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And the Body Had a Mind of Its Own

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The next morning Matt wakes when he becomes aware of Alex’s irregular breathing and half murmured whimpers and groans. Rolling over to look at her, he sees her eyes keep screwing shut and half formed words are tumbling from her lips, but he can’t grasp the meaning. Once he’s sure that she’s dreaming, he props himself up on one hand to watch her - rest is important and Alex is crabby if disturbed from sleep (he learnt that fairly early on in their relationship).

It is only when he hears his own name being whispered huskily, between ragged pants that he becomes aware of exactly the type of dream that she’s having. Oh how he does love her being pregnant.


A baby.


Ma-att.” Her spine curves up and eyelids flutter, his thoughts are pushed to the side quickly as he witnesses her body spasm a little, muscles taut and oh... he knows that look, those movements, that sound. She’s cumming. In her sleep. Damn, even in her dreams he’s that good.

Suppressing a smug smirk, he decides to see if he can’t enhance her enjoyment a little more. While she’s still jittering a little, he slyly reaches a hand beneath the sheets, eyes on her all the time, watching carefully, as two fingers slip through a small patch of hair to find her already swollen clit. A light touch and she gasps, eyes flickering open, “Ahh.”

It’s like a sigh of relief and contentment. Alex’s eyes are jet black with arousal, deep dark pools of lust clouding them and Matt smiles down at her, fingers teasingly dancing around her clit. “Hello there.” He mutters dirtily before leaning down to brush their lips together.

Alex reciprocates willingly and Matt feels as she deepens the kiss, her hips press down onto his hand harder - she wants more and boy is he willing to give it. Her hands are roaming his chest and back, a squeeze to his arse now and again, he can feel himself getting hard as his cock brushes against her stomach and makes him jump - pleasure shooting through him and pooling in his stomach. She hooks a leg over his hip and rolls them, suddenly pinning him to the mattress and hands already seeking his erection.

He twitches as her fingertips brush him but he can tell he just needs a moment or two, evidently she’s not keen to be kept waiting as she writhes above him. Matt’s hands occupy themselves on her arse but she’s grinding and insistent and in just seconds he’s fully hard and ready to go - whatever she wants.

Licking her lips, Alex flashes him a look of sleepy devilment and grasps him firmly before swiftly stroking him against her hot sex, opening herself up and teasing her entrance with just the head of his cock. Matt’s breath goes ragged - watching her mesmerised, unable to look away from how she’s almost playing with herself... with him. She’s so hot and slick on him, it’s hard resisting the urge to just buck up and sheath himself but this is about her now. He decided almost the second he found out she was pregnant that he’d do anything she wanted, whenever she wanted and in the bedroom is no exception.

Matt’s hands grip her arse, fingers digging into the fleshy cheeks and she wriggles against him, “Oh!” He feels her muscles clench around the little of him that she’s taken.

Smiling up at her, he encourages her, “Gorgeous. Go on, beautiful.” His words soft and rumbling. Their eyes meet once more and he watches twinkling emerald roll beneath her half lidded eyes as she lowers herself on trembling thighs. His own pleasure is nearly secondary from what he’s witnessing, sat above him naked, Alex Kingston has his cock within her spasming pussy, lips parted with heavy breathing and full breasts jutting out above her gently swollen stomach. Matt doesn’t think he’s ever seen a more pure sight in his life, she looks radiant, with her curls wild and loose down her back, skin glowing and so utterly at one with her needs.

His hand caresses the supple flesh beneath his palm as the other traces up her side, trailing fingertips to her breasts and flicking a nipple. She shudders, steadying her hands on his chest before she falls and it shifts the angle of him within her, she feels so tight around him, the near incoherent whimper she releases tells him to be patient.

With one hand tenderly cupping her breast, he takes hold of her hip and rolls his own a little. Alex shudders once more. “Fuck- Lex.

Nodding, she bites her lip seemingly gone to the world and doesn’t open her eyes, “Yes please.”

Matt begins to gently buck his hips up - it feels delicious and he wants to roll her over and fuck her into the mattress but he’s aware how insane this drives her and that’s better than any hard and fast shag. Gathering her wits a little, Alex takes a deep breath and starts responding to him, rolling her hips on him, they grind together in such an intimate way.

When he starts to feel her wetness drip down his testicles, Matt nearly loses it. The quiet, deep moans and whimpers were ceased, “More.”

Complying without hinderance Alex starts to rapidly lift herself above him, repeatedly taking him within her, it’ so much faster than he expected and Matt’s head hits the pillow with a grunt. Hands on her hips he takes some of the strain, trying to aid her desperate movements while her nails start digging into his chest. “Ahhh, yes, there yes, there.” Her eyes go wide, “Matt, yes.”

It’s just a whisper as she tightens impossibly around him and her rhythm falls apart, Matt follows her into ecstasy - letting the waves of arousal wash over him and feels a deep sense of satisfaction as he comes to.

Alex is breathing heavily and deeply, with the odd moan emanating from the mass of curls on his chest. He can feel how tightly her sweat slick hands grip his shoulders - muscles still clenching around his softening cock. Pressing a kiss into her hair, his hands stroke down her back soothing them both in their post-coital moments.

While her breathing calms, Matt notices that her muscles continue to seek friction, still clenching rhythmically around his cock... she wants more.

“Lex?” He pants.

No reply.

“You alright?”

She hears it as her head stops pounding and a stirring inside her makes her intimate muscles clench. Already, she can feel he’s going soft but she needs more from him.

“Mmm. Maybe try again to make sure?” She looks up at him from beneath some curls, only half joking. Matt’s eyes bulge and she groans in frustration, lowering her voice, still breathy from her orgasm, “Come on, darling.” Her fingers trail patterns on his chest and down his side, muscles trying to reach some kind of satisfaction. Wetly pressing kisses wherever she can reach, teeth scraping on a nipple, “Fuck me.”

Alex witnesses a guilt ridden expression pass his features and is confused, he’s not responding as enthusiastically as she’d thought (and hoped) he would. “Christ, your hormones are really something to behold-”

“What are you on about?” Her voice comes out a little sharply and she flinches a little, but feels entirely justified in her needs for more - it’s not like it’s unusual, it’s normally Matt who’s up for it again.

“I just mean, you’re all..” his arms flap beside her and settle for stroking her hips, she pushes herself up, holding herself against the bed, still with him inside her. Matt looks a little like a rabbit in the headlights, “Sensual. More often.”

There’s an awkward silence as her brow furrows and she straightens a little, she thought he enjoyed this; their intimacy. She knew all too well how much Matt loves sex. So why is he hesitating?

“Do you not-” a huff and she can feel tears welling up, fucking emotions, “Am I still attractive?”

Matt hurriedly puts his arms around her but she shucks him off, resenting her body for the way it shudders as she lifts herself off him to move away, barely suppressing a moan at the sensation.

“Lex, wait, c’mere,” he grabs at her waist trying to pull her back, but she’s determined that he won’t see that she’s crying. It’s pathetic. Crying over what? It’s all nothing really. But her eyes won’t stop.

She feels the bed move as he sits up and shuffles over to where she’s sat curled up hurriedly trying to get rid of tears. A warm hand strokes down her back and it just makes the tears fall faster. This just will not do, this has to stop. Stop crying. It’s nothing. But god what if? We never planned for this. Maybe I’m just unattractive now. Maybe he’s scared of me now. Bloody hell, stop crying.

A quiet voice is whispering at her ear, while he strokes her back still and keeps a precarious distance, “Of course I think you’re attractive. Don’t be silly.” Cringing a little for calling her silly he sits and waits on her.

Alex wipes her face with determination and blinks rapidly as she speaks. “Sorry. I don’t seem to be able to stop crying-” he chuckles softly, stroking firm circles into that spot in her back that makes her sigh.

“You’re fine, sweetheart. It’s half my fault anyway- actually no, probably a lot my fault.” Looking up at him she watches as he scratches at his neck nervously, “I’m tired is all.”

“We’ve just woken up.” Her brow creases and she sees him give a sheepish look.

Sighing, his cheeks flush a little pink that has nothing to do with his recent exertion, “Last night and this morning- I just, I don’t think I can y’know... go again. Right now.”

She’s worn him out? There’s a turn up for the books. She can’t help feeling he’d usually be more up for persevering though. “Oh-” The dejection and suspicion she feels must be showing as he interrupts.

“I’m nervous too.”

“Matt you can’t hurt the baby-”

“I know that. I mean, about telling my parents.” He fidgets and huffs pulling her into him, she lets herself fall this time, snuggling into his chest as her skin cools rapidly in the room - the pair of them still nude.

“Is it because of me?” It’s always a nag in the back of her head that, no matter how lovely Lynne and David were to her and to them, they’ll eventually expect him to meet someone more his own age.

Matt pulls away a little to look at her and she shivers at the chill of the air on her skin, “Why on earth? They love you.” A thoughtful pause, “I just don’t want them worrying, because I’m doing enough of it for everyone.”

“Everything should be alright, darling. I’m not putting myself at any more unnecessary risk.”

“But I worry. You should be worried if I don’t worry.” Another scratch of his chin and he pulls her back to him, using her as his own comfort blanket while confessing his insecurities, “It’s their first grandchild and it’s huge and so unexpected. I know they’re going to be happy but it’s just weighing on my shoulders a lot.”


“It’s not that I think you’re any less than the most beautiful and sexy creature I’ve laid eyes on, because you are and I will try and cater to every single one of your needs. Just a little anxious today.”

She walks her fingers up his bare thigh, thinking fast, “Anxiety that’ll probably be alleviated by spreading the joy?”

“Yeah.” Relief in his voice is reassuring. Especially if it means that he’ll be more willing to attend to her rampant libido.

“Let’s get up and going then.”

He gives her a firm squeeze, before they start getting dressed. Throwing his clothes across the room at him, she picks out something nice for him to wear. Lynne always appreciates it when he looks nice and always thanks Alex for making him put on something other than ridiculous jumpers occasionally.

Once they’re dressed they make their way to the kitchen to pick out some food. However, everything that Matt suggests seems to make her stomach turn and she’s on the verge of bypassing breakfast altogether, until he has a eureka moment, she sees the light bulb flicker on.



“From the corner shop, with the cheese and ham.”

Petting her stomach she smiles, “Yes, that I can do.”

So they set off arm in arm to the corner shop to pick up their breakfast. Out and about Alex keeps her coat drawn tightly around her, making sure it covers her stomach. It’s probably not noticeable to anyone passing by, but she feels like she has a neon sign screaming ‘pregnant’ over her head.

Matt makes their order and they wander back to the house, five minutes down the road. He carries his in a paper bag but Alex snatches hers from him, delving into the bag and sinking her teeth into the soft dough. “Mmm.”

He chuckles at her as she rolls her eyes in pleasure, a protective arm to her waist, “Just what the Doctor ordered.” Winking at her and she rolls her eyes exasperatedly at the terrible pun.

“Awful, darling. But god is this perfection.” She licks cream cheese from her lips and feels satisfied in her food choice, it’s hit the spot perfectly.

By the time they arrive at the front door, Alex is chewing on the last bite while Matt fumbles with the keys in the lock, chuckling at the way she effectively stuffed her face.

“Stoppit! Open the door.” But it’s mumbled around a mouthful of her breakfast. Matt merely bops her nose with a finger before gesturing for her to enter before him.

She disappears into the hallway to finish getting ready for their trip while Matt goes to eat his bagel in the kitchen. Giving a sharp warning to not get food on his nice clothes, she trots upstairs to properly sort her hair out instead of the quick bun she’d piled it into to get food.