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Sun Maid

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“Umma!” Jimin ran down the pointless three stairs on the front porch of some strangers’ house crying, with the equally distraught Taehyung and Jungkook behind him. Jimin ripped off his over-sized black wizards hat and threw it to the ground, while Jungkook took off his costume glasses and wiped his tears (“no crying in front of hyung!” he whispered to himself).  Seokjin, the mother in question, looked down to his three crying children. He carefully wiped Taehyung’s tears, because a crying vampire is not a happy vampire, and looked at the boys tentatively.


“He, he…” Jimin hiccupped.


“He what? What did he do?” Seokjin’s eyes widen and he gently pulls the seven year olds’ chin up.


“He…” Jimin began to sob. Jungkook and Taehyung looked up to their hyung, and it was then that Seokjin knew; if Jimin was crying this hard, the others would begin to as well. Seokjin didn’t know why exactly, but his children had always looked up to Jimin. If Seokjin told all of them to do chores, they would only do them if Jimin was doing them. When he asked about it Jungkook had replied: ‘because hyung’s so cool!” (Of course within the next ten years he would be saying the opposite, but no one knew that yet). Sure enough, the other two boys began to bawl, and Seokjin now stood in the middle of the sidewalk, virtually ‘stopping the candy flow’ as Taehyung would call it, with three crying children. He sighed and did what any other mother would do.


He marched up to the doorbell of the wretched house and knocked as hard as his soft knuckles would allow him.


“Namjoon! Some more kids wanna mooch some candy outta you!” Seokjin heard a deep voice announce through the door. A somewhat familiar voice, one might add.


“Tell them… Mailbox…. I think.” Another deep voice shouted from farther away in the house but Seokjin couldn’t hear everything sadly.


Suddenly, the door he had been staring at was replaced with a small man, whom Seokjin would be somewhat embarrassed to say he knew.




“Pinkie—I mean Professor Seokjin?”


Seokjin awkwardly coughed into his costumes sleeve (although there wasn’t much of it) and felt a tug on his cape.


“Umma! He’s the one who—who…” Taehyung whimpered cowering behind Seokjin. Seokjin suddenly felt guilty for forgetting why he was on the porch in the first place. He was here to scold the man who had done dreadful things to his children, whatever those things may be.


“Yoongi, what exactly did you do to my kids?” He asked as roughly as his light voice could allow.


“I dunno what you mean. I just gave ‘em a treat.” Yoongi shrugged and leaned against the door frame. No point in making this anymore awkward than it had to be, he thought. Yep, just a normal Halloween night where I’m Naruto and the student professor from my school is a huge pumpkin. No biggy.


“You had to have done something.” Seokjin was becoming confused, why were his kids crying?


“Nah, I just—oh hey, Namjoon.”


Namjoon? Please don’t be Kim Namjoon, please don’t be Kim Namjoon—never mind he thought. But it was. Because the universe apparently hates him. His face turns a bright red, which matched perfectly with the almost glowing bright orange of his costume, and he clutches Jungkook’s hand.


“H-Hello, Kim Namjoon.” Seokjin smiles politely even though his heart is breaking.


“Hey, Jin. Yoongi, what happened?” Namjoon had a completely different approach to this sudden confrontation. Just rip the band-aid off, Namjoon. You’re over it.


“I don’t really know.” Yoongi is feeling more confused and uncomfortable than usual, so he tries to duck out of the conversation. No such luck.


“Honestly, I don’t know either. My kids came to me crying about you all and I’m just trying to figure out why…” Seokjin decided to follow Namjoon’s heartless lead. It was a month ago. Get over yourself, Namjoon, Seokjin thinks to himself. But, unfortunately, no September could ever be long enough for Seokjin to forget Namjoon.


“Umma, they gave us…” Seokjin’s eyes widen at Taehyung waiting for him to finish. Taehyung, unsure whether he should continue or not, glanced to Jimin. Jimin nods.


“They gave us raisins.” Taehyung’s face crumbles, as if he was having flashbacks of the life-shattering moment as he spoke. Everyone stares down to the three boys in exasperation.


“Raisins? Taehyung, Jimin, aren’t you boy’s a little too big to be crying about raisins? And Tae don’t you like raisins?” Seokjin was furious; here he was, making a fool of himself, in front of Kim Namjoon, over raisins?


“I only li-like the one’s that you b-buy, u-umma! Th-these one’s d-don’t even have word’s on th-them!” Taehyung argues through tears. Seokjin looks to the other boys to see that Jungkook’s about to throw a tantrum and Jimin has his eyes to the moon fighting more tears. Jungkook’s small face is bright red and finally he stomps. Once. Twice. Thrice.


And now he’s one the ground, beating and kicking at the cement, bawling about raisins, of all things raisins, were given to him on Halloween. It’s quite the scene, as his full bag of candy spills onto the porch and crushed snicker’s bars and M&M’s spill out. By now Jungkook is screaming (“The worst Halloween, I hate this neighbor, umma, I hate him!”) and Seokjin is fed up with this entire night.


“Jungkook! If you do not get off of the ground right now I’m taking all of your candies and replacing them with raisins!”


And Jungkook gets up because, as he just said, he hates raisins, and he hates this porch, and he wants to go home. Namjoon and Yoongi stare at the spot on the ground where Jungkook had been thrashing and look back up to Seokjin. A rather evil looking Seokjin.


“I am going to give you… 10 seconds to explain yourselves—10! Why did you give… three children raisins, raisins! On Halloween?”  Seokjin’s voice is the dangerous calm. The calm that everyone knows not to trust (especially the two men in the door frame).


“We, we… ran out of, um, candy and… it seemed funny at the time…?” Namjoon replies slowly, scared to set off the Seokjin Pumpkin Bomb.


“Which one of you thought this, this disgusting foul play, was funny?” Seokjin’s eyes pierce through the two men, making them feel inferior, although everyone is a peasant when it comes to Seokjin’s fiery pumpkin wrath. Yoongi’s hand twitches. Then his elbow. Then his shoulder. He raises his hand slowly.


“Why, mister?” Jimin’s wide eyes stare up at the man in disbelief. How could anyone be so evil? And by then Jimin feels like crying again, so his eyes water, but Yoongi doesn’t feel like making the same kid cry twice in one evening so he tilts his head back and yells,




Jimin sniffles at this and peeks behind Yoongi, curiously. Small feet race towards the door, and something loud drops.


“Shit!” A tiny voice yells.


“Hoseok, watch your mouth!” Namjoon calls.


“Whatever!” The mysterious Hoseok calls. Namjoon’s face turns pink, and he turns back to Seokjin and company.


“I think what Yoongi is trying to suggest is a play… date,” the words feel awkward coming out of Namjoon’s mouth in front of Seokjin, “to make up for the crap treats, I mean. Yeah, that’s it.”


Seokjin looks down to his boys. Jimin and Tae were busy playing with… Hoseok’s (I think that’s his name) light saber and Jungkook watched shyly from behind them. The boys seemed to like him and Seokjin almost… almost says yes (not because Namjoon used the word date in a sentence, no that’s not it.).


“Why don’t you just apologize and we pretend this never happened.”


Namjoon masks the hurt on his face and nods. Of Seokjin would turn him down, too little too late. Just like Seokjin said a month ago. So Namjoon, tall and mighty, gets down on one knee (Seokjin can’t help to admit his heart jumps) and apologizes to each boy one by one.


“It’s okay… if umma let’s us come play with Hoseok?” Taehyung speaks first.


And so, the next day, they return so the boy’s can play and Namjoon can awkwardly listen to Seokjin test Yoongi on his math skills.


And they come the next day.


And the day after that.


And so on.


And one day Taehyung finally admits,


“The raisins were really good, actually,” and Yoongi replies,


“I know.”