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The Way He Moves

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The club was dark inside. If Taehyung hadn’t been used to this kind of scene already, he probably would have tripped over his feet at least a dozen times by now. He didn’t know why he’d let Jungkook drag him out tonight – especially because the brat was underage. Still, Jungkook had managed to convince not only himself, but Namjoon and Yoongi to come along with them. He could only tell the others were still with them, because Namjoon had tripped over his feet at least a dozen times and he could hear Yoongi’s soft curses over the thrum of the bass.


It wasn’t that Taehyung especially disliked places like this – he’d been to more clubs than he could care to count in the last year alone. Today, though, marked the anniversary of the day his beloved dog had passed. Taehyung always remembered it. Maybe it made him weird, but he couldn’t help feeling down every time August came around. That was probably why Jungkook had dragged them all here in the first place. There was no deceiving his roommate at all.


Jungkook led them through the crowds, weaving in and out of the masses of people with practiced ease. Taehyung spared a moment to wonder when exactly Jungkook had had the time to practice people-dodging, but then, he supposed, there were a lot of things about the seemingly innocent Jungkook that Taehyung didn’t know…or didn’t want to know. The kid was surely a devil hiding behind an angel’s face.


It didn’t take them long to reach the bar. Taehyung could have sworn on whatever god was out there that Jungkook had been here at least once before (actually, it was six times, but no-one else needed to know that). Yoongi proceeded to drink himself under the table – or at least try to. For someone who was so small, he was an expert with his liquor. And if you called him small to his face, he was an expert with his fists too…


Namjoon just hovered awkwardly by the bar, pretending he wasn’t eyeing off the ridiculously attractive bartender. Namjoon had always been a sucker for attractive, delicate looking men. Namjoon would find out, down the track, however, that Kim Seokjin was pretty, but he sure as hell wasn’t delicate.


Taehyung shifted uncomfortably on his barstool. Namjoon eye fucking bartenders was nothing new, really, but this wasn’t the kind of thing he wanted to be a part of today – not when he had a delicious combination of ice creams waiting for him in the freezer in his apartment. He wondered if he could just slip away home without notice. Yoongi had already wandered off to go ogle some dancer a while back, Namjoon was talking to the bartender now, who was doing nothing less than flirting back with him, and Jungkook, well he was nowhere to be seen either.


Now would be the perfect chance. Or at least that’s what he thought until he saw him.


Park Jimin.


Of course Taehyung had only known that because some sleazy unseen MC had announced him and Taehyung would have had to have been deaf not to hear it. This club had enormous speakers.


Taehyung watched him move – the boy was sinfully good, even he had to admit it. His movements were smooth and flowing, like a river following its natural course. The longer Taehyung watched, the more eager he found himself to be moving toward the stage on which Jimin was working what could only be described as magic.


The way he twisted his body had Taehyung off his seat; the way he removed his shirt had him nearly pushing through the crowd, not caring whose view he was obscuring. The sane part of Taehyung was screaming at him to sit the hell back down because this guy was a god damn stripper for fuck’s sake, but the way Jimin moved was mesmerizing. There was no turning back now.


With Jimin’s shirt off, Taehyung was blessed with the sight of what could only be described as a body carved by gods. His neat abdominals stretched as he moved, and Taehyung would have been lying if he’d said he wasn’t enjoying it – wasn’t imagining running his hands down the skin, now slick with a light sheen of sweat, that covered those taut muscles.


Taehyung licked his suddenly dry lips, barely even daring to take an eye off Park Jimin. He positively oozed sex appeal and Taehyung was caught like a rabbit in a trap. He couldn’t have gotten away now even if he wanted to.


As if Jimin could feel his heated gaze, he turned his head in Taehyung’s direction and oh god when had he gotten so close to him? He could feel the want curling in him in a way he hadn’t felt before. Park Jimin was going to ruin him, and he knew it. Especially when Park Jimin took his bottom lip in-between his teeth and winked at him.


This kid was a bigger brat than Jungkook.


Still, that didn’t stop the heat from rising to his face. It wasn’t to say people hadn’t looked that way at Taehyung before, but Jimin was almost like a whispered promise, made and kept in the dark reaches of his mind.


And God but Taehyung wanted Jimin so badly.


If he was admitting it to himself, it was a while since he’d had any sort of physical intimacy with a person, and he was feeling every single second of that tension now as Jimin swayed his hips along with the music, his hand reaching down for the buckle at his waist.


Taehyung nearly choked as Jimin eased the pants he was wearing down his hips a little at a time, exposing the sharp lines of his hipbones, and further exposing that expanse of flat stomach that Taehyung found himself actually lifting his hand to reach for. As soon as he realised this, he dropped it, horrified with himself. He wasn’t that desperate. Even if he was contemplating leaving the crowd for the bathroom as soon as Jimin left the stage. There was no way he could let anyone, especially not Jungkook, see how needy he had become with a few simple rolls of Park Jimin’s ridiculously hot body. Not that Taehyung was usually the kind of person to…touch himself… but it was obvious he’d have to, so he could at least stop imagining Jimin doing it for him.


He bit his lip as Jimin looked at him again, sliding his hand slowly, sensually down his exposed torso and toward his inner thigh and back up again, resting somewhere in the realm of his crotch. Taehyung could have sworn Jimin was even smirking at him. His sexually charged imagination no doubt, but still, the look Jimin was giving him right now…god he hoped Jimin would be off the stage soon, or he’d just jump up there and…


Stop there Tae. Just stop right there. That train of thought was never going to end well.


Taehyung nearly cried with relief when Jimin left the stage. Of course there was an enormous sense of loss at not being able to watch Jimin move anymore, but right now, as Taehyung could still feel the heat coursing through his veins, going to very obvious places, he decided that definitely had to be a good thing.




Taehyung was just emerging from the bathroom, cheeks flushed and the remnants of Jimin’s name on his bitten lips when he found a hand wrapping around his wrist. Taehyung looked up, expecting it to be Jungkook or Yoongi, telling him it was time to get the fuck out of there. His eyes widened in surprise when he met the easy, bright smile of the man he had just been watching for the past half an hour. His cheeks flushed further, this time in embarrassment as he remembered what he’d just been doing to the memory of the previous half hour…He wasn’t exactly expecting Jimin’s surprisingly strong hand gripping his own flushed flesh.


“Kim Taehyung, right?” Jimin asked, his serious and sexy gaze from the stage replaced with a face that looked almost as innocent as Jungkook’s when he was trying to manipulate people into doing things for him.

“How did you…?”

“Jungkookie is a good friend of mine.” Jimin answered, his smile turning slightly sly. Taehyung wasn’t sure whether or not he was going to murder Jungkook later. “He said you might be sad today and that you’d need cheering up.”

“Huh…he said that?” Taehyung was too busy being confused about how one of Jungkook’s best friends could be a stripper. Again, there was many things about Jeon Jungkook that Taehyung found he didn’t want to know at all.

“Yeah.” Jimin confirmed. “I can tell it worked.” Taehyung’s face turned a deeper shade of red, if that was even possible.


It turns out it was, and it was possible for it to go even deeper still when Jimin, using Taehyung’s shoulder as leverage, leaned in closer to Taehyung, whispering closely into his ear.


“You wanna get out of here?”


Taehyung almost choked at the feeling of Jimin’s breath, ghosting so close to his skin.


“Yoongi already left with Hoseok, and Namjoon won’t be going anywhere without Seokjin anytime soon, so how ‘bout it?”


That was all the prompting Taehyung needed, nodding his head shakily in consent before Jimin dragged him toward the door and out into the night.


From across the bar, Jeon Jungkook grinned wickedly. 

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It had been so easy to spot Jungkook’s friend in the club tonight, especially when Jungkook had been spouting about Kim Taehyung for months now. Jimin could finally understand why.


Taehyung was handsome, in a non-traditional way. His light brown hair ghosted his skin just above his eyes and it really made Jimin wonder if that hair was as soft as it looked. He supposed he’d get to find out soon enough.


It hadn’t taken much convincing to get Taehyung to go with him. Jimin hadn’t really planned on asking until he had seen Taehyung, his cheeks flushed, after the performance he’d been asked to do. Jimin still wasn’t sure whether he wanted to kill Jeon Jungkook or kiss him.


The drive back to Jimin’s apartment was taking too long. He was aware that it hadn’t really been that long at all, but he was starting to get impatient. He could admit that he wanted Kim Taehyung, and he wanted him now…and if the sidelong glances he was getting from Taehyung were any indication, the other wanted him just as badly.


They’d barely opened the car doors when their hands were on each other again, and Jimin couldn’t even bring himself to care that he had to lean up to kiss the other man, because Taehyung’s kisses were sinful. It was obvious to Jimin that this wasn’t the first time that Taehyung had done this, and God was he grateful.


A soft, pleasured groan escaped Jimin’s throat and was swallowed quickly by Taehyung’s mouth on his, as Jimin’s back made contact with the wall, Taehyung’s hand hitting the call button for the elevator.


They practically fell through the doors as they opened. It was hard to maintain a sense of decorum in the elevator, given that the camera’s little red light in the corner was blinking at them. That didn’t stop them from inconspicuously touching as much of themselves to each other as they could, Jimin leaning up to ghost kisses along Taehyung’s neck, leaving him breathless.


Jimin had barely managed to punch in the code for his apartment door with Taehyung sneaking a hand around his waist, running his fingers along the expanse of stomach just above the waistline of Jimin’s jeans.


They wasted no more time the second the door slammed behind them. Jimin once again found his back pressed up against a solid surface – this time the wooden panelling of his door as Taehyung was making good time in removing Jimin’s shirt.  


Taehyung ran his eyes down Jimin’s exposed body with a heated gaze. Jimin could swear he could feel the absolute want pouring off the taller male, and the way Taehyung’s hands were skimming his abs sent Jimin’s blood quickly rushing south as well.


“Enough playing, Taehyung-ah.” Jimin murmured seductively, pushing himself up against the other male. Taehyung momentarily froze in surprise, which gave Jimin the second he needed to begin removing Taehyung’s shirt.


Taehyung wasn’t built like Jimin was, but Jimin had been dancing for years. Where Jimin was hard muscle, Taehyung was soft and lean. Jimin allowed himself a moment to appreciate Taehyung’s body by running his hand down the exposed skin of his torso, stopping at the sharp planes of his hip bones.


Jimin used his position to his advantage, easing Taehyung back through the dark apartment to the bedroom. It only took a little push and Taehyung’s back hit the soft cotton of Jimin’s sheets. The owner of said sheets wasted no time in straddling the hips he had been so admiring just moments before.


Jimin trailed kisses from Taehyung’s jaw, moving down his body. He could feel the hidden muscles in Taehyungs abdomen contract as he stopped just above the waistline of his pants, eliciting deep, husky groans from the man underneath him. The deep sensuality of Taehyung’s voice sent a hot surge of want through Jimin’s veins.

“Can I have you, Taehyung-ah?” Jimin whispered against the flesh of Taehyung’s stomach.

“Enough playing, Jiminnie.” Taehyung echoed, his breathing heavy.


With quick, sure hands, Jimin undid the buttons on Taehyung’s pants, sliding them off the other man. Taehyung lifted his hips to help, making his need far more apparent. Jimin let out a low hum of appreciation as all of Taehyung was exposed to him. He felt, rather than heard Taehyung laugh. This wasn’t the first time he’d been appreciated like this, but it was so much better when the noises were spilling from Jimin’s lips like rain spilling from the sky.


It was Taehyung’s turn to let a gasp escape him as Jimin lowered his head to Taehyung’s length, taking him in completely.

“F-fuck…Jimin…” Taehyung stuttered breathlessly as Jimin began to gently suck at the heated flesh, lightly scraping his teeth along the underside of Taehyung’s shaft as he did so. Taehyung involuntarily bucked his hips, causing Jimin to smile around him before he released Taehyung.


The sudden loss of contact was almost criminal to Taehyung, and he promptly let Jimin know so.

“Patience, Taehyung-ah.” Jimin practically cooed before he dipped his head back down, this time using only his tongue to pleasure his companion. He ran his tongue along the tip of Taehyung’s hardness, licking up the liquid that was already beginning to pool there.


“God, Jimin…” Taehyung breathed, his voice heavy with desperation. “I t-thought we were done playing.”

“What is it you want Taetae?” Jimin answered back. He was being facetious and he knew it. He knew exactly what Taehyung wanted, and to be frank, he was more than ready to oblige. The look of Taehyung laying, flushed, underneath him was driving him closer to the edge, and he’d barely even touched him yet.


“You know what I want.” Taehyung answered, sitting up and placing his hands on Jimin’s belt, making short work of removing it. Removing Jimin’s jeans was a harder task to accomplish because who wore pants that fucking tight?


Jimin let out a low moan as his own erection was released from its confines.


It took all of a moment for Jimin to locate the small bottle he kept in the first drawer of his night stand. He uncapped it and spread the fluid over his fingers, making sure to coat them well.

“Are you ready?” He asked.


The small nod from Taehyung was all the encouragement Jimin needed.


He teased the other’s entrance before inserting a finger, giving Taehyung some time to adjust before he began stretching him. When Taehyung’s gasps of discomfort changed, Jimin added a second finger, and then, when Taehyung was ready, a third.


“Jimin…I need you.” Taehyung practically whimpered. “J-just…just fuck me already damn it.”


At Taehyung’s instruction, Jimin withdrew his fingers. The feel of the lubricant on Jimin’s hot flesh added to his pleasure as he aligned himself with Taehyung’s entrance. He eased in slowly, giving Taehyung time to adjust around him, until he was completely sheathed in the man beneath him.


Their pace was slow at first, giving them time to find their rhythm, their bodies locking together.


“Taehyung-ah, you feel so good.” Jimin moaned, increasing the pace they had set. Taehyung wasn’t going to complain.

“I’m not a doll, Jiminnie. I won’t break.” Taehyung reminded him, bringing his hips up to bury Jimin in even deeper. Jimin, temporarily unable to form a sentence just pushed into Taehyung harder, faster until the both of them were a mess of pants and moans, the only sound filling the air, other than the slide of skin against skin.


Jimin attached his lips to the side of Taehyung’s neck, making sure that he left a mark, as he reached his hand down to pump Taehyung’s neglected length.

“J-Jimin…” Taehyung stuttered, and that was all the indication Jimin needed to know that Taehyung was close to the edge.

“Y-yeah.” Jimin panted “Me too. Cum for me, Taehyung-ah…”


A few more strokes of Jimin’s deft hand and Taehyung did exactly that, Jimin’s name falling from his lips, his seed spilling over his hand.


The feel of Taehyung’s walls tightening around him as he climaxed brought Jimin to his own, thrusting into Taehyung as he rode it out, whispering Taehyung’s name as he did so.


Jimin pulled out of Taehyung as their high wore off. He reached for something to clean them up with, his hands skimming an old shirt. It would have to do. He cleaned them both up carefully, making sure not to irritate Taehyung’s sensitive skin. He threw the shirt aside when he was done, wrapping an arm securely around Taehyung’s waist.


“Stay…please.” He said quietly at Taehyung’s enquiring look.


Because whatever they had had between them tonight – it was going to be more than a one-time thing.