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The Letters (the 84, Charing Cross Road remix)

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Hogwarts School
84, Charing Cross Road
London, W.C. 2


15 February 2001


Miss Anya Jenkins
The Magic Box
742 Maple Court
Sunnydale, CA 93063


Miss Jenkins,


You incompetent idiot of a Muggle. The Nux Myristica had been contaminated by close contact with a demon, most likely a sub-species of troll. A good half-dozen of Professor Slughorn's advanced students had to be transmuted back to human form. I personally think a few of them, specifically that Granger creature, were improved by the transformation into badgers but unfortunately Headmaster Dumbledore disagreed. Your shoddy workmanship has cost the school both time and money. I have attached a bill. See that my account is credited immediately.

You should consider yourself lucky that I continue to patronize your shop.


Professor Snape