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A Wendy Christmas

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Wendy was in one of the local grocery stories in the town of Biggs, Michigan. Wendy McCarey always stressed when the holidays arrive. Thanksgiving and Christmas were her favorite ones. As usual, Biggs would snow every year. Wendy always enjoyed winter. She even planned on inviting her friends to Biggs for Christmas.

Her friends mostly drove to Biggs, so they will do this again. Wendy was in a grocery store because she was looking for a tree. She wanted one that wasn’t big or too small, but wanted it just right. She hadn’t yet grab out her decorations yet. She will, but liked to wait until the day after the Christmas tree was in its place in the living room.

No, Wendy hadn’t started shopping for her friends and family. Her younger cousin of thirteen years was bringing along her husband Greg McCarey, Jesse her father, Emma her mother and of course Allison and Marissa. Allison and Marissa McCarey were her nieces. The last time she saw Marissa and Allison was on Marissa’s birthday.

Wendy didn’t need any Christmas lists from her cousin, Brandi McCarey and her family and friends. Gift cards work best for her. Wendy always enjoyed spending time with her other friends, Elly Sanchez and her family, Sarah Thompson with her husband, Steve and her mother Florence, Traci Potpie and her husband, Joseph, and last, but not least Renee Griswold, her husband Travis, her father Johnny and thirteen – year – old daughter, Alexandria.

Everyone in this group always enjoyed their time with her and Wendy couldn’t argue with that. She didn’t mind someone she didn’t know help her decide what tree would be perfect for this year. She paid for the tree, put it on her car and drove back home. This should be a good tree for Wendy and her friends to enjoy Christmas. That she already knew for sure.

When Wendy parked in the driveway, she got out of the car and brought the Christmas tree inside with her. Like a lot of people, Wendy loved the smell of pine that came with the Christmas tree. At least it keeps the house smelling good with all of the pine. Wendy always liked the idea of buying the perfect Christmas tree before the good ones were taken.

She walked into her house with the tree, Wendy thought this tree would look its best if she put it next to the fireplace every year. Wendy had been celebrating Christmas in the past ten years since her parents, Anthony and Barbara McCarey passed away. They died while in an airplane crash, but Wendy didn’t know much about that story. Once she put the tree next to the fireplace, she said, “I wish you would be here to celebrate, Mom and Dad. It’s never been the same anymore.”

What she just said was true.

Line Break

Wendy decided to call up Traci. The last time both of them talked, Traci was spending time with boredom, which is never fun. It looked like Traci was home, so both women were able to have a conversation.

“Hello, Traci,” Wendy greeted her friend.

Wendy lived in Biggs, Michigan, so there was a time difference between each other.

“Hi, Wendy. Joseph and I are looking forward to seeing you at Christmas. Since we’ll be flying to Michigan, we will have to send our Christmas gifts you through the mail instead.”

“That’s okay, Traci. I’m sure the others are going to be doing the same thing as you and Joseph plan to do by mail,” Wendy told Traci.

“Of course they will. I’ll bet you that your gifts from us and the others will be on time when we come to Biggs.”

“You could be right, Traci. This should be a good Christmas this year. Of course it’s not going to be the same without Mom and Dad.”

“I feel your pain, Wendy. As you already know, my parents are deceased also, so you’re not alone.”

“That’s for sure,” Wendy agreed.

“At least Elly is still lucky to have Jack.”

“True. Since she’s having one living parent left, so she really doesn’t have a hard time with no parents left, but it could happen soon, but since Jack is still healthy, which is good.”

“Yes, it is,” Wendy agreed.

“Brandi sent me a text earlier this morning, so Emma and Jesse still plan to join us. She said they wouldn’t want to miss it for the world,” Wendy added.

“Why wouldn’t they not miss it? If Mom and Dad were still here today, they would’ve been friends with the other folks.”

“I can’t argue with you on that, Traci. My father and mother wouldn’t want to miss this, but I do know is they will be with us in spirit,” Wendy remarked.


“You got that right, Wendy. By the way, Joseph and I decided to bring your Christmas card with us,” Traci told Wendy.

“Fine with me. I can handle that one. Are you bringing the cards you chose for the others?”

“Of course we plan to, Wendy. It wouldn’t be fun for them if you only had our card and they didn’t. What is Christmas without cards and gifts?”

“You have a good point, Traci. How’s Joseph doing?”

“He’s doing well, thank you. He recently got over a cold, which is no fun.”

“At least you didn’t catch his cold from him.”

“I know. I don’t like being sick over the holidays, but sometimes you don’t have a choice.”

“Listen, Traci, I have to go. I’d like to get this tree decorated before you show up. It was nice talking with you so we could catch up a bit.”

“Yes, it was nice. I can’t wait to see your tree.”

“You will. Talk with you when you arrive.”

Wendy hung up before Traci could say another word, so she did the same as Wendy.