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“Hey guys!” Eren yells to his friends as he returns to “heaven”. It’s not really heaven but they don’t really have a better name for the place and heaven fits best seeing as it's where the angels hang out most of the time. They’re not exactly sure what the place is, just that it isn’t a realm that mortals can access and that the angels are drawn back to the place whenever they’re not on Earth. “Guess what?”

The other angels look at him tiredly. Some days Eren just has too much energy for them, especially in the winter season when more people seemed prone to making wishes than usual.

“What?” Annie asks, absently grooming her feathers. She'd been answering wishes non-stop for a week without a chance to sit and care for her wings properly.

Eren beams and spins around, his wings flaring out wide. “I have one feather left!”

The other angels’ apathy dissolves and they’re suddenly surrounding Eren and examining his wings. Despite what he said he had a full set of white fluffy feathers. Each one was a source of pride as they represented fulfilled wish. All that was left of the bluish black wings an angel was born with was a single dark feather on his left wing.

Just one more wish and Eren would get to go to Heaven, the real one.