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Assorted Drabbles and Ficlets From Minor Fandoms

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"Yes, Leo?" Silver's wrapped around Leo's chest, all four of her hands sleepily tracing his ribs. Every time his eyes drift closed he almost feels like two women are petting him, and the image makes his eyes pop open.

"I, uh..." Leo Graf, he scolds himself mentally, you have to say this. Silver is a gifted, brilliant leader, and a girl half his age, and for both those reasons he needs to ask this. "I was thinking about babies."

"Babies?" Silver murmurs drowsily, shifting a little on his hip, her skin soft and damp along his side. "What about--- oh! Oh! But---" She lifts her head, and her hair's getting long; it waves around her face, a few drops of sweat glinting at the ends. She's so beautiful, especially when she smiles. "Leo. I didn't think you were the 'marryin' kind.'"

"You've been at the vids again, haven't you?" He can't help laughing as she grins, till he remembers what he was thinking of. "But... Silver, if you'll have me, I... but I don't want to... you should have babies. I don't want to keep you from having babies, and I don't think even Dr. Minichenko---"

Leo stops babbling when Silver shrugs, making her hair bounce. And smiles, and gives him a warm, lingering kiss. "You've never stopped me from anything, Leo. We'll have beautiful babies together."