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The Crystal Ball Is Not Your Friend

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Prompt: To Switch a Witch (AU)


Willow stared at everyone. Everyone stared at Willow.

"So, yeah," she said into the thunderous silence. "That's the story of how I ended up coming ten years back in time." She looked down at herself nervously, plucking at her overalls. "Gotta say, I haven't missed the sartorial blind spot, but it's kinda nice to have a waistline again somewhere under h... ummm..."

"Willow, you got fat?" Xander spluttered. It was the first thing that anyone had said since she'd started talking. She gave him a look that let him know exactly what she thought of that.

"I got pregnant, dummy. I am twenty-six, you know."

Xander blinked. "Willow, you got a boyfriend?"

This time Willow just rolled her eyes. It wasn't worth breaking his tiny, pubescent mind over.

"I think the more salient issue is finding out what on earth could have caused this kind of magical interference," Giles said, valiantly trying to redirect the conversation.

"Right," Willow agreed, relieved.

"Wait," Buffy said. "If future-Willow is here in our Willow's body, then is our Willow...?"

Willow winced. "Yeah, probably."

"You're not in, like, imminent danger of... you know." Buffy waved vaguely at Willow's teenaged, flat-as-a-pancake abdomen. "’Cause that'd be quite a shock."

"Well I've got four weeks until my due date, so we should have plenty of time, but I don't exactly wanna not-rush because you know how these things can go." The three faces looking back displayed expressions ranging from blank to horrified. "Hey, don't worry," she said perkily, trying to reassure them. "My time's Spike and Buffy will be there, and you guys are total pros in that department." She looked at their faces again. "Wait, what year is this?"

"Spike?" Buffy said. "Spike as in William the Bloody? As in that bleached, punk-rock reject who just rolled into town and tried to eat half the school including me? That Spike?"

"Whaddyameantotalprosinthatdepartment!" Xander squeaked.

Willow gulped. "Oh, boy."