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Advent Fic 2015

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The mild weather enticed Severus to offer, "Would you like to take a stroll?"

Harry looked up from his book and then out the dark window.

"It's pretty late!" Harry said.

Severus shrugged. "It is a nice evening, not too cold, and dry," Severus said. "And it will be quiet."

"Oh!" Harry smiled. "I'd love to! Let me get a cloak."

As they went out into the moon lit night, Harry took a deep breath of the crisp air.

"Good idea!"

Severus nodded and held out a hand to Harry. Harry took his hand, entwining their fingers.

They walked close together, Harry enjoying the closeness and the warmth of Severus' hand in his.

They ended up at the park next to the local church. In the daytime, it was often full of shouting children and gossiping mothers. At night, it was calm and quiet, lit by the glow of lights from the church.

The bells called the hour as late comers scurried into the church for the midnight service. The swell of the choir's song drifted into the night.

Severus cast a warming charm on a bench and they sat close together. Severus put an arm around Harry, who leaned into the embrace.

"While we said we would not exchange gifts, I thought perhaps it would be appropriate to give this to you now," Severus murmured. He handed Harry a box wrapped in gold paper.

"Severus!" Harry protested. "You weren't supposed to do that!"

"I know," Severus replied. "But... open it."

Harry turned his head, and leaned in to give what was going to be a quick peck on Severus' cheek. Severus turned to intercept Harry, and turned it into a warm kiss.

"Thank you," Harry said, turning back to the present.
Severus watched as Harry carefully opened the package. He held his breath as Harry opened the box.

"Severus?" Harry breathed the question.

Severus reached into the box and pulled out the ring that sat nestled in velvet.

"Will you marry me?" Severus whispered.

Harry laughed, and threw his arms around Severus and hugged him close.