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Visenya Stark Targaryen Borgia

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I do not own game of thrones or Borgia faith and Fear I do own Visenya well my OC Visenya not the song of ice and fire one that belongs George R.R.Martin

Visenya POV

I was currently with the brotherhood without banners they brought me back to life i died along with my uncle Robb or should I say cousin Robb and his pregnant wife Talisa who was one of the most loveliest kindest woman who I have ever met.

Robb was king of the north until the Boltens and Freys betrayed us. Berric Dondarion the leader of the brotherhood gave his life to bring me back I will remember that. When I was brought back I got a vision of my mother and Uncle Jon being born they were the children of Lyanna stark and Rhaegar Targaryen they had a secret wedding and then left Lyanna in the tower of Joy to go fight Robert Baratheon who then killed him and then Lyanna died in childbirth.

So now I have the blood of Targaryens I guess that must explain my one purple eye. I never knew my mother she died in childbirth I didn't know my father either but I knew his name Cesare Borgia the only thing I have of my parents is a locket that belonged to my Mother and a ring that belonged to my father that is suppose to symbolise great power. I have golden silver hair one purple and one green eye and a sliced throat which I hide using a ribbon. I also have magic i can see the future and other peoples secrets in the fire I also can't age but i don't know if i can die. I am also a bit vengeful a bit angry and very crazy like a dragon it's a side effect from coming back to life.

I was in a forest somewhere near Riverrun but now I don't know where I am. I start to walk forward but then I see someone with a baby in there hands he wearing a red cap and red clothes he's putting the baby on the edge of a cliff and walking away. He just left a baby with a blanket just a blanket and walked away. I feel like i'm not in Westeros anymore so in this world do they do baby sacrifices or something or is that how they raise children. If thats how they raise children well done thats certainly how you do it. Note the sarcasm. I follow that person down a hill he was with someone else who wore the same clothes as him. Then someone riding horse came and stopped and looked up to the men. "The bells ring Borgia" he said Borgia as in Borgia as in my fathers family. "Borgia!" Yelled the man who just put a baby on a cliff. So i am in a place where half of my family live who I have never met and who they haven't met this is going well. This is also very strange very strange indeed.