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The Guilty Turnabout

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The Guilty Turnabout

Chapter Five

A month or so later, Klavier was back to prosecuting again. Most of his injuries from the fire had healed, though he had taken to wearing high collars to hide the burn marks on his neck. He was also concerned about the lack of positive news about Daryan Crescend.

"Quite. The. Pickle." He muttered to himself as he watched the police pull a body out of People Park lake. Who could even say how long it had been there for? And there were no witnesses. However he had already been assigned because it was likely the body they were pulling out of the lake was the girlfriend of Wocky Kitkai. The Kitkais’ were a renowned gangster group. If she had betrayed them in some way it would mean that one of them was responsible.

However, this wasn't the only issue Klavier faced. The reason why they were in this area in the first place was because Dr Pal Meraktis had been found shot beside his car. The man who had refused to operate on Wocky.

"Fop... It's Alita Tiala alright."

"Ach, Frauelin detective, using those scientific analysis of yours?" He teased.

Ema glared at him and munched on some Snackoos. "She still had her wallet."

Klavier nodded. "Well... Seems this one might be straightforward after all ja?"

"Of course," she huffed, fiddling with her glasses. "Scientifically speaking Mr Edgeworth would never have assigned you before an arrest if it wasn't obvious."

As she went to arrest Wocky Kitkai, Klavier sighed. Why did everything seem so wrong? And why had Edgeworth agreed to give him this case? For that matter why was he stuck with a detective who clearly hated him? He had gone back to prosecuting to try and take his mind off other things but this just seemed to be making matters worse. At least with an obviously criminal family being the defendants in this case he hoped it wouldn’t be a great attorney he’d have to face.

No showing off to some rookie may just be what he needs to get back into the swing of things before he faces Kristoph. There had to be some way to make him proud of him, right?

Kristoph was family. He still could not fully admit whilst sober to himself what seemed to be becoming obvious; that Kristoph was at least more involved in Phoenix’s disbarment than he had let on and that he likely had something to do with the murder of Shadi Smith.


At the Gavin Law Offices, Kristoph quietly approached his intern’s desk. Everything seemed to finally be going to plan. Perhaps now he could put that case behind him. With Shadi Smith dead and Trucy out of the way, there were very few loose ends left. Now though it was time to get his career back on track, become the prolific attorney he should have become years ago. And how better to do that than to beat the man who had finally beaten Phoenix Wright in court; Even if that person just happened to be his own brother.


Apollo nearly leapt out of his seat. "Y-yes Mr Gavin sir?"

"We have a client."

"We, sir?"

Kristoph pushed his glasses up in slight irritation. "Are you just going to parrot me, Justice? Doing that will likely get people calling you Polly considering your first name."

"N-no sir... It's just... Are you sure you want me?"

"I seem to recall offering you to be my co-counsel whilst I persuade the bar to look over your transgression."

Apollo swallowed hard, his hair drooping. "You did sir. Thank you sir. It is just... Mr Gavin... You haven't asked me before and it's been months since then so why now?"

"Let's just say it is because of the prosecutor on this case."

Apollo frowned, but got up from his desk without another word.

As Kristoph gave him permission to kiss him, one thought entered Apollo’s mind; perhaps now he could make it up to his boss.


"Well I'm used to the ladies looking at me like that but I've never felt this way with a man before," Klavier tried to tease the young man with the strange hair that was standing in front of him at People Park an hour or so later. However his smile faltered as the other looked away.

"Sorry sir. I didn't mean anything."

Gott! This man has no confidence at all. I need to gee him up a bit. "Ach I didn't mean anything by it it was just -"

"Justice, I hope you are not talking to the enemy," interrupted a smooth voice.

Klavier winced. That explained the confidence issues. Wait... Enemy? "Kristoph... You are the defence for this case? Seems a bit of an odd one to get involved in. There's only one possible outcome ja?"

"Hmmph. Perhaps... Or perhaps you are looking at this wrong."

"Hold it!" Apollo snapped, confused. Then he shrunk back as Kristoph looked disapprovingly at him. "Um... Sorry Mr Gavin sir... But who is this person? What you said seemed to imply he was the Prosecutor but..."

Kristoph smiled a little at that. "Oh I see. Klavier I expected better of you than to try and trick my colleague into revealing information. Now are you going to introduce yourself or shall I?"

"It wasn't like that Kris! I-"

"Seems you still will not give straight answers. Mr Justice this is Prosecutor Klavier Gavin."

Apollo looked from one to the other. That would explain a few things... But had he really let his guard down enough to let another Gavin get under his skin? "You two are related?"

"... Bruder never told you about me?”

“Rock bands rarely come up in our conversations, for obvious reasons, Klavier.”

Klavier grimaced. He’d known Kristoph long enough to know what he really meant was ‘I had no reason to whilst you weren’t prosecuting as I do not agree with your time wasting’.

“Now you must have an investigation to get on with, as of course do we. I shall see you in court,” Kristoph added before Klavier could comment on his last remarks. “Come along Justice, do not dawdle.”

As Kristoph left, Apollo slowly following in his footsteps, Klavier frowned. He saw Apollo fiddle with his scarf and caught a glimpse of the harsh red marks underneath. His eyes widened; was that his brother’s doing?

And then Apollo’s name finally clicked back into place for him. Justice… the defence attorney that Phoenix had supposedly tricked into using forged evidence. The man who had accused Kristoph of being a murderer.

Klavier’s hand tightened around his necklace as he bit his lip. Something wasn’t adding up here at all, and that cute little attorney seemed to have no will of his own.

He had to do something but what?


Edgeworth tapped his fingers on his desk, holding a cup of tea in his other hand, lost in thought. As he had suspected the minute he had assigned Klavier to a case, Kristoph had leapt at the chance to be the defence attorney. Bringing the man who had accused him along with him was a little odd however… though not entirely unexpected. He was still trying to decipher whether he could trust Klavier Gavin or not; after all he was the one who had called Phoenix out on the forged evidence seven years ago. This was the first time he had seen what Phoenix had meant first hand and he had to admit he did not like it one iota. Guilt wracked him. Could he have done something about this sooner had he returned home? But with his involvement with interpol it was almost a year after Phoenix’s disbarment when he had the time to get in contact with the other. Not that that had helped. Wright had denied all contact with his previous friends. However like Phoenix many years before Edgeworth decided not to give up and had rung daily until eventually, because he hadn’t been using his normal phone, Phoenix had picked up. That was when he had found out about Trucy…

Trucy. Edgeworth closed his eyes in frustration. Now more than ever he wished Phoenix had agreed to putting him as next of kin for Trucy’s sake but Phoenix wasn’t trusting enough of anyone around him to let Edgeworth in properly; and now he was struggling to find any information about which orphanage had taken her as they didn’t want people connected to her father trying to contact her. Instead Edgeworth had focussed on helping Phoenix study law when they occasionally came abroad, and looking into whether there was any way to appeal Phoenix’s disbarment. He had logically concluded that they would accept a retake of the bar exam and knowledge of international law would help their case; however he had also come to the depressing realisation that until it was proved that Phoenix had never done anything wrong they would not even accept that.

It wasn’t fair. Thanks to Damon Gant even he had unwittingly presented forged evidence once during in his career. And yet they were a lot more lenient on prosecutors. Edgeworth shuddered a little as his mind turned to one man; Manfred Von Karma.

Putting his tea down he covered his face with his hand, feeling tired and running out of options.

Had he done the wrong thing by requesting that Phoenix Wright not expedite his sentence?

After all; if he couldn’t prove this then all he had done was prolong his oldest friend’s pain and suffering.