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Day #1.5: Been A Awful, Good Girl

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Dean knew that Cas was going to love the little bundle. Dean also knew that Cas was going to pretend not to, claim that it was ugly and not at all cute, because Dean had allergies. To be quite honest, he wasn’t sure if Cas would do that, even he couldn’t say the kitten wasn’t cute with it’s little pale grey ears that laid flat against it’s head and the way it kneaded his jeans with it's little tiny paws. Er, but also it had potential. It had the potential to become a great mouser. It could catch all the -non-existent- mice in the bunker like a real man’s cat would.

Dean was right, obviously, Cas didn’t say the cat was not cute but he did say they could take it back. Dean refused, how could he not? Cas looked so happy chatting away with the tiny thing.

Cas wanted Dean to give the little kitten a name and so from then on he was called Cat and Cat was definitely on the wrong side of Dean by the end of the day. He’d yanked the Christmas tree, that Dean had reluctantly bought, over by one of the baubles and proceeded to run around the bunker as a shiny gold tinsel monster. Cas had loved it, falling in love with him even more with every antic.