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When Taehyung opened the case Jungkook could see that he was steeling himself for something. He wasn’t sure what exactly he was steeling himself for but he still did it, still bit down on his lower lip hard and narrowed his eyes in something that seemed like anticipation. Taehyung was probably terrified of the idea of opening it to see some grisly fetish inside: a cut off cock or a mound of crushed teeth inside the box. Like something a pet cat would bring to its owner; a chunk of grizzled meat to please them. Jungkook wouldn’t do something like that, wouldn’t make anyone open a box to find a fetish inside.


Well, not as a gift anyway.


So when Taehyung pulled the lid up fully to glance inside and he saw the gun his expression shifted completely. His mouth dropped open in a soft ‘o’ of surprise as his eyebrows lifted. Then he looked up at him rather dumbly, his lips not even moving to show that he was trying to speak. Was it surprised delight that had him speechless, or fear like always? Most men would cum in their trousers at the thought of getting a gun all for themselves but Taehyung was unlike most men. Jungkook had noticed that upon first glance and the more time that he spent in his presence the more obvious it became.


“You were right,” Jimin remarked with a laugh as he looked at Taehyung from his awkward position on his hands and knees. “His eyes really can get bigger.”


“A…a gun?”


“Yes, a gun just for you,” Jungkook said with a grin. “You need it. Go on, you can look at it properly. It’s a Cz75 Shadow,” he explained as Taehyung lifted it out of the box. Tentative touch, fingers clearly shaking as he did. He didn’t look at it like he had never seen a gun before, rather he just looked surprised by the fact he had been given one. “Commonly used by law enforcement. All you need to know is that it’s reliable, it has low recoil, and it’s beautiful.”


“Master Jeon, why-”


“Jungkook,” he corrected.


“Jungkook, why do I-I need a gun?”


“Men in close vicinity to me occasionally find themselves…in danger,” Jungkook explained as he watched the other man turned the gun over in his hands to study it. He pressed down on the magazine release and caught the magazine in his hand perfectly, showing that he clearly knew how to work a gun. “Empty magazine. You will get a full clip before leaving the apartment but not when inside. You understand yes: precautions.”


“Oh? Of course, of course I understand,” Taehyung said as he looked at the empty magazine and then back at the gun.


The Cz75 Shadow was not too dissimilar to his own gun except it was much thicker. The solid steel was coated in a black polymer blend so that it was matte rather than glossy metal, and the muzzle was rather flat. The safety was also set just above the grip rather than next to the hammer, the black slide switch longer than the one on his gun. It was a thick gun but in no way unattractive. It might not look sleek but it was deadly, and its true beauty lay in its lethality.


“Have you ever handled a gun before, Taehyung?”


“I served my military conscription before entering Lim’s service,” Taehyung explained. “I know how to work firearms, you don’t need to worry about that, Jungkook.”


“Good.” Jungkook lifted the case off Jimin’s back and placed it on his lap instead. Jimin shifted to get upright off the floor and he went over to the kitchen to no doubt get some more champagne. “As I said, it helps to keep my men armed in my company. Not because guns are needed, but the threat of them certainly keeps brothers on their toes. You’re no different. You need a gun too, Taehyung, so that they all know that you’re mine and you’re not to be messed with.”


At the word ‘mine’ Taehyung looked up sharply, hands shoving the magazine into the well hard. He didn’t even blink at the crisp clicking sound it made.


“Do you like your reward, Taehyung?” Jungkook asked as he cocked his head at him, soft smile playing at the corner of his lips. He knew that it was a rather pointless question because Taehyung would be certain to say yes to him. Of course he liked it, of course it was great, the best, fucking amazing and everything else. No one would look him in the eyes and say no, except his own father.


Taehyung placed the gun back into the case and he moved it onto the armrest of the chair. Then he shifted to get off the seat and Jungkook had to move back to avoid them slamming their heads together. He didn’t know what he was doing but when Taehyung got onto his knees he figured it out very quickly. The other man was kowtowing to him, leaning forward to press his palms down onto the marble flooring and then lowering his head to finish the full bow. Taehyung had his forehead pressed against the floor in a sign of near ultimate servitude. Wasn’t that just a beautiful sight to behold? Jungkook reached down to place his hand on the back of his head, his hair against his fingers so inviting; asking to be pulled on.


“What is this for, Taehyung?”


“Thank you, it’s a thank you,” he replied, keeping his forehead pressed against the flooring. “And a promise.”


“A promise?” Jungkook looked across the room to see Jimin glancing over with interest too, in the midst of pouring out a glass of champagne at the kitchen counter. A promise for what exactly? “Taehyung?”


“A promise that no man, stranger or a Haedogje Pa brother, will even think about touching you,” Taehyung explained as he sat upright again, hands on his knees. “I won’t let ‘em. I’ll stop ‘em.”


Jungkook studied his face to see that was being serious, almost fervently so. This was a solemn promise, but it was also a deadly threat. Taehyung was swearing fealty to him right now. Not fealty to Haedogje Pa and his brothers. To his father and the empire. He was swearing it to him and him alone.


My oh my.


Jungkook reached out to put his hands on his shoulders and he told him to go back to his room and get some rest. He was going to need it and he had earned it. So Taehyung collected the gun case and once again gave him a quick bow. Gave one to Jimin too and made him laugh sweetly at the sight as he moved to sit down on the bed. He wasn’t often on the receiving end of bows, all things considered. As soon as he had left the penthouse Jungkook got up off the floor to cross the suite.


“Where are the uppers, babe?” Jungkook asked as he opened the dresser drawer and saw the Valium. Jimin asked him why he wanted them, sipping at his champagne as he did. “I have work to do, coffee won’t scratch my itch and keep me awake. I need a nice hit.”


“Office room, you always leave some uppers in there for convenience, darling.”


So Jungkook went into his office and sure enough he found what he was looking for. In the top drawer of his desk was the prescription bottle of Adderall. A smarter alternative to cocaine right now. That was only fun when he could play with Jimin, and currently that wasn’t on the cards. He needed to do work, playtime would have to wait. He sat down in his chair and knocked back two of the white and orange pills dry as he grabbed the mouse in his free hand and moved the cursor across the left monitor. He opened the security system to the apartment block as he ran his tongue around his mouth, tasting the remains of the gelatine coating lingering. After a minute of checking he located Taehyung’s room number and he flicked through the feeds until he found the best camera.


Taehyung was lying in bed currently, possibly naked but likely wearing underwear. He couldn’t see with the covers in place. The camera of choice was #5, located in the top corner of the room behind the bed. As a result Taehyung was lying upside down in the feed, head at the bottom of the screen. He seemed to be awake judging from the sight of his fingers playing with the sheets and how he had an elbow cocked so he could lie on his side with his head resting on his palm. He was doing absolutely nothing of interest on the feed at all, clearly just waiting to fall asleep.


Jungkook just wanted to keep an eye on him, was all.


By the time the kick hit him he had already checked his voicemail and jotted down notes in his notebook to follow up on: to keep an eye on certain men or to initiate negotiations in regards to trades. He felt the surge in his chest first, a bloom of heat that made his pulse get a little too fast, and as it spread out he felt whatever tiredness that had been in his limbs being replaced by vitality instead. His concentration was sharp once more and he felt alert and damn near immortal. Jungkook scanned the list of incoming emails with a bored expression. All of them were the same old shit that Woo would soon sort out for him and reply to, unimportant and pointless shit. He considered getting the man to set up another address but knew that it would be pointless. Better to just let all emails come through to this one for the duration of the year before the fresh switch up to a new address next month.


A bunch of correspondences regarding tributes and gifts. Inquiries about everything and any-fucking-thing. Where were the important ones? Surely at least one email had came through addressed to him rather than Woo? He ran his forefinger along the screen and that was when he located a very familiar address.


“Thank fuck…” he muttered as he opened the file and scanned the message. That was tomorrow’s plans sorted out then. Jungkook lifted his phone to his ear after dialing Woo and he glanced at the screen to see Taehyung rolling onto his back in a rather restless and unsettled manner, dark hair fanning across the pillows. As usual Woo answered on the third dial even with it being 1am in the morning. The man didn’t seem to sleep and Jungkook wondered what he took to keep himself awake. “Tomorrow I have to collect important documents. From Songpa-gu, the syndicate has the dirt that I wanted. I’m going to meet with Seokjin in the morning and get them whilst also collecting the earnings report from the casino. Two birds with one bullet.”


Should I move your schedules aside and sort a new timetable out, Master Jeon?


“I would like it if you attended for me.”


Master Jeon, I don’t think that’s entirely possible. I have to meet with the heads from Dongdaemun-gu tomorrow because of the change yesterday morning. Then I have to be in Dongjak-gu for your father, and I have plans following this for the rest of the day. ” Woo paused and then added. “Plans on your behalf.


“I see.” Jungkook reached up with his free hand to wrap a finger around a lock of his hair. He fiddled with it absentmindedly.


I mean, there are minor meeting with tributaries that I can cancel and have gifts and documents brought to your men. You could check them over without needing to be present. But I do need to reschedule the meeting with the heads of Yongsan-gu because- ” Woo carried on talking and unsurprisingly he lost interest almost instantly. Jungkook had to keep his sigh trapped in his throat instead of vocalise it. His eyes wandered across his desk and then he glanced at the computer screen for a second. He was just about to look away again when his attention was seized and he turned his head to look at it again.


Taehyung was touching himself on the camera feed.


“…Fine, do that. Bye.” Jungkook ended the call and shifted to cock an elbow up on the table as he got closer to the screen. Maybe he had been mistaken, had just caught Taehyung in the middle of moving so that it looked like he was. But after a few seconds he saw that that was not the case.


The man was lying in the bed with the sheets up to just his lower ribs and he was most certainly masturbating. There was no way of mistaking it, Jungkook had seen the routine over and over so often now that he knew it was true. Taehyung was jerking off under the bed covers like a recently blooming teenage boy that was scared of being caught in the act. But he had still been caught out anyway because he was most certainly not being discreet about it. It was clear that Taehyung too had seen this routine over and over; had danced this step very frequently.


“Are you watching him?” Jimin asked from his position in the doorway. He was lounged against it, the silk bathrobe rustling as it brushed against the wood. The lengths reached his mid-thighs and he had the sleeves rolled up his forearms. “He must be doing something very interesting.”


“Taehyung is…finding it very hard to sleep,” Jungkook remarked as he shifted his gaze up to look at the other man. “I think he’s thinking about you.”


“Don’t they all think about me?” Jimin cocked his head with a rather proud smile and then he seemed to think something over. It was the way that his gaze shifted down to look at the back of the monitor screen and how the corners of his lips dropped ever so slightly.


“Come on over, you can watch too, babe.” Jungkook invited with a curl of his fingers. So Jimin moved from the doorway to cross the room and sit down on his lap. On the screen Taehyung was still masturbating, the steady movement on his arm all that he could see because the covers were blocking the rest.


“Oh, that’s a shame,” Jimin said in a rather disappointed tone. “I was hoping that we would see more.”


“Don’t you like teasing, babe?” Jungkook asked with a soft smile as he studied the back of his head.


“You think he’s teasing us?” he asked as he glanced back at him. “Like he knows there are cameras?”


“He knows there are cameras. He was looking right at one earlier. If he doesn’t know then he should at least expect the possibility, which would make the bathroom a smarter choice. Of course there’s cameras in there too but…” Jungkook lifted his hand and pressed his index finger against Jimin’s lips. “You gave Taehyung a show earlier, so now he’s giving us one back.”


“I told him that you like watching,” Jimin said as he turned his head to look at the screen, knocking his finger away in the process. “Oh, wait.”


On the screen Taehyung had finally pulled the covers down and the sight it revealed was enough to have Jimin making appreciative noises. His underwear was still snagged around his thighs because he had clearly eased himself into this, had given into the urge after trying to ignore it. The white cotton clashed against his tanned skin wonderfully and he struggled to free himself of the underwear as he carried on pumping his fist. Jungkook saw a weak dribble of precum on his lower stomach, glistening in the thatch of his pubic hair.


“You should upload this onto the website. Voyeuristic secret cams always do well. Some guys just like watching pretty boys jerking off like a fly on the wall. And he looks pretty. Really pretty. What’s the audio like?”


Jungkook shifted to move the mouse and with a few tweaks here and there he turned the sound for the feed on and it came out of the speakers full volume. The office room filled with the sound of Taehyung jerking himself off hard, the sound of his cum-slick fist pumping around his cock and thumping down onto the base with a wet slapping sound. Under this was the soft creaking of the bed springs as the man lifted his hips up and thrust them rather uselessly. But the best sound by far was the deep moans of pleasure coming out of Taehyung’s slack lips. He wasn’t even trying to muffle himself but he did have his other arm over his eyes so that they were blocked from view. That was a sign of something close to shyness, or maybe shame.


Taehyung most certainly knew that he was being watched.


“Shit, darling, he sounds good,” Jimin said as he turned to look back at him. “He would be fantastic on camera. Imagine how many users would pay to watch this shit? And then imagine how many would pay for actual fucking?”


“I know he would, babe, but this isn’t going on the website.”


On the screen Taehyung moved his arm from his eyes and he let go of his cock to slip his right hand down between his thighs. Jungkook knew what he was doing and he felt a wonderful little throb in the pit of his stomach. Because of the leaked cum Taehyung could easily slip his fingers inside of himself and as he did he arched his back and took several hitching breaths. His left hand went back to his erection and he awkwardly tried to carry on pumping his fist. It didn’t take much of this before Taehyung orgasmed. The sensation of his fist and his fingers curling up inside of him made the man throw his head back against the pillow and with a few hard bucks of his hips he ejaculated all over his stomach. Jungkook watched the several strings spurt out over his tanned skin, splashing up high enough to land on his throat, and he felt the tip of his tongue sticking out to wet his lips.


“This is going in the private collection,” he finished as he watched Taehyung’s comedown from his pleasure, watched him slip his fingers out from between his thighs and shift to spread out on the bed messily, chest rising and falling rapidly slick with sweat. Soft whimpers came out of his open mouth and he reached up to brush his hair off his brow.


“When do I get to reward him?” Jimin asked as he shifted to look at him. He did so purposely slow to brush against his crotch and he straddled his lap so that he could look at his face fully, slipping his arms around his neck.


“Soon, we need to…to ease into things. Think of it like fishing.” Jimin told him that he had never been fishing before. “Well, to catch a fish you need a hook, bait and much patience. Now I’m the hook and Taehyung is the fish. What does that make you?”


“The bait,” Jimin said with a wide grin.


“The delicious bait,” Jungkook agreed as he reached up to place his hands on the backs of his thighs, grip firm. “Taehyung isn’t like us, babe. He’s not open about things, but he will be in time. That’s why we needed to bait and tempt him out. What you just saw on the livefeed? That was proof that your baiting is working. Let Taehyung think about you, get under his skin. Then when the time comes…” Jungkook paused and smirked at him. “Taehyung will stick his ass right in the air for you. He’ll be begging you to fuck him.”


“What if he doesn’t bite?” Jimin asked him in a quiet voice as he trailed his fingers along his upper thigh slowly.


“He will,” Jungkook said as his gaze shifted to look back at the computer screen. “I know he will.”






A car ride had never felt as awkward in his entire life as this one currently did. Taehyung could recall a few vivid memories involving cars; from fracturing his wrist aged seven at the park and being driven screaming and crying to the hospital by his father, to awkward heavy petting in the backseat of a high school friend’s brother’s car, whose face he couldn’t seem to recall right now. Even the aftermath of Nam’s murder had involved a car but this…this was something else entirely.


“What’s the plan today, Master Jeon?” Taehyung asked as he forced himself to drag his eyes away from the window and look at him. He never knew what was happening each day and he guessed at some point he might just end up with a schedule of some sort. “Another meeting?”


“Not exactly a meeting,” Jungkook replied. He seemed nice and content, almost relaxed. He didn’t look like he had slept much and Taehyung wondered why. As if he didn’t know the answer to that question. He assumed that maybe the young man had snorted a line or three before stepping out of the elevator this morning and he wouldn’t at all be surprised. “More a…a transaction. A business transaction if you will.”


“Will I have to assist you?” Taehyung didn’t have to specify what he meant by for this, for it was pretty obvious. What he meant was: “do I have to mutilate a man today?”, “do I have to help with torture?”, or “do I actually kill someone?”. The weight of the gun holster inside of his suit jacket was strange and he didn’t like it. It felt dangerous but the knowledge that this was just a transaction certainly made it feel a little lighter.


“No need to worry about violence today, Taehyung,” Jungkook said as he once again placed his hand on his knee. Almost as if it belonged there now. “Today is going to be nothing more than blue skies and calm waters.”


How Taehyung could hold his eyes today he didn’t even know himself. Deep down a part of him had been thinking that Jungkook would have missed it all because he had been much too busy with work. That part of him had felt something close to relief at the idea. But then he had seen the way that Jungkook had looked at him the moment they had first locked eyes and he just knew that he had seen it all. That preternatural knowledge of his. That smirk that he had barely been able to curb when he gestured for him to follow along after him. Jungkook had seen his performance and the smirk had shown him that he approved of it. Hell, he might just have stroked himself whilst watching it.


Taehyung knew that he was playing a rather frightening game right now. After the events in the penthouse suite, the pornography and the shameless sexual tension that Jungkook seemed to greatly enjoy creating, he had started to see something close to a shortcut. A way to get as close to Jungkook as possible. Weaponising sex as a method of gaining traction and information. At one point he had thought that ass-licking and dirtying his hands would have been his way in, but now he knew otherwise.


Murder and fucking were the only ways into Jungkook’s heart and he could use both to get his own way.


Was there something strangely thrilling about the added danger, about the chasing and teasing? Most certainly, Taehyung couldn’t deny the fact that he was enjoying that part. His performance hadn’t been fake after all. He had jerked himself off just knowing that Jungkook would see it on his security cameras and that it would edge him that little bit closer to intimate knowledge and attention.


Except what had started off as thinking about Jimin and his act in the suite bedroom - really nothing different to watching pornography on a computer screen - had rapidly progressed into fantasies involving holding Jungkook down against the bed and pounding into him until the younger man had been shouting in pleasure and telling him that he was so good at fucking him.


Just like he was at castration.


And assisting in torture and murder.


Taehyung wasn’t really sure what that meant but he was trying to ignore it all.


“Not everything is violence,” Jungkook said in a strangely philosophical tone. He wasn’t going to believe that at all. Taehyung had seen nothing more than violence since sneaking into Haedogje Pa and getting close to The Boy. If a day passed that didn’t end in violence then he would plant his face firmly between Jungkook’s thighs and deliver a rather sloppy attempt at a blowjob. “Sometimes one has to bide their time and wait for it. A slow burn, anticipation if you will. It’s like waiting for a countdown to drop and a bomb to explode.”


Taehyung wondered when the time bomb he was currently strapped to would go off and if he was going to end up blowing himself up with it or blowing up an empire.


When the car pulled up outside a building he looked out of the window to see something that looked like a small office block. It was just three stories high including the ground floor and it was made from solid concrete and had no windows. Just a set of glass revolving doors. This looked nothing like the building they had previously visited, the brick boarding house styled ones. It looked completely different and he climbed out to hold the door for Jungkook and then he followed him across the sidewalk to get inside. Taehyung was surprised by how…official this place looked. All business rather than shady deals in strip club backrooms. There was a well lit and rather welcoming entrance area with carpeted flooring and a long stretch of glass and wood counter. There was even a secretariat on the desk and she bowed deeply the moment she laid eyes on them both.


“Master Jeon, right this way.” She ducked out from under a partition and then hastily crossed the entrance to lead them through a door. She held a silken red curtain divider up for them and then carried on walking across the massive new room. It was filled with desks and computers all placed in the centre of the room, on which men and women were all working away. On the far wall was a massive projector screen covered in what looked like stocks to his eyes though he wasn’t at all sure, and below that was a rolling bulletin filled with more names and numbers. Along most of the walls there were also doors that led into other small rooms and Taehyung glanced into them as they passed. There were only women inside these rooms and they were dressed to the tens in gorgeous evening gowns. Most of them had low plunging necklines or bodices that pushed their breasts up high and firm. Hair perfectly styled, makeup like that he would expect to see on a red carpet event, they were all in front of massive computer monitors and seemingly hooked up to webcams. As they passed one of the booths he heard a woman with a husky voice ask if someone would like to fold.


That was when he figured out what the building was. This was a casino, an online casino. There were live attractive female tellers and they were handling a series of things, from roulette to cards and possibly betting and more.


The secretariat led them across the ground-floor and then stopped in front of a closed door. She gave them both a bow and then went back the way that she had came. The sound of her low heels clicking on the wooden flooring was like that of clock fingers ticking. Jungkook glanced at him and so Taehyung grabbed the door handle and pushed it open, stepping into the room first and then to the side to let the younger man inside.


“Ah, Master Jeon, you’re earlier than I expected.”


Sitting at a wide glass and chrome desk there was a young man. Taehyung thought that he was older than he was but perhaps only slightly older. He had dark brown hair that fell over his brow in a neat fashion, and on the end of his nose were a pair of massive round glasses which he proceeded to remove and place on the desk. With them no longer on it was easier to focus on his face and Taehyung saw that he was handsome, the kind of face he expected to see on an actor. Rounded eyes, nondescript nose but full lips that were very pleasing to look at. A nice wide frame too even though he looked to be slim. Under his suit jacket he saw he was wearing a knitted waistcoat. Milky pink.


Well then, he hadn’t expected that.


“You know how I feel about tardiness, Seokjin,” Jungkook said as Taehyung closed the door behind them.


“I was just going over new applicants,” Seokjin explained as he closed the file over on his desk. “Some of the women you sell on street corners have so much more potential, Master Jeon. I aim to find every last one of them and let them show their true talents.”


“One can do maths like Einstein and still fuck like a porn star,” Jungkook retorted as he sat down in the chair. “I know a certain someone capable of both these feats.”


Taehyung noted something very peculiar about this certain scene and it was the fact that Seokjin hadn’t given Jungkook a bow, or not at least a proper one that required him getting out of his seat. No handshake either. It was almost as if there was an equal balance between them both, a strange and hard to process thought. He moved to stand behind his chair because there was nowhere for him to actually sit in the room.


“When selecting, go for the face,” Jungkook advised. “Not the tits. The face is important, costs more to fix. The tits are pretty cheap.”


“Mhm,” Seokjin’s lips pulled in slightly at this and Taehyung saw his eyes narrowing. He was looking at Jungkook in what could have been amusement. “Well,Master Jeon, it’s actually a matter of ignoring both of those things first and foremost, and instead hiring women that can tell.”


“I assumed, Seokjin, that you would only interview women that could tell. Therefore you need to narrow the choices down, yes?” Seokjin held his gaze rather confidently and he refused to be intimidated. Oh what Taehyung wouldn’t do to have a poker face like that. “Enough of this, let’s get to the important shit.”


“Of course, you’re as impatient as always I see,” Seokjin remarked rather wryly as he reached down to open a desk drawer. He pulled an thin and small envelope out and also a USB pen. All black and rather unassuming to look at. Looked like every other pen yet Taehyung knew that it contained some important shit. After all that was exactly how Jungkook had described it. “I’ll see to it that I have more information for our next meeting, Master Jeon.” He held the USB pen out to him. “Particularly in regards to Jung. It’s hard to keep both a cocaine and child pornography addiction under wraps for very long. I’m surprised that his cover lasted this long truthfully.”


“Seokjin, you truly are an angel,” Jungkook announced as he got out of the seat and leaned over to grab his cheeks in his hands. Clearly this was a regular occurrence for he didn’t even blink at the sudden contact. Taehyung found that he wasn’t that all surprised to see Jungkook moving forward to kiss him on the mouth, an open kiss but only brief and not that intimate.


“Is he a new toy?” Seokjin asked as Jungkook let go of his face and he accepted the USB pen and envelope out of his hand. Taehyung saw his eyes sliding to look at him. His gaze was strong but not intimidating.


“Mmm, well I do have a habit of breaking my toys,” Jungkook remarked as he slipped them both into his inner jacket pocket.


“Try not to break this one, he’s pretty.”


Taehyung didn’t question this as they left the casino joint. He had learnt to not question anything until he was only in Jungkook’s company. Though the chauffeur was also acceptable from what he knew. So when they had settled down inside the car only then did he take the plunge and open his mouth.


“Is…is Seokjin a friend, Master Jeon?”


“If by friend you mean ‘have you fucked him?’ the answer is yes,” Jungkook replied without the slightest hint of hesitation or embarrassment. “Before he worked for me Seokjin worked for my father, I suppose you could call him a brothel…not Madam, whatever the fuck a male term would be. Brothel Master?” Taehyung stared at him as he spoke, interest and curiosity piqued. “Whatever the case, he was one step below being a pimp on the ladder but that single step still meant that he had to work the sheets too.”


“Did…did you rescue him?” Taehyung asked in a quiet voice and for some reason this made Jungkook laugh.


“Am I hero to you, Taehyung?” he asked with a smile. “Rescuing poor whores from serfdom and granting them new lives? No, Seokjin was a good fuck. A free fuck at that too. After one particularly fantastic fuck I discovered that he had quite a lot of information about clients, important clients. Turns out that some of the dumb fuckers talked to him and quite a lot of secrets spilled out. So from that point onward I discovered many other things about Seokjin. That’s why he no longer works a brothel. He earned his position unlike most of the men I have to work with.”


The vehicle fell silent and Taehyung dropped his gaze to his own lap as he thought this over. Seokjin had earned his position Jungkook had said. Earned it through years of servitude to Jeon and through sex with The Boy. Was what he was doing now a crash course in earning a position too? The murders, the torture, the…? Taehyung swallowed hard and tried to not think about what had happened last night. He found it hard enough to look at Jungkook as it was. Was this all his way of collecting points up in the hopes of not having to worry about losing Jungkook’s favour? Or was the fact that Jungkook had plucked him from the choices a sign that he was already in his favour?


“When you said files I imagined documents, folders, actual paper files,” Taehyung said to break the silence. “Why couldn’t Seokjin send ‘em electronically? Why’d we have to collect ‘em in person?”


“Never send important files electronically, Taehyung,” Jungkook said as he pulled the USB pen out his jacket pocket and flashed it at him. “That’s asking to be hacked. Emails, accounts, all tracked and all hackable. But collect the information in person and you don’t need to worry about that.” Taehyung eyed the USB pen and an idea flashed through his mind. The idea of sending a pen filled with information in the mail to a certain police department across the capital. Maybe he couldn’t risk phone calls and emails for fear of being traced but something like that…


When they arrived back at the apartment block Jungkook rode up in the elevator with him and surprised him by following him into his room as opposed to up to his own suite. Taehyung quickly figured out why for the young man went over to the computer and got it out of sleep mode so that he could plug the USB pen into the computer port. He saw a box pop up on the screen telling him that Jungkook was copying the files onto the drive and he saw a whooping 20GB of information downloading onto the drive.


“I have a conference call with some Japanese realty estate agents. Get the information, wipe the USB. There’s a disposal chute two floors down. Just toss it in that,” Jungkook explained as he fiddled with his shirt cuffs to neaten them. “I can access the files from my computer so I’ll check them out when my schedule frees up. I expect you to check them over in my absence.”


“Yeah, Jungkook, I’ll be sure to do that,” Taehyung promised as he shifted to sit at the desk.


“Good,” Jungkook said as he dropped his hand onto his shoulder to squeeze it firmly. Taehyung wished that hearing that would didn’t make his stomach feel tight.


Whilst the files downloaded onto the drive he made some food. Clearly Jungkook had had the kitchen stocked for him at some point since yesterday afternoon. So he packed rice in the cooker and set about hastily stirfrying vegetables and slivers of beef to go into side dishes. Though the champagne bottles neatly placed in the rack were a great temptation he settled for making a pot of coffee and carrying it over to the desk instead. He didn’t eat at the kitchen counter because he wanted to keep an eye on the downloading files. By the time he had finished the meal and also devoured the leftovers rather than trash the food the download process was finished. Taehyung eyed the massive folder packed with images and documents, audio files and more. Then he decided to click on one at random. He was greeted by a photograph of a rather portly old man with a head of white hair, stepping out of a building with his head held rather low. He was about to close it when something seemed to spark in his brain and he paused. Then he eyed the photograph more closely and it hit him.


He was looking at a photograph of Mayor Jung, Mayor Jung of Yongsan-gu. He had seen the man enough times at department medal ceremonies and such to know him. Wait, what was he doing in this folder of files?


Taehyung hit the sideways arrow key and sure enough he saw successive photographs of the man, all taken at once. Then he closed the window and went back to the files. It took him several attempts to find something of interest. He scanned the text document to see random words jumping out at him. “… participating in production and distribution of files” , “… refused service by Seo who claimed he wouldn’t procure goods for his demands. Seo later had an attempt on his life and nearly died from acute poisoning.” Taehyung furrowed his brow and saw various figures and terms that he didn’t know or understand appearing on the file so he closed it and went back to looking at the photographs.


Several arrow clicks later he discovered what exactly he was in the folder.


“Fuck, oh fuck oh fuck-” Taehyung closed the window and dived back in his chair so hard that it nearly toppled backwards and spilled him to the floor. His heart felt like it was trapped at the back of his throat and he squeezed his eyes shut and let out a strangled groan. Seokjin had mentioned a certain Jung and child pornography in the same sentence earlier but he had been too stupid to figure it out until now.


Taehyung opened a Word file and he hastily typed to finish this as quickly as he could. Too scared of being caught out somehow, too scared of how reckless he was being. But he just had to do this, he just knew that he did.


The Boy’s got an online gambling company. Real deals, real cash. I think it’s connected to The Gold Monkey, Jeon’s own investment, through a syndicate. This isn’t The Boy’s investment however, this is part of his job. He uses the casino as a cover cos he also has spies in the circuit collecting info. This some of the shit they found out.


Read it all.


Don’t let Chief Superintendent General see it. Don’t let anyone but the team see it.


Swear to fucking god don’t let em see it or they’ll shut us down and destroy the mission.


The Boy’s also running an online pornography empire. Livefeeds every week and prerecorded shit uploaded daily. Dunno domain, think it’s deep web. Gotta be deep web. He couldn’t hide it for long unless it was deep web.


I swore fealty to him and only him, and I think I’m doing good so far.


I’ll try and get more info. Sorry about the delay in contact, I’ll also try and keep the communications going better. This should suffice for now, right?


Taehyung didn’t use names because that seemed too risky. He didn’t need to because Namjoon would know that it was him. No one else could have gotten the information and he trusted his teammate to accept what he had. It wasn’t enough, not by far but it was better than nothing. No direct names, nothing substantial to catch The Boy out with but still priceless information on someone else. If someone could make the connections, could get an informant into the casino to get even more details…this could be something. This could lead to the exact information that he was hoping to uncover.


The first link in the net that he was planning on throwing over Jungkook.


He saved the file straight onto the USB rather than onto the actual drive and then he double-checked that he had everything. Then, satisfied that he did he ejected it and then unplugged it from the computer and pushed his chair out to get to his feet. Taehyung collected his jacket and shrugged it on as he crossed the room to leave the apartment room. He didn’t take the elevator but instead settled on going down the flight of stairs, after all the disposal chute was just two floors below him. His bare soles padded on the wooden steps and his fingers tightened around the USB pen as he thought the plan over.


Pretend to trash the pen.


Leave the apartment and get to a store.


Buy cigarettes and a padded envelope.


Taehyung had no clue if there were cameras in the hallways but he assumed that there were. He stepped onto the right floor and lifted his gaze to stare up at the corners of the hallway but he saw nothing. They were discreet ones clearly, not like the ones in his apartment room. So when he reached the disposal chute on the far wall he reached into his trouser pocket to pull the USB free. He pulled the hatch up and leaned in to make it look like he was dropping the pen down there, the wiped and now clean pen. But he didn’t. It was all a mime act and he brought his hand back out of the chute, hastily closing the hatch and then shoving both hands in his pockets. He turned on his heel and walked down the hallway, cool and casual.


Not at all like he was planning on smuggling a USB full of documents out of the apartment block.


Taehyung pressed the button on the wall and he loosened his fingers to let the USB pen out of his grip. Then he reached up and ruffled at hair in a bored fashion just to carry on with his act. When the doors pinged open he stepped inside and hit the ground-floor option with a hard jab of his thumb. Then he leaned back against the carriage wall and it descended at that same smooth and quick speed. He ran his tongue along the backs of his teeth and wondered if this would even work. But why would they search him? A search before entering made perfect sense but leaving? There was nothing that he could smuggle out of the apartment room other furniture and kitchen utensils. So why would they do that? Taehyung knew that he was just worrying about it all needlessly and he needed to not do so. If he could keep a poker face then he wouldn’t arouse suspicion at all. But if he looked like he was up to no good then…


The doors opened and he was forced to step out the carriage. He walked surprisingly steady considering everything and went right up to the apartment check-in counter.


“I need to go out. Cigarettes,” Taehyung explained as he shoved his hands into his trouser pockets. “Fucking ran out.”


The man behind the counter had shades on, ridiculous but true. It wasn’t hard looking at him because he didn’t have to meet his eyes properly. No, he just had to look at the empty blackness of the lenses and keep his gaze steady. For a few seconds the check-in area was silent and then the man’s expression shifted.


“Master Jeon’s got you working like crazy I heard,” the man remarked before grinning at him. “Yeah, no wonder you ran out. I’d have smoked about ten fucking packets by now.”


“I’d have smoked a fucking carton, Dongjun,” one of the bouncers joked in a gravelly voice.


“Ha, good one Siwon,” Dongjun said as he moved to collect something from under the counter. Taehyung saw that it was the cardboard tray with his shoes in and that meant that he had been cleared. The full and unused magazine clip from this morning was in it too, but he didn’t need that. “Might wanna buy a fucking carton, Kim.”


“Yeah, think I just might, brother,” Taehyung mumbled as he got his shoes out. He didn’t even unknot them and instead just awkwardly shoved his feet into them without a care. Unknotting and then knotting them again took too much time and he wanted to get out of the block before something could happen. Like Jungkook suddenly deciding that he wanted him called to his suite and foiling his rather perfect plan.


“Just business?”


“Huh?” Taehyung asked as his foot finally slipped into the first shoe.


“Master Jeon making you work just business?” Dongjun clarified and at this the two men across the room started laughing. Not uproarious laughter but rather soft and seemingly knowing. “Or something more than that?”


“Just…just business.” Taehyung turned back to his other shoe and he felt rather stupid right now. Hunkered down and struggling to get into his own shoes whilst the men were all staring at him. Staring at him and no doubt thinking about the kind of shit that went on in Jungkook’s penthouse suite.


The kind of shit that he had technically participated in.


Taehyung slipped his second shoe on and straightened up, cheeks suddenly a lot warmer than they had been. Yet the bouncers didn’t say a word and so he took that as a sign to leave the apartment room. At least Siwon held the door for him. The closest store to the apartment was quite a few blocks down. Having never been in Gangnam-gu before he thought that an excuse about trying to find a store would excuse how long he would be. After all it was a rich housing area, so cheap convenience stores were nowhere in sight. Taehyung walked at a fast and nervous pace and after a ten minute walk he found the store. He stepped inside and went straight across the store without even hesitating. He grabbed the smallest padded envelope for sale and then went to till and grabbed a packet of cigarettes to placed them both down.


“Hey, uh, where’s the closest post office?” he asked as the elderly man rang up his purchases. Taehyung stuck his false bank card into the card machine and quickly entered his PIN.


“Not from the area?” the elderly man asked with a smile as he hit enter, so he said something about business. “Just carry on down the street and take a right. There’s a small post office right there on the corner. Can’t miss it, got a sign on the side.”


“Ah, thank you.” Taehyung gave him a slight bow to be respectful as he grabbed the receipt and items and then he left the store to locate the post office. His directions were perfect and he saw the small brick building because of the blue and white sign on the side. So he entered it to find that it was currently empty at this early afternoon hour. Taehyung reached the counter and he realised that he didn’t have a pen. He asked the middle-aged woman behind the glass partition if she had one and she slid a marker pen over. With the post office currently being empty he didn’t need to worry about holding a queue up. So he pulled the USB pen out of his pocket and put it down. Then he uncapped the marker and jotted down the police department address in bold capital letters. He made sure to put ‘Kim Namjoon’ on the very top to ensure that the letter went straight to him first. Then he flipped it around and added his apartment room address to the back as a return address.


Not his current one but his real apartment room. The one that belonged to Kim Taehyung, vice desk officer with an addiction to trash dramas and not Kim Taehyung, Haedogje Pa member and chief torturer.


Taehyung recapped the pen and placed it back on the counter for the woman to accept. Then he opened the padded envelope and shoved the USB pen inside of it. She asked what method he would like as he peeled the tape off and sealed the envelope.


“First class, how long would it take to reach the address?”


“It would go in the late shipment and likely reach the address by tomorrow afternoon. Early, not late,” she explained and so Taehyung confirmed that he would like it first class. There was a card machine on the counter but he didn’t want to risk anything showing on bank records should Jungkook suddenly decide to do some checking and find him shipping parcels at post offices. So he covered the costs with the little cash still left in his wallet. The worker stuck several stamps to the envelope and then stamped it with a rubber pad before turning to her computer. A few seconds later she was handing him a receipt and a palmful of coins.


“Thank you,” Taehyung accepted them and left the post office. He shoved the cash and then lifted the receipt to study it. Then he scrunched it up into a tight ball and tossed it at the gutter. It fell through the slight gap in the grate and disappeared out of sight a second later.




Taehyung reached inside his jacket pocket to pull the cigarettes and brand new lighter free. He tore the plastic wrapper off and thumbed the box open to pull one out with his teeth. He lit the end and took a deep drag before letting it out on a heavy sigh.


He thought that he had earned this smoke break.






Jungkook had told him to go over the files and Taehyung did. Just not the photographs. Nothing Jungkook could possibly threaten or promise him with could possibly get him to look at a single one of the photographs that Seokjin’s net had managed to catch. The Boy could hold a gun against his head and tell him he would pull the trigger if he didn’t and he would willingly ask him to pull it. As if reading the documents on Jung weren’t bad enough, but seeing the evidence? If Jungkook had the stomach for it then let him check but he was done. Taehyung could stomach a lot more than he had imagined possible before joining Haedogje Pa, but child pornography was not one of those things.


The Mayor of fucking Yongsan-gu was a paedophile and no one even had a clue. No one except Haedogje Pa and Jungkook and it seemed that Jungkook had reasons to want dirt on the man. Why? To blackmail him with? To kill him? He didn’t really know but he did know this: the information that he had looked at, that he had passed along to the department…that was bad shit. The kind people were killed for possessing. Should he have really sent the USB pen to his teammates knowing that they could possibly be endangered for finding out this information? Taehyung was confused and conflicted but he just knew that he had had to get it out there somehow.


Namjoon and the team were the only people that he had right now outside of Haedogje Pa.


When a knock sounded on the apartment door Taehyung was brought out of his deep musings suddenly. He turned in his seat to eye it and then got upright to answer it for he had slipped the lock over. When he pulled the door open he saw that Jungkook was standing there in the hallway, once more just like yesterday evening. A good sign was the fact that he wasn’t dressed fully; jacket and shoes and gloves. No, he was wearing just his shirt and trousers and he looked to be coming down from whatever high he had been on all day. That meant that he wasn’t going to drag him across the capital to commit cold blooded murder today at least. A nice surprise.


“Good evening, Taehyung.” It only hit him then that it was in fact nearly the evening. He hadn’t even registered how long he had been looking at the files for. Time seemed to be moving much too quickly these days for him to keep track of. “I’d ask to come in but seen as I own the building I don’t think I technically need to.” Taehyung moved out of the way to allow him inside anyway and he saw that he was carrying a case much like the one he had been given last night.


“Jungkook, what’s that?”


Jungkook crossed the room to sit down at a low table close to the intercom and he placed the case down and flipped it open. Taehyung moved over to sit opposite him on the floor cushion. Then the young man was pulling a gun out of the case as if it was nothing at all.


“Beretta 92fs,” Jungkook explained as lay it gun down on the table. “A beautiful gun, don’t you think?”


Taehyung thought that it was a massive understatement. To say that it was a beautiful gun was like saying that water was wet: stupidly obvious. No, looking at the gun he thought that it was very much a piece of art. Sleek black steel that gleamed in the ceiling lights. The stock had the company logo stamped onto the rubberised grip, the three arrows and rings and the name ‘Beretta’ underneath. A single glance showed it was quality and he didn’t even need to look at the logo.


Jungkook’s fingers worked with steadiness and confidence as he started taking the gun apart in front of him. First he pressed the magazine release with his thumb and the magazine dropped to land in his opposite palm. Taehyung eyed it to see that it was empty just like his gun. Then he was removing the chamber and the barrel from the frame, and the parts all started to add up on the table. Along with these there was the slide and pins. Pins that would spring back at the cock of the hammer and then forward with the pull of the trigger. Six pieces were now on the table along with the main frame and Jungkook turned his attention to the small case to pull the cleaning equipment out.


“Jimin doesn’t like guns so I don’t clean this in front of him,” he explained as he pulled out a cloth and a container that clearly contained oil for greasing up the metal. “I’ve offered to buy him one to help him get over the fear but he’s much too scared of them. Had a few pointed at him in the past. That does make them something to be scared of, I suppose.”


“He has?”


“Before becoming mine Jimin was a prostitute, Taehyung. Having a gun pointed at him is surprisingly more pleasant than some of the horrors he could have faced.” Jungkook put the metal container down and picked up a thin pin piece to hastily wipe it down. “He doesn’t like guns, he’s thinking about the option of a blade. Just not guns.”


“Have you?” Taehyung asked. “Have you had a gun pointed at you?”


“…Once,” Jungkook explained, pausing in the act of oiling the barrel piece. He didn’t look at him but his eyes did move to study the table. “When I was a child a man pointed a gun at me, held it right up to my head in fact.” He stared at the younger man in shock. “My father pissed an associate off. Said associate ended up in a shallow grave two days later.”


“Do you want me to fill the magazine?” Taehyung asked as he watched him dabbing oil onto the cloth. Jungkook made a soft noise at this and so he moved to pick the magazine up and then pulled the packet of bullets out of the case. He might have been used to working with pre-filled magazines at the firing range for convenience but Hoseok had shown him how to fill them too, just to be safe. Only men that were expecting to fire guns carried pre-filled clips after all. He pulled eight out and placed them along the table before slipping them into the magazine, snapping them in place.


When he was done he put the full magazine down and looked up to see that Jungkook was staring at him. He was oiling the magazine well slowly, fingers curled around it as he dragged his wrist back and forth. Taehyung stared at the sight and lifted his gaze up to Jungkook’s eyes. The young man’s expression said everything that he needed to know.


Jungkook’s expression told him that that could be his cock if he wanted it to be. If he wanted he could get to feel exactly what the well was feeling right now, the press of his fingers and the warmth of his skin; the steady pumping of his wrist up and down his length.


“You’ve never shot someone before, have you?” Taehyung shook his head at this and quietly stated that his military experience had been only target practice. “Taehyung, when you pull that trigger and hear the bullet thumping into someone, there are no words to explain it. When the bullet flies free with that booming sound, have you ever thought about how it’s almost like an orgasm?”


Taehyung forced himself to hold his gaze even though he was certain that he would choke on the lump in his throat.


“Guns are such phallic things. Hard barrels, triggers that pump bullets. Didn’t you ever think about how a gun is really just like a cock ?” Jungkook explained as he started oiling faster, rubbing the cloth against the metal as if trying to remove a stubborn stain. Except he wasn’t and they both knew it.


“What about blades?” Taehyung asked in a quiet voice as he watched his fist pumping around the magazine well.


“Blades are too. You wrap your hand around the grip tight…and you plunge it into a body over and over. It’s like sex, well…” Jungkook paused and furrowed his brow. “Actually it’s more like rape. People don’t really consent to being stabbed fifty-one times in the stomach.”


“Do you like that feeling?”


“I like the power,” Jungkook replied as he stopped rubbing the magazine well and dropped the cloth. Taehyung could finally swallow again though he felt like it was much too forced. An audible gulp. Then the young man started putting the gun back together again; slipping the pins in place and then the barrel and chamber. “I decided that I’m going to teach you how to tie men up. You need to start liking the power too, Taehyung. It can be a wonderful thing, a…pleasurable thing.”


“How…how are you going to teach me?”


“You’re going to tie me up, Taehyung,” Jungkook said as he lifted the magazine and shoved it into the well. There was a hard and crisp click . “The only way I’ll know if you can really tie a man up correctly is to test it myself.”


Taehyung felt his heartbeat starting to get a little offbeat in his chest. Tie Jungkook up? Tie the heir of Haedogje Pa up just like Howon had been yesterday before all of his teeth had been pulled out? Taehyung wasn’t at all sure that he could just do that. The sudden reversal of their positions was something too large for him to comprehend and he was quite frankly scared of the idea. There was a part that told him that tying Jungkook up had all kinds of sexual connotations behind it. The thought of leaning over him to hold his wrists down against the armrests, faces inches apart, was enough to make Taehyung wet his lips nervously.


Jungkook turned back to the case and he slipped the gun holder up to reveal a smaller hidden compartment. Inside of it there was a tightly wound thin bundle of white nylon rope. Then he got to his feet and crossed the apartment room to pull his desk chair out. Satisfied that it had detached armrests he sat down in it and looked at him. Taehyung had little choice but to get up and go over to him.


“Of course the man will be held down for you,” Jungkook explained as he almost lounged back in the desk chair. “No need to worry about holding him and tying knots at the same time. Have you ever tied knots before like this, Taehyung?” He held the bundle up to him and he accepted it.


“I can tie knots,” Taehyung explained as he uncoiled the rope. “My dad taught me how to.”


“Then I won’t teach you, instead I’ll test you.” He wrapped the rope in a loose cuff around his wrist first. Then he wrenched hard on the rope to cinch it in place. “Ah!” Jungkook breathed in sharply as the nylon almost bit into his skin.


“Is that too tight?” Taehyung asked in concern, eyes widening as he looked at Jungkook’s face. But then it hit him what he was doing and he felt rather stupid asking. Of course it was tight, he was supposed to be restraining him. The younger man could only laugh softly at the question. Taehyung dropped his eyes back to his wrist as he secured the knot, fingers moving quickly as he pulled the twine through.


“Depending on how much movement you want,” Jungkook said, “you can wrap around the chest to bind a man to the chair, or you can just feed the lengths around the back to the other wrist.”


“Which way should I do it, Jungkook?”


“I want you to tie me up, Taehyung,” he said without the slightest hesitation. Taehyung studied his expression for a few seconds before getting fully upright. He looped the rope up from his arm to go around the back of the chair and then around his chest like a lasso. When he pulled hard Jungkook sucked his lower lip in and bit down on it. “Knot it on both sides, it stops the rope getting slack around the chest.” So Taehyung made sure to do so. He tied the chest loop into a small knot on his left side to keep it firm and then looped it around him a second time so that it was on his right side. After knotting it securely in place he could move onto his other wrist. Just like the first time he pinned the younger man’s arm down with one hand as he looped the rope around and then pulled hard. Jungkook made another breathless noise at this and he just focused on knotting it rather than ask him if he was alright.




“Legs too,” Jungkook said in a strangely flat tone.


So Taehyung dropped to his knees and he repeated the process. He fed the remaining length of rope through the space between the armrest and the seat and then wrapped it around his right ankle. Then he left a slight few inches of length before securing his left ankle to the opposite chair leg. The resulting binding forced his legs wide open and Taehyung felt his cheek brushing against his knee as he worked to finish the last knot.


“Jungkook, have I done it right?” he asked as he shifted to look up at him, fingers still working. The young man didn’t reply but he shifted ever so slightly in the chair, as much as the ropes would allow him. He could move his knees and flex his elbows but that was it. Also move his head around but that didn’t really matter. Someone would hold that still of course, just like how he had done so. Only when he saw him moving did it come to his attention that something rather…interesting had occurred.


Jungkook was aroused.


Taehyung couldn’t help but stare at the sight of his suit trousers shifting as his erection tented the fabric. As he secured the final knot tightly around his ankle he watched it give several hard twitches until his cock was straining against the material, against the zipper so that he couldn’t possibly ignore it. Jungkook was looking at him with a blank expression, holding his gaze unblinkingly when he glanced up from his crotch.


“This isn’t part of the tutorial,” Jungkook said as his lips turned up at the corners ever so slightly. “I can assure you that the men you’re tying up will hate it.”


Taehyung tried to hold his gaze but it was pretty difficult to do so. Had this ever happened to him before? Had Jungkook ever…experimented with ropes and restraints? It would make sense that he might have and his body had unwillingly reacted to past experiences…or it could be something else entirely. It could be something brand new for him, new and exciting. And there was just the two of them in his apartment room, a rather awkward situation to be in.


“Master Jeon, do you…do you want me to take care of it?” Taehyung asked in a voice barely above a whisper. A squeak of a voice in fact, so very weak and pathetic sounding.


“Have you ever taken care of things before, Taehyung?” Jungkook asked in a rather steady tone. No hints of embarrassment or nerves at all. Not like him. Taehyung was almost shaking from his nerves and the thought of it all.


“No, no, Master Jeon I’ve…I’ve never done anything like that before.”


“Then why are you asking to take care of it?” Jungkook asked and Taehyung gnawed on his lower lip as he eyed the tent in his trousers. In his mind countless words were playing over and over. “‘Cos I need to please you to stay hidden and not blow my cover.” “‘Cos I need to please you ‘cos that’s my role right now.” The words that kept coming to the front of his mind and confusing him were nothing like the truth and yet Taehyung found his mouth opening and the words spilling free regardless.


“I wanna do it.”


Taehyung reached over with trembling fingers, touching along his thighs until he reached the zipper and then the buttons. He fumbled the buttons open and Jungkook didn’t tell him to stop, didn’t even say a word as he caught the zip between his finger and thumb and pulled down on it. Jungkook wasn’t wearing any underwear and when he grabbed the trouser flaps to move them aside his erection slipped free. Even with his teeth biting down on his lower lip he couldn’t help but moan at the sight; a deep and needy moan.


“I wanna do it,” Taehyung repeated as he looked at his cock and then up at his face. “Fuck, let me take care of you.”


Jungkook’s eyes didn’t leave his face once as he moved to take him in hand. Taehyung didn’t need to tease him to hardness in the slightest and so he just wrapped his fingers around his base and lowered his head. He maintained eye-contact as he pressed his lips against the head of his cock in a soft kiss. It crossed his mind just then that they hadn’t even kissed and yet here he was, on his knees and opening his mouth to lick the head of his cock as if they had been dating for months.


Jungkook took a sharp intake of breath as he ran his tongue over his head almost in an almost kittenish fashion, playing with him. He pressed soft little kisses against him and then along his length to his base. Then Taehyung stuck his tongue out and trailed the flat of it along the underside of his cock until he was using just the tip. He flicked it out across his head rapidly and then he opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around him.


“Fuck,” Jungkook cursed and he heard him trying to move against the rope. All he could really do was lift his hips slightly; he was secured in place. Taehyung held him firm in his hand as he went down further on his cock. “You feel so good Taehyung.” He gasped as he attempted to find a rhythm. Having never done this before Taehyung was still very uncertain. He bobbed back to his head and down again slowly several times. Then he tried going a little deeper. At first the sudden sensation of the man’s cock hitting the back of his throat made him gag and he had to release him and gasp for air, but Taehyung kept going deep.


It felt strangely good swallowing his cock until he couldn’t breathe, until Jungkook was moaning and telling him about how hot and wet he was. About how good he felt.


Taehyung shifted position so that he could press his crotch against the other man’s lower leg. As he pulled back up to his head he ground himself against his leg hard, the friction almost burning him as he did. He couldn’t help but moan under his breath as he planted kisses on the length of Jungkook’s cock and he was starting to hump his leg rather pathetically.


Like a dog would.


“Touch yourself, Taehyung,” Jungkook moaned as he rolled his head back against the padding. “You can touch yourself. I know you wuh…want to so do it.”


Taehyung reached down with his free hand and he awkwardly fumbled with his own trousers. It took too long and he grunted in frustration around his cock as he fumbled with the zipper. That made the other man groan and once again awkwardly buck his hips. When he finally managed to free his erection from the awkward layers of clothing and he grabbed hold he wasn’t at all surprised to find that he was already wet with precum. He was a little surprised at how wet he was for he couldn’t ever recall feeling arousal like this before.


Taehyung was almost disgusted by how much he had actually hungered for something like this. Something that wasn’t hoping to stumble across gay pornography that might have bypassed filters on websites before being flagged. This was actual sex rather than pretend and it didn’t even matter that he had Jungkook’s cock deep in his throat because he actually wanted this.


This wasn’t being fucked as part of the undercover persona to get information. This wasn’t doing so to get on Jungkook’s good side. This was because he actually wanted to do it, not because it was his job to do so. Taehyung was jerking himself off so desperately as he bobbed up and down on the younger man’s cock that he was almost choking on him; choking on the cries that couldn’t escape from his stretched out lips. He had leaked all over his fingers and trousers and his palm was slick with cum that the sensation of his fist pumping around his cock was unbelievable. A dribble of precum drooled out of the corner of his mouth and Taehyung released his cock to stick his tongue out and try and catch it. He couldn’t make a mess or he might piss off Jungkook.


“Don’t clean yourself,” the young man ordered. “I want the mess, I the mess.”


“Yes, Master-”


“Don’t call me Master, call me…slut,” Jungkook almost whined as he bit down on his lip. “Call me a slut.”


Taehyung was still holding onto the base of his cock firmly and he had been about to go back down on him when he said this. He paused, lips pressed against his head, and lifted his gaze to look at him. Jungkook was almost squirming in his seat and it was then that he realised what this was.


Jungkook wasn’t a ‘Master’ right now. He was tied up to a chair and unable to move, unable to even touch himself should he want to. He had no control at all whatsoever and yet he did. Taehyung might had been the one performing fellatio, but he controlled everything. The rhythm, how deep he went, his tongue and teeth. If he even wanted to stop then he could stop and Jungkook could do nothing. Only beg him to continue.


Had Jungkook ever been in this position before? No control, no orders, the one being used? Taehyung thought that the answer was very much: no.


“What do you want…slut?” Taehyung asked him, lips brushing against his head. The little whimper that Jungkook made at this caused a throb of pleasure in the pit of his stomach.


“I want-”


“I can’t hear you, slut, tell me what you want?” he asked, feeling a strange enjoyment out of this too. One that he couldn’t even figure out; teasing him like this when he knew just how badly he needed his lips back around his cock.


“Swallow me,” Jungkook cried out desperately as he bucked his hips at him. The head of his cock slapped against his lips and would have slipped inside had Taehyung not had his mouth closed. “All the way.” So Taehyung once again went down on him as far as he could, taking his length until he could feel Jungkook’s cock slipping down his throat and stroking at his base with his hand. When he simulated swallowing to tighten around him the other man let out a series of keening whimpers. “Shit, Taehyung.”


Jungkook sounded so weak right now it was almost laughable. He was gasping for breath with every bob of his head and he just knew that he was close to climaxing because his hips were trying to rock up into his mouth again. As if they could do anything, he was already as far down as he could go. Taehyung had thought himself the hungry and desperate one earlier, yet it was really Jungkook. How long had he been thinking about this? Since that day in Mapo-gu? How long had he been anticipating something like this? Now he was finally getting his wish and by the sounds of the moans coming from his mouth, it was worth the wait.


“Shit, if you feel as…as tight as this…” Jungkook’s eyelids fluttered, “I would…die being inside of you. I would fuh-fucking die.”


When Jungkook’s orgasm hit Taehyung gagged around his cock and he pulled his head back just in time. As he let out a breathless cry of pleasure Jungkook climaxed right into his mouth. He felt his cum spilling onto his tongue and it was hot and bitter and he could taste him. Taehyung had never tasted cum before and as he released his cock quite an amount dribbled out of his mouth and down his chin. He carried on jerking himself off hard until his own orgasm hit and an explosion of heat burst up from his loins right up to his brain.


“Oh fuh…ck,” Taehyung gasped as he dropped his head. His face bounced off Jungkook’s thigh but he was too fuzzy to possibly feel pain. From the deepest pit of his stomach he could feel delicious throbs of pleasure and they radiated out through his whole body; up to his quivering eyelids and down to his tightly squeezed toes. He took several rapid gasps and swallowed hard to try and rid the taste of cum from his tongue. It was dribbling onto Jungkook’s trousers and it would most certainly make the mess that he had wanted. Taehyung was convinced that he could just close his eyes and let the burning waves of pleasure slowly drag him down into blissful blackness but that was when Jungkook moved his leg and knocked his head to get his attention.


“You passed the test,” he said after a moment of ragged breathing. “Shit, Taehyung, I can’t feel my hands.”


“I did…good?” Taehyung asked as he shifted to look at him, chin digging into his thigh.


“You did good.”


He wasn’t just talking about the ropes and they both knew it.