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Advent Fic 2015

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Severus guided Harry to their favorite room -- the den with a small fireplace. Severus settled Harry into the couch and pulled out a blanket from the basket next to the couch.

"Comfortable?" Severus asked as Harry wrapped the blanket around himself.

"Join me?" Harry begged.

"In a moment," Severus said. "I have a couple of tasks that need minor attention before I can sit down."

"Okay, but don't take too long," Harry smiled.

"Ten minutes," Severus promised.

"I'll keep track!" Harry replied.

Severus went to the kitchen and started some water heating. He reached high into the cupboard for a paper bag he kept there. He knew Harry knew he kept his 'stash' up there, but Harry humored him.

Severus set up tea service, placing some fruit and the treats on a tray.

"Peppermint toads!" Harry grinned when he saw the tray.

"I know your sweet tooth," Severus said.

"Join me," Harry lifted a corner of his blanket.