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The Guilty Turnabout

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The Guilty Turnabout

Chapter One

Apollo's hands felt clammy as he clenched them on the defence's bench, his hair drooping as he did not dare look at his mentor on the witness stand.

Evidence was everything in court and Kristoph had just proved that he'd been tricked into using a forged piece by his client. Why was his boss not demanding he be reprimanded for it? He'd used forged evidence in court and accused his mentor in the process... He could easily be disbarred over this.

His ears started burning as the Judge looked at him sternly before declaring Phoenix Wright guilty of murder.

"Your honour! Wait I-"

The Judge shook his head. "Such a tragic end indeed. To see such a renowned attorney fall so far. I had hoped something would come to light but no it seems Prosecutor Gavin was right to call you out on forged evidence seven years ago. You have not learnt from that incident one iota. Bailiff! Take him away!"

Apollo couldn't meet Phoenix's eyes as the other looked back to him. Was this the truth? Or had he missed something? The way Phoenix had been prompting him had made it sound like Kristoph was definitely behind it but they didn't have any real evidence. Had he been taken for a ride by his original idol? Apollo wanted to punch him for getting him to use forged evidence.


Hearing that cry from the gallery just made Apollo's heart sink. Phoenix had said there was a photo of his daughter in that locket hadn't he? Well clearly that at least had been true. Apollo knew full well what it was like to grow up in care but what could he do? He stood hunched over the defence's stand, paralysed. His first ever led trial and it had all turned into a nightmare.

He wasn't aware of someone moving over to him until he felt his head tipped harshly upwards. Everyone else had left by now and he found himself in an almost empty courtroom, staring into the harsh disapproving eyes of his boss and mentor, Kristoph Gavin. "S-sir I... I'm sorry. I'll pack my th-"

"Justice." Kristoph's voice cut him off with a creepily calm tone. "You will do no such thing."

"But sir, I-"

"Just accused me of a heinous act and tried to use forged evidence to back your claim up. I know. But that is the difference between you and I, Justice. I would never betray you."

Apollo swallowed hard. He tried to look away in shame but Kristoph wouldn't let him. "How... How can I make it up to you sir?"

A smile played about Kristoph's lips. "Forget about this case. Let him rot, let her suffer, and find a way to regain my trust. I will not deny that I am disappointed, Justice, but I also know that you were manipulated into using that evidence by a pathetically desperate man. Your badge will be safe as long as you stick with my law firm I shall ensure that. However, in light of how today went I think it better you act as my co-counsel for a while."

"Y-yes, Mr Gavin sir. Thank you sir. I'm sorry."

"You are a good boy, Justice, I will look past this transgression as long as you never step out of line again."

Apollo forced back a whimper of need as Kristoph kissed him harshly. He thought he'd ruined that part of their relationship for sure. He really did not deserve Kristoph at all. That was when he came to a decision; everything he did from now on had to be for his mentor's benefit. No more nonsense. He couldn't disappoint him again.


Phoenix's heart felt hollow as he was led away to the cells. He was numb with despair and grief. What would happen to Trucy now? How would the law cope with Kristoph still on the loose? What the hell had the past seven years of his life been for?!

It wasn't supposed to have ended like this. He knew he'd taken a risk in letting Apollo be his defence but as he'd already phoned Kristoph before the other slipped up he didn't think he had much choice but to select someone unknown form inside Kristoph's law firm. What would Mia think if she could see him now? As he was shut into a cell, now wearing prison clothes, tears finally started to stream down his face.

The Matt Engarde case had strengthened his belief in making miracles happen, but it seemed this time, it was never going to come. The miracle never happened. His turnabout hadn't worked. Now he was on death row for a murder he did not commit and what would be the point in appealing? What little evidence there was at the scene would be long gone by then and the defence would refuse to take his case again anyway. That card was meant to be a delaying tactic so they'd check the scene again and find the stuff they really needed.

But he had succumbed into not only making the card but getting his daughter to deliver it. How had he messed up so badly? Perhaps he deserved this after all. He buried his head in his hands as his thoughts turned to the one person he'd saved from a similar fate.

What the hell would Edgeworth think of him now?!


Somewhere in Europe, Edgeworth sat drinking tea at his desk and reading over a case file. He glanced up at his computer as his email alerts beeped and sighed softly to himself. The prosecution office back home were still trying to get him to become chief prosecutor. Perhaps it was time to agree to that... his phone suddenly beeped. Looking down at it a frown passed over his face;

'Little brother! You have cable where you are right? Switch one of the American news channels on!'

Edgeworth quickly headed to his house's living room and switched the TV on. It sounded like something had happened back home but he couldn't fathom Franziska's tone from her text at all. It was most unusual for her not to phone him. Just what was going on? As his TV flickered into life he froze, his cup of tea smashing on the floor as it slipped from his fingers.

'Disgraced ex defence attorney Phoenix Wright was today found guilty of first degree murder after trying to frame the co-counsel of his own defence. Join us later tonight as we discuss what this means for our judicial system. If we cannot trust the defence lawyers then who can we trust? The prosecution? He was not even seemingly aware of the forged piece of evidence. Could this be a truly dark age of the law?'

Shivering, Edgeworth's vision blurred as he sat down on the sofa and turned the tv off with disgust. "Wright..." No this could not be happening. Why had he not been able to find a way to help him out of this mess years ago? Now it was too late.

He heard his computer ping back in the office but ignored it, knowing full well what it would say. His internal workings with Phoenix over the years could well be warrant for an internal investigation, especially if Kristoph demanded it. He covered his face with his hand, wondering what on earth he should do now.

For the first time in years, the note 'Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth chooses death' was coming back to haunt him. Now it did not seem like such a scary idea.


Trucy meanwhile was sitting in the courtroom lobby, waiting for a social worker. She was tempted to run but where would she go? And she had failed her father. Handing Apollo that piece of evidence during the recess... by doing that she'd ensured her father's guilt. Now she was completely alone in the world again. She forced a smile as a woman approached her.

"Hmmph. I doubt many people have time for a child of a murderer."

"My Daddy's not a murderer!"

"You keep believing that hun. Unfortunately in the eyes of the law that's exactly what he is. Come with me. We shall find a place for you to stay for a while."

"But my stuff. I need-"

"That life is over now. Don't worry, we'll take care of you."

That was how a few hours later, Trucy found herself in a bland room at an orphanage, all alone. The other kids had looked at her strangely when she insisted on doing magic tricks and in the end had shut herself in the bedroom earlier whilst the others went to dinner. She wasn't hungry. She had her hat and cape but they lay discarded on the floor after the others had made fun of her for wearing them. Everything else, including Mr Hat, was back at her talent agency. Gone forever from what the social worker had insisted. She didn't understand why. Hugging her knees tightly to her she burst into tears.

"Daddy... I want my daddy..."

But, of course, no one replied.