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Supernatural, Dean/John (or gen), missing you

"Hey, Dad," he says, eyes closed, resting his forehead on the window, cell tight in his grip. “So, uh, I don’t know if you got my other messages. But, I’m. Dad. I don’t know what I did, but, please. Call me back.”


Charmed, Wyatt and Chris, I see you in every version of myself.

There's an art to time travel. And it doesn't seem to matter how far or how fast he goes back - everywhere, there is Wyatt, Wyatt dark and Wyatt broken and Wyatt screaming and crying and begging for Chris.

So finally, in a world that is not right but is at least real, Chris stops and looks at his brother and says, I'm home.


SPN, S3!Ruby's vessel/S4!Ruby's vessel, there's nothing I wouldn't do for you

They have three things in common: they're both women, they're both dead, and they were both killed by the same thing.

I never felt so alive, Blonde says.

Me, neither, Brunette sighs.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There's a last slayer.

She is named Elizabetta, and she has red hair, and she is almost six feet tall, and her eyes are forest-green.

Named for the greatest, Mama said, back at the beginning, when Liza learned what flowed in her blood, what exploded out whenever she used her fists, whenever she saw the dead.

(No one tells Elizabetta that the spell she uses on her nemesis will change the whole game, will affect the entire world, will kill more than the self-named King of Vampires.)


Dead Poets Society, Todd, their success story

Of them all, Todd has the most success in his life. That's what they say, all those boys who were his friends once.

Todd misses Neil every day and every night, and never once stops wondering what might have been.


Narnia, Peter and Edmund, I see you in every version of my self

In his nightmares, Lucy's cordial does not work and Ed dies in his arms, spread across his lap, as the Lion feasts on the Witch.

When he wakes, Ed is laughing with Lucy, or sharing stories with Susan, or staring to the west.

Edmund the Just, his younger brother, the other half of himself, smiles at him and says, Hey, Pete.


Anastasia, Dmitri, best in the business

If anyone could turn a peasant into a princess, it was Dmitri. Where he got his skills, no one was sure, but he knew the way of royals like he was there himself, they say.

Of course, he vanished with one of his girls years ago, after trying to con the last czar's mother, so maybe he tricked himself.


Harry Potter, Neville, long live the revolution

Everyone forgets that Neville could've been the Boy Who Lived.

Everyone forgets that the Hat put Neville in Gryffindor for a reason.

Neville swings the sword and kills the thing Voldemort loves the most, and he holds his head high.


Glee, Blaine, fencing, polo, boxing, singing, dancing -- what can't he do?

Sometimes, when the light hits him just right, Blaine almost seems to glow.

Finn's almost asked a thousand times - when Kurt and Blaine are cuddling on the couch, or laughing in the kitchen, or doing the things Finn doesn't mention upstairs.

But he hasn't asked, won't ask, because Kurt's begun to glow, too, and maybe asking will make the magic stop.