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The Morning After

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Early on the 25th, Gabby gets a text.

Okay but now that we’ve all had time to recover from death by latke, foursome y/n?

“Are you kidding me?” yells Gabby, flopping back down on the bed.

Her response is swift and sure.

No means no, asshole. Go wake your boytoy up with a blowjob and stop bothering me.

Charles’s response is a series of obscene emoticons.

“Ughhhhh,” groans Magda, stirring from the depths of sleep. “What are you yelling about, terrible woman?”

Gabby wordlessly hands her the phone.

Magda hums thoughtfully as she reads the texts.

Magda is not, however, getting mad, or even annoyed as she reads. It's a little ... disconcerting.

“Tell me you’re not considering this,” says Gabby.

“I’m not … not considering it,” Magda says carefully, handing Gabby back her phone. Magda tilts her head. “But Erik would need to wear a gag. I don’t want to listen to his shit while we’re trying to enjoy ourselves.”

“Charles can do this thing with his telepathy where Erik couldn’t talk but his mouth would still be free,” Gabby offers. “You know, for stuff.” She pauses, and shakes her head. “If, you know, it somehow wasn’t a terrible idea.”

“Us sleeping together was a terrible idea, and that worked out pretty well,” Magda points out.

“Yes, maybe, but we divorced them for a reason,” says Gabby in exasperation.

She pauses. “I mean, I definitely did. And granted, we’ve never talked about it, but it’s a reasonable guess for me to make that you did, too.”

“No, no, you’re right,” says Magda. “Erik and I got divorced for many, many reasons.”

“See?” says Gabby.

“But so the thing is,” says Magda, “that sex was never one of those reasons. Like, not even a little bit. What about you?”

“No, the sex was fantastic,” says Gabby. “But sex with you, just you? Equally fantastic, and I don’t have to put up with all of Charles’s bullshit in return.”

“Just my bullshit,” Magda grins.

“True,” Gabby grins back. “But you have a lot less of it than Charles does.”

“That’s a terrifying thought,” mutters Magda. “But thanks. And by the way, you are much less of an asshole than Erik is, too, so thank you for that, too.”

“While we’re on the subject,” Magda continues, “are you opposed to group sex in general, or just those two in particular?”

“I don’t have a ton of experience in the area,” says Gabby, “but I’d be open to at least hearing you out, if you had an idea.”

“Next time she’s in town,” says Magda, “I was thinking I could introduce you to my ex-partner -- that’s ex-work partner, by the way -- Moira. She is really, really hot. And probably less of an asshole than any of us -- you, me, Erik, Charles.”

“Okay, damn,” says Gabby when Magda shows her a picture of Moira on her phone. “Like, seriously, damn.”

“Also, Erik finds her super attractive but absolutely will not admit it to himself,” says Magda. “If we get her to sleep with us first it will really, really piss him off. I imagine Charles would be put out, too.”

“He so would,” Gabby agrees. “Okay, provided she says yes, let’s do this.”

Gabby and Magda high-five.