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[vid] Are You Out There? remaster

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source: Contact (1997)
audio: Dar Williams, "Are You Out There?"
length: 3:08
stream: on Critical Commons
download: 135MB mp4 on mediafire

It's been a year of space exploration movies for me, and about seven months ago I found myself on a deep dive in the Vividcon database and other places, looking for vids of the same. When I found the entry for [ profile] thatfangirl's 2003 Contact vid Are You Out There?, and tracked down a copy, I immediately wanted to remaster the vid so that more people could see it, because it's pretty great. With [ profile] thatfangirl's kind permission, I've at long last done my part of just that--the viewing is now up to you. With many thanks to [personal profile] eruthros for providing my copy of the original vid and to [ profile] mrquadcopter for beta watching my original draft, and above all to [ profile] thatfangirl, for making the vid and for letting me remaster it!