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Our Happy Life

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Lucrezia POV


I can't believe it. I stare down at the pregnancy test. positive. one little stick has changed my life forever.


I have to tell Cesare first more than anything but what if he doesn't want it? What if he'll hate me?


I'm confused to what I have to do. 


I'll wait and see what happens.


first i'm going to have hide the pregnancy test.

i know i'll put it in Juan's room so if it's found we can say it's one of Juan's secret lovers he has a lot.


I open the bathroom door with the test in my hand to find my mother standing outside who has noticed the test.


i'm screwed. 

"Momma." I cried giving her a hug and then crying in her arms.


"who's the father." She asked.


i am completely lost on what I have to say I can't say it's Cesare's.


"um…um…it's the messenger boys Pedro." I lied.


"we'll sort this out but not yet your father isn't in a good mood." She said.


relief went through my body then I don't want to know what my father will say.