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The Secret Rune

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James Potter hated hospitals. Like, really hated them. If he had it his way, he would never even step foot into one. Naturally, being an Auror, he often got injured, and in those cases his friends had to drag him to one, if not knock him unconscious to do so. Unfortunately, being in the hospital was something that couldn't be avoided today.

His amazing, beautiful, perfect wife was in labour. He was about to become a father, and that made him nervous. So nervous in fact, that he had been kicked out of Lily's room for it, because he had been irritating her. Remus had gone in instead, being much more level-headed, and much less likely to want to make Lily murder him.

"Stop pacing, Prongs. You're driving me insane."

James did an about turn, and faced his closest friend. "I can't help it, Padfoot! What if something goes wrong?" His concern was evident on his flushed face.

"Then go check."

"She'll yell at me again!"

Sirius Black smirked from where he was seated, elbows braced on his knees, hair falling around his face. "As if that's her fault."

The former of the two opened his mouth to retort, but was prevented from saying anything when Remus all but barrelled out of the room, looking more than a little thrilled.



The two jumped to their feet faster than what seemed possible, speaking over one another loudly.

"What is-"

"Is Lily oka-"

"Is it a bo-"

"A gir-"

"Quiet! Both of you!" the werewolf chastised immediately, even as the other two tried to speak again. "Lily is exhausted, but fine, and the children are perfectly healthy."

James and Sirius froze, then managed to exchange a shocked glance, before suddenly grabbing Remus by the collar, and shouting-


The sandy haired lycanthrope winced, momentarily cursing his sensitive ears, before extracting himself from the grips of his friends. "Yes, children," he stated, excitement building once again. "Lily had twins. Girls."

All three were quick to head inside, finding Lily reclining on the bed, looking pale, but content. She held both girls, one in each arm, and James approached rather cautiously, eyes on his children, his daughters.


The woman looked up at them and smiled, beckoning her husband closer. "Hullo, James."

He sat down on the edge of the bed, and leaned forward to kiss his wife, before peering down at the girls. "They're beautiful."

That had Lily smiling again, softer this time, looking down at her little girls herself. "I wasn't planning on twins, but I'm so happy."

"Yeah, me too."

Normally, Sirius would have mock gagged at such an emotion filled moment, but not today. He stood next to Remus, beaming happily, as if he was the father of the kids. Hell, he may as well have been. He was going to spoil them like crazy!

"What will you be naming them?" inquired Remus curiously. "You never said."

The couple traded a long look. They had decided on a couple of names for both genders, in case their first choice didn't fit the face. But it seemed they were going to be using both girl names they had chosen.

James, very carefully, picked up one of the infants. Her hair was as dark as his, her eyes an exact replica of her mother's.

"She was born first," his wife told him.

The young Auror nodded, then looked back up. "Rose," he stated, choosing the first of the names. "Rose Lily Potter."

Again, Lily smiled. She gazed down at the child in her own arms. "Violet Alice Potter."

Sirius blinked. "Alice?" he repeated in confusion, making Remus sigh in exasperation.

But the redhead, in a very good mood for obvious reasons, merely released a light laugh. "Alice Longbottom, remember? She's one of my dearest friends, and agreed to be their godmother."

"Oh." Sirius rubbed the back of his neck, looking sheepish. He cleared his throat. "Wasn't she about to have her kid too?"

Lily nodded. "It happened yesterday. They had a boy; Neville Frank Longbottom. I'm his godmother."

"That's great!" exclaimed Sirius, appearing genuinely pleased.

"Speaking of godparents," said James suddenly, drawing everyone's attention. He and Lily traded a nod, before he focused on Sirius. "Padfoot, will you do us the honour of becoming Rose's godfather?"

While the canine Animagus stood there looking dumbfounded, Lily addressed Remus. "And will you do us the honour of becoming Violet's godfather, Moony?"

The werewolf froze in place, caught off-guard by the sudden request. Most would never ask a lycanthrope to do something like this. And he was about to respond, when Sirius let out a loud, and very happy whoop, all but bouncing where he stood.

Both men accepted their new positions before anyone could say anything further, taking their respective goddaughter into their arms. Sirius grinned down at Rose, and Remus smiled at Violet.

The lycanthrope could immediately see that the only difference the girl's seem to have, were their eyes. Both were green like their mother's, but Violet's seemed...brighter. It was so difficult to explain, but they seemed to glow, strangely enough, like the feared Killing Curse itself...

Fifteen Months Later
James and Lily adored their children, and everyone else did too. Who wouldn't? Rose and Violet were both just so sweet! Even Lily's stuffy older sister Petunia had been taken with them.

Of course, things with Petunia hadn't always been easy, but the sisters had finally made up, and now both of them were aunts, because Lily's sister had a son, Dudley. He hadn't had the chance to meet his cousins just yet. Maybe one day.

Sirius and Remus, the twins' godfathers were around as often as they could, wanting to spend as much time with their little goddaughters as possible. They absolutely doted on the two, likely because they would never have their own children. Not unless they adopted, of course.

Despite being twins however, Rose and Violet were actually quite different. Lily had heard stories about twins being inseparable, and had even seen that in the example of little three year olds Fred and George Weasley. The two of them never went anywhere without one another, always climbing into each other's beds and sleeping cuddled up together, and never failing to drive their mother insane. But Lily's twins weren't like that at all.

Rose was the more excitable one of the two. She liked to be the centre of attention, drawing it to her if it wasn't already on her. She was always running around the house, filling whatever room she was in with laughter. But she was also very fussy when it came to something she didn't like, and cried as much as she laughed. Rose loved James and Sirius the most, the two of them always making her so very happy with their loud, fun pranks.

Violet was the complete opposite. She was very quiet, never seeming to draw attention to herself, and always trying to escape the room when it did. She never really wandered the house, not unless she was bored or looking for something specific, and was almost oddly quiet. It was rare for her to cry, but hearing her bright laughter was considered a treat. She wasn't at all fussy, generally doing things either without being told, or the first time asked. Violet got along best with Lily and Remus, seemingly at peace with their calm attitudes and softer voices...

It was Halloween and James and Lily were exhausted, the former more so than the latter. The twins had been a bit of a handful today, which was normal for Rose, but very strange with Violet. Darkness had fallen, and both of them sat, merely relaxing and speaking quietly.

"Violet was acting strangely today, wasn't she?" voiced James, making a statement more than a question.

But Lily agreed with him anyway. "She was, yes. She's normally not so...fussy and, even when she is, she's never very vocal about it." She frowned. She had been getting an ominous feeling nearly all day. Maybe Violet had been picking up on that? It certainly wouldn't have been the first time. The younger twin often picked her sister's emotions up as well, though perhaps that was merely because they had such a deep connection.

"Have you heard from Sirius?" asked Lily after a moment.

"Hm? Yeah, he'll be checking in on Wormtail in a couple of days, see how he's doing."

"And Remus?"

"Full moon recovery*."

The woman sighed. She loved Moony dearly, and wished he hadn't needed to deal with this. He was such a good man, and simply adored Violet more than anything. Why he was trapped with such a life was beyond her. She could still remember how shocked she had been when she'd first found out he was a werewolf, and how his three friends had become Animagi just to spend full moons with him. It made her wish she could do the same.

Peace in the Potter household came to an abrupt end when the front door suddenly flew open, a dark cloaked figure walking in, wand in hand. The young couple jumped to their feet, the man doing so faster than the woman, his Auror instincts kicking in immediately.

"Lily, get to the kids! It's him! Run! I'll hold him off!" And he turned on the Dark Lord, determined to protect his wife and daughters-his family. He didn't even register the flash of green light until it was too late.

Meanwhile, Lily had attempted to barricade the door, grabbing Rose and setting her down in Violet's cot, wanting to keep them together. Her blockade did nothing, the door bursting open, the figure all but gliding into the room, cackling.

That didn't deter the red haired woman though. She stood before the cot, arms spread in front of her children. "Not them, not them, please not them!" Was it even worth pleading with the Dark Lord Voldemort? Lily didn't know, but she would do anything to protect her little girls, her babies.

"Stand aside you silly girl, stand aside now."

Somewhere deep in the back of her mind, Lily was shocked by the words. Did he not plan to kill her? Was he really so desperate to end the young lives of her daughters? She refused to move aside though. She would never, never do something like that. Never. "Not, Rose, not Violet! Please, no, take me! Kill me instead..." And she would gladly die to protect her children. "Please, have mercy..." Did Lord Voldemort even know what mercy was?

Evidently not, for he laughed as he fired the deadly curse, and she screamed as her life ended, her daughters' faces the last thing she saw...

It was nearly finished. Voldemort turned his attention to the cot. Both children had been placed within, and one of them was crying loudly, the sound grating on his nerves as he recalled the orphanage, which did nothing to appease him. The other child however, merely gazed up at him, curiosity shining in her bright, green eyes. Eyes the matched the colour of the spell he had just used to end her parents' lives, the spell he would use to end her twin's life. The spell he would use to end her life.

But it was unfortunate. This one, the quiet one, had an intelligence shining in her eyes that her sister did not seem to have. He reached, almost cautiously, into the cot, setting a large hand onto her head, ignoring the bawling child nearby. He did not know which one was which, but knew one was Rose, and the other, Violet. Wormtail had told him as much.

A flash of silver caught his eye, and he saw they both wore bracelets, baring their names. The crying one was Rose, the quiet one, Violet.

His touch didn't seem to bother Violet. She merely continued peering up at him curiously, as if waiting to see what he would do. It was unfortunate really. If it wasn't for the prophecy, perhaps he would keep this one alive, and have her raised properly.

But they had to go. Both of them.

Voldemort retracted his hand, bringing his wand up and pointing it at Rose, drawing a frown from Violet. She began to move, the bright eyed one, trying to pull herself up. He ignored her though, and spoke the cursed words that would end everything.

"Avada Kedavra."

But even as he spoke the final syllable, Violet got in front of her sister, and the spell hit her instead, causing her to cry out. He barely had time for his eyes to widen before the spell somehow backfired, and then all he felt was pain.

Darkness approached quickly, and he fled, unaware of anything around him save the bright eyes that glowed like death itself...

Albus Dumbledore hadn't even settled down for the night when one of his alarms went off. He immediately knew which one it was, and jumped to his feet faster than anyone would think possible for someone his age. Something was wrong in Godric's Hollow. James. Lily. Rose. Violet.

He twisted the castle wards, Apparating out of his office and to the quaint village, rushing to the cottage. He paused in front of it, then hurried inside, freezing at the sight of James Potter's body. His hazel eyes were open, but he lay unmoving. Albus cursed under his breath, wondering if he was too late.

And then he heard the crying.

He all but ran up the stairs, hurrying to the nursery. There, he found Lily, as still has her husband, and he felt a pang. They had been so young. So good. So...light.

But his attention quickly landed on the cot nearby. Both girls sat within, both alive, both crying. He took large strides to reach them, stepping around Lily so he could get close enough to examine the babes. He saw it immediately. One of them had a cut. A jagged cut shaped like a lightning bolt. A quick glance at her wrist told him this was Rose. A frown marred his face, but he quickly turned to Violet, finding she was unmarked.

The prophecy.

He performed a few spells, and immediately guessed what had happened. Lord Voldemort had attacked, hitting Rose with the Killing Curse. But it had rebounded, and hit him instead. He knew Tom wasn't dead. No, not just yet. He would be back, Albus knew that for a fact.

First though, he needed to get the girls out of here. He easily scooped them both up, Violet silencing even as Rose continued to cry. He could do nothing about that now. A wandless spell later, a message was being sent to Hagrid. And as he walked out of the quickly ruining house, he began planning.

When he made it outside, a small crowd had gathered, and he moved away from the home, waiting for the half giant to arrive. Luckily, he did not have to wait long.

Albus did not allow Hagrid to speak, taking the time to hurriedly do so himself. He handed the children off, telling the large man an address, and asking him to meet him there by the next night. He would take the children himself, but he needed to stop by the Ministry, and inform them of what had occurred.

Hagrid obeyed without question, always having done as asked, and without waiting any longer, Albus vanished on the spot, determined mental wheels spinning rapidly...

Minerva McGonagall was in shock. The rumours she had been hearing all day, she refused to believe. Not until Albus confirmed them. Because they simply could not be true. Absolutely could not be.

She had been outside Number Four Privet Drive all day, waiting in her Animagus form. She knew she was at the home of the Dursleys. Of Lily Potter's Muggle sister's family. But why she was here, she did not know.

It was midnight when Albus Dumbledore arrived, and it only took a few minutes of stalling before he admitted that the rumours were all true. James and Lily had been killed by You-Know-Who. Their little girls Rose and Violet had survived. And Rose, Rose was the Girl-Who-Lived.

Minerva was speechless, unable to imagine what the last moments of the Potter parents had been, how desperate they must have been to save the lives of their daughters.

It was Hagrid's arrival that drew her out of her thoughts, and she was surprised to see him astride a motorbike, which he claimed belonged to Sirius Black. She looked at Albus when Hagrid passed one of the children over, confused.


"Rose will be living with her aunt and uncle now."

Minerva frowned. "But they are Muggles."

"Yes. Petunia however, came to terms with Lily more than a year ago, and is willing to care for Rose. They will ensure she learns of who she is. If she were to remain in our world, she would be worshipped, revered even. That is something no child needs."

Minerva watched Albus approach the door, ring the bell, and speak with the couple who answered, handing the bundle over, the thin woman immediately taking the sleeping child, tears flowing down her face. And it was only when Albus returned to the road, when she realized something. The Dursleys had only taken one child.

"What of Violet?" she asked curiously, wondering why she hadn't been taken in as well.

Here, Albus sighed, taking the remaining babe. "Vernon and Petunia already have a child of their own. They would not be able to raise all three, without suffering themselves. They can only take in one of them, and Rose needs the protection. She will be safe here."

The woman's frown only deepened, lips thinning. "Then what are you planning on doing with Violet?"

Albus smiled. "No need to fear, Minerva. I have it all planned out. You should join in on the festivities."

And after a farewell to both her and Hagrid, he turned and vanished on the spot, leaving Minerva shocked that he had just Apparated with a baby. No one did it, as it was horribly unsafe. What was that man thinking!?

Albus appeared in a darkened alleyway. Stepping out, he arrived in an empty street, and nodded to himself, pleased. This would do just fine. He strolled down this street, pausing in front of a weathered, two story building. Above the faded, peeling door sat a sign, declaring the place to be Starlight Orphanage*.

Conjuring a basket, he placed the sleeping babe inside, setting the item on the small landing at the top of the stairs. He then used a couple of spells to acquire a bit of parchment and a quill, quickly writing the girl's full name down, and adding this to the package.

Satisfied, he took a step back, gazing down at the child. Perhaps it was cruel of him to separate the girls, to send Rose to family who would care for her, and Violet to an orphanage where there was no guarantee of care at all. But one was the Girl-Who-Lived, and had a greater need for protection than her sister, for he knew Tom would return, and he knew that when he did, he was going to target the Girl-Who-Lived, rather than her sister.

Rose Lily Potter, and Violet Alice Potter. Twins with fates that would no doubt be so very different. And if one of them had to suffer for it, well, it was all going to benefit the greater good.

*I actually have no idea when the full moon was, but let's just pretend it just happened.
*I'm using the same name as in my other fic cause I couldn't think of anything else, so no, I didn't copy that if it seems familiar to you.