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The Trouble With Twins: Love is Love

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Love is Love pt. 1: Meet the Twins

(Mortimer's POV)

'Ha-cha-cha,' Mortimer chuckled to himself as he watched his new neighbours from his living-room window. The teenager felt luckier than a four-leaf clover. Two beautiful teenage mice, identical twins from the look of it, were moving right next door (with their parents, of course). And Mortimer knew for a fact that he'd be able to see directly into the bedroom window directly across from his own. It was one of the two smaller bedrooms, so there'd be a pretty girl or two changing only a few feet away from him. If he played his cards right, he might be able to score himself a girlfriend.


'Mortimer, I want you to take this cheese casserole over to the new neighbours and welcome them to the block.'

'Anything you desire, mother,' the lanky teenager answered, swiping the dish from her hands and heading toward the door.


Approaching the fence separating their two houses, Mortimer balanced the casserole in one hand as he unlatched the gate. He didn't expect to be nearly run over by a large, mustard-colored dog the minute he attempted to step through the opening.

'Good dog, nice dog. I'm not a burglar,' the mouse yelped, side-stepping to avoid the growling canine.

'Pluto! Bad dog. Leave him alone,' a high pitched voice cried out, drawing Mortimer's attention to the shorter mouse racing out into the yard and grabbing the dog quickly by the collar. The teenager gripped the casserole dish tightly as he let his eyes wander the girl's petite body. Yellow runners, red leggings that hugged her curvy rear, and a black t-shirt that was slipping to one side to give him a teasing glance of her dark-furred shoulder. Mortimer knew he was in love the moment she smiled up at him, her ebony eyes sparkling with amusement.

'Uh, I'm Mort... I mean, I'm your next-door neighbor, Mortimer,' the gangly youth stuttered, holding out the casserole.

'I'm Mickey. Mickey Mouse. My family just moved to town,' the petite rodent answered, taking the dish from his hands.

Yeah, I know. I saw you arrive. You have a twin sister, right?' Mortimer commented, rubbing the back of his neck to hold off a blush at the girl's undivided attention.

'Yep. Minnie Mouse. We're identical twins. Actually, she's older than me by a whole minute and never let's me forget it,' Mickey told him.

'I'm an only child, so I really don't know what it's like to have a sibling,' Mortimer glanced over the girl's shoulder to see the front door open again, revealing his neighbour's twin sister. Mickey was clearly the tomboy of the pair.

Minnie slipped down the stairs in her blue dress and matching bow, coming to a stop next to her sibling. 'Mom says it's time for dinner. Oh, and I already picked my room, so you get the smaller one. That's what you get for playing with the dog instead of unpacking.'

Mortimer raised an eyebrow at the older twin, but was inwardly surprised that Mickey didn't even try to argue the point. The tomboy simply rose to her feet and patted her dog on the head as she listened to her sister's announcement.

'Minnie, this is Mortimer. He lives next door,' Mickey finally interjected, drawing the other girl's attention to the taller mouse.

The lanky teenager held back a wince at the feminine twin's invasive stare. She was clearly looking him over as potential dating material, and Mort didn't like the dismissive turn of her lips that was clearly directed at him.

'Minnie, be nice,' the younger twin warned, frowning at her sister.

'He's not my type, so he's all yours, little brother. I'm going inside for dinner,' Minnie stated, flouncing back up the stairs and into the house.

Mortimer found himself too shocked at the girl's words to even acknowledge that she'd refused to date him without even getting to know him first. Turning to the red-clad twin, he blurted out the first words that came to his head. 'You're a boy?'

'Here we go again, Pluto. Yes, I'm a boy. So, wanna be friends,' Mickey's frown turned to a smile as he held his hand out to the taller mouse.

'Well I... don't see why not,' Mortimer answered, taking the younger rodent's hand.

'Good. I can't wait to get to know you better, especially since we're going to be neighbours. And don't worry about my sister, she's nicer than she acts. Mom says it's a phase she's going through. Girl hormones, or something like that. Well, I'd better get inside. Talk to you later, Mortimer!'

Mortimer watched the attractive mouse boy wave at him as he walked across the yard and entered his new house with the dog following at his heels. Finally alone again, the teenager trudged back through the gate and into the house. Once he got to his room, he flopped down onto the bed with a groan.

'Figures. The one girl who actually likes me right off the bat, turns out to be a GUY. A cute guy, but still a guy. Life isn't fair.'