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Twist and Shout

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Seeing as how I get plenty of questions about Twist and Shout, I figured that it's time to make a F.A.Q. for the story.

Who are the writers?

The writers are Hannah and Hawke, simple as that.
You can reach me (Hawke) and @actualhawke on twitter, and as chubbyhawke on tumblr.
I will not release Hannah's information without her consent.

Can I translate this story into (language)?

No, you may not. I do not want the story translated and reposted anywhere.
And since I've been receiving a lot of messages and comments about this calling selfish for refusing people -
This is a story that Hannah and I worked very hard on, and neither of us want it translated and posted anywhere else.
What I'm asking is: Please understand and accept this.

Can I repost this story to (website)?

No. You may not repost this story anywhere. I get asked this a lot, and no.
You may not repost it on livejournal, wattpad (what the heck is that?),, or on ao3.
If you want someone to read the story, link them to this one - the original.

Can I get Twist and Shout made into a book?

This is the question I get asked the most. And honestly, I would prefer that you didn't, but that doesn't mean I can physically stop you from doing it.

Can I buy Twist and Shout as a book?

No. We held a giveaway for charity to receive a book, but that is the only time anyone has ever received an actual copy of Twist and Shout from the authors.
Also, at the moment, there are no plans of publishing.

Can I hold a giveaway for Twist and Shout?

No. We do not endorse any sort of giveaway that has to do with Twist and Shout.
The only people that are allowed to do any sort of Twist and Shout giveaway is either me, or Hannah.
Plus, asking permission for anything pertaining to Twist and Shout is a must.

Can I turn Twist and Shout into a movie?

No. If Hannah and I agree on anything of the such, the project will have to be closely monitored by both Hannah and I, and the project must be non-profit.

Do you read the comments?

I read every single comment that is left on any chapter. The comments get sent straight to my email inbox, so I read every one of them.


More will be added when I see fit, or when I get more of the same questions.
As of right now, these are the only ones that I can remember.