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The Chance of Their Lifetime

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“You’re Jinnai from Hama Mid.? I hear you’re nuts.”
“A Savings Account? You?”
“My future has companions! But yours consists only of dirty money!”
“Once I find out, that’s when I’ll give you your answer!”
“I’ll handle this- and your part of it, too... you’ve done enough, Tetsuji...”
“M-Mom... H... Help me... please...”


                When Molly Weasley knocked on her daughter’s bedroom door to wake her for breakfast, she did not expect anything out of the ordinary to occur.

                Ginny had been home for the last two weeks of school so that she could recover from her ordeal at the hands of the possessed diary that had been speaking to the eleven year old for nearly the entire year. Her daughter had been very quiet during her break from school, but in the last day or so she had begun to come back to herself. She had been eating more and sleeping regularly, and that gave Molly some hope that Ginny could go back to the way she had been before she had gone off to Hogwarts.

                So when Molly knocked on Ginny’s door and called out that breakfast was on the table, the last thing she expected to hear was a strangled sob from the other side.

                “Ginny? Ginny, dear, what’s the matter?” Molly immediately asked, worried and ready to burst into the room but wanting to give Ginny a little time to respond, just in case she wanted her privacy.

                More sobbing reached Molly’s ears, and then her daughter spoke, small and quiet and so weak that it broke her heart into hundreds of pieces.

                “M-Mom... H... Help me... please... it hurts...” Molly had no need for further prompting, and practically broke the door off of it’s hinges in order to get to Ginny as quickly as she could.

                The youngest Weasley was curled up into a tight ball on her bed, face scrunched up in pain and arms wound tightly around her stomach. There were no tears on her pale face, but she let out sobs in between long, shuddering breaths, and blood dripped from her open mouth, staining her faded yellow sheets. Ginny opened her eyes to look at her mother and coughed then, sending more blood flying down onto her bed.

                “Help... ugh... it- it hurts... so much...”

                “Ginny!” Molly screamed, rushing over to her daughter, her baby, wand drawn and tears gathering in her eyes. “Ginny, oh, my baby... don’t move, it’s going to be alright, just hold on...” Ginny shut her eyes and held her mother’s free hand in a vice grip, her face slackening as Molly flicked her wand in several directions, muttering unintelligibly under her breath.

                “It’s okay Ginny, you’re fine, you’re alright.” Molly told her child, running the tip of her wand in a circle around Ginny’s form, a silver trail of mist following in the wake of the wand. When the circle connected, it let out a flash of white light and Ginny suddenly became still, every faucet of her previously terrified and agonized state becoming calm and settled. It was mandatory for all seventh years to learn a stasis spell to use on those who were injured. As Molly pried her hand out of her daughter’s grip, she thanked every god she knew that it was so.

                Racing down the stairs, Molly headed straight for the fireplace, nearly knocking over the floo pot in her haste to throw the powder into the fire. Kneeling, she stuck her head close to the flames and called out for St. Mungo’s; moments later the face of a young man appeared and focused on her.

                “St. Mungo’s, how can I help you?” The young man asked promptly, squinting at Molly through the smoke and flames. Molly leaned back to give him some room even as her tears finally started to trickle down her cheeks.

                “It’s my daughter- I don’t know what happened, but when I went to wake her up she was c-crying and coughing up blood, and h-holding her stomach.” The young man’s face disappeared for a moment, but was back nearly as quickly. “I put her under the standard Oxnarian Stasis Seal- we’re at the Weasley residence near Ottery St. Catchpole.”

                “Please stand back ma’am, a team of three Healers will be at your location in a moment.” Scrambling up, Molly barely had time to back away before an older woman and two young adults stepped out of the fireplace. The eldest of the trio immediately turned to Molly and moved towards her.

                “I am Healer Cornwall, these are Healers McCarthy and Kumar. Where is the young lady?”

                “This way- please, follow me.” The climb up the narrow and rickety staircase was one of the longest of her life; they couldn’t reach Ginny soon enough in her opinion. Healer Cornwall entered the room first, setting to work without so much as a pause and flanked by the two younger healers. With the younger pair manoeuvring the still in-stasis child into a lying position and pushing up her night shirt, the kneeling Mediwitch was free to assess the damage. Molly waited anxiously by the door, gasping in shock at what she could see of Ginny’s stomach.

                Two horrible stab wounds marred her skin, one just to the right of her navel and the second only just visible in her side. Both were still sluggishly spewing blood, since the seal wasn’t meant to stop, only slow. As the Healers began flicking their wands over Ginny’s waist, it became clear that the blood was stopping, and soon enough it had been cleaned away entirely, so that Healer Cornwall had access to the wounds without any fluid obstructing her work.

                Watching as the Mediwitch started to heal the injuries from the inside out, Molly clutched at her heart as soon as it was over, and the two younger Healers started to levitate Ginny into the air. Healer Cornwall approached her with a neutral expression, not giving Molly any indication of her inner thoughts.

                “Mrs. Weasley, your stasis spell likely saved your daughter. I’m keeping it over her for the time being, I noticed something while healing her.” Molly’s blood ran cold at her next words. “I’m afraid that she has to be brought to St. Mungo’s. What is her name?”

                “Ginny. Ginny Weasley. Please, what’s wrong with her?” As her child was brought out of the room, Molly’s want to hear of anything wrong with her little girl warred with her need to be by that little girl’s side. Healer Cornwall motioned for her to follow the other healers down the stairs.

                “I think it would be best to discuss this when Ginny’s father is present. Is he? Present?” Molly took a deep breath, stopping herself from snapping at the healer to just tell her what was wrong. The mediwitch was right, it would be better if Arthur was with her when they were told what Ginny needed.

                “He’s at work right now. I could floo the Ministry and get to St. Mungo’s in ten minutes, would that be best?” They had reached the ground floor, and Molly watched as Ginny was levitated out of the house, since portkeys were the preferred transport method for those in stasis.

                “The best is whatever gets your daughter there faster.” Healer Cornwall replied evenly, readying the portkey at her teammate’s insistence. “I’ll have Healer Kumar wait for you in the lobby of St. Mungo’s.”

                “Thank you.” As soon as the group had been taken away, Molly turned on her heel and rushed back to the fireplace, throwing the floo powder into the flame with more force than she usually did. When Arthur’s face bloomed into view, he looked tired and satisfied, the same look he had whenever he finished investigating an interesting case.

                “Hello dear, sorry for the delay. You don’t normally call me at work.” Arthur observed, noticing his wife’s blotchy cheeks and wrinkled forehead after he had spoken, so Molly sniffed and shook her head.

                “Arthur- Arthur, it’s Ginny, she had to go to- had to go to St. Mungo’s, I don’t know w-what to do...” Arthur sucked in an alarmed breath and shuffling sounds were heard on the other end of the connection.

                “Wait right there dear, I’ll be home in a second.” Arthur disappeared from the flames, but \molly could still hear him telling Perkins where he was going, and then he was stumbling out of the fireplace, tripping over the rug as he sank to the ground and enveloped Molly in his arms. “Molly, dear Merlin...”

                “Sh- She was crying... and- and bleeding from her stomach and-“ Molly sobbed loudly into Arthur’s shoulder, and he tightened his arms to try and comfort her. “-and her mouth... Arthur I don’t know what happened! I just w- went to wake her up for- for breakfast! The healer said that if I hadn’t of cast the spell when I did-!”

                “Shh... we’ll figure this out Molly. Let’s just- let’s get to Ginny before anything else.” Soothing, Arthur brought both of them to their feet and turned on the spot, concentrating and apparating them to St. Mungo’s. Landing in the deserted waiting room, the couple were greeted by Healer Kumar who took them up the main staircase and up to the children’s ward where Healer Cornwall was waiting for them.

                “Mr. And Mrs. Weasley, please sit. We have a few things to discuss concerning your daughter.” The older woman went straight to the point, gesturing at a pair of chairs directly opposite the one she had yet to sit in.

                “What’s wrong with Ginny?” Molly asked as soon as they had seated themselves, nerves stretched so thin that it was a wonder that she hadn’t asked as soon as they had walked through the door. Healer Cornwall sighed heavily and crossed her arms, giving the young girl a sideways glance.

                “Miss Weasley has severe magic depletion, slight malnutrition and several lesions on her scalp hidden by her hair.” Molly’s hand flew to cover her mouth and Arthur’s fingers clenched from their place on his wife’s shoulder. “Though I managed to fully heal the lacerations to her stomach and side, she will need to remain in our care for at least the next week in order to get her back on the path to proper health... What concerns me more than her condition itself is how she came to be in such a state.” As the silence stretched longer and longer, Arthur took the lead and cleared his throat, pausing only briefly to look askance at Healer Kumar in the doorway.

                “Ginny was being... possessed. Nearly the entire school year, so far as we can tell.” He said slowly, keeping in mind what Dumbledore had told him not to mention. “It’s since been destroyed, but we really thought that was the end of it. If you need to, please talk to the Headmaster, he can tell you more than we could.”

                “That’s why Ginny was at home instead of Hogwarts.” Molly explained, not taking her eyes off of her daughter. “So she could recover, but then... then this...”

                Healer Cornwall nodded tersely, handing the Weasley couple a piece of parchment with a detailed schedule written on it. “This is the potions regimen Miss Weasley will be started on today, barring any changes made later. All will be fed into her through an insertion spell while she is under a magically induced coma. After her release at the end of the week, it will be your responsibility to have her follow a new regimen for her to reach full health.”

                “Yes, yes of course.” Molly told the mediwitch, tucking the paper into her pocket gingerly and moving her chair to Ginny’s side, Arthur following suit. The healer watched them for a moment before moving towards the door, turning to address Healer Kumar once the door had been shut behind her.

                “Please go and get me some floo powder. I’m going to call Headmaster Dumbledore immediately.” Healer Kumar nodded once and strode off, leaving her senior to walk sedately back to her office.


                It was five days later that the rest of the Weasley children returned from Hogwarts, ferried back to the Burrow by the Knight Bus and excited for the beginning of summer. Upon entering their home, they found their father waiting for them at the kitchen table, the Daily Prophet spread out in front of him and a mug of gillywater in his hand. He asked his boys to put their things away and then come back down quickly, a task they executed with worry growing in their chests at the blatant tiredness dimming Arthur’s normally cheerful features. When those four of the Weasley brothers were sitting around their father, he pushed his drink and the newspaper to the side and gave a heavy sigh.

                “Something happened to your sister.” All four sat up rigidly at this; they had already been told about Ginny’s possession (save Ron), but they hadn’t been informed about anything else beyond that she was staying home to recover from it. “On Sunday, your mother found Ginny, and she had been stabbed twice in the stomach.” Alarmed looks painted his children’s faces, and Arthur held up a hand to stop them from speaking before he was done. “We don’t know who did it or how it happened, but thankfully she was healed in time. It did reveal a few lingering effects from the possession as well, so Ginny has been in a magical coma since then, taking many different potions to get her back to her former health. If all goes well, she’ll be able to come home within the next few days.”

                “Why didn’t you tell us?” Ron demanded, his ears turning red in frustration and his eyes narrowing dangerously.

                “You all still had school, and Ginny was in no danger after she got to St. Mungo’s.” Arthur nearly snapped; exhaustion and anxiety combining to make his usually soft countenance stern and irritable. “We had a choice between worrying you for the entirety of your final week or wait to tell you until you could physically be here with us, and her.”

                “Is- Is mother with Ginny right now?” Percy quietly asked, averting his eyes to study the dusty kitchen counter, no longer gleaming from constant use and constant cleaning, having been abandoned for almost a week. Arthur’s eyes softened as he looked at his middle child; Percy had been feeling so guilty for not telling anyone about Ginny’s troubles and Arthur knew that once she was released Percy wasn’t going to let her out of his sight.

                “She’ll be back soon, visiting hours end right around now.” Fred and George scowled fiercely, realizing that that meant they couldn’t see their baby sister right away. Arthur noticed this as well and was quick to reassure them, lest he start finding singed Gnomes out underneath their window. “Don’t worry, we’ll be going to St. Mungo’s tomorrow, you won’t have to wait much longer to see her. Maybe even-“

                Arthur cut himself off as Molly swept into the kitchen, frazzled and stressed but smiling and brightening even more when she caught sight of the rest of her family. The boys began bombarding her with questions, so loud that Arthur temporarily silencio-ed them before he could calm them down enough that their mother could speak.

                “They said that Ginny’s doing better than they could have expected.” Molly reported, the sheer relief she felt was clear in her eyes as she told them. “When we go tomorrow, Ginny will be awake. Healer Cornwall explained that she would wake her up before we got there because Ginny still has to take a few potions.”

                Arthur looked a little troubled, but nodded in acceptance. “If that’s what she thinks is best.”

                “When are we-“

                “-going to see her? Not too-“

                “-late in the day we hope.” The twins interjected, giving their parents equally pleading looks.

                “We’re going at noon, so we can bring Ginny lunch.” Molly said, finally sitting down heavily in the chair next to her husband. “I don’t feel up to cooking tonight.”

                “I’ll cook, dear, that is, if you don’t mind it being subpar compared to your meals.” Molly smiled at Arthur, content in the knowledge that tomorrow their life could start going back to normal.


                Two years later, Jinnai Kouhei opened his eyes.