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Boys Will Be Boys

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Kim Seokjin sighed as he looked up at the dreary gray school building in front of him. Why his father had taken a new job and forced their whole family to move two weeks into his third year of university and forced him to transfer school so he could be close to the family made no sense to him but it had happened and here he was, at his new school, two hours early so he could meet with the principal and try to attempt to memorize the layout of the imposing building so he could minimize his chances of making a fool of himself.

He hadn’t even known that they were accepting transfers anyways, but that’s what happens when your family was one of the wealthiest families in Korea.

He checked his watch, straightened his tie, and shrugged his messenger bag onto his shoulders as he began to trudge up the steps.


The school itself wasn’t that much bigger than his old college, but it was newer, and it showed in open and modern atrium style foyer, large skylights letting in the little sun there was with today’s dreary weather. He stood agape for a few seconds, taking in the sight of the endless sports championship banners and the large paintings of the past five school principals that hung on the walls in large, heavy frames before spotting the sign with an arrow that pointed in the direction of the “ Administrative Office”. He checked his watch again - something he did when he was nervous - and proceeded to follow the signs, the noise of his shoes against the smooth tile floor echoing almost eerily through the empty halls.


The lady sitting behind the large desk nudged the glasses up on her nose when she saw him and greeted him warmly. “Good morning sir, what can I do for you today?”

“Uh - I’m the new student… K - Kim Seokjin? I have a meeting with the principal - ” He smiled timidly, and the lady’s face lit up in exclamation.

“Yes, I was wondering why you didn’t look familiar. Absolutely then, follow me please sir.”


Half an hour later, he walked out feeling 300% more confused and nervous than he had been this morning, and he groaned silently to himself as he stepped out of the of the office into the halls that were slowly filling up with students. He paused to double check to make sure he had his psychology textbook - and then grunted when something solid slammed into his shoulder


The smell of expensive cologne and cigarette smoke filled his nostrils as he looked up into the dude that had just nearly run him over who was staring at him with an unreadable expression. The student was a bit taller than Seokjin himself, his tie messily knotted and dress shirt untucked, his sharp undercut emphasizing his square jaw. Seokjin couldn’t help but feel self conscious as the guy gave him a once-over, his heavily lidded eyes narrowing even more as he took in Seokjin’s perfectly clean, pressed uniform.


“You new, kid?” It came out as a deep, rough drawl and Seokjin couldn’t help the colour that flooded his cheeks.

“Y - yes - “ He stammered out, and the scowl increased.

“Better watch out, then.” The kid sneered, his cold stare never leaving Seokjin’s face.


Seokjin was about to bow and apologize a thousand times even though he had no idea who this guy was but he was saved from the embarrassment, however, by another boy running up to him and grabbing his arm.

“You’re the new kid?” He asked. He was breathless, his fair skin tinged pink from running, and Seokjin could only nod wordlessly in reply. The guy’s face broke out into a brilliant grin. “Thank god, I thought I had missed you!” The grin, however, disappeared when he saw the angry looking boy standing beside them.


“Namjoon hyung.” He greeted him stiffly, suddenly uncomfortable.

“Jungkook.” The angry boy - Namjoon, he presumed - replied lazily, quirking an eyebrow in his direction.


And then Jungkook was tugging on his arm, pulling Seokjin down the hall and away from the taller boy.


Seokjin soon discovered that Jungkook liked to talk, about anything and everything and although he had his shy moments, the kid was bright and goofy..

“I was supposed to get here earlier but I couldn’t cause my boyfriend took too long to get ready,” he apologized, after sure enough, introducing himself as Jeon Jungkook, vice president of the student’s club.

“Boyfriend?” He asked curiously.

The face splitting grin was back as Jungkook nodded. “Yeah, his name is Taehyung, you’ll like him, he’s cool and he’s in our sociology class even though he’s a year older than me! Hey, can I call you Jin? Cause Seokjin is such a mouthful, honestly...” he continued bubbling along happily until they reached Psychology class, but Seokjin honestly didn’t mind cause it was nice to have a friend on the first day, especially when he saved his brand new uniform from potentially getting trashed, and spent the entirety of Psychology class catching him up on things that he had missed.


Lunchtime found him sprawled out on the school’s quad, groaning inwardly as he thumbed through miscellaneous textbooks after having looked over the plethora of papers and assignments he needed to complete. He abstent mindedly twirled his pencil around in his fingers, thinking about how little free time he would have until he got caught up in all of his classes. He was so lost in his own thoughts that he nearly jumped when Jungkook dropped his bag beside him and sat down. There was a boy behind him, looking at Jin curiously as he raked a hand through his light brown hair before sitting down easily.


“Jin, this is Taehyung! Everyone calls him V though,” Jungkook introduced the boy. V had a friendly looking face, his dark eyes twinkling softly from underneath a soft smudge of dark eyeliner. Hiis plump lips twitched up in a smile, and Jin returned it as they lapsed into comfortable silence, Jungkook rifling around in his bag before pulling out a container of kimchi and beginning to inhale it hungrily. Jin gently tore open a packet of his favourite rice crackers, making sure not to spill any broken ones as he muched on them, listening to the two boyfriends’ easy banter.


“Hey V,” Jungkook mumbled through a mouthful of food. “Guess who this guy ran into this morning?”

“Who - wait, let me guess.” V frowned in between slurps of noodles. “Yoongi hyung?”


“Assistant Teacher Minho hyung?”

“No, try again….”

“Assistant Teacher Junmyeon hyung? The new drama gyosu-nim Siwon hyung? I haven’t seen him yet but I’ve heard he’s really, really handsome...”

The disgruntled, offended look on Jungkook’s face was enough to send both V and Jin into peals of laughter.

“God, why are you like this? Why are you so bad at guessing?” Jungkook wailed, exaggerating his exasperation, but it wasn’t long before his composure cracked and his eyes crinkled into crescents, joining in with a hiccup-y laugh, but Jin’s died slowly in his throat when he felt the hairs on the back of his neck raise up, almost like he could feel that he was being stared at. He fake coughed awkwardly, trying to brush the feeling off, but then a piece of rice cracker stuck in his throat it turned into real coughs and he cursed inwardly, trying to stop as best as he could but he couldn’t and his eyes were beginning to water and he could only blindly reach for his water bottle as Jungkook thumped him on the back briefly. V passed him the bottle he was groping for, and he hurriedly gulped it down to relieve the burning sensation in his throat while trying to inconspicuously glance across the quad to see if people were staring.


He was relieved to find that they weren’t, and just as he was about to turn his attention back to the conversation his friends were having, he made accidental eye contact with a person sitting underneath another tree, but he was probably 50 meters away so he could definitely not be staring at Jin, and then the boy raised his head and Jin swallowed thickly as he realized it was the angry boy who had nearly run him over this morning, outside of the office.


“... Namjoon hyung.”


He vaguely heard Jungkook ruin the guessing game but he was too busy trying to remember how to breathe properly as a smirk? smile? slipped onto angry boy’s face and oh.


All intentions of breathing went out the window as the blood began to pound in his ears when neither boy broke eye contact, the handsome dimples in the angry boy’s cheeks deepening.


“Namjoon hyung?” V replied, confused. “Why would he - ?”


And then Jin couldn’t take it anymore and he ripped his eyes away, blinking as he tried to focus back on his friends and rejoin in the conversation.

“Yeah,” he added, rather abruptly, and promptly felt his face flame up when his voice came out high pitched and he cleared his throat, nervously raking a hand through his hair before repeating himself, making sure to pitch his voice lower. “Yeah, I’m not sure why, really.”

If Jin was being perfectly honest with himself, the rest of the day passed by relatively uneventfully. He had most of his classes with the bright eyed, confident Jungkook and as it turned out, Taehyung was hilariously opinionated and goofy and had a talent for contorting his face in the weirdest ways.


The end of the day had come surprisingly quickly, but in his opinion, the worst was yet to come. His parents had   to send him to a school where they required all of their students to live in dorms - it forced students to not be able to make up random excuses for missed assignments and tests - and he was no exception, even though he was enrolled late. He didn’t have any of his stuff with him except for his school bag as he was going to dinner with his parents tonight and then they were going to stop at home so he could grab the bags he’d packed 2 days ago.


He’d followed Jungkook and V like a puppy back to the administration office so that he could grab his pass key and room information and they chatted easily amongst themselves as they made their way across campus. He found himself standing in front of a heavy door less than ten minutes later and he knocked on the door nervously, all of his confidence having disappeared along with his friends - correction, he had insisted that they didn’t need to wait with him.  He gnawed on his lower lip nervously and thankfully after a few seconds of standing awkwardly in the middle of the long hall, the door swung open to reveal a scrawny, pale faced boy about his height wearing a beanie, ripped skinny jeans,and a hoodie, thick headphones slung around his neck.

His eyes narrowed as he scanned Jin up and down before an expression of mild distaste settled across his features.


“Who are you?” He asked bluntly. His voice was a quieter than Jin would have imagined, but it held a smooth slur of a carefully disguised accent and a gravelly roughness that somehow managed to sound somewhere between sleepy, dismissive, and strangely authorative.

Jin scratched the back of his head sheepishly. “I… uh… I’m supposed to be your roommate?”

The corners of the other boy’s mouth tugged downwards into somewhat of a scowl. “Oh. I thought administration was joking when they told me a new kid was moving in.”


He turned around and opened the door wider, lazily walking back into their new shared space and Jin took that as an invitation to take a few cautious steps into his new living area. There was a joint bathroom to his right and separate bedrooms - that’s what Jungkook had told him earlier that day, however he didn’t realize that as soon as the he walked in he was pretty much looking straight into the other boy’s room. A thick, soft looking comforter was lying rumpled on the small bed, a pencil case was laying open along with some binders on the desk, and a soft glow was coming from his laptop.


Jin realized was staring and he blinked rapidly, deciding that scrutinizing the wall hooks beside him were a much safer bet.


“Min Yoongi,” the pale kid said offhandedly, tugging at a strand of loose thread on his sleeve.


“I’m Min Yoongi, I’m in third year” he repeated, and Jin smiled tentatively.

“Kim Seokjin. I’m in second year” he replied.

Yoongi nodded silently, and Jin shifted his weight from one foot to the other. As awkward as first introductions are, this was probably one of the most cringeworthy. He wasn’t pretty sure Yoongi didn’t really like him, but honestly who could blame him?

“Uh so, that’s yours -” Yoongi pointed at closed door farthest to the right. “I guess I should let  you get settled or something. You…. sure didn’t bring much with you?”

“I’m getting the rest of my stuff from my parent’s house later,” Jin explained, and Yoongi shrugged.

“Fair enough.”


He made his way over to his new room for the rest of the school year, turning the door handle and swinging the solid door open to reveal a modestly spacious room. There was a window at the far end that looked out onto the quad, a desk with a bulletin board behind it, a (relatively) large closet, and two sets of shelves above his bed.


He dropped his school bag onto the desk and promptly plopped down onto the hard mattress, pulling his phone out out from his pocket. He flicked through his text messages and he had just started writing one to his parents when Yoongi suddenly stuck his head into the room.


“Jin-ah,” he began, and Jin nearly startled.

He tried his hardest to compose himself, and he gave himself an imaginary pat on the back when a relatively normal sounding  “what’s up?” came from his mouth.

“I don’t know if you’re... into… uh, girls… or guys… or both - “ Jin flushed bright red but Yoongi continued, a slightly bemused expression on his face. “But. Ah…. if you ever want to bring someone back here just uh, let me know or something and I’ll you know, I’ll…. peace out. Okay?”

“Uh… s - sure,” Jin stammered. He laughed, but it turned into a bad attempt at a cough when he realized how awkward it sounded.

Yoongi’s eyebrows raised a fraction, or did they? He swallowed the lump in his throat anyways.

“I’m - I’m not really one for uh, sleeping around so you probably don’t have to worry… about anything happening.” He admitted, and Yoongi’s eyebrows raised another fraction.

“Alright then,” Yoongi said simply, before turning around and padding his way back to his room.


Safe in the cosiness of his room, Yoongi sat down at his desk and pulled out his phone, his slim fingers texting out a message quickly. He had barely put down his phone when it chimed, breaking the silence.


>>YOONGI: puffy cheeks like a chipmunk, plump lips, frequent deer in the headlight expression?


>>MONIE: …


>>YOONGI: not my type but he’s cute I guess


>>MONIE: dibs asshole

Three hours later found Jin exactly in the same spot as he was before - sitting on his bed. Except this time he was surrounded by half empty suitcases and various bags. He had meticulously hung his clothes in his closet - organized by type of clothes, colour, and style (in that order) and his sock and underwear was almost done when he heard the gutteral roar of an engine revving through his window.

He ignored it until he heard it again.

He sighed and put down the pair of socks he was rolling and padded over to his room mates door, which was open, and he knocked gently on the wood beside it before peeking in.

“Yah?” Yoongi drawled, looking up from his laptop, his eyebrows knitted together. Jin fiddled with his fingers. He didn’t really want to bother the boy but he wouldn’t be able to sleep if whoever with the loud car didn’t stop.

“Uh, I was just wondering - um, is there any way that I can soundproof my window better? Cause, um, whoever’s revving their engine outside is really loud a-and I already know that I’m gonna lose sleep cause of it…”

Yoongi’s lips twitched -  almost forming a genuine smile. Or was it pity? “Get yourself some good headphones and ear plugs,” he suggested dryly.

Jin cursed under his breath and retreated back into his room.