hello?" Quinn asked not even having paid attention to the caller id to see who was calling. He almost regretted that now because for all he knew it could be Clara. He really didn't want to have to talk to that woman twice in one day.

"Quinn," a voice spoke on the other end and Quinn felt relieved because it wasn't Clara. It was his mother Kandie. "I was just calling to see if you and Zachary plan to come down to Georgia for Thanksgiving like you did last year?" she asked and Quinn is sure he could hear the smile in her voice.

Last year was the first year Quinn had made the trip down to see his mom and dad in Georgia since they moved there nine years ago. He wouldn't have even gone had Zac not forced him too, he just wasn't one for traveling. He liked it too much in Little Chitaly to leave it for long.

"I'll talk to Zac first. Ask him what he wants to do but I'm sure he'll say yes," Quinn answered his mom, hoping that would get him off the hook of actually having to say yes. An almost yes was good right?

Kandie sighed at his words, "If you have too Quinn," she muttered sounding a bit disappointed. "I just wish you'd leave New York more often. You need it, especially after the divorce. I heard from Natalie all the stuff Clara has put you through."

"Of course Natalie has told you things," Quinn muttered through gritted teeth, making a mental note to strangle his darling sister-in-law when he saw her again. "I am fine though mom. Half the stuff Clara put me through was seven years ago. Things have gotten better since she married that doctor she left me for," he told her his words coming out bitter. He wasn't sure if he would ever get over Clara leaving him for another man.

Kandie just sighed again, "I'm not even sure why she left you for a doctor anyway. She always seemed to genuinely love you."

"She left me for that doctor because his career was more stable than mine. She never felt secure enough being married to a struggling photographer," Quinn answered her as he closed his eyes, remembering all the arguments they had over his profession.

"Well she is a fucking bitch then," Kandie stated which caused Quinn to laugh. Of course his mother would say something like that.

Quinn heard the shower cut off and he chewed his lip, "I really have to go now," he told his mother. "I'll call you in a few days and let you know about Thanksgiving," he smiled as he moved the phone away from his ear and hit end before she had a chance to reply.

Laying the phone down he looked up in enough time to see Zac coming down the hallway with a towel wrapped around his waist. "Don't you know the meaning of getting dressed before walking in here?" Quinn asked as he did his best to avoid looking lower than Zac's chest.

"Maybe I do but it doesn't mean I have to do that," Zac winked at Quinn which caused him to glare again. "I just wanted to come personally inform you that the shower is free, you know in case you wanna shower before we leave though I am sure you could get away with leaving the apartment looking like a dirty hobo."

"Aren't you so funny you little dipshit," Quinn snapped at him sarcastically, walking past him down the hall towards the bathroom. "There better be hot water left," he called out as he got to his room.

Going to the closet Quinn opened it and rummaged through it trying to find an outfit. When it became apparent the he would never make up his mind he just grabbed things and hoped they matched.

With clothes in hand he left the room, almost colliding with Zac on the way out the door. Again Quinn shot him a glare. "You really are being more annoying that usual," he told him through gritted teeth. It's days like these he wondered how men in their forties can date someone in their twenties.

If he ever dated someone Zac's age he'd kill them. Being around Zac just reminded Quinn that no matter how much he felt like he was twenty-eight he was indeed forty-four soon to be forty-five in January.

"Sorry," Zac apologized as he looked away from Quinn. He looked genuinely hurt which made Quinn feel guilty for being such an ass to him though he thought Zac knew he was just teasing him during those moments. "I just need a distraction today," he frowned.

At Zac's words Quinn just gave him a confused look.

"Today has been three years since Taylor left me for Alex," Zac said as he ran a hand through his hair obviously able to read Quinn's confusion on his face.

At Zac's words Quinn just nodded before walking to the bathroom, "I'm sorry," he offered knowing sorry wouldn't do any good. He still got pissy on the day Clara left him and it's been almost eight years now.

Shutting the door behind him, Quinn locked it then laid his clothes on the back of the toilet before slowly undressing. After he was naked he walked over to the shower and turned it on. Stepping under the water once it's coming out good, he groaned feeling the cold water hit him.

"Fucking bastard," he yelled loud enough that Zac could hear him and Quinn was half certain that he could hear Zac giggling like a schoolgirl from somewhere down the hall. Of course he'd giggle. As much as he grated Quinn's nerves though he really wouldn't trade him in for anything. Zac had slowly became Quinn's best friend during their two years living together.