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Advent Fic 2015

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Harry picked up a pear from the tray.

"Thank you for not getting fruitcake," Harry said, sitting back before taking a bite of the pear. "It was one of the few things Dudley wouldn't eat. So I was generously allowed to eat all I could stomach." Harry took another bite of the pear. "Most of it was pretty bad. But it was filling."

"It can be... interesting," Severus agreed, holding Harry close, as if he could take those memories away. "Although I will admit Molly makes an edible fruitcake."

Harry laughed. "I think there's more firewhiskey than anything in Molly's fruitcake. I'm surprised it doesn't come in a bottle."

"I suspect you are right," Severus smirked.

Harry finished the pear and set the core on the tray. "This is nice. I like when we can snuggle together."

Severus wrapped the blanket around them both, keeping Harry close.