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Supernatural, Dean/John (or gen), missing you

"Hey, Dad," he says, eyes closed, resting his forehead on the window, cell tight in his grip. “So, uh, I don’t know if you got my other messages. But, I’m. Dad. I don’t know what I did, but, please. Call me back.”


Charmed, Wyatt and Chris, I see you in every version of myself.

There's an art to time travel. And it doesn't seem to matter how far or how fast he goes back - everywhere, there is Wyatt, Wyatt dark and Wyatt broken and Wyatt screaming and crying and begging for Chris.

So finally, in a world that is not right but is at least real, Chris stops and looks at his brother and says, I'm home.


SPN, S3!Ruby's vessel/S4!Ruby's vessel, there's nothing I wouldn't do for you

They have three things in common: they're both women, they're both dead, and they were both killed by the same thing.

I never felt so alive, Blonde says.

Me, neither, Brunette sighs.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There's a last slayer.

She is named Elizabetta, and she has red hair, and she is almost six feet tall, and her eyes are forest-green.

Named for the greatest, Mama said, back at the beginning, when Liza learned what flowed in her blood, what exploded out whenever she used her fists, whenever she saw the dead.

(No one tells Elizabetta that the spell she uses on her nemesis will change the whole game, will affect the entire world, will kill more than the self-named King of Vampires.)


Dead Poets Society, Todd, their success story

Of them all, Todd has the most success in his life. That's what they say, all those boys who were his friends once.

Todd misses Neil every day and every night, and never once stops wondering what might have been.


Narnia, Peter and Edmund, I see you in every version of my self

In his nightmares, Lucy's cordial does not work and Ed dies in his arms, spread across his lap, as the Lion feasts on the Witch.

When he wakes, Ed is laughing with Lucy, or sharing stories with Susan, or staring to the west.

Edmund the Just, his younger brother, the other half of himself, smiles at him and says, Hey, Pete.


Anastasia, Dmitri, best in the business

If anyone could turn a peasant into a princess, it was Dmitri. Where he got his skills, no one was sure, but he knew the way of royals like he was there himself, they say.

Of course, he vanished with one of his girls years ago, after trying to con the last czar's mother, so maybe he tricked himself.


Harry Potter, Neville, long live the revolution

Everyone forgets that Neville could've been the Boy Who Lived.

Everyone forgets that the Hat put Neville in Gryffindor for a reason.

Neville swings the sword and kills the thing Voldemort loves the most, and he holds his head high.


Glee, Blaine, fencing, polo, boxing, singing, dancing -- what can't he do?

Sometimes, when the light hits him just right, Blaine almost seems to glow.

Finn's almost asked a thousand times - when Kurt and Blaine are cuddling on the couch, or laughing in the kitchen, or doing the things Finn doesn't mention upstairs.

But he hasn't asked, won't ask, because Kurt's begun to glow, too, and maybe asking will make the magic stop.

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Harry Potter, his favorite spell

He remembers the first time he held his wand, the phoenix song that murmured in his mind, a tune he's never heard anywhere else, even in Dumbledore's office with Fawkes under his fingers.

He's cast so many spells with this wand, and in the back of his memory, always his parents cheered him on, so proud as he honors them and then surpasses them.

So many spells over the years, and this one, green light and silence, is the greatest, as the most powerful wizards and witches fall to him.


Merlin, any, on his knees

He bows to one soul in all of existence.

The children ringing him now, in a circle of ash and light, of blood (innocent, young, full of power, full of waste), these foolish foolish children of the godless time should realize what is not penned, what is not kept, what can never be chained.

Merlin is magic, bright as a star and just as cold, and he bows to none of them.


Tortall, any mage, necromancy

"There are laws for a reason," Thom tells the boy, dissipating the magic with a wave of his hand.

"You broke them," the boy accuses, trying to grab the magic back.

"Aye, I did," Thom says, sighing heavily. Is it his dream or the boy's? "Be wiser than I was, namesake."

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Animorphs, Rachel, tonight she closes her window

She knows that Tobias is still human inside, and she knows that he's growing more wild by the day nonetheless, but it bothers how much she isn't bothered when he rips apart a still-warm body and feasts--so tonight she closes her window and hopes she won't be so tempted to join him tomorrow.


LOTR, Legolas, Sam, they both had those they were willing to follow to the edge of the world.

Samwise Gamgee is the best of all heroes and Legolas will sing of his deeds until the seagulls lead him home; and Sam will tell his sons and his daughters and his grandchildren the tale of the returning King and his most loyal subject, the bright and fierce golden elf who saved all their lives.


Animorphs, Arbron, that brief moment after eating when the world is at peace

For a moment, the hunger ceases and he almost feels like the warrior he used to be.


White Collar, Neal/Kate, fathers

Kate had been the little princess her father doted on, and she followed his footsteps into theft, hoping to one day be half as good; Neal, though, never thinks about his father if he can help it, and if he ever sees the man again... well, there's a reason he learned how to use a gun, but he’s sure a sharp blade could do just as well.


Charmed, Chris, scared he'll reveal too much.

He has to think carefully about every word and stop himself from blurting out something stupid as, once again, his mother and aunts reveal they aren't the women he remembers (not yet).


Tangled, Pascal & Rapunzel, the princess and the frog

Pascal knows that his human is special, is the brightest light of any night, needs to be guarded and protected, but above all, he knows that one day (oh, long awaited, oh so proud, so grand) everyone will see her wings take flight, will see her soar into that sky she so desires.


Tortall, any/any, my heart

Don't forget where you come from, Cloud says, and she can't, of course she can't, Ma and Grandda and the pack, not for all the wonders of Corus, not for the magic that springs from Numair's hands, not for the marvels as the wellspring of her own Gift goes deeper and wider -- and then Cloud is gone, as all ponies must go, and she sobs into Numair's chest, because who is left, now, who is left who knew her then?


any, any, I never really gave up on getting out of this two-star town --Read my Mind, the Killers (Cinderella)

It's the wedding of the century, the prince and the noblewoman-turned-servant, pretty little Jocelyn forced into being Cinders, and that's wonderful for her, really it is, Ann thinks, but she was always a noblewoman, even dressed in rags and covered in filth - what of those who have always been less, what of their dreams?

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Any, any, lonely on the road [MCU]

It's quiet, he thinks. He's never had quiet before, not outside his head, just inside.

He stares up at the sky for as long as he wants, walks until he chooses to stop, spreads his arms wide because he can -- and he thinks, I like this.


Any, any, never cared before [MCU]

They ask if he's hungry, if he's tired, if he's in pain. They ask if he wants food, if he wants sleep, if he wants painkiller.

He does not understand the questions.


any. any/any (or any&any). sleeping together, but not sleeping together. [MCU]

"So... how long's this been going on?" Stark asks, leering.

Sam sighs, “About since Barnes snuck in, far as I can tell.”

On the couch, Steve’s on his back, arms wrapped about Barnes, and Barnes’ face is pressed into Steve’s shoulder – and Steve tilts his head just enough to let him glare at them, so Sam grabs Stark and pulls him out of sight.


any. any. "You're dead." [MCU]

"Does this... weird you out, too?" Greg asks Rick as they watch the asset sit calmly in the middle of his cell, legs crossed, arms on his thighs, head down; it's how he's been sitting since they shoved him in there, still drugged from the takedown.

Rick shrugs, but Greg knows Rick has never dealt with the asset before -- in fact, he's probably the only one left who has, since Rogers began his quest at eradicating every part of Hydra, and any outpost that had ever dealt with the asset was the first to go.

There’s an explosion in the distance and Greg knows before the asset even lifts his head, smiling.

Author's choice, any, daemon AU [MCU]

"My name's Devra," the swallow says to the little blond boy crying over a dying mutt of a dog. "What's yours?"

Bucky kneels beside the boy and waits.

The boy's daemon jumps from his shoulder to Bucky's, changing from a mouse to a mouser, and says, "I'm Mala; he's Steve."


any. any. the best defense is a good offense [Highlander]

His first line of defense is always appearing harmless; even Kronos, who should have had 1000 years of learning better underestimated him because he kept his eyes down, his shoulders hunched.

His second line of defense is allies who are known to be dangerous: Kronos, Silas, and Caspian for a time, more recently the Highlander and his band of chivalrous fools.

But should those fail, should it come to him raising his sword and fighting for his life… he never ever, not once in his life, fought fair, trusting only in the sword to keep him alive – and so he’ll draw his sword, and he’ll drawl out something sarcastic, and then he’ll shoot unerringly for the heart or the eye because above everything else, he will always survive.

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Avengers movieverse, Coulson, the difference between need and want

He needs Clint to be returned, mostly unharmed; he wants to be there to greet him (we don't always get what he want, he thinks, chuckling, blood in his mouth and blood on the ground).


Avengers movieverse, Loki ( + any), mischief

Chains fray, gates open, waters connect, a queen cannot be ignored, and two little boys are quick and sure - and Loki may be caged, magic bound for the moment, but doors unlock and swing wide, and he is very patient - his children are free, at long last, and with Thanos on the way, Odin has more important things to worry about (or so he thinks, but this is Loki's greatest prank yet, and the payoff... a thousand years of imagined slights and ever being in shadows, a thousand years of wondering what was so wrong with him, and his children, his clever and beautiful children, being scorned, being hated, being feared... let all the worlds fear now, because he walks free and his children wait for him.)


any, any, guilty until proven innocent [Avengers movieverse, Loki]

Loki gave up on telling the truth because no one ever believed him anyway.


Captain America, Steve/Bucky, nightmares


In his dreams, he's always falling falling fallen; his eyes open and he never remembers, never wonders, never hopes because he is the most perfect weapon, and weapons never care who holds them.
In his nightmares, he's still reaching over the side of the train, watching the most important person in the world fall - in his dreams, he sees bright blue-gray eyes, and a wide grin, and he hears, That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight... I'm following him.

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any, any, the seasons are four sisters [original]

Summer is actually the oldest; she remembers the first of all life.

Next is Winter, who ruled for so long Summer's favorites were forgotten until the bones were found.

Autumn stood between them and tried to keep the peace for centuries, until she tired of it and went for a walkabout.

Spring is the sweetest, so tender and gentle and kind, kneeling down to coax individual flowers to bloom.

"This is sickening," Summer mutters to Winter while Autumn counsels Spring on how to let go of grief; Winter agrees, rolling her eyes.


Avengers movieverse, Bucky, "his bones shatter like the ice around his heart"

He was awake when they found him. Mostly dead, but conscious enough to remember for months.

He remembered his name, and Steve, and why he fought for years -- but eventually, it was all stolen.

The asset was to never be kept out of cryo for more than a month at a time because he would begin to remember, and when he remembered, he fought.

When he begins to remember for the final time, he doesn’t understand that what he’s feeling is the remnants of pride.


any, any, five times they should have said no [Avengers]

"You ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?"

"You sure you're up for going after Zola?"

"Do you remember your name?"

"Do you know why you fucked up, Soldier?"

"Bucky? Do you remember -- anything? Anything at all?"


any. any. tools of chaos [Avengers]

There are certain beings situated on precipices of change: what they do or do not do -- where they go, who they meet – even the words they speak, sometimes.

Hindsight, of course, reveals all to those who have eyes with which to see.

At the end of Ragnarök, Loki has those eyes. He gazes back, seeking out those who could have changed the outcome, and settles on one moment in all the realms of time.

He crouches beside a very young Midgardian and says, “There is a child that needs your help three streets over,” watching as the boy runs off to where another, sickly, boy is defending a dying dog against three teenaged toughs, and he sees how this meeting will reverberate through all the remaining eons.


Once Upon A Time. any. Regret

He has a lot of time to think, when he wakes up locked inside that house. A lot of time.

He spent decades as the man who found things, who walked between realms, who jumped into portals and returned with wonders beyond words. He left it all behind for his daughter.

But not before he left such a scar on all the worlds in what Regina became.

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MCU, Any (+/any), Modern day myths.

Steve Rogers was a loud-mouth punk who stood up to bullies and got knocked on his ass.

Captain America was perfect, always doing what was right for his people and country.

Three days out of the ice, Steve gives up reading his biographies; none of ‘em are right.


Any, Any/Any, We'll meet again. [Marvel movies]

Bucky falls and Steve watches until he can't anymore; he barely manages to crawl back into the train, and he doesn't look at Zola because if he does --

It was Bucky's choice, Peggy says, and Steve knows that's true, but it doesn't --

I'll see you soon, Buck, Steve thinks, laying down on the floor of the plane.


any. any. Clean [Political Animals]

He aches, every day, for another hit. But he's doing good, he's composing like never before, he thinks he might actually go back to school and finish this time, and he's finally not drowning beneath failed expectations.

It helps, he's sure, that he's left DC behind and doesn't watch the news anymore.


any. any/any. "You're lying but I don't care." [Marvel movies]

James tells them he doesn't remember being the Winter Soldier, or Bucky Barnes, either; they try to keep him contained, at first, throwing interrogators and shrinks at him in equal measure, and one of the starstruck idiots lets slip to Captain America that, Yeah, we caught the Winter Soldier, isn’t that awesome?

Nothing on earth can stand against Steve Rogers, when he puts his mind to breaking through it, and when the knob twists and the door swings open, James follows him out.

I don’t remember, James whispers, and Steve replies, That doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t, it never will, and they can chase, if they want, because Steve’s got a mission now, and James never tells him about the dreams, and Steve knows anyway because his heart and soul was given a boy from Brooklyn a long time ago, and James is rising from that boy’s ashes, and if Steve has to relight the world on fire to keep him safe, then by god, he will.


any, any, aurora [Disney's Sleeping Beauty]

She misses being Briar Rose, just a maiden in the woods. She understands now how free she was, then.

She doesn't know how to be a princess -- but she will do her best because she can do no less.


any TV show. any. calling in a debt [The Librarians/Leverage]

"Hey, Eliot," Jake says, dodging a cursed dagger while Cassandra shouts directions at Ezekiel, "you remember that time I translated that tablet for you, no questions asked?"

Eliot sighs heavily. "Tell me where you are and what you need," he mutters, "I'll be there with Parker and Hardison."


Any, any, "I got the money" [The Lookout]

The words are there, plain to see, his own handwriting. He has no idea what to do, he's terrified, and Lewis needs him calm, planning, in charge.

He reads the words and feels the calm settling in, the way he used to feel on the ice -- Whoever has the money has the power.

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MCU, Steve/Bucky or Sam/any, winning unwinable battles

"C'mon, Stevie," he cajoles, "get out of bed." He pokes Steve's shoulder, saying, "There's a picture I wanna take ya to."

Steve almost died again last week, his body failing around him. Most everyone would've given up by now, Bucky knows.

But Steve pulls the thin sheet down from over his head, gives Bucky one of his lesser glares, and asks, "Which picture?"


MCU, Any, And I know you heard about me/So hey, let's be friends/I'm dying to see how this one ends

They're pretty sure 'Black Widow' is a codename, handed down from operative to operative, but either way, Clint's supposed to kill her. If another one pops up later, he'll kill her, too -- best shot in the world, never misses. Good ole Hawkeye.

Everyone knows the legends, the rumors, the hearsay and what's gotta just be straight up lies.

He looks at her through the scope and thinks, Fuck, she's so young, and he watches her, following from city to city, and then he makes a different call.


Author's choice, author's choice, Yesterday, upon the stair,/I met a man who wasn't there./He wasn't there again today,/I wish, I wish he'd go away.. [Marvel movies]

The small man is following you. He calls you Bucky like that means something; it echoes inside you, calling up -- calling up the man who was before the weapon. That man haunts your dreams, the brilliant and bright man who smiled and laughed and lived.

The small man wants the man who was, the man Hydra burned out of you, the man who fought every day you weren't wiped.

The man who was... he is gone, you know, no matter how the small man hopes and searches and yearns.

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Leverage/The Librarians, Eliot & Jake, both intelligent and one of them still hiding it.

"You think you can keep this going?" Eliot asks, on leave for the very last time before things get so fucked.

"I have to," Jake says.

Eliot shakes his head, claps his cousin on the shoulder, warns him, "You're either gonna hate them or yourself," and climbs into his truck.


Hobbit, Bilbo, a very small part of him felt an inexplicable sense of loss when Smaug fell

awesome in the old sense of the word

Smaug had been so large, so majestic -- only the stone giants in the mountains had been more awesome.

Back home, there are stories of dragons, ancient wyrms of fire and ice and more jewels than could ever be counted.

To watch something so amazing die... surely, it is only the writer in him that sorrows?


Any, any - if you knew how much I love you, you would run away [Marvel movies]

There are so many things Bucky never tells Steve, before. Steve could really be somebody someday, and there has to be a dame out there who'll see it, too, and love Steve just as much as Bucky does.

There are so many things the man who wants to be Bucky again never tells Steve, because he is so damaged, now, and Steve deserves so much better.


BtVS, Dawn, redwoods

She walks the paths, staring up at the trees. They are so large, and some of them so old --

Once, she was larger and older still.


MCU, Bucky, he wishes he could forget

He remembers all of it, even the fall and lying in the ice and snow waiting for a death that couldn't be bothered to arrive.

He wishes it had, sometimes. Other times, watching Steve just smile at him for sitting on the couch and watching another documentary about art thieves and forgers, he's glad death turned away.


Harry Potter/Matilda, Matilda is so a witch, right

She receives the letter in the mail the summer of her eleventh year: The Salem Institute of Magic would welcome her for the upcoming school year. She brings the letter to Miss Honey, caught somewhere between trepidation and surprise.

“Well,” Miss Honey says, “that explains a lot.”

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any. any female character. Jewelry [Lord of the Rings, Galadriel]

She sees, in her mind, a slight golden band around her finger, and all it would bring forth, her will enforced on the world, and for all that it is glorious, more glorious than the world had yet seen -- she is stronger and she turns aside, lets the hobbit leave with the ring, and she is content.


any Whedonverse. any. tic-toc [Marvel movies]

There is a countdown in Steve's mind, steadily working its way to zero, and when it gets there -- there is a limit to his patience, to how long he'll wait for those in power to get their act together, and the world loses years as he stares down at the file cataloging the barest details of what Bucky Barnes suffered.


any. any. When it hurts like hell. [Marvel movies]

He's enough of himself to know that violence is not the answer, that vengeance can't even actually be obtained because everyone who had a hand in making him is already dead (most of them too easily), but -- he glances at Steve (always watching him with something too gentle in his eyes) and he knows that killing what's left won't fix things, but it'll make him feel a hell of a lot better and that's the best he gets.

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any animated movie. any. Wine [Disney's Snow White]

I drank your poison

"Come here, dear," she calls to her stepdaughter. Snow White, what a ridiculous name -- she is quite sure that she and the first queen would not have gotten along at all.

Well, that is obvious, isn't it? The first queen died, after all.

"Yes?" the girl asks, and her hand tightens around the goblet, because the girl is young yet, still so young, but there is something... oh, what this girl will be, she thinks, and begins to plan.


MCU, Darcy/Steve, the time she saved him from the bad guy

Look, Darcy once tased the God of Thunder, okay? Like, yeah, he was human at the time, but still -- how many people can say that?

One, that's how many. So these idiotic guys in the stupid outfits trying to overwhelm Captain goddamned America, they are so going down because her taser's fully charged and the goddamned Black Widow has been giving her lessons, and can these guys compare to Thor?

No, they fucking can't.


Tortall, any/any, useful magic

King Jonathan can call up the very ground to fight for Tortall. Numair can unmake things (and people) should he wish it. The Lioness is chosen by the very gods. Daine speaks to the creatures and they will defend her against anyone, and those she asks them to defend, as well.

"What am I compared to them?" Kel asks, and Neal just shakes his head because it's amazing how blind Kel is, even now, to how truly astounding she is.


any Whedonverse. any. Plan C [Marvel movies]

Plan A goes out the window when a mask falls off an assassin's face.

Plan B is ground into the dirt when that same assassin is served up as the scapegoat for a fucking Nazi cult that should've died 70 years ago.

Plan C, though, Plan C is good. Steve thinks he probably shouldn't like Plan C so much, but he knows, deep down, that it was always there, percolating as he learned his new limits, as he saw that power corrupts more than he'd ever even imagined.

Plan C is to scorch everything and start over, and Bucky's trembling behind him, the world is shouting in front of him, and he thinks, Yes, this is what I was made for.

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Tortall, author's choice, Dragons!

She really can't imagine life without Kitten in it, anymore; even Cloud agrees that Kitten completes their little family.

But sometimes, Kitten's other family visits, and, well...

The palace guards don't even panic anymore.


Any, any, what he or she would say about his/her death if he/she knew exactly how/when/etc. he/she would die [Marvel movies, x2]

He falls, but Steve walks off that train, which means he's fine with it.

He's only twenty-six, and it's a long fall, but he's spent the last two decades making sure Stevie's safe, pulling him out of fights, putting the other guy down, so it's no different really.

What he doesn't know is what comes after -- but if he did, if he did, he wants to think he'd do the same damn thing because Steve still lives.



He follows Steve onto the train; he picks up Steve's shield, takes aim.

Better me than you, Stevie, he thinks as he goes flying, better me than you.

When all is said and done, when Bucky Barnes finally dies years later and the asset stares out of his eyes -- the last thing Bucky thinks is, It was a fair trade.


Greco/Roman Myths, Any, Diomedes Mares

Podargos, Lampon, Xanthos, and Deinos allowed the man to tether them because he brought them food, and they wanted to rest.

Some hunger, though, cannot be sated, and so when the son of Zeus came for them, Deinos tossed her head and told her sisters, Let us play.

Once they had tired of the brute, Podargos led them as they raced the wind away.

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Avengers, Bruce/Tony, surprise

"I'm not afraid of you," Tony Stark says, and Bruce can tell it's the truth, and Tony continues with, "you're not the only one who can do damage, Brucie," and he's smiling, something a little dark in his eyes.


Captain America (2011), Steve/Bucky, trust

"I know you," he says, hair shorn and wearing ratty clothes, hands shoved into his pockets -- his entire body is trembling, and Steve knows this is the only chance he will get, so he stands as still as he can, and he nods.


any, any, the sentence that changed everything [Marvel movies, x2]

"... Bucky?"


The asset says, "But I knew him," firming its jaw and waiting for punishment.

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Star Wars, Darth Vader + Luke Skywalker, dark!AU wherein Luke accepts that he's Vader's son and helps rule the galaxy

"Father," he asks, on the shuttle from Endor to the Death Star, "if I join you, will you kill your master?"


Luke refuses to join the Emperor, and when Palpatine orders Darth Vader to kill the boy, only one person is surprised by the outcome.


“She’ll never accept you,” Luke says, “but she is the only family we have left,” and so the Princess of Alderaan lives.


Leia and Han cry in each other’s arms while Chewbacca roars his sorrow, and then they and the droids all vanish into the depths of space – to hide, to survive, to regroup, and maybe even to plan because trading one dark sider for another is not any sort of victory at all.


And they rule the galaxy, as father and son, and maybe things are better – but maybe they’re not.


Any; Any; Just to feel alive [Supernatural]

While they were separated, when Dean was in-between hunts, trying to heal a little bit, he went to the Grand Canyon because he'd never been there before and wanted to go.

He went in time for the sunrise, watched all the tourists, and just thought about life, about Hell, about destiny and regret and hope.

He thought about Mama and Daddy, about Sammy, Azazel, Alistair, Lilith, and Lucifer. About Michael and consent, about Castiel and what-if, might-have-been, could-be, should-be, and maybe…

He stared down into a giant hole in the ground, carved by time and water, and wondered, just for a moment, if being a vessel meant he’d have wings, and what would happen if he just…

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Good Omens, Adam & Lucifer, Adam's first impression of his biological dad.

He doesn't say, I thought you'd be taller or Dad has a better smile than you or Clearly, your clever plans need better work.

And he doesn't look away in fear when Lucifer looms over him because he's not afraid.

Instead, he says, "Hey, Pops," and smirks.


Supernatural, Dean + Sam, explanation

"There is totally a good explanation for this," Dean says as Sam walks in the door.

Sam looks around, taking in the soapsuds covering the floor, every piece of furniture, the walls, and... parts of the ceiling?

"I'm sure," he replies, raising an eyebrow, and crosses his arms as he waits to hear it.


Charmed, the sisters, a world without magic

There are no demons, there is less blood, no screaming in terror, and only fear of accidents but not truly of death.

There is no orbing, no premonitions, no ghosts and not a single demon to be found.

There is no Power of Three, and no Heir of Magic, no time travel or end of the world, and Piper wonders if it was worth it.


Supernatural, Sam & Dean, their father was supposed to be invincible

John Winchester is shorter than them, and younger, and so much more innocent. Back before, he'd been shorter than Sam, but always seemed larger and stronger and invincible.

Michael fills him to the brim and Dean trembles—he could never beat Dad before, so how can he beat this?


Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, first time

"Castiel," Michael commands, and Castiel goes to him, vainly seeking any hint of Dean in those familiar eyes, those strong hands.

Michael's sword burns as it slices through the base of his wings, and Castiel stands tall, knowing this is the price of his actions, of his decisions, of the conscience he learned from this man's tutelage.

"Do you yet repent your sins, Castiel?" Michael asks, and Castiel shakes his head, knowing also that this is not the first time he fell for this man.


DCU, Bruce/Jason, Goodbyes

The coffin is empty now, though Bruce leaves up the stone with its false information.

Only Alfred knows the truth, save Bruce.

And when Batman fights back-to-back with Red Hood, when he and Red Hood force their way into confrontations that weren't theirs, when the Joker's cackle fills the night and Red Hood flinches and Batman wishes(again, still, always) that he'd killed the bastard—he fears the day Jason says goodbye for good.


Chuck, Bryce (or /Chuck or /Casey), Bryce survived getting shot – again

"You have more lives than a cat," Chuck gasps, helping Bryce sit up.

Bryce takes a deep, slow breath, and smiles at him. "You have no idea."

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author's choice, author's choice, is it a myth or is it backstory? [Highlander]

The trouble with Methos is that his lies and his truths sound the same.


White Collar, Peater/Neal/El, "Who're you going to point the gun at, Neal? Me or...or El?"

"Neither," he says, and puts the muzzle to his temple, smiling as he pulls the trigger.


author's choice, any, that nagging feeling of forgetting something important

The last thought before falling asleep: did I lock the door?


Harry Potter, the Sorting Hat, it was the most powerful character in the entire series; it knew /everything/

To peer into the mind and heart of dozens of generations – what greater power is there than to see the potential, to guide it, and to eventually… ruin an entire society with their own hopes and dreams?

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Author's choice, author's choice, (adj.) Extending or lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience [reader’s choice]

Just because you have not seen it done, the Great Teacher says gently, removing one piece from the board, does not mean it cannot be done.


Any, Any, An unexpected drawback to time travel [reader’s choice]

"Oh my god," she shouts in the middle of the street, in tennis shoes and jeans and a band T-shirt for a band that won't exist for nearly 200 years, "I just want to make a goddamned phone call!"


any, any, wishes gone wrong [reader's choice]

"You made the classic mistake," she laughs, "wishing for immortality without asking for eternal youth."


any. any. haunting [reader’s choice]

It echoes, once she walks away: You're not even worth hating anymore.


Any, any/any, someone gets hurt in a mission, losing both hearing and sight; they think their significant other's going to leave them, but significant other stays with them in the dark [reader’s choice]

There's nothingness—quiet and dark, and people keep touching without a way to warn you, and you don't know what they want, or who they are, or anything at all—but then, on the back of your hand, there is a touch you know, and you flip your hand to grab at those fingers you could never be frightened of you, and you're crying because there is something, and you're not alone here.


any, any, “And so it goes. And so it goes. And so it goes. And so it goes goes goes goes goes tick tock tick tock tick tock and one day we no longer let time serve us, we serve time and we are slaves of the schedule, worshipers of the sun's passing, bound into a life predicated on restrictions because the system will not function if we don't keep the schedule tight.” ― Harlan Ellison, "Repent, Harlequin!" Said the Ticktockman [original]

The truest freedom is knowing that no matter what you do, the sun shall still rise tomorrow – because it has already risen on the other side of the world.


any. any. Treason [reader's choice]

"This isn't treason, love," he says quietly, "as I never once promised you my loyalty."


Author's choice, author's choice, the problem with going into a warzone is sometimes you don't come out after. [reader’s choice]

I'd like to give you the boy I was, he thinks, but all that's left is me.


any movie. any. duckling into swan [reader’s choice]

The problem, she thinks, wiping her eyes, is that the duckling was always a swan, anyway.


Mythology or any other incarnation, Death, who comes for the one who takes them all?

"Have you not grown tired?" Famine asks this go-around and Death answers, "Until all has been reaped, I shall exist," which of course is no answer at all, really, but Famine hadn't expected much else.


Any, any, true love isn't always enough to make relationship work [reader's choice]

"But I love you," he says, but he doesn't reach for you, and there are no tears in his eyes, and you reply, "I still love you, too, but I don't like you all that much anymore."


any. any pet. Targeting a person/object to cover in hair. [original]

Melanie keeps bringing him around even though Gus has made it quite clear how he feels about the human (it's not Melanie's fault, though, as Gus' mother had explained humans can't speak or understand); because the human courting Gus' human keeps invading Gus' territory despite multiple warnings (and despite Gus knowing none of those warnings were completely understood), he takes great care in draping himself all over the man, putting sharp claws near sensitive areas, and making sure to cover the man in his fur (the man complains about it, and perhaps that'll make him want to stop bothering Melanie).


any, any, hope is just a stranger wondering how it got so bad [original]

She sees the girl crying on the bus every morning for a week and she always tells herself, I’ll ask tomorrow.


any. any. finding your soulmate [reader's choice]

It's meant to be happily ever after, isn't it? you think, staring down at the stone, and you don't have the comfort of rain falling as you cry.


any. any. stages of grief [reader's choice]

She tried ignoring it, tried raging at the heavens, tried bargaining with any deity that deigned to listen, tried not doing anything because nothing else had worked, and when everyone else thought she'd finally settled down and realize they were gone, she let her anger come back and she focused it, because by the very gods that refused to hear her, if she had to hurt like this, so would everyone else.


any. any. The loss of someone loved. [reader's choice]

It's absence, mostly; silence where there was laughter, chill where there was warmth, a hand that never clutches your fingers, and a voice you'll never hear again.


any. any. Everybody is a murder suspect. [reader’s choice]

"So what you're telling me," she groans, "is that all two hundred party-goers wanted the dead guy dead? Awesome."


Harry Potter, Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, the veil is actually a time travel device that sent Sirius back in time to school

He wakes up back in the dorm, the only place that's ever really felt like home, and nothing hurts, nothing aches, and he looks down at hands that are smooth and small, and he hears Remus and James laughing outside the curtains, Peter's voice, and he nearly lunges off the bed to attack the traitor—but he's eleven years old, and so he just stops, shock finally making him think as he hasn't since he got tossed into Azkaban, and if this a dream, he doesn't want to wake up, but if it's not... if it's not, he thinks, I can fix everything.


any. any. a happy moment. [Harry Potter]

"Expecto Patronum!" he shouts, remembering a little girl with hair that glimmered in the sun, who was amazed at magic and wanted to learn, who smiled at him in a way no one had before or since.


Any Mythos, Any mythic horse(s), To race lightning [Greek myth/Norse myth]

Sleipnir always calls it cheating when Pegasus takes to the air but Pegasus just laughs down that if he was truly the fastest, Pegasus’ wings wouldn’t matter.


greek mythology, iphigenia, as i am bled/he calls me daughter

As the blade gleams, she looks to the sky and thinks, I understand— and then there is the goddess and warmth, and she aches but does not cry.


Greek mythology, Andromache/Helen, beauty is more than just skin deep

The men all stare at Helen hungrily, coveting her flesh; but it is Andromache who speaks with her long into the night, after Paris has sated his lust, has recited poetry honoring Helen's beauty, and it is Andromache who realizes that beneath the veneer of the queen, there is a girl who still longs to find love with someone who would be content to wander through a garden holding hands (and so they do, often, and Hector thanks her for helping Helen settle in, and Paris barely notices, and Andromache holds Helen close as the war drags on and on and on, and the night the horse is wheeled in, Helen steals into Andromache's chambers, shakes her awake, and murmurs, "Grab your son—we have to hide away," and as Andromache stares up into her eyes, she remembers all the rumors of Helen's divine heritage, and Helen repeats, "Astyanax, love, hurry," and so Andromache rises).


Classical Myth, any/any, Lost in the fog, these hollow hills/Blood running hot, night chills/Without your love I'll be/So long and lost, are you missing me?

Though the victorious kings rant and rave and tear her beloved city down to the foundations, parceling out their due, though they demand of the gods where Helen of Troy and Hector's wife and child have gone, with so many of the women who should have been their right as conquerors, Cassandra never says what she sees (though she thinks, but once, why did you not take me?, she knows what must be and while Agamemnon claims her, she waits).


any. any. failing in or neglectful of a duty or obligation; guilty of a misdeed or offense. [Black Jewels]

"Please, don't send her back there," Leland begs, but Alexandra holds firm.


any book. any. Losing someone's trust. [Black Jewels]

Alexandra won't realize until both of her granddaughters are gone, until she's been broken by that monster masquerading as a girl, until after the Witchstorm has blown out—perhaps she'll never truly realize but will know, nonetheless, that much was lost when she refused to listen to a child in hopes of keeping the power that slipped through her fingers anyway.


any. any. so cold it burns. [Black Jewels]

None of them dare approach when the cold creeps through the Keep on the anniversary, not even the ones that mourn, too.


any. any. a purring cat [Black Jewels]

Daemon doesn't understand it but at least he doesn't panic like most others when they come across Kaelas and Jaenelle, Kaelas stretched across her lap, head tilted for the best scratches, purring so loudly the room trembles; he'd asked but once and Jaenelle had said, "Well, he's a cat," like it was obvious, so Daemon didn't ask again.


any. any immortal character. it's not the first time the world has ended. [Highlander]

"They panic like this every time," he grumbles.


Author's choice (except Supernatural), author's choice, "When you erase someone's Name, the world forgets who they are. Erase the name, and you erase the person." [Highlander]

He visits museums the world over, reads what has been written down about civilizations and people, flips through mythology and legend texts, and he thinks, oh, how short mortal memories are.


any, any immortal, No many how many he/she has lost, love still finds a way in. [Highlander]

It doesn't matter how many times Methos swears he'll never love another mortal—they are all so different, all so unique that he finds something new every time, and how can he not love them for it?


any, any immortal who looks young, he/she is affectionately called 'Old Man' (or whatever makes sense for the gender) by loved ones [Highlander]

"Why do you call him Old Man but not me?" Mac asks once, after Methos has slouched his way out of the bar, and Joe laughs at him because he had thought Mac was old (and he is, of course he is compared to Joe), but Methos—Methos tries to hide it with the Adam Pierson mask, with sarcasm and sharp answers, but the truth (that he'll never tell Mac, or write down in any journal) is that he calls Methos Old Man so that he never forgets what the pale skin and frail frame is hiding.


author's choice, any rare pair, At my worst, I worry you'll realize you deserve better. At my best, I worry you won't. (I've never been better.) [Highlander]

Kronos circles around Methos' life as the quiet researcher, watching and studying and learning, something Methos had once snarled at him he couldn't do about anything except ways to terrorize and destroy; Methos hadn't been entirely wrong, he thinks now, wondering at how young and frail the most powerful man he's ever known can appear—and the best thing, he knows, is to keep his distance, as he has since he clawed his way out of the well... but, as been the case since they met in the desert, Methos belongs to Kronos as surely as Kronos belongs to him, and whether reclaiming him damns both of them or the world, Kronos is tired of staying away.


any. any. Being the only survivor means they lost everyone else [Highlander]

"Do you know how to survive for so long?" Methos asks his students time after time after time and none of them ever answer rightly, for none of them will ever last as long as he does; the correct answer, of course, is to understand that however you feel for someone, you will outlive them, forever and forever and forever, so adore them if you must, hate them if you like, but realize that whatever you feel, it will not save them, and do not let it destroy you.


any. any. "This can't fail." [Highlander]

He smiles at their efforts, these children who think themselves the most advanced that have ever been, and he remembers Alexandria, Atlantis, all that was once and lost, and what he never says is, Of course it can.


any, any, telling someone the story of their life[Highlander]

Is that true? they always ask, wanting to believe, and he doesn't answer; he does think, though, sipping his beer, wherever he is, whenever, does it matter? it's what I'll write down.


any Whedonverse. any male character. Oh there ain't no darkness that I fear [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

For nearly a decade, he slept outside in the yard on Christmas, and Sunnydale let him survive it; when he looks at a zombie and murmurs, smiling, "I like the quiet," he's completely at peace and unafraid.


any Whedonverse. any. For the glory [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

The first time he killed a Slayer, it was just to see if he could; the second time, it was pure opportunity; and the third... he watches Angelus' pretty little blonde, her spark, her love of life, and he smiles, because he'll kill his third Slayer in order to live forever, whether he's one day dusted or not.


BtVS and/or AtS. any. Losing the battle, but never the war

We're alive, Buffy tells them every time, we're alive which means we're still fighting, which means it's not over yet.


Buffyverse, Buffy, "Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done" (Orphan Black)

"I know it's hard," she tells each of them because she takes the time to speak with them all individually, gets to know them, learns who they are beyond this one thing that unites them all, "I know it's hard and unfair, but none of us are alone now and that's what makes it so much better."


any Whedonverse. any. Loveliness [BtVS]

"Come, Drusilla," he purrs, "that's a good girl—you break so lovely."


any. any. I woke up from a dream where she died in that desert / and you held me and said "I'm here," / which wasn't good enough. [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

She still sees the First Slayer in her dreams, sometimes, and Kendra, and Faith, and all the Potentials and Slayers who died before the Hellmouth swallowed Sunnydale, and she dreams sometimes that Faith died with the Mayor, that Kendra never died at all, that all the girls she failed blame her and hate her and kill her in increasingly terrible ways—but the worst, which she never tells anyone, is where Anya turns to smile at her and stabs Dawnie right in the heart, and says, "Now we're even, Slayer," and she wakes crying, and she calls Dawn and Dawn doesn't pick up.


Buffyverse (BtVS and/or AtS). any. a visit to hell


Dawn bleeds out and falls through the rip between dimensions; Buffy gasps, and she's back at the foot of the tower (is this the tenth? hundredth? attempt?), and she climbs and climbs and climbs and never gets closer.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer. any. The Watchers aren't the ones in charge now.

They call her the First, a thousand years on, when the First Evil doesn't even have a name anymore—they call her the First, the Slayer who awakened them all, everyone who would ever have the power, long after her name is lost to time.


BtVS, Buffy Summers/Faith Lehane, just do me a favor. it's the least that you can do. just don't treat me like i am something that happened to you.

She remembers thinking, that very first time outside the Bronze, we could be amazing together; with everything that happened after, she still thinks, oh, we could shake the foundations of the world, if only we could see past ourselves to each other.


Author's choice, any/any, non-lip kisses are my absolute favorite. absentmindedly kissing the back of someone’s palm as you hold hands. chaste forehead kisses and brushes against their cheek. silly boops on the nose. kissing fluttering eyelashes. neck kisses that barely touch skin but are no less passionate. kisses on collar bones or exposed tummies. sloppy kisses at the corners of someone’s mouth. kissing each and every fingertip with a delicate touch. [One Direction RPF]

Whenever they have time, Louis makes sure to kiss each and every tattoo, even though Harry tries to shy away because he's ticklish; and whenever they have time, Harry gently murmurs into each and every tattoo what he's known was true since a boy he met in the toilet said, You'll make it all the way, you know, they'd be fools otherwise, and Louis giggles because he's ticklish, too; and whenever they have time, whenever they've a moment's peace, when all is quiet and still, and it feels like they're alone in all the world with no one watching, Louis traces promises into Harry's skin and Harry kisses everywhere that no one else has ever touched, and it's utterly mad, they've murmured to each other more than once, that they'd been so lucky so early in their lives, but they've years and years ahead, and everything has barely started.


Any, any, by morning, gone was any trace of you [One Direction RPF]

He rolls over, reaching out and expecting his hand to land on a warm back, but there's nothing, and he sighs, rolling further so that he can bury his face in the pillow that's never been his; just one more month, he thinks, inhaling as deeply as he can, just one more month and then I'll never have to wake up alone again.


Any, any/any, tell me your sins, tell me your desires, and I will keep them in my heart shaped box [One Direction RPF]

The first time Harry whispers a secret into Louis' skin is at the bungalow, while the other boys sleep; the first time Louis shares a secret of his own, they're curled up together in a too-small bunk with what seems like the whole world watching; each time, it feels like a beginning, and no matter how many secrets they share (murmured into each other's lips, pressed into skin no one else will ever kiss, written with tattoos and lyrics that fill stadiums) it will always feel like a beginning.


Author’s choice, any/any, ‘can you feel the love tonight?’ [One Direction RPF]

It's a night out like any other, being papped, being stared at, having to make sure to not drink too much or talk too loud—but this time, it doesn't matter if Harry's in the pictures, too, and so Louis keeps reaching out to touch him, doesn't look away, and he's sure his smile has never been so real or so wide.


any. any. leave it all behind [One Direction RPF]

I think I might give up everything, just ask me to, he writes, knowing that he would.


author's choice, author's choice, An Affair to Remember: "And all I could say was... hello." [One Direction RPF]

The truth of it is, he's been seeing this moment in his dreams since he was old enough to realize what a dream was, watching himself watch this boy, this gorgeous, brilliant, funny, sweet boy, watching himself turn and notice the boy, and he's known for years that it'd be the start of everything, and so he's planned and plotted what he'd say a thousand times, what he can do to make sure it happens the best way it can, and then he pushes open the door and the boy's at the urinal, and every word just dries up on his tongue, every thought flies right out of his head, and the one thing he manages to actually say is, Hi—and everything starts.


Any, any, everything is better with dragons [Enchanted Forest Chronicles]

"Why did you stay when you could go home?" Cimorene's favorite of her silly sisters asks at her wedding, and Cimorene says, "Because everything is better with dragons, of course."


any book. any. tired of the routine [Enchanted Forest Chronicles]

"Does your mother know where you are?" she demands, hands on her hips, her best mother-glare on, and her niece shakes her head, whining, "But it's so boring, Auntie Cimorene!" and she can't pretend to be annoyed, remembering her own struggles, so she sighs and says, "We'll have to send a note home, you know."


any book. any. setting out on an adventure [Enchanted Forest Chronicles]

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Daystar asks dubiously because he doesn't even have his magical sword this time and Shiara just raises an eyebrow at him, asking in reply, "Can it possibly be worse than last time?"


any. any/any. The love story that saved the world. [ Animorphs]

As the years pass and details are lost, the most anyone remembers is that a girl named Rachel, out of love for her family, stood before a monster and sacrificed herself to gain the time needed for the saviors to save the world.


Animorphs, Cassie, the one who survives by making the lives of others worthwhile

She doesn't talk about those days, no matter who asks, and she goes about her life, running charities and non-profits for human and alien and animal alike, and she teaches her children that while violence is not the first response, it is sometimes the only one that works in the end (but usually, she stresses, kissing their foreheads as she tucks them into bed, violence is not the best way, and she never forgets but she tries so hard not to remember).


any, any, losing his/her innocence [Animorphs]

Most of them think it was when they each took their first sentient life; Cassie knows it was when they left that first Yeerk pool.


any, any, being in charge means being responsible for what happens [Captain America 1]

Chester signs every condolence letter, even though he doesn't have the time to write them all, because it is his duty and the very least his men deserve (and when Rogers comes marching back, men everyone had given up for dead with him, Chester does his damnedest not to smile but damn does he want to).


MCU/DCU, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Jason Todd, Bucky is the only one who thinks Steve and Jason are a lot alike

It's the anger, he thinks, watching Steve pace while Jason flips a knife, eyes only on Steve, and James shakes his head with a sigh because Bucky would've known how to calm Steve, would've known how to charm a smile out of Jason, and all they have is him, once again in the infirmary (that looks nothing like a lab) because he didn't tell anyone the arm was malfunctioning, and they're angry with him but neither of them knows how to show it without violence, and that's something he can't take all of the time, and once he could've done this, and he wishes they'd listen when he tells them he'll understand if they choose to move on without him, and that just makes them angrier, for reasons that are just out of reach, so he watches Steve pace, watches Jason flip the knife, and he doesn't say anything.


MCU, Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier would always be a part of him no matter what

What none of them seem to understand is that the Winter Soldier isn't someone else inside his body—the Winter Soldier is him, and that's what makes him tremble, what makes him shy away, what'll haunt him however long he's allowed to live.


MCU, Steve Rogers +/ Any, Avatar:TLA fusion: Steve is the next earthbending avatar


"Damnit, Steve, do you have any idea how dangerous this is gonna be!?" Bucky demands, swatting Steve's shoulder, and Natasha rolls her eyes, asking, "Can we get moving now?"


any. any. Losing their superpower [Marvel movies]

While he misses taking a full breath without his lungs rattling, and how his joints didn't ache, and all the colors that were so vibrant, having the serum pulled from him is like coming home—and the way James stares at him and asks, "Steve?" when he never recognized Captain America, that just hardens his resolve.


any, any, Interview with a _________ [ Marvel movies]

"Oh, do stop being so frightened," Loki laughs. "I invited you here, after all." He smiles widely, full of teeth, and adds, "You're to set the record straight for me, so you'd best pay attention."


any, any, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (Criminal Minds) [Marvel movies or Norse mythology]

"Are you really surprised, All-Father?" he asks, at last beyond caring about the answer.


Marvel Cinematic Universe, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, self-indulgent recovery sexytimes

She sleeps in his presence, actual sleep, and from the little he knows about her life, it's the largest show of trust he's ever received.


Marvel Cinematic Universe, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff/Bucky Barnes, blood-soaked russian cuddling

Clint's conscious, barely, and Natasha's body is still tensed as she listens closely, eyes darting back and forth between the two entrances to the room, and James lifts Clint down, checking him for anything that might be fatal in the time it takes to find medical care, and Clint slurs, "Gotta stop meetin' like this," and James smiles, just the barest hint of it, and Natasha says, "Shut the fuck up, Clint, conserve your strength," and Clint mumbles, "Ma'am, yes, ma'am," and it's a relief because it means he'll be fine.


any, any, iridescent [Marvel movies]

What are you? he asks the entity as it burns its way through him, laughing, and the entity answers, I am eternity.


any, any, stardust [Marvel movies]

Do you see, Peter Quill? Do you see? the entity asks, everything glowing purple around him, and he does, he does, from one end of the cosmos to the other, everything Thanos is or has been, what he intends for everything in his path, planets ground into dust beneath his feet, entire worlds swallowed whole and burnt away, and it hurts, the knowledge digs in and pulls, and then Gamora is there, shouting something, and the entity says, Will you remember? and Peter is gone.


any, any, disintegrating [Marvel movies]

"Peter!" Gamora shouts as he grabs the stone with his bare hand and she lunges for him as quickly as she can with severe injuries, and he looks at her with eyes gone purple, and it's too late, it's too late, but she grabs for him anyway.


any, any, shards [Marvel movies]

Do you understand? it asks him as Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and what feels like might be Groot each lighten the load, and Peter looks at it as it looks back, and as he answers, the air around him shudders: what you've done is monstrous—and it laughs, deep in his bones, and then it's gone (except that it's not).


Supernatural, Lucifer(/any), Love is war.

Father gifted his favorite creation with free will; surely, then, He felt pleased, somewhere inside, when Sammael looked from those favored to his siblings in Heaven and asked, "Why?"


SPN, Gabriel, Trickster's Choice (by Tamora Pierce) [crossover with mythology]

"This is a very dangerous trick, little bird," the spider warns him, but by that twist of his lips and the laughter in his eyes, he knows the spider can't wait to see how it plays out, either.


Any, any devil character, take me to church. [Supernatural]

"Love what you've done with the place," Lucifer chuckles, walking through the sanctuary, and then he smirks up at the Son of God grimacing from the stained glass, and he asks, "Are you proud of everything they've done in your name?"


any. any. "I'm not here for you." [Supernatural]

"Hey, Dean," Tessa says, "Long time no see," and Sam steps between them (because he can apparently see her this time? okay) shouting, "You can't have him!" and Tessa's smile is as sad as it was all those years ago and even as Dean is shaking his head, Tessa says, "It's not Dean I'm here for."


Any, any/any, angel [Supernatural]

Sam stops praying after he meets Uriel.


Supernatural, weechesters, the night after the fire

Dean stays up all night, eyes darting from Sammy to Daddy; that never really changes.


any. any. the darker side of love. [Leverage]

He realizes in hindsight that it wasn't truly love that bound him to Damien—it was mutual obsession, infatuation, lust, the need to own and have and take, but it was never love.


any, any, with innocent blood on their hands [Leverage]

He stares at the bodies, dead at his hands, people who had done nothing, and he shakes, and he realizes, I can't stay anymore.


Leverage, author's choice, Parker's equipment fails on a jump, and she needs a lot of help to recover

What hurts the most, Hardison thinks, is that she'll never trust herself again; what's the worst, Eliot thinks, is that she no longer goes near ledges; what she misses, Parker thinks, trying to stretch her leg all the way out despite the pain, is the freedom of falling without fear.


Leverage, Hardison/Parker/Eliot, who falls asleep last

Hardison always conks out first, sprawled across the bed like he's never been taken unawares and hurt there; Parker curls up beside him or on him, depending on criteria no one else knows (but Eliot's pretty damned good at guessing), and he's pretty sure she only sleeps about half the time; and then Eliot, knowing their safety is on him, doesn't usually sleep at all (except the times he does, almost unwillingly, because while his mind still thinks he needs to be on-guard, his body trusts them).


any, any, We’ve made a graveyard out of the bone white afternoon. [Leverage]

"Are you satisfied yet?" Hardison asks as the last body falls; Eliot barks back, "Are you?" and they wait for the voice that'll decide this—but when it doesn't come, they remember why they're here, and the answer is because of that absence is Not even close.


Firefly. Simon. He refuses to lose his little sister.

After the first three times, he stops mentioning his concerns to his parents; instead, he focuses on his plan, mad as it is, because whatever the cost, he'll get his sister back.


any Whedonverse. any/any. a happy moment [Firefly]

She dances; he watches until she holds out a hand, and then he dances with her, like back when they were children.


Tortall, Thom of Trebond/Roger of Conte, Yes you love me, but like a vulture loves the carcass it picks over.

Thom reminds him of the best parts of Alan of Trebond, but Roger understands him so much better, knows where to twist and where to caress, and what Alanna would see, Thom won't until it's too late, and perhaps, Roger can admit only to himself, had things been different, he could have loved this proud, powerful mage who wants only to be known for his feats—but things are not different, and Thom will surely be remembered, but not for what he wants.


any fandom with a dog, any + dog, loyal [Tortall]

Are you sure? the human-who-is-People asks Jump and he has never been more certain of anything when he answers, She's my human.


Once upon a time, Emma/Regina, vacation

"Come along, Ms. Swan," she calls, leading the way to the picnic basket, "there are no sheriffs or mayors here."


any. any. Your loss is someone else's gain. [Once Upon a Time]

Cora watches them, Regina and her little stableboy, and she wonders if dear Snow White will ever truly understand the web they're all caught in—if even Regina will.


Teen Wolf, Derek Hale, implied assassin manpain

"Wow, you kinda suck at this, don't you?" the target asks him as they dodge his rival for the job, and if Derek had known he'd be this annoying, he wouldn't have bothered to save the kid's life.

any. any. Settling in. [Teen Wolf]

The fox sighs in pleasure, stretching itself to fit into all of the nooks and crannies in the boy's mind, feeling better than it has in nearly a thousand years.


any, any, 3..2..1... [DCU]

He watches the timer run out, choking on blood and so fuckin' tired, and he thinks, Finally.


Superman (Any), Lex Luthor/Clark Kent, It's only half past the point of no return/The tip of the iceberg, the sun before the burn/The thunder before the lightning and the breath before the phrase/"Have you ever felt this way?" (Glitter in the Air - P!nk)

"I know you lied to me," he says, and he waits, watching Clark think up a new way to deny what Lex just can't ignore anymore.


DCU, Jason Todd + batfam, everyone is just pretending like he didn't try to kill them all violently at least once in the past. He doesn't like it.

"Do you really think ignoring it will make it go away?" he demands, slamming his fist against one of those goddamn trophies Bruce keeps, the ones that stopped being cool when his suit got added to them, and Bruce just looks at him, that disappointed stare he doesn't get to use on Jason anymore because the Joker's alive, and they can't pretending none of it happened, that none of it matters because he crawled his way out of his own grave and it has to mean something, and Bruce is just staring— and if doesn't mean anything, then Jason will light Gotham on fire for real and he'll let himself burn up, too.


The Dark Knight Trilogy, John Blake, if I look back I am lost.

The first night out, he nearly gets himself killed; he's more careful after that, but he never once considers not going back out.


Bible, any, didn't make it onto the Ark [The Last Unicorn/Biblical]

She stands on the mountain, watching the water rise, and she climbs and she climbs, and when at last she can go no further, she calls forth the magick all of her kind have possessed since they raced out of the waves, and she flies.


Peter Pan, Wendy Darling+/Peter Pan, I marked on my map where I had my first kiss

"Mum, where did you have your first kiss?" her little girl asks, cuddled into her on the bed, still so sure of magic and happy endings, and Wendy thinks back to pirates and mermaids and fairies, and she murmurs into her daughter's hair, "To get there, you must fly to the second star to the right, and straight on till morning."


Any book(s), any, “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” ― Roald Dahl [The Last Unicorn]

They still look at her and see a simple mare.


Lord of the Rings, Arwen, watching the trees lose their leaves is different now

She walks with her children (shadowed by guards) through the gardens of the White City, and she watches the leaves of the trees change color and fall, and she knows as she had not understood before, that so, too, would she and her husband and her children all wither and fade, and it is not frightening the way it was once.


Despicable Me/The Incredibles, Margo/Violet, hide me away from the world

Violet knows; she didn't always but she does now, and she's willfully blind, ignoring the frequent phonecalls from Margo's little sisters that Margo always takes in another room, the nights she doesn't come home until dawn, the way she flinches sometimes when she sees Violet's suit—Violet knows but until Edith does something truly horrible (and Violet is almost certain she won't), she can pretend that she's still that criminology major who met a mechanical engineering major at a coffee shop, and they both flirted with blushes blooming on their cheeks, and she will never ever tell her parents she knew.


Charmed, Chris Halliwell, daddy issues.

"Is there anything I can do?" Leo asks, so very sorry for what he's apparently failed to do, for all the mistakes he's made since Chris Perry orbed into their lives, and Chris looks at him, the son he doesn't even know yet all grown, tired and aching and so damned amazing, and Chris says, "Be better to him than you were to me," and he doesn't believe it when Leo swears to be, but Leo will be because nothing else is allowed.


Any, any, the sand falling in the hourglass, the clatter of stones in the distance... [Disney's Beauty and the Beast]

They watch the last petal fall, and she does not say the words, does not press a gentle kiss to his skin, and there is nothing to be done.


Star Wars, Leia Organa, rebel

She knows the difference between for the good of the people and empty lies intended only to maintain the unequal balance of power, and she can do something about it, so though her parents are worried, she begins plotting.


any, any, And if I fall into the drink,/I will say your name, before I sink./Oceans never listen to us anyway. [fairy tales]

What was his name? her sisters cry as she fades away, and the last thing she hears is Was he worth this price? and the last thing she thinks is, Oh, but he wasn't.


Chuck, Chuck/Bryce, Supernatural!au: Bryce is a hunter; Chuck is the angel who fell for him

"Why the fuck would you - you just gave it all up for me?" Bryce demands, blood still dripping from the jagged gash on his chest, and Chuck (You couldn't pronounce my true name) smiles at him, not an ounce of regret on his vessel's face.

Chapter Text

3 sentences

Author's choice, I shouldn't have done that. You're not supposed to tell a guy you're gonna kill him no more. [Highlander]


"Do you know what I miss about the old days?" Methos asks, circling the unfortunate soul. He doesn't give the man a chance to answer, drawing his sword and striking in the same motion, a movement he perfected so long ago he doesn't even remember when or where.

"I miss that my presence was a warning in and of itself," he tells the corpse once the quickening has settled, and then he wipes his blade on the idiot's coat, sheathes his sword, and walks away.


"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind." –Shakespeare [ One Direction RPF]


It’s not bodies he likes, though a nice one is a good bonus. What draws him in is kindness, is humor, is warmth. Beauty not of the skin but of the soul, he thinks in his more poetic moments.

The boy from the toilet is beautiful in all of them.


The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen, she writes down a letter for every conversation she won't get to have with Prim.


Prim finds the notebook tucked into the back of the bookshelf full of books in her mother's house; at first, she thinks they're to her, the pages and pages full of letters addressed, Dear Prim.

By the end of the second letter, she realizes her mistake.

She saves the notebook and never asks her mother about anything mentioned, though she reads them all; and when she hands the notebook down to her own daughter, she answers the questions as best she can.


author's choice, any, the first time hearing their real name spoken to them in a long time [Star Wars]


"Welcome home, Padawan," Obi-Wan tells him.

"Oh, Ani," Ma cries, clinging to him.

"Anakin," Padme says, smiling and reaching out.


(5 sentences)

Greek Myth, any, a change would do you good

She meets him in a glen, while she's hiding from her attendants and her mother, trying to get a moment's peace.

"Oh, forgive me," he says, ducking his head and shuffling in place, "I didn't mean to bother you."

"You won't be a bother if you can keep quiet," she says, trying to shoo away the baby animals that follow her everywhere. She glances up in time to see him laugh silently.

"I'm Persephone," she says and he nods, replying, "I know. I'm Hades."


any. any. we were shivering yet warmed by the subject matter [One Direction RPF]

Sometimes when he wants to run home to Doncaster and bury himself beneath the sisters growing up in his absence, he’ll find Harry wherever he is and say, “Tell me a terrible joke.”

All of Harry’s jokes are terrible, of course, but Harry will just look at him and then rattle off a horrible pun or one of those silly knock knock jokes he utterly adores, and it’s not the same as being with his family – except in all the ways it is.

All of the boys miss their childhood homes, their parents and siblings, the familiarity, and “We’re brothers,” Liam says more than once, and Zayn and Niall agree, and Louis pounces, knocking all of them to the ground where they laugh and cuddle.

“We’re not brothers,” Harry tells him, taller now but still that blushing boy from bootcamp, and Louis agrees, “No,” burying his face in those same curls, burying his loneliness in that same smell of home.

“We’re brothers,” Liam tells reporters and cameras and thousands upon thousands of fans, and Louis catches Harry’s eye, and they don’t even have to smile.


any. any. You can speak of anger and doubts your fears and freak outs and I'll hold it [One Direction RPF]

“Do you ever think we shouldn’t have done it?” Harry asks, a world away from his family, tired and heart-sore, wishing he could just hold hands with his boyfriend while standing in the sun.

“Sometimes,” Louis admits, pulling Harry even closer.

“I mean, we’ve done amazing things,” Harry says, putting his ear to Louis’ chest, letting the rise and fall soothe him.

“We have,” Louis says, running his fingers through Harry’s curls.

Harry traces his own fingers along It is what it is and says, “One day closer to the end.”


Six sentences

any Whedonverse. any. (s)he arrives ten minutes later, and the world changes. [MCU]

"Such a pity," Arnim muses watching as the American soldier dies, "I had hope for this one. Ah, well." He makes a note and moves on.

When Steve Rogers arrives, he finds Bucky Barnes' corpse.

The ensuing destruction reveals that while the Americans didn't get their army of supersoldiers, one is perhaps enough to turn the tides of war.

(Some things are inevitable, and Captain America crashing into the ice is one of them; a different captive becomes the Winter Soldier, but that is unimportant.

What is important is this: the Steve Rogers awakened by SHIELD is cold and hardened, and he doesn't care about much beyond expending the rage that is all he feels anymore.)


MCU, Howard/Peggy/Steve or Bucky/Steve/Peggy, Peggy likes to watch

She can appreciate beauty, whatever its form, though desiring to touch it herself—well, she's never felt that itch.

Steve is lovely and sweet; Barnes is lovely and not-quite-so-sweet. There's something dark about him, a bit of a rogue.

She sees the way they look at each other, and though she knows Steve thinks she's attractive, it doesn't hold a candle to how he feels about Barnes.

But because they are silly boys, neither of them have acted on their mutual attraction, it seems, and because she does so appreciate beautiful things, she manipulates and schemes her way into a room with both of them and puts them to work.

She still doesn't want to touch either of them, but the way they touch each other (reverently, she thinks) makes her breath catch; and in seventy-some years later, they'll be laughing with her, still so very young while she is so old, and they will still touch each other with such reverence it hurts her to see it.

Chapter Text

Supernatural, Dean Winchester + Sam Winchester, Dean had to grow up too fast to protect Sammy.

"I'm hungry," Sammy whines, wrapping himself around Dean's legs, and Dean wishes he could scream and cry but he has to find something for Sammy to eat, has to bathe him, has to put him to bed, has to stay awake until Dad comes back, and he just wants to throw a tantrum himself—but he's the older brother, and he can't.


Supernatural, wee!Sammy, he wants to be just like his big brother Dean when he grows up.

"I'm gonna tall and strong and brave, just like you," Sammy says the spring he turns four; Dean, eight years old and terrified, begs, oh, please don't be like me.


Any, Any, sometimes growing up is the hardest thing to do. [reader’s choice]

She listens as her mother tells her the unvarnished truth instead of sugarcoating it and she wonders, is this what it's like to be grown?


Any(/any), any/any, nothing lasts forever and we both know hearts can change (November Rain by Guns 'n' Roses) [reader’s choice]

I used to wonder how it’d feel to see your hair gone gray, to caress your wrinkled skin with hands that would shake, to struggle to hear your voice with ears that were failing – and I wonder now what you’re doing, where you are, because in hindsight I can see all the signs I missed that we wouldn’t last.


any. any. "You run, and I chase." [Highlander]

"Did you think to hide from me forever?" Kronos asks, wishing he had better control of his anger, if only so that Methos couldn't see it; Methos laughs softly, smiling at him, and asks in return, "Do you truly think I was hiding?"


any. any. Shots [Leverage]

Parker and Hardison already made it out, he's almost sure, but almost isn't good enough, and Eliot's been counting—so when he knows the clip is empty (and praying that the fucker doesn't have a backup), he lunges around the corner.


Buffy the vampire slayer, willow Rosenberg , flashbacks of dark willow wanting that power back

Sometimes, in little flashes here and there as she goes about her, she remembers the power she wielded, the might of her rage and grief, how absolutely nothing could have stopped her—and then she remembers, sighing, a boy she once knew and the man he's become, and she thinks, some things are better than power.


Any, any, the first kill. [Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Wish!verse)]

"I was expecting it to be harder," Willow says, pouting down at the corpse as she wipes her mouth, and Xander laughs, "You're still thinkin' like a human."


Buffyverse (BtVS and/or AtS). any. Pyrrhic victory

"We won," someone whispers in shock, and Buffy's still trembling as she drops to her knees, staring at where Dawnie had been before that flash of green light - and she thinks, Did we?


any. any supernatural character. Poison [Black Jewels series]

Briarwood is the pretty poison, the ghosts whisper, and there is no cure for Briarwood—not until the witchfire cleanses the land is the poison washed away.


any, any, orbit [One Direction RPF]

"Oh, boo," Mum sighs, giving Louis a little smile when he finally falls silent about this band he's been put in, and he's sure he didn't talk about Harry more than the others - but then Mum adds, "I'd like to talk to their parents, I think, if you're all going to be at—what was it, Larry's dad's house," and she's just teasing, obviously, what with that smug smile on her face that Louis definitely did not inherit, and he lets himself collapse onto the sofa just so he doesn't have to see the look on her face anymore.


Any, any, A Tear and a Smile [One Direction RPF]

It gets to be too much, sometimes, all the things they can't do—but Louis never once considers just giving in, giving everything up, because through it all, Harry is there, still holding his hand, even if it's just a look across the stage, even if it's just a quick brush against him as they walk, even if it's just another tattoo they'll lie about to whoever asks, because at the end of it all, he's still that boy from the toilet who blushed when Louis promised him he'd become the biggest thing in the world—so Louis writes him more songs, and gently tugs at his curls that are getting so long now, and his doubts never get further than a whisper into the butterfly on Harry's skin, because he promised this boy the world once, and he's not going to let anyone make a liar of him.

Chapter Text

1 sentence

any Whedonverse. any & any (or any/any). Their first meeting.

He can't remember a time he didn't know Jesse, but now he's reached the point where Jesse's been gone longer than he was there.


Any high school based fandom, any, 16 going on 17 (Sound of Music) [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

Buffy wonders, sometimes, why Slayers seem to always be called so young—after Willow triggers every potential in the world, for the first time, there are middle-aged Slayers, there are old Slayers, and Buffy remembers the girl she was, a sixteen year old prophesied to never reach seventeen, and she watches girls teaching women to fight, power thrumming in all of their blood, and she smiles.


BtVS, Faith/Buffy or Faith/Willow, she trusts that Faith will never let her go dark

"Been there, babe," she says, fingers tangled in Willow's hair, "and you could do so much more damage than me," and Willow flinches a little, remembering, but Faith's fingers tighten, gently tugging the strands, and she promises, "I'll kill you before I let you go there again," and it shouldn't be so comforting, but there's no lie in Faith's dark eyes and she has to believe her.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joyce Summers. She's a former Potential.

She watches Buffy's much-older boyfriend, everything in her still in a way it hasn't been in years, and she listens to Mr. Giles' bumbling speech, and lets Xander and Willow lie terribly to her face, and she resolves to wait until Buffy tells her (and when Buffy does, sobbing because her boyfriend has become a monster, Joyce lets the girl sleeping inside her awaken because her daughter needs her, and no one realizes that it will eventually change the world).


any. any. New occupation: evil overlord. [Marvel movies]

"Rogers, what in the fuck are you doing?" Howard's son demands, but all Steve sees are the files on the Winter Soldier, on what SHIELD really is beneath the shiny veneer, on the fact that winning the war didn't actually fix anything, and maybe this is the worse coming out 70 years later, but nothing matters except Bucky being put down when they couldn't get any more use out of him, and Loki might be a liar—"Come, Captain," Loki says, holding out a hand, and any reason Steve had to not take it fell off a train 70 years ago.


MCU, Steve/Sam or Steve/Bucky or Tony/Bruce, proposal

"I'd marry ya if I could, Stevie," Bucky tells him once, wrapped around Steve on a bed too small for them both (even with how tiny Steve was), and Steve replies, "I'd say yes, if you ever asked."


Animorphs, Tobias, flavor

Grief tastes like ashes, and feels like an endless wind through feathers, and sounds like laughter never heard again, and smells like an absence of strawberry-scented shampoo, and looks like blood-stained blonde hair.


Animorphs, Rachel/Tobias, sky blue

Sometimes, he flies to where he hid the urn, and he morphs back into his 13-year-old body, and he digs the urn out, and he walks to a beautiful glen, and he settles at the base of a tree (urn in his arms), and he leans back, and he looks up at the sky through the canopy, and he talks for an hour (only ever an hour, urn in his arms, tears streaming down his face), and then he stands, and he goes back to the hiding place, and he re-buries the urn, and then he morphs back into his true body, and then he flies up and up and up, into a sky as blue as her eyes, and he shuts away the memories until the next time.


Supernatural, Sam + Dean (or Sam/Dean), A smile for you, A smile for me. Let them linger/Let them be.

When they were little, Sammy smiled easy as breathing, always happy but as he grew, he smiled less and less, and the year before he left, he barely smiled at all—but now, with Jessica ash behind them, with this quest for Dad and all the monsters between here and there, Dean does what he can to get a smile out of Sammy, and each one comes easier, and each time it feels like a victory.


Supernatural, Castiel/Dean Winchester + Sam (+any): the family business is Indiana Jones-style archaeology

"Why the fuck did you take the statue?!" Sam shouts as the ancient temple begins collapsing around them and Dean shrugs, watching the smoke solidify into someone who definitely isn't from this region, and Sam groans but the guy blinks and asks, "Should we not be leaving?" before grabbing both of their shoulders and somehow teleporting them onto a nearby hill, and Sam shouts, "What the fuck, Dean!" but he apparently didn't translate that wall inscription incorrectly after all.


Tortall, George/Alanna, "I'm a thief, not a Prince."

"Actually, my love, you're the King of Thieves."


RPF, Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles, "Marry me?"

"Are you really asking me in the same toilet where we met? You utter sap."



3 sentences


Highlander, Methos, That creepy nursery rhyme is actually about him.

"London Bridge is falling down," the little girls down the block sing as they twirl around.

Matt Benson leans against the wall, pulling his earphones out of his ears and pausing his current favorite song.

The words aren't quite right, he notices, but then, language changes if you live long enough.


Star Wars, Anakin/Han, time travel

"Look, I know you have no reason to believe me," the man says in a rush, "but you have that Force-thing, don't you? Read my mind or somethin' because you have to change things."

"What?" Anakin asks, bewildered, but the man begged, "Please," so Anakin did a shallow sweep, just glancing at the surface.

"NO," he shouts, pulling back from the pain and the fear and the hope and the grief, and the man (Han, his future daughter's husband, his future grandson's father, his future son's best friend) sags down as he begins to fade away, and Han says, "Please change it," and Anakin has no idea how to even start.


5 sentences


any supernatural-based fandom, any, Is Anybody There? (1776) [original]

He can hear breathing, sometimes. Not his. Curled up in bed, beneath the blankets, trying to fall asleep—he can hear someone else breathing, and it's really starting to freak him out.

He doesn't mention it. To anyone.

Chapter Text

1 sentence
Buffyverse. any. Hymn for the missing.

Jesse never had a headstone but now there's nowhere to visit in remembrance because Jesse never had made it out of Sunnydale.


Star Wars/Stargate SG1, Teal'c and Darth Vader, reformed

"How," Anakin asks, "do you deal with having done such terrible things?" and Teal'c considers for a moment before answering, "By doing what I can to help those in need, and honoring the ones I did not how and whenever I can."


Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Padme Amidala/Sabe, duty vs. love

She is barely older than the newly-elected queen but has known what her duty will be for longer than she can remember, and though her father cannot watch as she makes the proper oaths, though her mother has been silently crying for nearly an hour, she sees the strength in her queen's hands, sees the solemnity in her eyes, and knows that she will proudly do as she has been raised to do—and when the worst happens, for the first time in Naboo's living memory, she is chosen for she is best at mimicking their queen, and she does not hesitate, for the strength of the queen's hands, for their shared love of their home, for the way the queen has always been kind, has always softly laughed at silly jokes, for the way her lips tremble when the blasters are pointed at the girl draped in her robes, head held high, willing to die.


Any, any, Let the one among us without sin be the first to condemn [original]

“Do you mock this man you claim to worship,” she asks, “because you keep ranting at me about laws that were replaced when he died for you.”


Any, any/any, love me tender, love me pure, forevermore [One Direction RPF]

"So," Louis begins, leaning over to trace I can't change before wrapping his fingers around Harry's wrist, "let's talk tattoos."


Harry Potter, Harry Potter/Cedric Diggory, Yule Ball.

He dreams, long after, of a ring and a stone and a shade, and a boy who never got the chance to grow, and a laughing confession: I almost asked you instead of Cho.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers, she staked Angel when she found out he was a vampire.

It comes as the culmination of so many little things she's noticed, and she reacts without thought—and later, when she's finished crying in Mom's arms for reasons Mom doesn't know, after she's reported to Giles, after Willow's hugged her and Xander hasn't said I told you so, she'll wonder if maybe she reacted too swiftly, if maybe he was really trying to help.


5 sentences


Leverage,Eliot, he never left Moreau

"There's a thief I want," Damien tells him, tangling his fingers in Eliot's hair. "She's young but her potential... one day, she'll be the best in the game." He leans in to lightly kiss Eliot's lips. "Just like you, darling."

Damien deserves only the best, so Eliot promises to bring this girl home.


Charmed, Melinda Halliwell, Melinda from Morality Bites was the one who came back to the past instead of Chris, and she did it to stop magic from being revealed.

"Call me Melody," the woman says.

"If you wanna save the future," Melody says, "you need to listen to me."

Her eyes linger sadly on Wyatt, and Piper swears she's seen this chick somewhere before.

"Have we met?" Piper asks while Phoebe and Paige are arguing furiously in whispers about trusting Melody.

"Not yet," Melody says.

Chapter Text

author's choice, any, limits of language [original]

You sit there, reading the email in bewilderment and disbelief, and while your companion begins to rant, begins to curse, you think, There aren't words for what I feel.


DCU, Jason Todd/any (crossovers welcome), sharp objects

If you'd just done the right thing and killed that fucker, he thinks, watching Batman prowl the night, but you taught me, Bruce, and if this destroys you... and Batman saves an idiot from a mugging, and a woman from a rapist (but he misses three other muggings, and two attempted rapes (attempted because Jason doesn't let rapists live)), and he thinks, if this destroys you, I won't let it stop me.


Chronicles of Narnia, Edmund, why Edmund hates snow.

Whenever the air turns chill, Edmund becomes even quieter than usual, and Mum asks, "What's gotten into you, love?" and he murmurs, "Memories."


Thor, Thor/Loki, I don't love you, but I always will.

"Do you truly hate me so much, brother?" Thor demands, and Loki laughs madly because what he hates is that he still feels anything at all for this false not-brother, because you can only hate what once you loved.


Supernatural, Sam, wolf in a sheep's clothing

It's different, walking through throngs of students, exploring state-of-the-art buildings, trying not to view everyone he sees as victims—either of monsters, or of hustlers—and trying not to think of escape routes, of take-downs, of ways everyone around him would die screaming from things that don't even give him nightmares anymore.


Highlander, Methos, I feel that you're living in disguise

"You're not the man I knew," Duncan says, a hundred years meeting Methos, and Methos laughs, shaking his head, and before he walks away, he mutters, "Oh, you'll not see a thousand, child."


Marvel Cinematic Universe, any, "Hail HYDRA."

The asset never once says Hail HYDRA, which in hindsight is an obvious sign.


any, any, bullet with my name on it [Hamilton (musical)]

Fools who run their mouths off, he thinks before remembering, Raise a glass to freedom...


any. any supernatural character. So listen to the darkness, listen to the patterns/
Listen to the breathing sea
[Black Jewels series]

She dreams of the ocean, sometimes, reaching, reaching, feeling so small and so young, and when she wakes, she wonders whose dream it was, hers or the dreamers who called for her.


Star Wars, Han Solo/Leia Organa, We'll be looking for sunlight/Or the headlights/Till our wide eyes burn blind/We'll be lacing the same shoes/That we've worn through/To the bottom of the line/And we know that we're headstrong/And our heart's gone/And the timing's never right/But for now let's get away/On a Roman holiday

Before it all goes wrong, there are days where they visit somewhere they're not known on sight, where they can wander holding hands, pretend they're no one of consequence, share laughter and sarcasm, tell stories they haven't heard before, and it's more than two heroes (in)famous across the galaxy can imagine, most days.


Star Wars, Leia Organa + Darth Vader, regret

The tilt of her head, the firmness in her jaw, the fire in her eyes—I should've known, he thinks, because where Luke has his mother's compassion and strength, their daughter has Padme's hope and Anakin's stubbornness that will fight and fight and fight, and I should've known, he thinks, gazing at their son and wishing he could see their daughter one last time.


Any, any, they are allowed to go back to five minutes before they die, and can either change their future or the future of someone else. But not both. [Leverage]

He blinks and he's crouched on the floor, watching Parker crack the safe while Hardison's rambling in both their ears, and he knows exactly where the sniper is, and fifteen seconds are already gone, so he murmurs, "I'm gonna walk the perimeter," without letting his eyes drift to the nest, and he has to hope (because it's all he has) that the sniper doesn't panic, and he knows where he left an armed goon unconscious, but it'll take valuable moments to rearm the gun, and—there's so much he doesn't know, but Hardison's rambling and Parker's humming, and he has the chance to fix this so he's gotta try.


Leverage, any, there's such a thing as thinking too big

"No, Parker," Eliot says, forehead resting on his palm, "we can't take down the US government to save the bees."


RPF, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, When they can't speak publicly they get a new tattoo.

"Management's gonna kill you," Niall says, and Zayn's still snickering, and Liam just sighs, because if anyone hadn't made the connection between the compass and the ship, then the dagger bandaged on Louis' arm would surely be so obvious they can't deny it, but Harry's grinning at Louis, and Louis' fingers trace the rose, and everything they're waiting to shout from the rooftops is written into their skin, and Harry whispers, "I love it," and Louis whispers, "I love you."


any, any, hiding an obvious fact [One Direction RPF]

"Are you kidding," Niall demands while Harry sinks onto the chair in disbelief and Lou's glaring at the wall, arms crossed, vibrating in rage, and Liam and Zayn are muttering to each other about ways around this newest mandate, and Niall adds, "Did they even watch the video diaries? There's no way to hide this unless you stop interacting at all!" and the words hang in the air as Harry goes cold with the realization that's what they'll have to do (and he knows, he knows it still won't be enough).


RPF, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Flowers

"You sing me songs," Louis tells him, "and you bring me flowers, and you paint our love across your skin--but don't you dare propose, Harold, that'll be all me," and Harry, laughingly, kisses him in promise.

Chapter Text

1 sentence

Any, A dog, The dog moves so much slower now, than when it was a puppy. [Homeward Bound: An Incredible Journey]

Shadow's been there for as long as Peter can remember, and he doesn't notice, at first, when Shadow can't always keep up anymore, when Shadow sleeps more (always in the bed in Peter's room), when Shadow isn't on Peter's heels anymore - but in that moment when Shadow crests the hill, Peter knows that Shadow will live forever because there's never been such a wonderful dog.


Fairy Tales, any Princess, Peasant Woman or Nobleman's Daughter/any Wolf character, every time i hear you /i go howling in the half light/ay ay ah-ooh/but every time i do, i wish i'd hear a little howl back/ay ay ah-ooh/hear a little howl back (Reuben, by Cathy Davey

"The wolves are out tonight," Ma murmurs before she begins to pray, and Little Red goes to the window, listening, thinking, oh, i wish you'd come back.


Any fairy tale heroine, Princeless: Save Yourself [Enchanted Forest Chronicles]

"Please, Majesty, have you any advice?" the girl asks, shoeless and her skirt in tatters, her feet bloody from the trek, and Cimorene sighs, summons Willin to take the girl for a bath, and says, "We'll discuss the possibilities over tea once you've bathed and put on clean clothes."


Fairy tales, any, Memory and Dream

She dances in her dreams, and her feet aren't sore and there's no ache in her shoulders, and she's clothed in a dress so lovely an angel might wear it, and her stepsisters watch in awe and her stepmother in jealously, and she is alone, the music her absolute favorite (from when she was young, from when Papa played and Mama sang), and it never ever ends.


2 sentences


Elementary, falling

She smiles at him, compliments him, teases him, plays with him, sleeps in his arms, ignores his calls, lets him chase her—she watches as he falls in love with someone she might have been, had things gone differently for a clever little girl.

He falls in love and so she moves the plan forward: Irene Adler dies and Sherlock Holmes implodes.


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Any (please no SPN or RPF), any, to live or exist longer than someone or something [Harry Potter]

"Children are meant to outlive their parents," he murmurs to the stone, trailing his fingers along the words, erasing the banal phrase, "but is this what you had in mind?"

His eyes glow green and he the wand he never uses anymore hums in its holster.

"If you'd known," he asks, standing to his full height and looking out over the graveyard, "would you still have died for me?"


The Walking Dead, any, They've adjusted to the smell of death and decay everywhere.

"D'you remember," Rick asks, gently tickling Judith's belly, "how clear the air used to smell after rain?"

Carl doesn't look away from the binoculars, watching the walkers stumble past.

"No," he says.


Star Trek (any incarnation), any, miracle worker

His whole life, he's been able to think farther, think faster, do the impossible. He's seventeen, Jim, Dr. McCoy says once, like it's important, like it's a limit, and perhaps it is. But he is on a ship with those who think farther, think faster, all standing with their captain who has never let impossibilities stop him, and Pavel is glad to stand with them.


Alice in Wonderland/Narnia, Alice/Susan, There’s something I’ve forgotten / Like a time, a place / A shattered memory

There's something familiar about the pensive woman sitting by the pond, staring out over the water. Susan pauses, glances towards the group of laughing girls waiting for her, and when Margot waves to her, she catches up, smile painted back on.

(In two days, when Susan sees the woman again, this time reading a book beneath the statue of a lion, she pauses, walks over, and once she's within reach, she realizes that the same shroud of power that clothes her clothes this woman, too—and so she curtsies in the style she learned long ago and when the woman smiles up at her, there's a queen in the twist of her lips and a warrior in the tilt of her chin.)


6 sentences

RPF, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Freedom

"So, what do you think?" he asks, carrying the laptop back into the bedroom and settling against the pillows.

"I think it's perfect," Louis answers, an entire ocean and continent away. He's smiling but Harry can see the sadness creeping back in, now that the tour of their home is over.

"Lou, it'll all be over soon," he says. There's the utter madness of Liam's stunt ongoing, the heartbreaking madness Louis' caught in, Niall's turn coming up, and Harry's own tiny break from his film ending tomorrow.

"Soon," Louis whispers, cocooned in blankets because Harry's not there for him to hold, and while he's still sad, Harry can see the fire that first drew him to Louis, when they were too young and naïve to imagine what would be coming, and he's smiling back at Harry, and he says it again, louder, "Soon we'll be free, love, and they'll regret doin' this to us," and Harry nods, glancing over at the calendar they have counting down the days.

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Pirates of the Caribbean, any, it's a lust carved into the heart of every pirate, to chase that golden horizon.

"Elizabeth, dear," Father calls, "come below-deck, if you please—being amongst the crew is not for ladies," and she longs to ignore him, to keep watching the far-off place where the sky meets the sea, but she hasn't yet learned her own strength or that she, and no one else, can command her destiny.


The Flash, Cisco Ramon, after awhile everything looks blue around the edges.

He jerks awake with a gasp as the time explosion reverberates through every world every timeline every possibility in existence, and for weeks he hears that nasal drawl, feels the cold air against his skin, and he wants to ask Barry, Caitlin, anyone (but especially Reverb who is surely alive on some Earth out there) if everything they look at seems blue—but he can't begin to imagine how to phrase it, and everyone is busy with Zoom, and soon enough, the blue tinting his world is normal, and if he hears whispers in his sleep, murmurs of times long gone and times yet to be, it's easy enough to ignore.


Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, I see your true colors shining through/I see your true colors, and that's why I love you (Cyndi Lauper)

"I'm not worth it," he says, while Steve's washing up after another scuffle with HYDRA/SHIELD/government operatives trying to bring the Winter Soldier to justice, but Steve just looks at him, that same look a punk kid in Brooklyn used to give him after Bucky finished the fight the punk's smart mouth started, and he knows that this argument won't end differently than any other time he's tried since Steve finally caught up to him.


Greek mythology. Hades/Persephone. When spring comes,...

After half a year with her husband, she's more than happy to step out into the warmth of the Earth; after half a year with her mother, she's more than happy to return to chill of her realm; Demeter still thinks her daughter was stolen from her, but Hades understands that Persephone chose to stay and continues to choose to return, and he is ever so glad to demonstrate his appreciation as autumns falls across the Earth.


Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow (+ Lord Beckett) he sold his soul to the sea far before the company was even a thought.

He doesn't understand the shackles that come from the land until he's out in open water, and even though the land keeps trying to claim him again, he belongs to the ocean and he always will.


Psych, Shawn Spencer + any, he's always been too curious for his own good, too clever, too intuitive, too easily bored. (In retrospect, they all should have seen it coming.)

He keeps multiple lists in his head because he knows better than to write them down; one of them is crimes he's solved and another is crimes he committed, and he carefully keeps them at the same length, and he carefully spaces out similar crimes on the committed list because he isn't yet bored enough to up the game by allowing himself to get caught.


Teen Wolf, Stiles Stilinski (+ Allison Argent) , and we smiled and we waited and we watched as they died, and we laughed through the evening, glowing with pride. (Now, your Kingdom is ours)

Many humans (most humans?) don't understand that demons must be invited in (of course, humans also don't understand what truly constitutes an invitation), but the fox's human is cleverer than most, and he opens the door in his mind eagerly because he wants comfort and solace and companionship, and the fox has never had a host so welcoming, so warm, and oh, but the boy is so clever, so willing, and he clings to the fox so desperately, and soon enough, two become one, a ritual so old even the fox doesn't remember its origin or its steps, and when they open their eyes to gaze upon their pack, they smirk with too many teeth, because oh what fun there is to be had.


any. any. "This is not the end." [Prison Break]

They're over the wall, Linc and him, despite all the setbacks, all the mistakes and split-second decisions, and he looks up at his brother, their freedom so close he can taste it, and then Linc says, "We gotta run," and Michael rushes after him because getting over the wall is just the beginning.

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Tortall, Kel + Wyldon, he comes to her for advice when one of his daughters starts talking about going for her shield - what she knows he wants is advice on how to deal with people like him

"Tell her to bend and not break," Mindelan says serenely, "to allow the words to wash off her and remain unchanged when they are pointlessly cruel or foolish, and to incorporate them when they have a necessary truth."


Any (please no SPN), any +/ any, Friendly Enemy (Flash (2014))

"Barry," Joe groans, "you have got to stop laughing at Snart's puns in the middle of fighting him."


Leverage, Parker+any (or Parker/Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer), Parker is actually a shapechanging dragon.

"... I feel like I should be more surprised," Eliot muses while Hardison is still flailing around.


Disney Princesses, Belle, Vellichor

She trails her fingers along the spines, breathing in deep and slow, her eyes catching a word of the titles here and there, and her mind spinning off into idea after idea after idea.


Any, Any, Meraki [Doing something with soul, creativity, or love.] [Prison Break]

"You know you're crazy, right?" he hears a lot as they dig, even when Linc is there, solid beside him, "I mean, I love my brother, don't get me wrong, but this? I wouldn't break his fool ass outta nothin'," and Michael catches Lincoln's eye and smiles because for the moment, everything is right on schedule.


Prison break, Michael & Lincoln, brother let me be your shelter

When they were small, before everything went wrong, Michael used to curl up beside Lincoln in Lincoln's bed because he didn't have bad dreams when he was near Linc; now, on this run across the country, trying to escape and clear his name at the same time, Lincoln can't asleep unless Michael is within reach because Michael is the only sure thing in this nightmare they're living.


3 sentences


Star Wars, Rey, Rey is Palpatine’s daughter.

She dreams of glass and light, of water and green ground, of galaxies trembling before her anger. When she wakes, none of it makes sense.

She doesn't (yet) hear the mad laughter, the crackle of lightning, the murmured, oh, i've such plans for you, my dear.


Supernatural, Dean Winchester, there's a lot he never tells Sammy.

Some nights, when he was really drunk, Dad would try to hurt you for Mom's death; I never let him (there are some scars you don't need to know about).

I wanted to go to college for engineering; I never could decide what kind.

I don't regret a single thing I've ever done to keep you safe and alive and with me.


Suits/White Collar, Mike Ross/Neal Caffrey, Mike can recite any number of art facts but Neal wants him to appreciate art.

"No," Neal says patiently, turning Mike to look at the piece again, "don't tell me about the artist or the period. Look at it."

Mike rolls his eyes but obeys, leaning back slightly so that he's touching Neal.

"Tell me what it makes you feel," Neal whispers, breath warm on Mike's neck, and Mike shivers.


5 sentences


“Babe, you’ve checked out the ventilation in every building near here, right?” Hardison asks.

Eliot scoffs but Parker just says, “Yeah, like months ago.”

“Okay, good,” Hardison mutters, all without ever looking up.

Rolling his eyes, Eliot turns back to his baking magazine. Parker shrugs before slumping across Eliot’s lap.



“Baby girl,” Hardison says as the results in, “we gotta come out of retirement.”

“Hell, yeah,” Eliot mutters, clicking off the TV. “This is fuckin’ stupid.”

Parker drops from the ceiling to land in Hardison’s lap, jostling his computer. “He’s creepy and orange.”

“Well, we have to deal with both,” Hardison says. “The VP is an even worse person, if that’s possible.”

“Let’s go steal a country,” Parker chirps brightly, bouncing off Hardison’s lap. “Again.”