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Equal Payment

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“Paladin, there is still one other matter to discuss.” Evelyn froze at the Elder’s words, a chill running down her spine. Had he decided to go back on his promise already? He was a young man and Evelyn knew that young men with power tended to be impulsive.


“As far as I’m concerned, you owe me personally for my decision today,” he informed her, tilting his head in just such an arrogant way that made her blood boil in her veins. “Follow me so that we can discuss it privately in my quarters.” He started walking without even waiting for her acknowledgement, brushing by her in the same way she used to brush by the other lawyers after she had just won a court case.

But that time was two hundred years gone and time could only move forwards.

For a second, Evelyn wanted nothing more than to run passed him and back to the bunker Danse was hiding out in, but she knew it wasn’t a good idea to cross Maxson. Well, more than once in the same day, at any rate. Her joints feeling stiffer than boards, she obediently followed after him, holding her head high and ignoring the looks of everyone the passed by. Luckily for her, Maxson’s quarters were nearby and the halls were nearly abandoned.

“Take your clothes off and fold them on that chair,” he ordered harshly the second the door shut behind her, gesturing to the table at the center of the room as he moved to his desk, grabbing one of the glasses as he went.

“Excuse me?” She asked, hating the way that her voice cracked and her face turned a vibrant shade of red.

“Were the instructions unclear, Paladin?” He asked, pouring himself a drink with a raised eyebrow and harsh look on his face. She started to argue with him, but he cut her off with a wave of his hand. “Just how much is that thing’s life worth to you?” Slowly, Evelyn shook her head in defeat and tried to look away from him, but his eyes were too captivating. Even as her fingers nervously undid the clasps and zippers of her jumpsuit, his eyes were locked on hers. She wasn’t sure whether to be thankful or to hate him for the way his eyes didn’t once stray down to her body.

She, as much as the year she’d spent in the wastes, fighting for her life, still had the body of a mother. Although they’d faded to an eerie white, she had stretch marks across her stomach from carrying Shaun to term. Her breasts were no longer the perky things of a young woman, but sagged from the milk she once produced for her baby. Nate had loved her post-baby body and had demonstrated it time after time as soon as they were given the okay by their doctor. But Maxson… Maxson had the tremendous ego of a young ruler, even if he was only biologically a few years her junior. He could have easily had any member of the Prydwen’s crew on a nightly basis, and possibly did. He had the pick of the litter and still chose to see her nude.

It’s probably some weird dominance thing men are into, she thought to herself, trying to square her shoulders as she stepped out of her muddy boots and picked the clothes from the ground. Risking a glance at him from under her eyelashes, Evelyn was surprised to see the press of his erection through his clothing and the way that his stormy eyes seemed to follow her every move like a hawk.

She felt powerful.

Even with him in absolute control of the situation, of the Prydwen, and of a hundred other things, Evelyn felt like she was the one with the strange sense of power right then and there. He wanted her, stretch marks and all. It made her sick with betrayal, but she didn't hate the feeling of power over the young ruler.

“Sir?” She asked, biting her lip and gently holding her hands in front of her, doing her best to cover her mound from his intense gaze.

“Get over here and get on your knees, Paladin.” His voice frustrated her immediately. How could it be so cool and even sounding when hers sounded so light and breathless? She wanted to hear him talk forever, about anything.

Maxson leaned against his desk as she approached him, taking a gulp of whatever alcohol he’d poured himself as he examined her. When she was on her knees in front of him, he reached out and roughly grabbed one of her nipples, twisting and pulling on the sensitive nub without a care. Silently, Evelyn bit her lip, squeezing her nails into the palms of her hands to prevent herself from moaning deeply at his treatment of her. While they’d always been sensitive, Evelyn’s nipples had just grown even more so after breast feeding. There were plenty of times Nate had gotten her to come just from playing with her nipples.

“How many partners have you had in your lifetime?” He asked clinically, pausing to take another gulp as he spoke.

“Just one, sir. My husband,” she told him around a moan as he switched to her other nipple.

“You haven’t fucked that thing?” From his tone of shock, Evelyn flushed and nodded her head, too ashamed to meet his gaze. She was well aware of the rumors surrounding herself and Pala- Danse. They were truthfully part of the reason why she’d even begun thinking of him as a potential partner. “Say it out loud, Paladin.”

“I haven’t been with him, sir.”

It. You haven’t fucked it,” he hissed, settling his glass aside so that he could grip both of her nipples like vices. She couldn’t help the moan that escaped her lips or the whimper that followed as he pulled relentlessly.

“I… I haven’t fucked it, sir,” Evelyn flushed, shame drowning her heart at her own words. Whatever power she had felt moments ago, washed down the drain as mortification flooded her thoughts. Just hours ago, she’d been promising Danse that she would never consider him anything less than a human man and here she was now, letting Maxson make a liar out of her.

“You’ll keep it that way,” he ordered, releasing his nipples and moving to undo his own uniform zipper. “As far as you’re concerned, from this day onwards, your cunt belongs to me.” His words should have angered her, should have made the modern woman in her furious, but they just aroused her even more. As inch after inch of his broad chest peaked out at her from his uniform, Evelyn felt her mouth water and the junction between her thighs grow wetter. “Do you understand, pet? It belongs to me. Not your dead husband, not the fucking machine, not even you.”

Even despite her murmured ‘yes, sir’, her eyes were locked on his hands as he pulled his erection free from the jumpsuit, far too distracted to really register his words. With her eyes locked on the bobbing penis in front of her, Evelyn couldn’t help but mentally compare him to Nate. Although it was completely average in length, it was far thicker than Nate’s had been. The words suddenly clicked in her fogged mind and she blinked, looking up at him curiously. Seeing his face blotchy with red and how his mouth was slack, Evelyn realized that in that instant, as much as he thought he owned her pussy, she owned his cock just as much.

She’d only have to tie him up and teach him that another time.

“Suck it,” he commanded firmly, rubbing the leaking tip of his penis against her soft lips. Immediately, Evelyn opened her mouth and took as much of him in as she could, moaning around the slide of his foreskin against her tongue. “I should use your mouth as a reward for good service,” he moaned, yanking on her hair as he buried himself in her throat.

Only managing a hum in response, Evelyn felt her cheeks flush as she tried to focus on his cock, laying her hands gently on his powerful thighs as he bucked against her face. As much as she hated to admit it, she’d missed the feeling of having a man use her mouth like that. In those cold and lonely nights since she’d woken up, when she did let her fingers wander and touch herself, she’d always pictured herself sucking on a dick like it was a candy cane. At first, it had only been Nate’s slender and cut penis in her mind’s eye, but lately, she’d begun to picture Danse’s, even though she had no idea what he had to work with.

But now, she knew she would be imagining Maxson’s thick tool weeping precum rubbing on her face whenever she pulled back for air. Above her, words poured out from Maxson’s lips as he praised her mouth, her tongue, and even her parents for making her and Vault-Tec for preserving her for him, but she tuned him out, trying to focus more on the task at hand.

There was a loud, firm knock on the door and Evelyn immediately tried to pull away from Maxson, panic flooding her mind, causing her to choke on his length. But his tight grip in her hair stopped her, jerking her back down to the base so that her nose was pressed firmly in his public hair. “Enter,” he called out, his tone betraying nothing. Evelyn couldn’t see who it was, but she felt tears of shame burn in her eyes, wishing that the Elder had at least let her keep her clothes on for the blow job.

“Er, Elder Maxson, sir,” the voice stumbled out, obviously thrown for a loop and Evelyn couldn’t help the wince as she recognized Quinlan’s voice. “You called for me, sir?”

“I did, yes. I wanted to let you know to make record of Danse’s disposal. He was put down by Paladin McManus today.” He stroked her hair affectionately as he said her name and Evelyn obediently flicked her tongue with a hum, just wanting to get the entire thing done and over with as soon as she could. As soon as he let her go, she would have her own arousal to deal with in her new, private quarters.

“That is excellent news, sir. I will record it immediately. Is there anything else you need from me?” He asked and Evelyn couldn’t help but suck harder, trying to focus more on the job in front of her than anything else. If she let her mind wander, it would go right to Danse and how difficult it would be for her to look him in the eye after all this was over and she knew exactly the message Maxson was trying to convey to her by forcing an audience, but she tried to ignore the feeling of the thin man’s eyes locked on her exposed body. She was just glad he couldn’t see the stretch marks on her stomach from where he stood.

“No, that will be all,” he dismissed, waving his hand as if he was a king and turning his full attention back on her. Lacing his fingers back in her hair, Maxson pulled her off of his cock with a wet pop, gently pushing her back so that she was resting on her feet instead of her sore, bruised knees. “Pet, arrange yourself on your hands and knees on my bed, facing the door. I have business to attend to before we continue.”

Evelyn did precisely as he commanded, arranging herself perfectly in the center of his bed. The mattress was surprisingly firm under her hands and knees, something she hadn’t felt from a bed in over two hundred years. When his footsteps didn’t immediately follow after her, she fought the urge to look behind her, determined to show him that she could at least occasionally follow his orders.

What she wasn’t expecting was to hear the sound of typing as he messed around with his terminal, doing who knows what, and leaving her aching for him. Half of her was tempted to let her hands wander and play with herself as she waited, but Evelyn knew from experience that she was just too aroused to keep quiet at this point. While she waited, she took advantage of the opportunity and tried to move her jaw around and work in feeling to the aching muscles. She really was out of practice for it to be that sore already.

After what felt like hours, she heard the sound of him pushing himself away from her terminal and shedding the layers of his clothing as he approached the short distance. “I’m glad I didn’t keep you waiting too long, pet,” he murmured, running his broad, rough fingers along her painfully wet slit. All she could do was moan as his fingers explored her nether lips, occasionally spreading or gently pulling on them as he spread her arousal around. “Look at these pretty little lips. I should have you shave so that I can see them better.” His lips brushed against her hip as he spoke, letting the rough hair of his beard scrape against the sensitive skin there.

She wanted to respond, to tell him that before the world had ended she’d kept herself bare and perfect, but she just didn’t have the opportunity to groom herself anymore. She was embarrassed of the hair that had grown on her body in the year she’d been awake, but he didn’t seem bothered by what grew on her legs or under her arms. It was only her pussy that concerned him. And she knew that he didn’t want to have that conversation with her right then, if ever.

The feel of his tongue on her was really the last thing Evelyn was expecting and she couldn’t help but jerk away in surprise. “Elder Maxson?” She asked, looking back at him from over her shoulder only to want to squirm away from him at the smug expression on his face.

“Something wrong, pet?” As he spoke, he sunk two fingers into her, not stopping until they were fully seated in her body. She couldn’t help the drawn out groan that escaped her from the slight burn of the stretch. Was there any part of that man that wasn’t thick? From the way that his fingers curled inside of her, it was clear he was no stranger to a woman’s body, something Evelyn could deeply appreciate. “Usually I expect an answer when I ask a question, pet.”

“N-no, sir. You just surprised me,” she moaned, her eyes slipping closed as he thumbed her clit and pressed his lips against the flesh of her ass. For a second, she thought for sure that he would continue with his mouth, but he didn’t. Instead, he pulled back, withdrawing his hands completely from her and climbed up on the mattress behind her.

“You should trust me more. But you’ll learn to soon enough.” That was all the warning she got as he grabbed her hips and slid into her, going all the way to the root of him before he stopped. Thankfully, he gave her a minute to adjust to the size of his girth and she couldn’t help the appreciative moan. Damn, was she ever grateful that his cock wasn’t any longer. There would be no way he’d fit comfortably in her small vagina if he was even an inch longer. She’d always had that issue with Nate and they had to be careful not to hurt her when they had sex.

He must have felt her inner muscles relax because he soon began thrusting. The movements were gentle rolls of his hips at first, but it didn’t take him long to speed up, a groan or curse slipping from his lips at every slap of his hips against her ass. “How would you like to suck my cock as someone fucks you from behind, hmm?” He grunted as he slammed into her, reaching around to yank at her nipples as he thrust as savagely as he could. “You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Me letting whoever I want use that pretty little cunt.”

She tried to respond to him, she really honestly did. But words sounded like the most difficult thing to think about right then and yelps were so much easier as Evelyn struggled to support herself, her attention slipping to just focus on the way his balls felt slapping against her thighs, his coarse public hair rubbing against her ass, the curl of his fingers around her hips… It was all too much for her to take as she came with a drawn out scream, her muscles savagely clamping down on his cock.

If she’d been more conscious of the Prydwen around her, she would have been dead of embarrassment already, terrified about who could have heard her through the metal walls. But all Evelyn could think about was how his movements both seemed to speed up and become much more wild. He seemed like a feral creature from the way he snarled to the sharp pang of his short nails in her skin.

He came soon after, quick jerks of his hips finally sending her down and pressing her face into the bare mattress as he emptied himself in her. Her mind was immediately cleared from the panicked adrenaline that raced through her. She hadn’t been on birth control in who knows how long, what with her concerns breastfeeding Shaun, the time she spent on ice, and the solid year of having no gynecological care. “Arthur!” she gasped, his name slipping from her mouth like a curse as she tried to scramble away from him, but he trapped her against him with muscled arms.

“So that’s what it takes to get you to say my name,” he mused, his voice sounding half asleep as he rolled them onto their sides and pressed his sweaty chest against her back. She squirmed more, trying even harder to break away from him and he eventually let her go when he saw her distress.

“That’s not funny, Maxson.”

“I wasn’t trying to be, Paladin,” he switched over to her official title at the cold tone of her voice, propping himself up on an elbow as he watched her scramble to dress herself. “If you find me truly that repulsive, Knight Captain Cade will take care of any side effect that might pop up.”

She froze at his words, understanding immediately what he was getting at. “As long as we’re clear on it. I will not have another child while my baby is still lost,” she swore, crossing her arms over her chest and making a point to stare him in the eye. When he finally nodded his agreement with her, Evelyn finished dressing in hurried silence and got so far as the door to his quarters when he spoke to her again.

“Evelyn,” his voice rang out, shocking her into freezing in place. He never used her given name. “I want you to know that you paid for that thing’s life with your body. So long as it lives, you will be mine. I want it to know that. If you ever see it again, I want it to know the price you pay just for its existence. Is that understood?”

With a heavy heart and shame surging through her mind, all Evelyn could do was nod before slipping out of the Elder’s room. It wouldn’t do her any good to let him see her cry