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Pizza Joint

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“I want pizza.”

“That's nice,” Nico said, not really taking his attention off his bow. Will had been teaching him how to shoot an arrow lately and Nico had really taken to it.

“We should go get pizza.”

“Okay.” The son of Hades aimed. “Wait, what?” His arrow flew, landing nowhere near the mark.

“You can shadow-travel.”

“And you have doctorly duties at camp.”

“No one is getting hurt in the next two hours. If they do, they can deal.”

Nico paused. “Only if you pay.”

Will smirked. “What, like a date?” he teased.

The younger demigod choked. “No, like - like I'm broke. Which I am. Let's go.” He held out his arm. Will grabbed on.

And with that it was decided.

In a flurry of shadows, they were gone.

The sun god’s son looked around. He had shadow-travelled with Nico before, but Nico could see it still caught him off guard. It could best be described as the feeling of hurtling through a huge flock of ravens. Also the ravens are trying to kill you with their wings and you have to fight them while also moving towards your destination. It was rough.

After a few seconds that felt like minutes, they had arrived.



“I gotta be honest, I was sort of expecting an actual pizza joint.”

“Well, sorry, but I'm sort of shadow-travelled out for a while. This pizza is great, anyways.”

“But this is… “

“It's great. Plus, I know how to haggle.” Nico strode up to the cart.

“If you say so.”

Nico looked up lovingly at the overpriced pizza stand on the street. “I practically lived off these when I lived here.”

“Yeah, another question: where are we?”

Nico turned Will around and pointed.

Will’s jaw dropped. “Is that the literal White House?”

“Yes. I know, it's smaller than you imagined.”

The older demigod’s brows furrowed. “How did you know I was going to say that?”

“Because that's what I always thought. Anyways, there's always good pizza carts near the White House for some reason.”

Will stood, starstruck at the massive buildings all around him. What an idiot. Nico cleared his throat. “May I remind the ever-important son of Apollo that he was the one who requested pizza and a way out of camp, meaning he should order before all the tourists get it.”

The starry look in Will’s eyes went away, only to return when he glanced at Nico.

“What? Do I have something in my teeth?” Nico asked, a hand flying to his mouth.

“No. It's nothing,” Will said, the odd look in his eyes gone. He turned to the pizza cart. “Alright, Nico. I’m usually a cheese pizza kinda guy, but do you have any recommendations?”

“All they have is cheese and pepperoni, but if you pay an extra fifty cents he'll cover the entire thing with two layers of mushrooms.”

“Um. Okay. That’s weird.” Will dug out his wallet from his overcrowded pockets and checked the price on the cart’s board. “Eight dollars for two slices of pizza? I can get an entire Little Caesars and breadsticks for that much!”

“Relax, suburbia boy. You just have to haggle until it's two bucks each.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“Hand me four dollars.” Nico pushed up his sleeves in mock toughness.

Will obliged.

Will stood back. After a ten-minute negotiation and a lot of yelling in Italian, Nico returned with two slices of pizza and a smug smile. He handed one to Will and immediately dug into his own. “Thanks,” Nico said with his mouth full of pizza.

“For what?”

“You paid.”

“Right. Do you want to sit?” Will offered, motioning to the benches facing the White House.

They sat. Not too close, not too far apart, just enough so that no one felt awkward. It was a little pathetic.

“Isn't it just amazing? Do you think the president is in there right now?” Will marveled.

“I thought you didn't believe in our system of government.”

“Yeah, but it's still pretty cool. Wouldn't it be cool to be the president’s kid?”

“Will, we are literally the children of Olympian gods. I think that wins.”

“Oh, yeah.” He held up his slice. “This pizza is good.”

“See? I would never lead you astray.”

Will looked at Nico funny.

“I mean with pizza. I am a pizza expert,” the son of Hades covered.

Will nodded. “Thanks for bringing me here, Nico.”

“What? I mean, thanks, but-”

“This is way better than Dominos.”

“I agree.”

“Would it - I - could you bring me back here sometime? I could pay again. Maybe see some historical sights. The museums.” Will was shrinking in on himself.

Nico noticed this was going suspiciously far into date territory.

Which is exactly why he said yes and took his final bite of Washington D.C. pizza.