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Angles and Positions

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Tip o' the glass and a Happy Friday to anyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas, and a tip o' the glass and a Merry Christmas to those who do! Thanks to every person who has been so kind during this series! As promised, a bit of a longer one shot here to end it, 1500+ words! This one is dedicated to one of my betas, laurensolo, who asked so very nicely for some Christmas pool smut with for Jack. Happy to oblige! :)



When she stopped right in front of him and he nearly ran into her back, he blinked. Then Jack eyed the pool to their right… and then her. Then the pool again. “Phryne.”

“Yes, Jack?” she replied, a teasing note to his voice.

He shook his head, but he was already loosening his tie and going to work on his shirt. “I should have known you’d have an ulterior motive, sneaking me out here…for a midnight stroll, you said,” he smiled.

She merely shrugged a shoulder and unzipped her skirt. “You like my ulterior motives,” she smiled and faced him as she went to work on her blouse.

“Most of the time,” he conceded, tossing his shirt and waistcoat toward a nearby deck chair.

“And it is Christmas,” she added, something she’d been saying all day whenever she wanted him to do something for her.

He had no rebuttal for that, so he just kept undressing, surprising her when he even removed his undershorts. He stood in front of her, the moon making his skin gleam like marble. He eyed her progress, watching as she stripped her stockings and underwear, leaving her in just a small pale blue camisole. “Leave this on,” he murmured, fingering the material.

Her fingers twitched against the hem of the garment. She enjoyed defying him, but she liked his naughtiness more, and so tonight she would indulge him. “Very well,” she nodded, motioning toward the pool.

He entered first and hissed at the temperature of the water, but when he stretched out a hand toward her, she took it and joined him. The water was cool against her heated skin, and the anticipation between them swirled like the small waves their bodies made.

His smile grew, and she saw he was having fun, as she’d known he would. Using the buoyancy of the water, she tangled her legs with his, humming her approval and resting her hands on his shoulders when his hands tightened around her hips. “This will work, hmmm?” he asked.

“Ah,” she grinned, wrapping one leg around his hips. “So you’ve deduced my ultimate ulterior motive.” She kissed him and twined her arms around his neck. “And yes it will work. Trust me.”

His brow furrowed in the way it did sometimes, and she knew it meant he was slightly annoyed at wondering just how exactly she knew it would work (and how many times she’d done it). But he never verbalized it, just processed it, and she was grateful. It wasn’t her fault she had experience. It also wasn’t his fault he was so naturally inclined to sort through puzzles and analyze evidence, and she didn’t blame him.

Instead she kissed him, lightly at first, just small brushes of her lips against his. Sweet, affectionate, lovely. His hands cupped her bottom and the feel of their heat contrasting with the cooler water made her gasp. Her nipples tightened against the wet silk of her camisole, fully visible to him.

Jack’s jaw twitched and his eyes darkened as he lifted her enough to study her at eye level. He kept his hands in place and used his nose and lips to trace the material, making her shift and moan in his arms.

“Oh, Jack, mmmmmmmmmmm” she trailed off with a soft whimper when he added his tongue.

The pale wet fabric was completely transparent now, and he rubbed the flat of his tongue against every inch of her breasts, scraping his teeth against her hard nipples until she fisted a hand in his hair and started writhing against him. His cock was hard between her thighs, and instinctively, he moved them until her back was flush against the pool wall.

Phryne gasped at the feel of the scratchy ornate cement against her back. She shivered at the contrast of the pool wall behind her and the warmth of Jack pressed in front of her. His hot skin was like a brand, from his mouth against hers, to his legs tangled with hers.

“I want you naked,” he murmured. “Now,” he added, already fisting at the fabric of her camisole. She helped him, and when it stuck to her skin as they pulled, one strap ripped away from her shoulder.

“Ripping the wrapping off your gift, are you Jack?” she teased, and he grunted in the affirmative, but also smiled as he buried his face against her neck and traced his lips down over her bare collarbone and the tops of her breasts.

The torn fabric floated away, and he lifted her higher to suck her bare nipples. “I’ll get you a new one,” he promised before sucking her harder.

Phryne tilted her back, pushing her flesh deeper into his mouth. “Your mouth on me is worth a thousand ripped garments, Jack,” she breathed, gently scraping her fingernails over his broad, wet shoulders.

He smiled against her skin and then lowered her back down until their eyes were level and her legs wrapped around his hips. “Is that your way of telling me I can’t afford it?”

She laughed her answer, and he grinned.

“Merry Christmas to me, then,” he kissed her between each word, skimming a hand between their bodies until he was lined up to her opening. His head fell back as she wrapped around him like a vine and sank down onto him. She was weightless in the water, and he balanced them both as she used her thighs and arms to lift up and down, corkscrewing on him until his eyes glazed over and seductive curse words and pleas fell from his lips.

Phryne squeezed him with her internal muscles, and he gasped, wrapping his arms tighter around her. “Phryne, darling, oh God,” he panted.

“Jack,” she soothed, running her hands over his hair, his chest and shoulders. “You feel so good inside me. Touch me,” she urged, gripping harder at his back. “I can hold on,” she promised.

Jack paused and then widened his stance, groaning when it sent him another inch deeper into her. He cupped one of her breasts in his hand, molding his palm to the slick skin. With his other hand, he gripped her inner thigh, keeping her steady and stretching his thumb to brush against her clit. The water matted the hair between her legs, giving him easy access to the hard nub, extended and tight. He had an urge to sink into the water and cover her with his mouth, lick and suck at her clit until a lack of oxygen prevented him from continuing. He settled for kissing her mouth, matching the strokes of his thumb with his tongue against her own.

“Yes,” she mouthed against his lips. “Oh Jack, yes.”

He murmured his agreement and picked up the speed, the feel of her scrambling his mind. “I’m…” he gasped. “I’m coming.” He buried his face in the join of her neck and shoulder, scraping his teeth against her skin.

“Yes!” she arched her neck. “Yesyesyesyes,” she chanted as she came with him. She squeezed him and felt him pulse inside her, a deep slide into pleasure that seemed to last forever and then left her lethargic in his arms.

The pool water rippled around them, soaking them like a warm soothing bath. They kissed each other lightly, sinking deeper into the water until it lapped against their chins and earlobes. Then Phryne started laughing, and Jack couldn’t help but join her. He wrapped his arms around her and then with a playful shout, tossed her into the air. She screamed and landed back in the pool with a splash, coming up sputtering and threatening revenge. Jack made a run for it…or a swim that is, racing her toward the ladder. But he didn’t try too hard, allowing her to quickly catch up. She latched onto his back, forcing him to carry her the rest of the way through the pool and up the ladder steps. He did so gladly, not pausing until they were out of the pool and back at their clothes.

He stared at his, loath to put them back on over his wet skin. “What are the odds we could sneak in the house and no one would notice?”

Phryne moved to her feet and looped her arm in his. “Not good. But, I planned for that.”

His eyebrow rose. “Is that so?”

She hummed a yes and led him toward the pool house where, sure enough, two plush robes were hanging on hooks.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” he breathed. “You really did plan this.”

Phryne laughed, sliding into his arms. “Merry Christmas, Jack.”

He pressed a quick kiss against her lips. “Merry Christmas, Phryne.” He rested his palms on the small of her back and kissed her again. “One question though…”

“Hmmmm?” she replied, nuzzling his lips with hers.

“Does this poolhouse have a lock?”

She leaned back and met his teasing eyes. “Why, Jack Robinson…you’re naughty yet!”

He laughed and watched as she went to the door and fastened the lock and latch. When she returned, he led her over to a nice bench, sitting on it and pulling her to straddle him. “What can I say? I learned from the best.”

She smiled, and then he smiled, and they were too busy loving to do much smiling.

And it was at least an hour before they even made use of the robes. And another hour before they made it back in the house.


Setting: Aunt Prudence’s pool
• Jack: Standing in the pool
• Phryne: Wrapped around him