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Catch and Release

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“Excuse me,” Isaac says. His mouth is wide open and his heart is beating fast. His ears are flushed red, his body in a shiver, and his stomach doing back flips and somersaults. His head was a bit foggy from his last job and he wasn’t really sure that he heard everything right. “Can you please repeat that? I think I had something in my ears.” Erica rolled her eyes and he heard Peter snort.

“She said that you were going to be doing a long term gig,” Peter repeats. He was holding Isaac’s advance check, but refused to give it to him until he agreed. The kid was now a man. Peter had discovered him one night, bruised and broken. He was hiding in an alley from his fuming, controlling father and he was hoping that if his dad didn't kill him, let hypothermia get to his ass first. Peter just happened to come from a long night of work and took him in. It’s been over four years and Isaac was now working with him, Stiles Stilinski, Erica Reyes, Jackson Whittemore, and Allison Argent.  Danny and Boyd were the protector and the counselor to any subs at the agency that felt wrong or insecure. You could talk to him about anything. They were the sole Dom at the agency and he refused to use his status to control or manipulate them. They are like family and he will protect them until his final breath.

He worked in the sub agency called Sweet Submission. It’s not as sleazy as the name applies. It was actually classy and really professional. It was an escort-like club Doms could come to and look at the subs they had to offer. Usually it was old, gross men or experimenting teenagers. So, Isaac didn’t know what to expect.

“Why can’t you get Stiles or Allison on this one? Why does it have to be me?”

“Well, because they both already have long term contracts that aren’t even close to being done. Stiles has Derek and Allison is involved with Lydia. You are the only one that doesn’t have a current contract. Besides, the guy asked for you personally,” Erica smirks. That made Isaac swallow hard around the lump in his throat.

“Who is this guy and what does he want with me?” Isaac asks taking in a deep breath and letting it go hesitantly.

“He’s Melissa McCall’s boy, Scott. He just turned eighteen and he’s been officially registered as a Dom. He needs a sub to try and experiment with,” Peter answer. Ah, the McCalls. That family was high powered, even though the head of the household was the sub Melissa. Her Dom, Scott’s father Jack, was abusive and ran out on them when Scott was small. He did it out of spite, yelling and screaming that Melissa wasn’t worth shit. He said without a Dom, she would be treated like a bitch in heat and she would amount to nothing. But by the words that Times magazine published last week, he was full of shit. She made more than the average Dom and his words were just piss and vinegar. No venom to back them up.

“I taught you myself and I know you are the more experienced of the others. If you need to talk to anyone, see Boyd this tomorrow morning after breakfast or lunch,” Peter added. “I have your advance check here. He says that you can only get it if you agree. If you don’t feel comfortable, Scott says he understands.”

After a moment of contemplation, Isaac finally convinced himself that he could do this. Besides, at the very most, he would be there for no more than six months. And if was really just experimentation, maybe just four months.

“Alright, I’ll do it. You call him and tell him that I’m in. Tell him I also have ground rules too,” Isaac tells Erica. He snatches the check from Peter’s hand and looked dead at Erica, who was smirking.

“Damn, if you didn’t have the documentation, I would think you’d be a Dom,” she chuckles, turning back to the phone when she hears a sweet, but firm voice answer the phone. She was nodding and speaking firmly. Her voice showed no submission and that was normal for this service. Doms understood that they had a business to run and that there was no room for error.

“Alright, see you then. Thank you, Mrs. McCall,” Erica says sweetly before hanging up. “They’ll pick you up in two days. You will be sleeping there and not going back and forth. So, start packing your bags and remember to check in with the others and talk to Boyd. You have one hell of a time ahead of you, Babydoll.”

“Okay, night then. I’ll see you in the morning. And say goodnight to Chris for me, Peter.” Isaac calls, jogging up the stairs to his room in the agency’s dormitory.

“Nighty-night, baby boy. Can do.”


Isaac woke up a little earlier than he is used to. It’s just nerves, he says. His skin is clammy and his body is shivering with anticipation. He was always involved in short term and one night-type subbing. He has never been collared by a Dom and he needs to keep that way.  He’s seen it first hand: When they collar their subs, Doms prefer to keep them to themselves. Adding another Dom isn’t pretty. Now, multiply that by at least 13 clients (on one night standards) on average and you have a hell of a problem. So, Isaac Lahey isn’t collared. And as far as things go, he will be that way for a while.

He believed this even though he has been proven wrong. Jackson was collared by Danny and he’s still working at the agency. He just had ground rules for them too. Nothing that will leave marks, nothing long term, and no spanking. Despite this, his work isn’t really slim. He gets a lot of Doms and pleases every one of them, before he comes back home Danny and gets reminded in the best way possible that he’s Danny’s.

But still, Isaac didn’t want to take this chance.

“Hey, pup. What’s the matter?” Boyd asks, looking up from his computer. It was after lunch and everyone went back to work. Allison and Stiles visited and then went back with Derek and Lydia. They chatted with Boyd and then made their way home with their smiling, respective sub. He was typing up the profits of the business and he was making sure that all the appointments and contracts were documented properly. He was good with that stuff. Why he’s just working at a sub agency, they will never know. He has more potential and when asked, he would just smile and say, “I can never go out there. I belong here,” and they leave it at that.

“It’s a new contract. I’m leaving tomorrow,” he says, scratching his blonde, curly locks. He was shuffling from his left foot to his right.

“I heard. With Scott McCall, am I right?”

"Yeah, you are,” Isaac responds.

“Then what’s eating you, cub? Why are you fidgeting and jittery?” Boyd asks, concern written on his face. Isaac was the baby of all of them, even though he had been working there longer than them. He was more innocent (as close as you can possibly get in their world) and he was the most liked of their clients. Everyone was protective of him because of his background. You hurt him; you’ve got a problem with them.

“I’ve just never had a long term contract since Matt,” he finishes. Matt was good lover and he treated everyone right. Well, up until his accident. Matt was at a party with Isaac when one of the stronger Doms pushed him and nearly let him drown. When someone pulled him out, it was as if he was changed. When they got back to his place, he refused to look Isaac in the eye.

Then their routine became violent. Matt started forcing himself on Isaac and punishing him for the smallest things. Boyd noticed that when he came to visit, Isaac didn’t sit with the others to eat. He’d just stand by the door, shoveling his food into his mouth and hoping that Boyd and Matt would speed up their little conversation.

When he came by one day to get the last of his stuff for when Matt wanted to renew their contract, Boyd saw the scares that lined his lower back and his butt. He told Peter and Erica before he went after the little bastard. The rest Isaac isn’t really comfortable with saying so he lets it be. In short, he hasn’t done a long term contract in over three years and this was only his second time.

“Puppy, you will do fine. Melissa is a good woman and will keep Scott in check if he gets out of line. She’s protective of subs, especially since she went through what you did. You have nothing to worry about. Now, you better go take a nap before dinner. Are you already packed?” Isaac nodded.

“Good. Go to sleep. I’ll tell Peter that you’re all packed up.”

“Thanks, Boyd. Thank you very much.”

“It’s alright, pup. Just get some rest.”


“Scott, are you ready?” Melissa calls up from down the hallway. They were going to pick up Isaac today and Scott has been upstairs all morning. Possibly cooking in his own juices. Ugh, just the thought made Melissa want to cringe and take another shower. “Come on, Scott! We’re going to be late!” she yells again.              

“I’ll be out in a minute. Just give me some time to think,” Scott calls back, pacing a trench in his bedroom floor. He was walking back and forth in the front of his bed and he was jittery.

You can do this. You can be better than Jack, he internally tells himself. He’s shaking everything out and ironing out his attitude. He wanted to be the perfect Dom. Much better than his fath – Jack would ever be.

“Okay. I’m ready!” Scott shouts, hustling out of his room and grabbing his jacket of the coat rack. He was out the door before Melissa could say anything.

In the car, Melissa told Scott everything that Erica relayed.

“Your sub is Isaac Lahey. He seems like a sweet boy but he’s had quite the past. He was abused, so he has some issues with trust. Here’s what he says that he draw the line. First, nothing that leaves a mark. You aren’t collaring him, so don’t leave any marks to go with the others. Second, he’s fine with spanking. If you need to punish him, don’t beat him. Just spank him or deny release. Either way works for him and that’s really all that Mrs. Reyes told me. He might tell you more when we get him,” Melissa tells her son.

“Now, here’s my advice. Let him choose the safe word. When he says it, you stop and you stop right then. After that, if he needs to calm down, talk him through it. After that, sit down and talk about what went wrong,” Melissa supplies. “Another thing, there are two types of spanking. One for pleasure and one for punishment. I don’t need to say more than that. You’ll know when you use one and when to use the other. Got it?”

“I got it, Mom,”

“Oh, and son?”

“Yeah, mom?” Scott acknowledges his mom.

“Just make him feel loved. That’s all a sub could really ask for. They trust you enough to tell you what’s wrong, then you trust them to always tell you.”

“Okay, mom. Thanks,” Scott says, as they pull up in front of the agency’s building.

“No problem, baby. Here we are. Let’s go see your boy,” she says, before getting out of the car.


“Hello, Mrs. McCall,” Peter greeted the single mother once she stepped into the lobby. He tilted his head towards Erica, signaling her to go get Isaac from upstairs. He should have been out of the shower by then. He turned to Scott and held out his hand. He lowered his head slightly, showing his submission towards the teenager.  “Hello, Mr. McCall. It’s a pleasure.”

“The pleasure is mine Mr. Hale,” Scott replies, taking the hand into a firm grasp and giving it a strong shake. He smiled fondly at Peter and then his eyes were pulled away by a beautiful sight.

On the steps, Erica was leading Isaac with his two suitcases. Boyd was right behind him, making sure that he’d like Scott. His head was lowered and he was showing his submission to his new Dom.

Well, that’s not totally a lie. He was showing submission, but he just didn’t want Scott to look him in the eye. Most of the Doms he had been involved with could read their subs like a book. They could tell what their damage was and what they secretly liked, even though they would lie to their faces about it. Which was never a good thing to do, but it happened.

“Hi. I’m Isaac,” the curly-haired man muttered. He was mumbling and he wasn’t sure that he wanted to look Scott in the eye just yet. The teen noticed that and he stepped forward and framed Isaac’s face with his hands. When he had gained his full attention, he smiled and introduced himself.

“Hello. I’m Scott,” he smiled, nearly chuckling at the blush that formed on his subs face.

His sub. That felt good to say. He was now ready to take care of his and Isaac’s needs. Like he said, he wanted to be a good Dom and he wanted Isaac to be a good sub. They might not be perfect, but they can figure all that out later, at home.

“Is there anything you need to know before we let you go?” Erica asks Mrs. McCall. Melissa looked to her son, who was still captivated by Isaac. She just smiled fondly and shook her head.

“Great, I just need you two to sign this contract and we’ll let you be on your way,” Peter smiles and Melissa pulled her son away from his submissive for a moment to sign the document. He whimpered slightly but let his mother drag him to Peter’s office.

Once they were out of sight and ear shot, Isaac looks nervous.

“Alright, I’m losing my mind,” he screeches, burying his face into the front of Boyd’s shirt. He was whimpering and his stance was faltering. He stood perfectly for his new Dom and now he was chickening out. Boyd had him wrapped up in his arms and he was rocking him back and forth.

“Don’t worry, pup. I talked with Melissa beforehand and she has promised to keep you safe,” Erica coos.

“That’s just it. She’s not my Dom. She is not the one that’s supposed to keep me safe and care for me. Scott is my Dom and if he needs his mom to help him with his sub, I don’t see how I can trust him,” Isaac grits out when he breaks away from Boyd’s embrace.

“He’s just been registered. You’re his first sub,” Boyd tells him. “Yes, he needs to go with his instinct, but he also needs some guidance. Isaac, he’s only eighteen. You’re twenty-six. You have experience and he doesn’t. You need to teach each other, okay?”

“Alright,” Isaac mumbles.

“Alright, here they come,“ Erica warns them. Peter, Melissa, and Scott re-entered the room and Scot grabbed one of Isaac’s suitcases and he smiled at Erica and Boyd. Their faces were split with wide smiles. Scott nodded and Isaac followed behind to go out to the care. He stopped and kissed both Erica and Boyd on the cheek before he turned back to followed Scott. Peter then caught the boy in a hug and held him close.

“You take care now. I loved you, cub,” he whispers into his curls, nearly on the verge of tears.

“Love you too, Peter. You take care of yourself. And tell Chris I love him,” Isaac whispers, tears building in his eyes.

“Can do, baby boy. Can do.” Peter finally let him go and sent him on his way.

Out in the car, Scott waited patiently for his sub to join him in the backseat. When Isaac slid in beside him, Scott immediately had his fingers intertwined with Isaac’s.

“I know you’re sad about leaving everyone. But I’ll bring you to see them every twice a month, so you can catch up,” he wiped a tear from Isaac’s face and kissed him softly on the lips. “I’ll take care of you, Isaac. You have nothing to worry about,” he reassures, before kissing him on his temple. Isaac let him and melted into the seat.