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Advent Fic 2015

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"Let's go somewhere," Harry said as they ate a late dinner.

"Pardon?" Severus looked up in surprise.

"Away. Somewhere that's not here," Harry said.

"Harry!" Severus put down his fork. "What's wrong?"

Harry sighed. "Nothing special." He poked at his dinned and put his own fork down. "Just, well, I was in Professor Hardy's office and the sun was setting... It was beautiful and, well, you weren't there."

"You're so close to finishing the term," Severus protested. "And the holidays are just after the end of the term. Where would we go?"

"That's just it, I don't know... and I really don't care," Harry answered. "I just wanted to sit with you in the sunshine and not have to hare off to class or meetings or... whatever."

Severus considered. "Let me see what I can do."