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Dead Until Evenfall

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He is the prince of all Vampire clans, the son of the Count himself. He is the leader of all Werewolf packs, a fair and just First Alpha. He is the rightful heir presumptive of all Werewolves, a merciless Berserker. An eternal lifetime of rivalry and vying. Foes by nature. Brothers by soul. Lovers by heart.

Warning: Heavy smut. Knotting. Knotting means pain. Vampire x Werewolf smut.

I will not promise that any of the smut will be gentle. You're warned. (no dub-con/non-con, don't worry)



* * *


Oh Sehun Age: 18 Actual Age: 76

As hard as he tries to be cruel and heartless, he fails miserably every single time. When he enrolls into Jackson High School, his only intention was to earn the trust of the Werewolves that roamed the cold, small, remote town, so that with the excuse of peace, he could get rid of them. Not once had he imagined to have the undeniable animal attraction for the boy he has come to destroy. Vampires are pristine, elegant, if plainly said, perfect. Werewolves were... everything else.



Kim Jongin Age: 18

Even if he were born a few seconds after his brother and is supposed to be the heir to succeed his brother, but luck plays well on his side when he is chosen by the packs to be their First Alpha. A benevolent and fair leader. The only thing he has yet to fix is his lukewarm relationship with his brother. He would rather build a peaceful relationship with the Vampires than go to war with them. Under the attempt, he is completely smitten by the new Vampire in town.



Kim Kai Age: 18

As far as he's concerned, the Werewolves do not need a lame and lenient Alpha. They need someone who can destruct everything that opposes them without having to think about twice. And all that his younger brother do is overthink and sometimes, he doesn't think at all. For instance, trusting a good-for-nothing bloodsucker. While his brother takes after their mother, a common lycan, Kai takes after his father, a Berserker. Which explains his aggression in many ways.



Additional Charaters

Do Kyungsoo Age: 17 The shy wolf who runs behind the Kim brothers.

Park Chanyeol Age: 18 Just your average human being who befriends Sehun in school. But is later caught up in the supernatural mess.

Krystal Jung Age: 19 Kai's girlfriend. 

OCs: Adrian, Vance.


For a very short second, Sehun thought that his heart had managed a beat. The anger, the uncontrollable anger he saw in Kai's eyes and heard in his growl took him aback.

"Stop it, Kai!" Jongin shoved him back, keeping himself firm between Sehun and his brother. "Snap the fuck out!"

Kai lurched forward again before he was blocked by Jongin. "You're gonna fucking defend that leech?!"

"Better him than you! Don't make me hurt you, Kai."

Kai froze for a moment as he stared at Jongin with a baffled look. "You'll... hurt me? You? I will have your head ripped off before you could even get a claw on me, Jongin." his eyes darted past Jongin's shoulder to pierce through Sehun again. His face was consumed with vexation and eyes slurring aggression. For a moment, he looked like a murderer. "You have my word." he spat at Jongin. "He will die in my hands."

"Over my dead body." he gave Kai another shove, sending him staggering back.

"As you wish." he snarled before turning on his heel.