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I'm More Than What They Say

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Chapter 1

Mickey was not your average Omega. He was special in every way. He was born an Omega but has a gene deviation that causes him to act out as an Alpha. It happens every few decades where an Omega is born with Alpha traits. His body is biologically Omega, meaning he’ll still have heats and possibly get pregnant but the Alpha trait means he doesn’t cower at other Alphas or obey them when they use their special Alpha voice.

Most Omegas are terrified of Alphas but Mickey isn’t. Especially since all three of his brothers are Alphas. When he first presented, everyone assumed he would be an Alpha like the rest of his family. He certainly acted like an Alpha. Unfortunately when he hit puberty, he had his first heat, much to the disappointment of his father. He was only fourteen when it happened. He was terrified but thankfully his brothers were there to help him. They hid him from their father and took Mickey to a motel. They called an Alpha friend of theirs to fuck Mickey through his heat.

Eric was nice to him. He was gentle and helped Mickey. He didn’t mark him or try to bond him, as per the explicit instructions of his brothers. He only fucked him when Mickey asked. He didn’t even knot him because Mickey was too scared.

Most Alphas like to knot an Omega every time they have sex but especially when they’re in rut. That’s their version of a heat where they spend 24 hours fucking like crazed maniacs. For a bond to happen, either the Alpha must be in rut or the Omega must be in heat. The Omega must be knotted and a bond mark must be offered and accepted by the Omega. Once that’s performed, the pair is bonded and therefore mated for life.

It’s not uncommon for older Alphas to take advantage of young Omegas in their first heat and try to bond them, making them untouchable to other Alphas and basically slaves to the one Alpha. There is no law governing how many Omegas an Alpha may mark but generally most Alphas choose only 1 mate. That is what is socially acceptable.

Marking can also be dangerous, even when performed outside a rut or heat. If an Alpha marks an Omega, it generally means they’re untouchable by any other Alpha until their next heat. That Alpha would then be able to control the Omega until their next heat, when they would eventually bond them for good.

The only way an Alpha can touch a marked Omega is by challenging the Alpha who made the mark. They would fight until a clear winner was presented. The winner would then mark and knot the Omega during their next heat, essentially claiming their prize.

Mickey had not been marked, knotted or bonded yet. But that didn’t mean his father didn’t plan on doing it for him. On his fifteenth birthday, Mickey’s father informed him that he was being sold to an Alpha that spent an obscene amount of money. A young unmated, unmarked Omega was a rarity. People would pay tens of thousands of dollars for it. On top of that, Mickey’s unique make up gave him a very exotic and intoxicating scent. During one of his heats, Mickey’s brothers literally had to fight Alphas off their lawn when they caught a whiff of him.

Mickey was valuable indeed. Of course the Alpha in him wasn’t going without a fight. The last thing he wanted to was be some old man’s sex slave. He fought his father and nearly got himself killed. Once the police were called, Mickey’s brothers explained what happened and Mickey was shipped off to child protective services. Selling an Omega was highly illegal. The stunt landed Terry in jail for a very long time.

Mickey stayed in the care of child protective services for almost a year before they told him that he could go to school if he wanted. Normally the thought of school made Mickey want to run the other way but his case worker explained that he would be attending Brighton Prep, the most exclusive school in the state. They had a great reputation for protecting Omegas and disciplining out of control Alphas. It was a rarity to find such a place that didn’t treat Omegas like helpless child breeders.

Mickey was assured that he would be protected and still get a great education. He reluctantly agreed. His brothers moved close to the school and told Mickey to call them if he ever needed anything. He was really glad to have his brothers, Iggy especially. They were the closest in age and therefore the most alike. Iggy never treated him like he was anything less than an Alpha and that was something he would never forget.

He moved in on a Sunday, wanting to start school right away and get it over with. He was given a single room which he was extremely thankful for. He was unpacking when he heard a knock on his door. He looked up and saw a man standing at his doorway.

“You must be Mickey. I’m Sean, the advisor on the floor. Think of me as a big brother,” he said, holding his hand out for Mickey to shake.

He hesitantly shook it and went back to his unpacking.

“Well I’ll leave you to it. Oh by the way, dinner is in half an hour, down in the mess hall. Do you know where that is?” Sean asked.

Mickey looked at him dumbly.

“Is that the place with all the food?” Mickey asked sarcastically.

Sean nodded.

“Then I’m sure I’ll find it,” Mickey said.

Sean gave him a playful smirk as he left the room. Mickey sat down on his bed and thought about everything that happened to him to get him here. He resolved to forget it and move on.

He wasn’t ready to meet his fellow students. Normally he could deal with the comments about his appearance because, let’s face it, his family doesn’t have money and it shows. But the comments he was now hearing were about his scent. The Alphas were looking at him like a piece of meat, literally salivating at the sight of him and the Omegas and Betas were turning their nose up in disgust. It’s not like they smelled any better.

He caught the eye of a particular red head who was not at all impressed by Mickey’s entrance. Well screw him, Mickey thought. He took his tray of food and found an empty table in the corner. As soon as he sat down, a tall lanky brunette sat down next to him.

“Hey, you’re new,” he said to Mickey.

Mickey rolled his eyes.

“Wow, you’re perceptive,” Mickey mumbled.

“Oooohh, attitude! I like it!” The kid continued.

Mickey honestly wished he would just leave so he could eat his… what the hell was this? He looked at his plate, secretly wishing he could turn it into pizza when the boy kept talking.

“I’m Nick, Omega. Obviously but you knew that. And you are?” he prodded.

“Hungry, so if you don’t mind,” Mickey hissed back hoping the kid would take the hint. No such luck.

“Is this kid bothering you?” an Alpha who walked by asked Mickey.

Mickey didn’t say anything.

“Hey Omega, I’m talking to you!” he said in his Alpha voice, making Nick cower.

“Does it look like I care?” Mickey answered back, much to the dismay of the entire mess hall.

All eyes were on him and the fact that he just disrespected an Alpha.

“What the fuck did you say to me?” the Alpha yelled.

“What? Are you hard of hearing too?” Mickey growled back.

The Alpha looked positively homicidal. Just as he began to growl, Mickey stood to challenge him. Everyone’s heart stopped. No Omega had ever openly challenged an Alpha in school history. Mickey was about to take a swing at the offending Alpha when a flash of red appeared before him and stopped his arm.

“Is there a problem here Emmet?” the red head asked the Alpha.

“No Ian. No problem,” Emmet said quietly.

Mickey looked back and forth between the two Alphas trying to piece together what was going on. The asshole Alpha actually cowered in Ian’s presence. That’s when it dawned on Mickey… Ian was a prime Alpha. Basically he was at the top of the Alpha food chain. They were also rare.

Emmet retreated back to his own table leaving Mickey and Ian. Apparently Nick had also left the scene at the appearance of Ian. Mickey looked at Ian briefly before turning around and walking away. Another set of gasps were heard in the quiet dining hall. No one walks away from a prime.

Ian smirked and decided to go after the feisty Omega.

“Hey, wait up,” Ian yelled as he jogged behind Mickey.

“What the fuck do you want?” Mickey growled as he turned to meet his stalker.

Ian seemed both surprised and amused.

“I didn’t dismiss you earlier,” Ian reprimanded.

Mickey snorted.

“Does it look like I give a shit?” he glared back.

Just then Ian was hit with Mickey’s scent. And he was hit hard. He closed his eyes and breathed it in. Mickey just stood there confused.

“You smell like an Omega but you sure as hell don’t act like one,” Ian pointed out.

His face was still blissed out on Mickey’s scent. This was definitely something Mickey was used to. Ian closed in on Mickey and cornered him in the hall, bracketing his hands on either side of the Omega. He brushed his nose along Mickey’s neck, inhaling as he moved.

“Fuck you smell good,” Ian commented, his voice totally wrecked.

Mickey started to get nervous. Usually his brothers would have intervened by now but he realized that at school he was all alone. Mickey did the only thing he could think of. He shoved Ian off of him.

When he looked up at Ian, he saw how his previously green eyes were now black as night. Mickey actually found himself getting turned on at the sight. Ian was hot as hell and as a prime, the scent he gave off was making Mickey, for lack of a better word…wet.

His Omega side was getting turned on but his Alpha side was screaming “run!” He listened to his Alpha side and booked it to his dorm room. He prayed that Ian wouldn’t follow him and when he shut his room door, he was thankful to hear nothing but quiet outside.


The next day he was relieved to not see Ian the entire morning. After two classes he was feeling confident that he would never see the annoying red head again. Even though he didn’t see Ian, Mickey was still the talk of the school. Not only had he challenged an Alpha, he also ignored a prime which was virtually unheard of. The gossip continued as he walked into his third class of the day. History wasn’t his best subject but he sometimes found it cool to learn about old shit. Mostly he thought the wars and the killing were cool. Mickey’s best subject was math. He had always been talented with numbers. It just came naturally to him.

He was pretty excited about his advanced calculus class after lunch. Wait, did he just say that? Regardless of his love for math, all of his other subjects paled in comparison forcing Mickey to space out and not pay any attention. As soon as he walked into his history class, he ran straight to the back row of seats and put his stuff down. He didn’t really care for the whispering around him so he put his head down on his arms and closed his eyes.

A few minutes later, it hit him. That scent from last night. He opened his eyes and saw none other than Ian sitting right next to him. Great.

He rolled his eyes and went back to sleep.

“You know, you should probably pay attention if you want to pass this class,” Ian said to the sleepy boy.

“I’ll keep that in mind red,” Mickey mumbled back.

Ian just grinned. He had never met a single Omega that was not only disinterested in him but also wasn’t scared of him. As soon as Ian presented as an Alpha, his family knew he was special. He commanded authority like no other. A few months after he presented he was diagnosed as a prime, much to the delight of his family. Since then, Ian has pretty much gotten anyone and anything he wanted.

Mickey was loud and stubborn. He wasn’t some submissive little housewife that would do everything that Ian wanted. And that made Ian want Mickey even more. Not only was he a beautiful unmated Omega, but he was sarcastic and rude and Ian thought that was hot. All he had to do know was win the Omega over. Clearly that was easier said than done.

As soon as the bell rang, Mickey was out of his seat and running toward his locker. He stopped short of it when he realized who was standing behind him.

“You know stalking is illegal in all 50 states,” Mickey said in an annoyed tone.

“Hey I just want to make sure you get to your next class in one piece, considering your track record for inciting fights with Alphas and all,” Ian smirked.

Mickey walked the rest of the way to his locker and got his textbook from his back pack. He turned and looked right at Ian.

“I can take care of myself,” he snapped.

Ian just smiled.

“I don’t doubt that for a second,” he said reassuringly.

“Look I get what you want but I’m not giving it up so you might as well back off,” Mickey said, shoving past him.

Ian scoffed, “You really think that’s all I want?”

Mickey turned around.

“Isn’t that what all you Alphas want?” Mickey said before walking away.

Ian was once again left standing alone, unsure of what to think. This Omega was driving him crazy.



A few weeks went by and Mickey was thankful that his celebrity status had gone down and that Ian stopped cornering him every chance he got. He even made a new friend, If you can even consider Nick a friend. He was more like a lost puppy that Mickey eventually caved into and starting spending time with.

He wasn’t a total loser. He did have the new Halo so he and Mickey spent a majority of their time playing it in Nick’s room. He also had a single room but his reasons were personal. His mom was a huge germ-a-phobe and she didn’t want her son “catching” anything, so she sprung the extra $10,000 a year for a private room. Not that Mickey minded.

It was one such evening playing video games when Mickey’s life really turned to shit. He couldn’t help but feel sweaty. He took his hoodie off but it didn’t help. It was the middle of October and he was sweating like it was the fourth of July. He started feeling faint and before he knew it he was panting. Nick started to freak out.

“Dude, are you in heat? Please say you aren’t!” Nick said in a frightened tone.

Mickey thought about it and he wasn’t due for his heat until… oh shit.

“Fuck!” Mickey exclaimed as his heart rate sped up. This wasn’t happening. He prayed to whatever god that would listen to make it stop but naturally it didn’t.

“Dude we have to get you to the nurse!” Nick yelled, totally panicked.

“It’s fine… it’s… fuck,” Mickey could barely speak. He was scared out of his mind. He had never been through a heat without his brother’s help. What was he supposed to do now?

Suddenly the two Omegas heard pounding on the door. They could tell it was Alphas and they could smell Mickey's heat. They were trying to break the damn door down. Nick curled into himself, terrified of what would happen if they broke the door down. The pounding got louder and Nick covered his ears, hiding his face inside his sweater.

“Open the door!” they heard an Alpha yell.

Mickey looked at Nick with murderous eyes.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” he snarled at the young boy.

“Omega I order you to open the door!” another one yelled.

He could see the conflict on Nicks face. His body told him to follow the Alphas orders but his mind saw the scared look on his friends face. He stayed put. That is until a certain voice spoke.

“Nick, open the door,” Ian said calmly.

Nick immediately looked at Mickey with apologetic eyes as he stood up.

“Don’t open it! Nick please!” Mickey begged but it was too late.

Ian walked in slowly, cautiously. Mickey could see a group of hungry Alphas right behind him. He turned away from them. His breathing sped up as he realized what was happening. Ian would probably hand him over on a silver platter so the Alphas could all have their turn with him. The very thought of it made Mickey sick. He really should have been nicer to Ian.

“Nick, wait outside,” Ian commanded and Nick obliged.

Mickey saw Ian lock the door once again. He walked toward Mickey and stopped a few feet away from him. What the hell was he waiting for? Why wasn’t he mounting Mickey like the bitch he was? Mickey was shaking in fear, tears welling up in his eyes.

Ian reached over and brushed his thumb along Mickey’s cheek. Mickey looked into Ian’s eyes and saw that they were still green. How the hell was Ian controlling himself so well?

“Look at me,” he asked softly, holding on to Mickeys face.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he spoke in such a soothing voice that Mickey thought he would melt right in front of him.

Just then another wave of heat hit Mickey, forcing him to grit in pain and he could see in Ian’s face how hard it was for him to not react. He was trying so hard to not scare Mickey.

“Why…. Why are you being so nice to me? Shouldn’t you be trying to fuck me or something?” Mickey asked breathlessly.

Ian smiled. “Believe me, I want to. But I won’t without your permission.”

Well that was new, Mickey thought. Just then another wave hit and then another. Soon Mickey doubled over in pain. He was so wet he could feel the slick running down his thighs. He could hear whimpering on the other side of the door. Then he heard Ian let out a low growl and the whimpering ceased.

“Please,” Mickey begged. “Please make it stop.”

Ian held onto to Mickey’s face and looked him right in the eyes.

“Are you sure?” Ian asked.

Mickey nodded. Ian grabbed Mickey by the arms and stood him up. He began to undress the smaller boy, leaving him in just his boxers. Mickey was shaking partly out of fear and partly due to his heat.

Ian sensed his fear and cupped his face.

“I’m not going to hurt you okay? I’m just gonna make the pain stop. You want that right?” Ian asked.

Mickey whispered, “Yes.”

Ian took off his shirt and jeans before pushing down his boxers revealing a massive dick. Mickey had seen his fair share but Ian’s was impressive by most standards.

Ian gently moved Mickey onto the bed and got him to lie down. Mickey whimpered when Ian got on top of him. He was still scared but the fear was slowly turning into lust. Mickey knew exactly what his body needed and Ian wanted to give it to him. He felt himself relaxing a little. Ian took notice and smirked at him. Ian moved in to kiss Mickey, but he turned his head. Ian grabbed his face and gently turned it back to face him.

“Let me kiss you,” Ian demanded politely.

Mickey found his resolve giving way and when Ian tried to kiss him again, he didn’t move. After a few moments, he started to kiss Ian back. Mickey was never one to kiss. Something about it always seemed so personal. Why would he do it when he knew he would never see the Alpha again?

Kissing Ian however, felt like pure bliss. He found himself kissing back harder, grasping the back of Ian’s head to deepen the kiss. Soon Ian started moving against Mickey, causing him to moan out in pleasure. As good as it felt though, Mickey knew he needed more. Before he could say anything, Ian was already pushing down Mickey’s boxers.

Ian broke from the kiss and began to nip at Mickey’s neck. Suddenly Mickey got scared that Ian would try to mark him or claim him.

“Please don’t mark me,” Mickey said in a panicked voice.

Ian stopped what he was doing and looked at Mickey.

“Okay,” he said softly.

He continued to kiss Mickey’s neck but kept the biting to a minimum. One of Ian’s hands traveled in between Mickey’s legs and circled around his ass. Ian could feel the slick immediately and he let out a groan in appreciation.

“Fuck you smell so good, Mickey,” Ian stated, voice completely wrecked with arousal.

Ian’s fingers made their way into Mickey causing him to arch his body off the bed. His nails scratched desperately at Ian’s back causing him to hiss in pain.

“Fuck Ian… please, just please!” he pleaded. Ian pushed his fingers all the way inside.

Just then Mickey came all over his stomach and chest. It would be the first of many orgasms. Ian captured Mickey’s lips again as he took his fingers out and pushed his dick inside in one go. Mickey cried out in both pain and pleasure as Ian started thrusting faster and faster. Ian’s eyes were fully blown out and black. Ian grabbed on to the head board with his left hand and held on to Mickey’s hip with his right. Normally this type of intensity scared Mickey but for some strange reason he felt like he could trust Ian.

Soon Mickey’s second orgasm hit followed by a third shortly after. He had never come so many times in such a short span. He arched off the bed as Ian continued to pound into him giving his body exactly what it craved. Mickey was desperate. He tried holding on to Ian, the sheets, the pillow, even the curtains at one point. His body was going crazy.

“Fuck! Let me knot you, please let me fucking knot you!” Ian begged, his body glistening with sweat.

Ian took Mickey’s non objection as a yes and began forming his knot. Mickey had to admit he was scared. He had never taken a knot before. He heard it was painful and overwhelming. He could feel Ian’s knot working its way inside of him past his rim. It definitely hurt but Mickey could take it.

He started to feel it expand inside of him and Mickey tried to calm down and breathe deeply but it was no use. It was huge. At the thought of its sheer size inside of him, Mickey began to panic.

“I... I can’t, please Ian!” he panted.

Ian gritted his teeth in pain when Mickey clenched around his dick.

“Yes, yes you can Mickey. Just a little more,” Ian said as he stilled on top of Mickey.

His knot was almost fully expanded and Mickey could see it protruding slightly in his stomach. Man was it big. Finally Ian collapsed on top of Mickey while his dick started pumping cum into the smaller boy. As soon as the knot locked into place, Ian grabbed Mickey and hoisted him up onto his lap, impaling him on Ian’s dick. Mickey was too scared to move as Ian rocked him back and forth. He currently felt very full but also very sated. The knot inside of him felt right, it felt perfect. As he relaxed, the sensation grew and Mickey found himself coming again, this time on Ian’s chest.

Ian smiled down at Mickey, gently caressing his face. Mickey was exhausted. The exertion of taking a knot that size was enough to make him sleepy. He put his head on Ian’s shoulder and before he knew it, he was sound asleep.