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Masonicon's top 10 crossover team-ups

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Here's my favorite crossover team-ups(from least favorite to most favorite) complete with reasons behind them:

  • Emile Danko and Hannibal Lecter(my own version): both are Psychopaths where while Danko(when he wears Nanosuit from Crysis series) kills everyone that has Superpowers from across the Omniverse, Hannibal Lecter eats them all and the Hannibal Lecter that involved in team up are my version instead of existing versions As my own version of Hannibal Lecter are completely consumed by his own Carnivorous craving toward fleshbags taken into Omnicidal Maniac levels
  • Grox from Spore and Sermeg Oguma from Metal Slug 3d: both are Anunnaki members
  • C.A.B.A.L.(Computer-Assisted and Biologically-Augmented Lifeform) and Sheldon Jr. Plankton: when Plankton joins Illuminati, he replaces his Computer Wife with CABAL not only CABAL is far more high-tech than Karen
  • Adam Jensen and Avatar Korra: same reason people ships Korrasami, except the reason I ships Korra with Adam Jensen instead of Asami Sato is: Adam Jensen(preferably when he's fully augmented) can do virtually anything Asami Sato can(only better, this allows Modern Team Avatar(as opposed to classic Team Avatar aka Gaang) accepts him as Asami Sato's substitute), and it's straight instead of Yuri, not to mention Adam Jensen has so many guns(that can supplement each other with Korra's bending)
  • Hokage from Flame of Recca(consists Recca, Domon, Fuko, Mikagami, and Koganei) and Shinsengumi Warriors from Soar High! Isami(consists Isami, Soshi, and Toshi): crossover team-up about underrated Animangas dealing with ninjas
  • Extreme Ghostbusters and O'Connell Family from the Mummy Trilogy: what if Eduardo Rivera, Kylie Griffin, Garrett Miller, and Roland Jackson rendezvous with Rick O'Connell, Evelyn O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan, and Alex O'Connell?
  • Marco, Tarma, Eri, and Fio from Metal Slug with Any FPS main character: People like Doomguy, Master Chief, or anyone with Nanosuit can give Metal Slug core quartet better muscle-power
  • Sylar from Heroes and Flippy from Happy Tree Friends: nuff said
  • Anyone from Warhammer 40k with Happy Tree Friends, Mario, Sonic, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic main characters: the only reason any Warhammer 40k people will ever teams up with Happy Tree Friends, Mario, Sonic, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic characters is those from outside Warhammer 40k universe are lot less evil and when the Warhammer 40k character in question are those from Imperium of Man, Magic of Friendship can get around their hatred toward Heretic, Mutant, and Xenos
  • Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy (Kingdom Hearts); Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Melody (Pokemon); Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Mimi, Koshiro, Joe, Takeru, and Hikari (Digimon); and Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven (Teen Titans): I don't know why, for some reason I like seeing the whole bunch of my favorite Digimon, Teen Titans, Pokemon, and Kingdom Hearts characters being together(likely because all of those 4 series are uses Anime style) where the appearances of the characters are quite fairly specific like 8 Original Digidestined are takes 02 forms with Summer Clothes, KH Humans takes KH2 forms, both Ash and Misty are wears their Advanced Generation clothes while Melody wears her street clothes, and so on. as well adding other characters(even Hiro Nakamura) to this team up is optional

and here's the contenders:

  • Claire Bennet and Zombie Apocalypse survivors from Left 4 Dead series: what if Claire Bennet's blood got mixed with serum extracted from Survivor's Genetic material?
  • Mystery Inc from Scooby Doo with Team Fortress 2 Mercenaries:both group has Toonforce Superpowers
  • Deadpool and Comic Book Guy from Simpsons
  • Anyone from Warcraft universe and the main casts of Overwatch with Jimmy Neutron(and his companions), Timmy Turner(and his fairies), and the Fentons, Tucker Foley, and Sam Mason

what's do you think?