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Advent Fic 2015

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"Professor! Harry! Welcome!" The restaurant hostess greeted them cheerfully.

"Tonette." Severus nodded his head in return.

"Sorry, but your usual table has been taken over by a group that just came in," she warned them. "But I do have a quieter table in the back."

"That will be adequate," Severus agreed, with a small frown.

She had them settled and the barmaid quickly came over. "If you know what you want, I can get your order in ahead of that group. You won't have to wait as long for your meals."

"I'd like the Shephard's Pie, then," Severus announced. "And a pint."

"A burger and chips," Harry added. "And a pint for me, too."

She scribbled their orders on her pad and nodded. "I'll have your drinks out as soon as I get your orders in."

Harry and Severus watched the group in the other end of the restaurant. They were cheerful and seemed to celebrating something.

"What's going on over there?" Harry asked as the barmaid brought their pints.

"It's a wedding party," she told them. "Couple on the end just got married."

Severus watched an odd emotion flash across Harry's face but it was gone in a moment.