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Avengers Assemble

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It All Started So Innocently
Written before the movie
what could possibly go wrong with that

All Aboard the Feels Express


Steve is made of feelings and muscles
this pairing has consumed me

Thor is a Golden Retriever puppy
Asgardians are party animals

Tony doesn't have issues he has a suscription
living down to expectations

Clint Lives in the Air Ducts
Which is a little skewed and a lot repressed

Everything would be sadness without Natasha
Kicking all the ass

Bruce is better behaved than you think
(emotionally speaking)
Solving life's problems with science


The Avengers are appallingly immature sometimes

poker between egotistical superheroes is never a good idea
pepper and natasha trash talk each other and play video games

repeat after me the arc reactor is not a nightlight
hawkeye - it's not a toy
Pepper can kill you with a shoe

loki could kick thor and captain america's asses at table tennis
Thor nobly sacrifices his clothes to protect Steve's virtue
Steve's smile can bake apple pie

Darcy just wants Loki to watch a goddamn Disney movie
and then hulk makes her a rose out of stop signs
now someone go tell Bruce

Clint F. Barton does NOT Poledance
Thor that is not how you use a gun

Tony probably hasn't created a clone army just to annoy Natasha but it's only a matter of time

assassin war games
in the ceiling
And Then It Got Out of Hand

JARVIS learns to sigh

Supernanny Coulson
near death experiences do not exclude you from paperwork

Everyone in the Avengers Verse needs more love
right in the pheels


Loki Does What He Wants
and is also a ventriloquist
Because author makes stuff up like that for fun

Bucky is the plucky anti-hero
fighting the mind control

Rhodey thinks Tony kidnapped Bruce
It's really only slashy if you're in my brain with me

darcy being darcy
Comes with a built in apology
plus coulson!

Somehow Jane and Darcy time travel
oops I trousered my timeline
How did this happen?

damn you avengers i dont have time for this
Fury has a mission to kick your ass--and clearance for it
Go the Fuck to Sleep


Mythology In-Jokes
Noodle Incidents
Suit Porn
Gratuitous Shawarma
marvel do not approve of this and neither does norway
The Author Regrets Nothing

Avengers Tower is basically a giant clubhouse
Chopping & Changing Mythology Like Nobody's Business
Give me a universe and I shall play with it

Who doesn't want to hug Captain America?

Maria isn’t being paid enough
and Pepper and Bruce watch from the sidelines and snigger
Fury wonders how this is his life


from henceforth the Avengers are banned from doing anything ever again
until they do
Mission Reports