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Raphael's Transformation, (previously called Raphael's Thanksgiving)

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USUAL DISCLAIMER: I don't own the TMNT and I won't be making any money off this. It's purely for fun.
The other characters are my own.

Leo is sixteen
Raphael is 15
Don is 14
Mikey is 13

Olivia's seventeen
Rachael is 16
Laura is 14
Samantha is 13

Shortly after ten thirty on the evening of November 26, Raphael was on his way home from patrol, when he was jumped by several Purple Dragons. He fought bravely and managed to ward off a few, but they kept coming, wearing him down. He kept attacking, standing his ground.

"Ready to give up, reptile?" Hun snarled.
"Never," Raphael said.

Hun nodded at his men, who threw a smoke bomb. Rubbing his eyes and coughing, Raphael was at the mercy of the thugs, who immediately tackled him and started pummelling him. Raphael mercifully blacked out, but the men continued assaulting him. Hun made several slashes in Raphael's plastron with his knife and grinned when blood dripped onto the ground. Then he did the same to his arms and legs. Finally, he kicked Raphael in his groin and sides.

"Is he going to die?" one thug asked.
Looking at the battered, bruised and bloody turtle, Hun smiled. "He will if he doesn't get help fast. Let's get out of here." Hun spat at Raphael. Then he and his thugs ran off into the night.

Olivia was on the way home from visiting friends, when she saw a peculiar object lying on the pavement not far from her house. Peering down, she saw that it was unlike anything she'd ever seen before. Looks like a turtle, she thought. It wasn't moving. Is it dead? She bent down and checked the creature's pulse. Faint, but still breathing. I have to move him, she thought.

Olivia pulled out her cell and dialed a number. "Rach, you home?" she asked.
"Yeah. What's up, Liv?"
"I need your help. Can you come outside. I'll explain then."
"Okay, sis."

Rachael joined her sister outside and said, "What the hell is that, Liv?"
"I think it's a turtle and it's been beaten up. Help me move it inside."
"Inside? What if it's dangerous? Look at those weapons in his belt. What the hell are they? What if he attacks us with them?"
"Rach, just help me move it and they're called sai."
"What if it bites us?"
Olivia huffed in annoyance. "It's a cold night. It could die outside and judging by its bad shape, I don't think it's going to hurt us. So help me."
"Fine," Rachael said and sighed. "But it's your fault if it turns on us."


The teenage girls gently lifted Raphael up and took him inside.

"To my room, Rach," Olivia said.
"You have to be kidding!"
"No. It'll be safe and warm for him there. Then get me some towels and some cloths."
"I still think this is a bad, bad idea, sis."

The girls lowered Raphael into Olivia's bed.

"The towels, some water and cloths," Olivia said. "I need to clean the poor thing. Did Sam and Laura come home, Rach?"
"No. They decided to stay over at their friend's house."
"Okay. Get those items. It's okay," Olivia soothed, stroking Raphael's head. "You're safe now."

Rachael appeared with the items, handed them to Olivia and said, "I'm going to bed. That thing looks dangerous. Look at its muscles. Must be a boy. Freakiest thing I ever saw."
"Go if you want," Olivia said, tending to Raphael's wounds.
"You always had a soft spot for weird things. I mean, like your last boyfriend, who was in that cult, but this takes the cake. A giant turtle. Ugh. And an ugly one at that. See you later."

"I'm sorry about that," Olivia said to the still unconscious Raphael. "My sister can be an insensitive ass. I don't think you're ugly. In fact, you're kind of handsome for a turtle." Olivia got out her sewing kit and stitched up the gashes Hun had made. Then she gently cleaned Raphael all over, removing his bloody belt and gear in the process and leaving them on the table next to her bed. "Look at your skin. It's the most beautiful color green I've ever seen. Emerald. There we go. I managed to stop the blood flow and you should be fine when you wake up. All done." Olivia removed Raphael's bandana, set it down on the table beside his other gear and said, "Goodnight. Rest easy now." She went into the bathroom to do her ablutions.

Golden eyes flickered open, taking in his new surroundings. Where the hell am I, Raphael wondered? Reaching down for his weapons, he saw that he was naked and in a bed. Where am I? His eyes wandered over the room. Posters of heart throbs on the wall, an autographed photo of Paul Walker on the bedside table, where he noticed his weapons and gear. Definitely a teenage girl's room. Shit. I gotta get home. Gotta call the guys, Raphael thought. He strapped the belt to himself and dug in the pockets, looking for his T-phone. Damn. Not there, he thought angrily. How can I call them now? I'll just go home. He forced himself into a sitting position, grimacing at the pain coursing through his body. Then he tried to stand up, but his legs gave way and he collapsed onto the floor with a dull thud, his eyes slamming shut.

What the heck, Olivia thought, hearing the crash? She ran out of the bathroom and was alarmed to see the turtle on the floor. Silly thing must have tried to get up, she thought, looking at the belt he was wearing. Using all of her strength, she dragged Raphael back to bed and pulled the covers over him.

"Silly boy. You need to stay in bed," Olivia said.
Golden eyes opened and glared at her. "Who are ya?" Raphael demanded. "And where am I?"
"My name's Olivia Mason and you're in my bedroom."

Raphael stared at the dark haired and blue-eyed girl. She was a beauty, but he knew deep down she couldn't like anyone like him. He was a freak and he'd never find love. She stared back at him, unafraid, which surprised him. He was used to people screaming when they saw him.

"I'm pleased you're awake. What's your name?" Olivia asked.
"Well, Raphael, you must be very hungry. I have some left overs that my family..."
"How'd I get here?"
"I found you near my house and took you inside. It's brutal out there and it's starting to snow. "
"I hope ya didn't...." Raphael said and blushed.
"No. I didn't touch you. So, how about some grub? You like turkey? I have no idea what turtles eat."
"We eat whatever ya humans eat."
"I'll be back in a few moments. What would you like to drink? Hot chocolate?"
"You relax, okay?"

Raphael closed his eyes. She didn't scream and she didn't freak out, he thought. She treated me like I was normal. She seems really nice. No. I can't get feelings for her. It wouldn't work out. I'm a freak and she could have any guy she wanted.

Olivia returned a few minutes later with a tray, which she set on his lap. Raphael looked at the plate on it that contained turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, yams, pumpkin, pea, carrots and squash and his stomach growled.

"Hah. I knew you'd be hungry," Olivia said, taking the cup of hot cholate off of the tray and putting it on the dresser.
"Thanks," Raphael said and tucked in. His eyes lit up, as the flavors and smells attacked his senses. "This is so good. Thanks for this."
"You're welcome. It's Thanksgiving Eve. Do you celebrate it, Raphael?"
"Yeah. We had Thanksgivin' lunch earlier."
"We? So there are more of you?"

Raphael stabbed a piece of carrot with his fork and chewed, debating whether he could trust her. He decided he could. She had rescued him from the extremities after all.

"Yeah," Raphael said. "My brothers and my dad."
"You're the eldest?"
"No. Leo's sixteen. Then me. I'm fifteen. Then there's Don and Mikey, who're fourteen and thirteen. Ya got siblings?"
"I'm seventeen and Rachael, Samantha and Laura are sixteen, fourteen and thirteen."
"Are they as pretty as ya?" Raphael blurted out. He blushed when he realized what he'd said. Olivia laughed. It sounded like bells tinkling and he loved it.
"Your family must be worried. Do you want to call them?"
"I'll pay ya back for the call."
"No need. Are you close to your brothers?"
"Yeah, especially Leo. We fight a lot, but there ain't no one I admire more than him and I love him most. But having said that, I'd die for any of my brothers. No questions asked. Ya'd like my brothers. They're pretty cool. Don's the genius, Mikey's the prankster and Leo's more reserved, but he's got a kind heart."
"And you?"
"I'm the hothead and Mr. Macho." Raphael chewed a piece of turkey and added, "I often do things without thinkin' and I got a fierce temper."
Olivia smiled. "I bet you have some wonderful qualities too, Raphael."
"Maybe. Hey, thanks again." He finished the last piece of turkey and reached for his cup of hot chocolate. "That was the best food I ever had."
"Thanks. Space for dessert?"
Raphael sipped the hot chocolate and said, "Yeah. What did ya make?"
"My mother's recipe for pumpkin pie. Cream or ice cream?"
"Cream, please."
"You can call your family. I'll be back in a bit."

Raphael reached for the phone beside the bed and dialed Don's T-phone. "Hey, Don."
"Where the hell are you, Raph? We're been worried sick."
"I'm-ya'll never believe it. I got ambushed by Hun and his goons and I'm at a girl's house."
"Doing what? Come home now."
"I can't. It's snowin' outside and I'm still sore. Ya can come and get me in the mornin'."
"Raph, can she be trusted?"
"I think so. She nursed me, gave me dinner and she's beautiful, Don. Like an angel. Ya should see her."
"Raph, forget it. She'd never date you. You know that, so don't get hopeful."
"Yeah. I know that," Raphael said sadly. "See ya tomorrow, Don. Tell the guys I say hi."

Raphael disconnected the call and sighed. I know that, he thought. No one's ever gonna love me.

Olivia appeared with a plate of dessert and handed it to him. "Here you go," she said.
"Thanks," Raphael said and dug in. "Wow. This is amazin'."
"Glad you like it."
"So, where's yer mom?"
"She and my dad died a few years ago. Car crash."
"I'm sorry. It musta been rough on ya."
"Yes, but especially my youngest sister. Laura was extremely close to dad. We were sent to live with my mom's sister. Didn't go well. She was vindictive and mean and I got emancipated last year. I have two part time jobs and study online."
"Good on ya. I'm sorry it went badly."
"Thanks, Raphael."
"Uh. It's Raph ta family and friends."
Olivia smiled. "I like that. Raphael's dignified and posh, but Raph sounds so manly."
"Hah. That's me," Raphael said and chuckled.
"Did you call your family?"
"They'll be here ta get me in the mornin.'"
"Good. You have lovely eyes, Raphael. Did you know that? The most unusual color I've ever seen."
Raphael blushed again. Then he cleared his throat and said, "Thanks for helpin' me. I owe ya."
"No. You don't. You finished?"
"Yeah. Thanks. This was incredible."
"Do you need to go to the bathroom?"

Olivia helped him to the bathroom, leaving him alone, while he did what he needed to do. Then she helped him back to bed. She pulled the covers over him and smiled again. "Get some sleep, Raph."
"I will," Raphael said and yawned.
"Happy Thanksgiving," Olivia said and kissed his cheek. "Sleep well." She grabbed the plate and left the room.
"Night," Raphael said, trying not to blush.

Left alone, Raphael rubbed his cheek and smiled. This is the best Thanksgivin' ever, he thought. Maybe I will find love and Don was wrong. He closed his eyes and soon fell asleep, dreaming of the girl he now regarded as his angel.