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Still Here

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- I'm pretty sure that was the fish... - Bishamon clutched her stomach - It should be spoiled or something.

- Well, that's a rare thing to happen. - Kazuma put in a chair the clothes that she had left on the floor - I'll make a tea for you.

- Kazuma, please, I'm not kidding...

- I know you aren't. That's why I'll make a tea. - he gives her a laugh.

He returns with a caramel tea on a tray with some cookies.

- Here, drink this, you'll get better soon - he left the tray on the bedside table and handed her the cup of tea.

- Thanks... - she took the cup for her - Tastes good... it's caramel?

- Yes - Kazuma picked up some paper to read while she was drinking.

- You have work to do? I'm fine, don't worry about me - she left the cup on the tray.

- It's easy to say. I'll stay here until you get better.

- That's not necessary, I swear! - she laid on the bed quickly.

- Whatever - he sit on her side - I'll stay here.

- It might take a long time until I get better.

- And I'll be here all the time... - he pass his hands through her hair - Get a nap. I'm not going anywhere.

She closed her eyes and fall in a deep sleep.