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Breaking Faemish

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Act I

“In prism,” Lauren said, raising her eyebrows expectantly at Bo. “... In. Prism. Where bad light ends up.”

Bo nodded her head, but her mouth agape told Lauren that Bo did not get the attempt at humor.

“You know,” Lauren helped. “Because it sounds like… prison. Prism. Bad light. Never mind.” Flushing, the doctor grabbed her beer and swiveled on her barstool so that she faced the pool table. She took a long pull from the pint glass.

“Ha,” Bo laughed, finally getting it. She too turned her back to the bar and toward the billiards game, from which Dyson approached them. Bo grabbed his arm and said, “Hey Dyson, listen to this.”

As Bo re-told Lauren’s joke to Dyson, Lauren rolled her eyes to herself and began surveying the bar. Directly across from the doctor was Tamsin, about to bend forward to line up her shot.

Lauren took another drink of her beer and watched as the tall Valkyrie leaned forward, putting one hand on the table, on which she rested the pool cue. Tamsin was wearing tight jeans and a red tank top. Her hair was casually pulled back in a ponytail. A half-smile formed on Lauren’s lips as she admired the view.

As though feeling eyes on her, the Valkyrie looked down mid-pose at her revealed cleavage and raised her head, slowly making eye contact with Lauren. Tamsin cocked her head and raised a bitchy eyebrow.

Lauren quickly looked away. Damn it, she thought.

Exhaling, Lauren continued her survey of the Dal. It was a weeknight, but it was still crowded with fae and a few humans. In one corner, a Banshee softly strummed a harp, seemingly oblivious to the commotion around her. Sitting tightly around a small circular table, Vex had one arm around a woman and one hand on the thigh of the man next to him. They were in animated conversation.

Near the fireplace, Lauren glanced at a young woman tending to the fire. The woman had long, thick auburn hair and a dark complexion. Although wearing a long, plain gray skirt and white blouse, the woman was striking nonetheless.

“Hells yeah!” Kenzi yelled from the pool table. “Another victory!”

Lauren turned back toward the billiards game just in time to see Kenzi and Tamsin high-fiving. Tamsin had just sunk the 8-ball.

“Alright D-man,” Kenzi said. “You owe us shots.”

Lauren turned her head back to the woman at the fireplace and watched her movements. The woman had a poker in hand. Her right hand was at its handle, with the left hand gently encircling the poker about halfway down. Strong hands they were, too.

“Okay, one more shot, then I’m leaving,” Dyson said, laughing.

From behind her at the bar, Lauren heard the clink of shots being set up and poured. She felt the closeness as her friends nudged in next to her, facing the bar, for their shots. Still, Lauren watched the woman at the fireplace.

Maybe it had been too long of a dry spell for the doctor. Maybe she had had too much to drink tonight. Maybe she was imagining it, but she could have sworn that the woman’s simple movements tending to the fire seemed extra …. sensual. Sexual almost. Pool-stick style, the woman pushed the poker into the fire, letting the stick slowly slide through the one hand that encircled the shaft.

The woman lowered her face closer to the fire in the hearth, full lips gently blowing on it. The flames rose, and a wave of heat could be felt even at the bar, the kind of heat a person could drift right into. Still, the woman looked young. 19 maybe. 20 tops. Too young for Lauren. Yet the pattern was mesmerizing. Slide, slide, blow. Slide, slide, blow.

“Okay,” Kenzi said. “Here we go!”

From her side, Lauren felt a shot glass being placed into her hand.

Slide, slide, blow.

“3…. 2….,” Kenzi said, counting down. “Hey!”

Lauren felt a poke in the ribs, and she was startled out of her reverie.

“Paging Doctor Lewis, paging Doctor Lewis,” Kenzi said. With her own shot glass sloshing in hand, Kenzi gestured to the shot in Lauren’s hand. “Down the hatch.”

Lauren turned toward the bar, shaking the image of the woman from her mind. As Kenzi finished the countdown, Lauren downed the shot with her friends. Instantly, the shock of vodka plus a pink caffeinated carbonated beverage hit her system.

“Kenzi,” Lauren groaned. “Another Pixie Bomb?!” Lauren closed her eyes, shaking her head from the rush of sugar and alcohol. She opened one eye first, and the bar seemed to teeter briefly. She opened her other eye and placed both hands on the bar to steady herself.

To her left, Tamsin wiped her mouth on the back of her hand and grabbed her beer to use as a chaser, grimacing.

“Yeck,” Bo said, wincing. “Kenz.”

“What, you guys? I like them,” Kenzi said. “Who’s got next? Tam-tam and I are unstoppable tonight!”

“Yes, and after we win the next game, I’m picking the shots,” Tamsin said. “Real shots.”

“Oh I can do real shots too, honey,” Kenzi said. “Bring it on.”

“I’m out,” Dyson said, throwing up his hands and laughing. He slid next to Bo and quietly said her name.

Lauren noticed him making stupid fae eye contact with Bo. Probably subtly offering her a quick feed or fuck. With Bo officially back on the market, she had to be getting it from somewhere.

Sighing and somewhat regaining her bearings from the after-effects of the shot, Lauren spun on her barstool away from the group to check out the fireplace-woman. The woman was now looking around the bar. Now that her face was fully visible, it was even more apparent how stunning she was.

For a moment, the woman’s eyes landed on Lauren’s. Silver, they were. Almost glowing. No - actually glowing. Still making eye contact with Lauren, the woman tilted her head slightly, her bosom rising and falling.

Lauren sat up straight, gathering herself and muttered under her breath.  “Okay Lewis. Play. It. Cool.” Lauren ran a hand through her hair. “Annnd, she’s waving,” Lauren said, pulling her hand from her head and making the beginning of a small wave. She felt a movement next to her.

“Go on ahead, Dyson,” Bo said quietly, from behind Lauren. Instantly, the Succubus was passing Lauren by, eyes glowing blue and locked with those of the woman at the fireplace.

The woman at the fireplace took a step forward, nodding toward Bo.

Lauren gave an awkward laugh that was more like a sharp exhale, and quickly put her hands in her lap.

“I’m staying here for dinner,” Bo said, brushing past her friends and directly moving toward the young woman at the fireplace. Bo took the woman by the hand.

The woman smiled and Lauren heard her softly introduce herself to Bo, “I’m Emma.”

“Bo,” the Succubus said. The two women then exchanged quiet conversation that ended with Bo guiding the young woman to a back room of the Dal.

Lauren, still sitting on her barstool, shook her head. “And, let’s pretend that did not just happen,” she said to herself.

“Aww, but it did,” Tamsin said in mock sympathy. The Valkyrie moved in and put an arm around Lauren, laughing, “It so did.”




“It doesn’t bother me,” Dyson protested. “Bo can do what she wants. It doesn’t change how I feel about her.”

“Well I don’t care either. I’m just saying, Dyson,” Lauren slurred. “If you have would whisked Bo out of here like you obviously planned, it would be me getting lucky right now with that incredibly gorgeous woman. So, thanks for nothing.”

“Jesus you two, move on already,” Tamsin said. She showed up with a bucket of beers in ice. “Scoot over,” the Valkyrie motioned with her head for Dyson to move to the other side of the sofa.

With a huff, Dyson moved over, leaving space for Tamsin to sit on the sofa.

“Here,” Tamsin said, handing Dyson and Lauren a beer each. She kept one for herself and plopped down in between both of them on the sofa, kicking her boots up on the table. She turned her head to the left and then to the right, looking at both Lauren and Dyson. She shook her head, rolled her eyes, and took a drink of her beer.

“Wow, this fire feels great,” Kenzi said. She was sitting with Hale on the other sofa across from them, near the Dal’s fireplace. “It’s so cozy, but like, in a sexy way.” She added, snuggling closer to Hale.

“Right?” Lauren and Dyson said together. Lauren leaned forward and rubbed her hands together. Her body still held that tingling, electric feeling from earlier.

“We have to ask Trick where he got these logs,” Kenzi said, looking around. “Where is grandpops tonight anyway?”

“He’s doing some business in the base-,” Dyson said. Before he could finish, Kenzi and Hale began vigorously making out. “-ment.”

Dyson looked at Lauren and Tamsin, and the three shared a moment of amused irritation.

Lauren leaned back on the sofa, closed her eyes, and leaned her head back to rest. Although she was quite drunk at this point, both the warmth of the fire and the Valkyrie sitting next to her made her feel electric. She could swear Tamsin was deliberately leaning into her, the skin of their arms touching.

They sat like that for several minutes and then Lauren had a thought. Feeling uninhibited, she opened her eyes and rolled her head toward Tamsin. “Tamsin, since when do you not care? About Bo,” she said.

“Please,” Tamsin said, continuing to look straight ahead. “Since forever ago.”

“Oh, come on,” Lauren said. In a mocking voice, she added, “Miss ‘Oh Bo, you are perfect to me. You’re eyes are both blue and bro-

“She told you that?” Tamsin said, turning her head and giving Lauren a look of death.

Lauren gave a satisfied smile. “Yep. Everyone knows you’re in love with Bo. Meanwhile, some of us,” here she leaned forward and looked over at Dyson, “Well, some of me, that is, have moved on.” She laughed, pleased with herself.

Tamsin angrily stared into the doctor’s brown eyes, holding the eye contact for several long seconds. The Valkyrie then sighed and looked away. “Whatever, Doc.”

Across from them, Kenzi and Hale were still furiously making out.

“Look,” Tamsin said. She placed a hand first on Dyson’s thigh to her right and one on Lauren’s to her left. “I just care about getting laid.”

She then used her hands to push off of Lauren and Dyson’s thighs and rose to standing. “So, I’m going to go do that. Peace out, losers.” Tamsin turned and, without looking back, made a peace sign in the air that managed to be sarcastic and started walking away.

Lauren suddenly felt guilty, “Wait, Tamsin. I-”


Instantly, the lights flickered and a chill swept through the Dal. The fireplace went dark, as though someone had poured a bucket of ice water on the flames. All conversation stopped, with bar patrons looking around in confusion. The Banshee at the harp plucked a couple more strings and came to stop, looking at the fireplace in annoyance.

“What the fuck?” Tamsin said, turning back toward the fireplace.

Dyson and Lauren rose.

Kenzi and Hale pulled apart, finally taking note of their surroundings.

From a backroom in the bar, they heard a pleased Succubus exclaim, “Oh, WOW!”

From the basement of the Dal, footsteps came bounding up the stairs.  A concerned-looking Trick appeared in the doorway and stepped forward. He was followed by an older-looking stranger - a woman wearing a long gray skirt and dark green tunic.

The stranger pushed past Trick and looked toward the fireplace. “The fire has gone out,” the stranger said solemnly.

“It cannot be,” Trick said. He looked at the stranger, “... Ruth? Do you know what this is about?”

The door to a back room of the Dal creaked, slowly opening. Everyone in the bar turned their attention toward it. Seconds later, Bo peeked her head through the opening. Looking around the bar, her eyes were still glowing blue. In fact, they were bluer than ever. When her eyes landed on those of her friends, she let out a soft, guilty, “.... My bad?”

The door to the backroom opened further and a much-paler version of the fireplace-woman stumbled through. She had a dopey, pleased smile on her face as she pushed past Bo. She took several steps and then face-planted onto the wooden floor with a loud bam.

“What th-” Kenzi started.

“Emma? No,” the stranger next to Trick cried. “What in the name of the gods is she doing here?” She rushed forward, toward the younger woman.

Lauren jumped up, as her training kicked in. She moved toward the fallen woman.

“Show’s over folks,” Trick addressed the rest of the bar. “Next round is on the house.”

After a beat, the bar patrons turned away and started murmuring. Seconds later, the murmuring became steady chatter and the patrons got back to enjoying their evening, indifferent to the scene they just witnessed.

Trick quickly moved to where Lauren kneeled next to Emma, “We need to get her downstairs. Now,” he said.




“I had no idea, Trick,” Bo said. She was pacing in the basement of the Dal.  

While Bo spoke, Trick, Tamsin, Dyson, Hale, and Kenzi tried to de-escalate the situation with Trick’s guest, Ruth, and get some answers.

Across the room, Lauren continued to tend to the sick woman, Emma, who was lying on a makeshift cot in Trick’s basement. “Emma,” Lauren asked her. “Can you hear me?”

The woman’s eyes were closed. When Lauren lifted one of her eyelids, she still only saw the whites of her eyes. The doctor took hold of the woman’s wrist and felt a faint pulse.

Tamsin leaned down to where Lauren was getting supplies out of her bag. “How is she?” she said quietly.

Lauren shook her head, quietly answering, “I’ll run some tests. It doesn’t look good.” She glanced up to where Bo was pacing.

“You have to be more careful Bo,” Trick said.

“This is a serious violation,” said Ruth. “I must contact the Elder Council of Hestians immediately so the proper punishment can be initiated.”

Ruth had a dignified, elegant, and most of all proper demeanor about her. Her clothes were simple, yet classic. Her dark, but graying, hair was pulled back into a tight bun.

“If it’s rude to ask fae what kind of fae they are then how am I supposed to know what kind of fae people are before I have sex with them?” Bo said.

“She has a point,” Hale said, quietly. “We really need to revisit that rule.”

“Ya think?” Bo said sharply.

“Your Succubus had sex with Emma. You do know what happens to those who corrupt a Hestian Virgin, don’t you Blood King?” said Ruth.

“Oh dear,” Trick said, under his breath.

“They end up ‘in prism’?” Lauren muttered distractedly, as she placed her stethoscope on the young woman’s chest, before her. Emma was fading.

“No, wait,” Bo said, putting up her hands to calm everyone down. “We didn’t have sex.”

Ruth raised an eyebrow, in judgment. “Explain yourself, Succubus. What happened to Emma then?” she said, gesturing at the sick young woman.

“It didn’t get that far,” Bo explained. “We were kissing. Just kissing, and I started sucking her-”

“Bo,” Tamsin rose from where she was squatting next to Lauren and interrupted. She frowned and started shaking her head in a universal signal for “stop talking immediately.”

“What, Tamsin? No, I was sucking her chi,” Bo clarified.

“That’s,” Tamsin said. “Not better.”

“No, it was amazing. It was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before.” Her eyes starting glowing blue again just remembering it.

“She says that about all the girls,” Tamsin said under her breath.

“And then,” Bo said. “Emma just… started passing out. But I swear, I stopped well before it would have hurt her.”

“Tamsin?” Lauren said, keeping her voice low.

The Valkyrie leaned down again next to Lauren. “What’s up?”

“The archival record of Hestian Virgins is almost non-existent,” Lauren said. “Do you know what the punishment is for people who have sex with Hestians?”

Tamsin looked around and whispered, close to Lauren’s ear, “The Hestian and the guilty party are buried alive for 50 years, after which they emerge as underfae.”

“Oh dear,” Lauren whispered. “How did this happen? Hestians are supposed to be able to resist all sexual temptation.”

“Apparently,” Tamsin said. “Except the temptation of a Succubus.”

“On that basis, I would hypothesize, then, that their very inaccessibility would make Hestians irresistible to a Succubus,” Lauren said. “And vice versa.”

Lauren and Tamsin looked up at the others.

“Ruth, with all due respect,” Trick said, putting himself between Bo and Ruth. “What was Emma doing here? Members of your order rarely leave Hestia.”

Ruth sighed, and shook her head. “You’re right,” Ruth conceded. “That is usually the case. However, Emma has been undergoing her Dawning.”

Trick nodded, “Ah.”

“What?” Bo asked, frantic.

“During a Hestian’s Dawning, they are afforded a greater degree of… latitude with respect to behavior,” Ruth said. “Once they are full Hestians, they rarely leave the Center Hearth, so most young Hestians spend their Dawning traveling, inter-mingling with humans. Most of them return home, a very few have instead….devolved.”

“Devolved?” Bo said, sarcastically. “You mean, had sex?”

“Oh my god,” Kenzi exclaimed. “You guys, it’s like a fae rumspringa!”

Everyone turned to look at the human.

“I… watch a lot of reality TV,” she explained.

“Emma must have followed me here through the portal,” Ruth said, looking at Trick. “Perhaps she slipped in this establishment when we went downstairs to conduct our business.”

“How can I help her?” Bo said. “Just tell me what to do to make this right.”

“Nothing,” Ruth said curtly. “You’ve done more than enough already.” She starting moving toward Bo.

“You know, I’ve had about enough repressed, judgmental people like you in my life,” Bo said, taking a step toward Ruth, jabbing a finger in the air.

Trick backed away, looking concerned.

Next to Lauren, Tamsin whispered, “I’d pay to see a bitch-slap right about now.”

“Tamsin,” Lauren shook her head, trying to focus on Emma. She found her blood draw supplies. “Stop it.”

Tamsin stiffened as though suddenly struck with a thought. “Ohhhh crap,” she said quietly, “We need to get Bo out of here right fucking stat.”

“Hmm? What is it?” Lauren asked. Without looking away from Emma, she took hold of the young woman’s arm, looking for a good vein.

Tamsin muttered. “Look at Bo. Closely.”

“What? Tamsin, I’m trying to-”

“Doc,” Tamsin said. She grabbed Lauren’s arm at the bicep and squeezed. “Listen to me! Does she look like she’s going to….?”

Lauren, needle in hand, finally looked across the room at Bo.

The Succubus was eyeing the Hestian, Ruth. Bo’s skin emanated a healthy glow. Her chest was rising and falling, as her pulse seemed to be increasing. Her lips parted and, then, her eyes slowly started to turn from brown to blue. A slow-burning, steadily-simmering blue.

“Oh dear,” Lauren said.

“Yeah,” Tamsin said, rising. She made eye contact across the room with Dyson, “Uh, Wolfman….?” She nodded to where Bo and Ruth were slowly approaching one another.

Dyson nodded and looked at the Succubus. He looked on the verge of wolfing out.

Across from Bo, Ruth’s skin also took on a flushed quality. Her eyes began to glow silver, just as Emma’s had done earlier in the evening.

“Oh, no,” Kenzi started. “No no no. I know that horny look.”

“Don’t we all,” Tamsin said, slowly walking toward the Succubus and Hestian.

“Bo-bo,” Kenzi said. “Snap out of it honey.”

“Kenz,” Bo said with a dismissive laugh. “I’m fine.”

But suddenly Bo’s eyes flared a lighter, fluorescent blue and her voice took on a deep quality, as though the center of her being was fully consumed by both her own power and desire. She lifted her arms and boomed, “Give in, Hestian.”

“Yes,” Ruth whispered, inches away from Bo’s outstretched hands. “I mean no! It’s so wrong.”

So wrong,” Bo agreed. Her mouth began to open wider, preparing to make contact with the Hestian.

“Then why does it sound so right?” Kenzi said. “Um, Dyson… Tamsin? Little help here.”

“Get Bo out of here,” Trick yelled.

With a growl, Dyson dove in and tackled Bo. Not hard enough so that they fell over, but with enough force so that the Succubus could not break free.

“Dyson, no!” Bo yelled, in her scary deep voice.

Across from them, Tamsin put Ruth in a bear hug from behind. She then picked the woman up with surprising ease. “Upsy daisy,” the Valkyrie said. She then started carrying the woman away from Bo, closer to where Lauren was half-administering to Emma and half-watching Bo.

The woman didn’t struggle much, but did crane her neck trying to maintain eye contact with Bo. “She’s just so… sexy. Immoral, I mean. And hot.”

“Listen to yourself, Hestian,” Tamsin said. She placed the woman on the ground, and turned her around so that they were face to face. Tamsin put her hands on Ruth’s shoulders and shook, “You are too dignified for this.”

Ruth grinned, still trying to look past Tamsin at Bo.

Not satisfied with the woman’s dopey look, Tamsin slapped Ruth across the face.

“Dayum,” Kenzi said. She turned to Bo, “And Bo, what the hell?

Bo’s eyes started to return to their normal color and she stopped struggling from Dyson’s arms. “I don’t know, I can’t…. I can’t stop,” she cried.

“Do not let her go,” Trick ordered Dyson. “Get her upstairs.”

Dyson complied, moving toward the stairs taking a pouting Bo with him.

Shaking her head, Kenzi followed.




In a chair, next to where Lauren tended to Emma, Ruth held an ice pack to her cheek.

“I… I don’t know what happened,” Ruth said. “Forgive me. I lost control. I need to leave here immediately and take Emma back where she belongs, where our healers can administer to her.”

Lauren inhaled, thinking of how to frame the news. “In her condition, I don’t think she could make the trip back to Hestia. Based on the tests I have run, it’s my medical opinion that because of her faenotype, the effects of having her chi pulled from her are particularly detrimental.”

“Yes, they would be,” Ruth said.

“Hestian chi doesn’t seem to regenerate in the same way as that of other fae,” Lauren said. “I… I’m sorry. I don’t know what more can be done for her. Her condition continues to deteriorate.”

Ruth sighed, but pulled her chin up. “We always know that the Dawning is no guarantee that our children will return to us.”

Looking at Emma, Lauren wiped the young woman’s forehead with a cloth. “If I had a better understanding of the mechanism through which Hestian chi generates….”

Hale started, and then stopped.

“Hale...?” Lauren said.

He looked at Ruth. “You know what we need.”

Ruth looked at him sharply, “No.”

“Hale,” Lauren said. “I know of no magic formula that can fix this.”

“Trick,” Hale protested, turning to Trick. “We have to…”

Ruth put up a hand, “There is no time, anyway. To travel to Hestia and back will be for me mere hours, but here would be several weeks. Time works differently through the portal. It does not see she will last that long.”

“What is going on?” Lauren asked, rising. “Hale? Trick?”

“Ruth,” Hale said gently. “We can find a way. This was all just an accident. Emma shouldn’t have to die because of it.”

Ruth moved toward Lauren and Emma, and looked down at the young woman, shaking her head. She turned to Trick, “Can this doctor be trusted?”

Trick looked at Lauren and then at Hale, who nodded.

“Yes, as Ash, I give you my word,” Hale said. “She can help fix this.”

Ruth looked at Tamsin, “And her?” she nodded toward Tamsin. “The Valkyrie?”

Hale sighed, pausing.

“Hale, what the hell?” Tamsin said, glaring.

“Yes,” he confirmed. “She can maybe help too.”

“‘Oh, ‘maybe,’” Tamsin said, “Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

“Tell me, please, what’s going on,” Lauren said. “If there’s a way to help this woman, I will do it.”

Ruth nodded, and placed her ice pack down next to her.

“Ambrosia,” Ruth said.

Lauren was stunned. In fact, she wasn’t sure she heard correctly.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “Did you say…?”

“Ambrosia,” Ruth repeated. “Hestians make it. At the Center Hearth.”

“It’s … real?” Lauren said. “I mean, I had heard it referenced. Read about it in Hippocrates’ letters. Of course, who hasn’t? There has always been speculation, but to hear it confirmed.”

“Are you serious?” Tamsin said, looking at Ruth. “Ambrosia exists? That’s the secret of the Hestians?”

Lauren hadn’t stopped babbling, “-An incredibly-powerful healing agent. It could change everything, and I mean everything. Mortality. Sickness. Cancer. What it means to be human and fae-”

Ruth looked at Trick, “Was this a mistake, telling her?”

“No!” Lauren said, gathering herself. “No. I just …. need a minute.”

“She … doesn’t get out much,” Tamsin said, patting the doctor on the back.

“Lauren, it’s a very complicated process. The Dal is many things to the fae,” Trick began. “For the Hestians, it is one of many Way Stations where ingredients for Ambrosia are shipped from all over the world. Once a year, a Hestian Elder travels to these Way Stations, collects the supplies, and takes them back to Hestia.”

“Great, so let’s whip some up for Emma here,” Tamsin said. “And the two of you can get back to your journey to the center of the Earth.”

“That cannot be done,” Ruth said. “Ambrosia can only be made in Hestia at the Center Hearth. The elemental properties of the ingredients-.”

“-Are different here. Of course,” Lauren interrupted. “Of course.” She began pacing, her mind already at work.

“What?” Tamsin said. “How is that obvious?”

“Ruth - if I know what the components are, I can make a synthetic compound to mimic Ambrosia, and administer it to Emma,” the doctor continued. “It won’t be as strong as the real thing, but the healing qualities should keep her alive for at least as long as it takes for you to go to Hestia and come back with Ambrosia.”

The beginning of a smile formed at Ruth’s lips, for the first time.

“I told you she was good,” Hale said, smiling.

“It would be unprecedented of course,” Ruth said. “To share the recipe outside of the Hestian Order.” At this point Ruth seemed to be merely playing Devil’s Advocate for the sake of it.

Lauren grabbed a notepad and pen from her medical bag and began jotting notes and cell structures.

After watching Lauren for a moment, Ruth began speaking again. “The reason that many Way Stations are used, rather than just one, is so that no one else knows the entire recipe.”

“So you’re saying this is one of those, ‘If I tell you I’d have to kill you’ sort of situations?” Tamsin said.

Ruth cocked her head like she was considering it.

“Whoa, kidding,” Tamsin said, putting her hands up. “Look, we’re just here to help your girl Emma here. If you think you can save her on your own, go for it. But, if I were in your shoes, I’d bet on the human coming through.”

Trick winced.

“This doctor,” Ruth began, with some distaste. “Is human?”

Hale jumped in, “Ruth, she belongs to us, the Light fae. Her expertise is one of our greatest assets.”

“Nice save, Siren,” Tamsin said sarcastically, under her breath.

Lauren, though, did not seem to notice, and continued writing in her pad.

“You understand that no one here, especially this human, may speak of this, ever,” Ruth said. “To use Ambrosia, even a synthetic one, without the authority of the Hestians is a grievous offense.”

Hale stepped forward. “You have my word, as Ash. We just want to help Emma.”

Ruth sighed, “Let it be, then. May the gods forgive me if this turns out to be a mistake.” She turned to the human doctor and began revealing her knowledge of Ambrosia.