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Our Red Scarf (Keep Me Warm)

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Taehyung draws his oversized sweater a little closer to his body. The weather is colder than he’d expected, temperatures dropping quickly now that the sun has set and the campus is engulfed in darkness. Or it would have been if there wasn’t a lamp post every two feet. Campus security is no joke.

His nose already feels frosty and his fingers are beginning to follow suit, so he buries them deeper in the yellow sleeves. Jimin likes to say that the colour reminds him of stale mustard but Taehyung refuses to acknowledge that the garment looks anything other than sunshine yellow. His best friend had solemnly shaken his head and said, ‘I can’t believe you manage to get laid looking like that,’ as Taehyung had exited their dorm room earlier.

Jimin knows what Taehyung’s objective is for the evening. He knows Taehyung is meeting up with someone to destress after midterms, and essays, and endless experiments with lab equipment that seems to be designed solely for the purpose of thwarting all his scientific ambitions. His best friend knows it’s someone who can get Taehyung down on his knees, begging for more. That much Taehyung had divulged over cheap drinks and anime. Jimin just doesn’t know who this person is. It wasn’t like Taehyung had explicitly lied about Jeongguk; he just hadn’t been very forthcoming about his identity either, leaving Jimin to assume it’s someone he doesn’t know.

Taehyung prefers to think of it as creative story telling.

Pushing thoughts about the moral ambiguity of his actions to the back of his mind, Taehyung turns a corner and the artificial lightning begins to thin out. He still doesn’t know how Jeongguk can afford to live in an apartment by himself just off campus. The situation does nothing but feed into all the bad rumours that are going around about him and his penchant for body decoration doesn’t help with that either. The girl with the big eyes and loose lips sitting in the back of one of Taehyung’s microbiology classes had once let it slip that Jeongguk was said to be part of a gang. Another had whispered he’d send a man to the hospital once. Taehyung himself suspects that Jeongguk is a stereotypical rich brat with a chip on his shoulder, trying to rebel against the status quo, nowhere near as dangerous as the stories depict him to be. But that’s just a guess. They don’t talk about things like that.

Despite the nature of their relationship, most of Taehyung’s information concerning Jeongguk is second-hand. Most of it actually comes from Jimin. Jeongguk and Jimin are members of the same dance team and the bad boy has been the bane of Jimin’s existence ever since he joined. Jeongguk has perfected his irreverent teasing of Taehyung’s best friend to a level that can only be described as art. It’s the reason Taehyung hadn’t told Jimin about his meetings with Jeongguk.

It’s probably the reason they were happening in the first place.

As Taehyung walks down the street, his destination now only a few buildings away, he thinks about the first time he’d talked to Jeongguk. He’d been to enough showcases and listened to enough of Jimin’s exasperated rants to recognize him when Jeongguk approached him in a bar off campus.

Taehyung should have probably turned him down but (with alcohol in his system and the vision of a young god in front of him) the words had come out like a flirtatious invite instead, ‘I don’t think I’m allowed to talk to you. I heard you’re the devil’s spawn.’

If Jeongguk had been surprised by Taehyung's statement, he hadn't shown it. He’d merely flashed him a smirk that Taehyung has become all too familiar with over the past weeks. ‘I see my reputation proceeds me. Who’s been spreading the gospel of Jeon Jeongguk?’

Taehyung had found himself returning Jeongguk’s grin. ‘Jimin. Your wicked ways are all he ever talks about.’

That was the first time Jeongguk’s laughter ringed in his ear and Taehyung had known instantly that it would be so difficult to stay away from him. Jeongguk’s demeanour had been perfectly in sync with Taehyung’s; the game of push-and-pull played out so perfectly between them. When Jeongguk’s warm hands slipped under his shirt at the end of the evening as his tongue conquered Taehyung’s mouth, Taehyung no longer had the will power to resist.

That’d been the first evening Taehyung had gone home with Jeongguk.

By now the door in front of him is almost as familiar as his own. Taehyung raps his knuckles on the wood in rapid succession, eager to get out of the cold and against Jeongguk’s body.

It seems like forever before the door opens and Jeongguk leans against the doorpost in all his broad-shouldered glory. Dressed in just his sweatpants, Taehyung can admire the wide planes of his chest and the strong curves of the muscles in his arms, covered with intricate swirls and foreign lettering. Taehyung assumes the tattoos are all supposed to have a deeper meaning but, who knows, maybe they're just misspelled song lyrics instead. Still, the sight never fails to create heat in his abdomen.

Jeongguk smirks knowingly; a seductive curl of the lips that’s both arrogant and alluring. Jimin calls it the devil’s smile and it does look sinfully good on him in Taehyung’s humble opinion. But the smirk has to part for words to pass through, “no scarf and sunglasses this time?”

“I swear someone was watching me that time. Following me.” Taehyung doesn’t wait for a spoken invitation but squeezes in past Jeongguk. “You know Jimin would kill me if he found out.”

The door falls close behind them, shutting out the cold. “Who would ever want to spy you?”

“You would,” Taehyung teases. “You positively worship my ass.”

Jeongguk scoffs, “I don’t have to spy on you. You’re always coming to me first, so who’s worshiping who exactly?”

Taehyung decides an argument about who of them is thirsting for it the most is a waste of precious time, so he shoots Jeongguk a playful wink instead. “I think we all know I’m your dick’s most devout follower.”

Jeongguk's face lights up a little at that comment and the threat of a petty argument is successfully avoided. Taehyung turns to toe out of his shoes but he can still tell Jeongguk is coming up behind him before he's even wrapped an arm around his waist.

Strong hands push aside the fabric of Taehyung’s sweater without hesitation, the touch already deliciously demanding, as Jeongguk’s hot breath tickles the sensitive skin of his neck. Taehyung has only been inside for a few minutes but he can already feel himself growing hard. The effect Jeongguk always has on his body borders on downright petrifying.

Jeongguk pulls him against his chest, Taehyung’s ass lining up perfectly with his crotch, and it becomes clear that Taehyung isn’t the only one who’s excited. Soft lips tease the crook of Taehyung’s shoulder followed by a soft bite and soothing swipe of a tongue. It is sure to leave a mark and Taehyung knows it’s merely the first of many.

The knowledge sends a shudder down Taehyung’s spine and his body begins to burn, the outside cold already a distant memory.

“I think I might need you to prove your devotion to my dick, baby,” Jeongguk murmurs right below his ear. Taehyung can’t stop his breath from hitching when Jeongguk sucks the lobe into his mouth.

He knows Jeongguk is deliberate in his use of the word baby as a pet name.  Jeongguk uses it because he gets off on the fact that Taehyung is older but pliant under his forceful touch. He uses it because he’s an insolent brat just like Jimin always says he is. Taehyung can’t help but find it amusing.

“Anything for you, Gukkie,” Taehyung promises in breathy tones; an obvious lie but it doesn’t fail at making Jeongguk groan and rock his hips into him with a blatant eagerness.

Impatient, Jeongguk turns Taehyung in his grip so he can collide their lips together. There’s an almost frantic hunger in the way Jeongguk kisses him, a desperate need in how his hands roughly clutch at Taehyung’s waist to direct him towards the bedroom. It makes Taehyung feel weak in the best possible way. He suspects it makes Jeongguk feel strong and in control.

Breaking their kiss to come up for air, Jeongguk makes quick work of the sweater, muttering something about it being ‘hideous’ under his breath. Taehyung takes offense to that and nips on Jeongguk's bottom lip. The hands on Taehyung’s ass tighten briefly in retribution, the sensation just south of painful. “Play nice, baby.”

“Or what?” Taehyung’s teasing challenge makes Jeongguk’s eyes grow even darker. This is a dangerous game he’s playing, Taehyung knows that, but he’d always felt things were most exciting when the stakes were high. The dangerous games are the fun ones. He takes in the tattoos he loves to run his fingers across, the piercings he always aches to tug at with his teeth, the lean muscles that can hold him with so much strength. Jeongguk is trouble. Taehyung likes trouble a bit more than he probably should.

With a growl, Jeongguk pulls off Taehyung’s remaining shirt, leaving them both naked from the waist up. He then meshes their lips together again with enough conviction to make Taehyung believe he never plans on separating them ever again.  

Jeongguk tastes sweet, intoxicating. It’s like a drink Taehyung can never get enough of. He can’t believe he’s become so addicted in merely a few weeks. Trouble. Jeongguk is trouble. He’s trouble in the way he skilfully seizes control of Taehyung’s mouth, leaving Taehyung panting for more.

Even with their lips locked, they manage to find their way through the apartment and into Jeongguk’s bedroom, hands constantly groping at naked flesh. Taehyung revels in the way he can feel Jeongguk’s muscles flex beneath his skin. He feels so good to the touch.

Jeongguk’s fingers start fiddling with Taehyung’s belt but he groans in frustration when it won’t give. Patience is never Jeongguk’s strong suit during their hook-ups. At least not during the first round. Taehyung snickers but takes pity on him, his long fingers travelling downwards to undo it himself. When he’s finished, Jeongguk slips his hand in without hesitation and wraps it around Taehyung’s dick. “Fuck, you’re so hard already.”

Taehyung gasps when Jeongguk starts tugging experimentally, a calloused thumb teasing at the slit before moving downwards, pre-come facilitating the glide. Taehyung mouths at Jeongguk’s jaw as Jeongguk works him, moving lower and down Jeongguk’s neck, biting his shoulder when Jeongguk flicks his wrist in just the right way. With one hand, Taehyung palms Jeongguk’s dick through the fabric of his sweatpants. “Could say the same about you, Gukkie.”

Taehyung gives Jeongguk a teasing squeeze as if to prove his point and is rewarded with a guttural groan. The heat in Taehyung’s belly intensifies. He sinks to his knees, taking Jeongguk’s sweatpants with him, determined to prove his devotion like Jeongguk had requested earlier. Jeongguk’s dick looks like it’s dying for affection, just like Taehyung imagines his own does.

Normally, Taehyung might try and tease Jeongguk a little more, he does love to torment him, but tonight the need to taste Jeongguk is too strong. He briefly kisses the tattoo on Jeongguk’s hipbone after which he takes him between his lips with a wink. He gives the head a quick suck and smoothly swallows Jeongguk deeper, savouring Jeongguk's taste on his tongue. It’s slightly salty and bitter but at the same time sweet and irresistible.

Taehyung knows a lot of people hate it but he loves sucking dick. He might be the one on his knees but the gorgeous man in front of him is the one at Taehyung’s mercy. He can tell by the way Jeongguk’s hips buck and his dick twitches in his mouth.

One hand on Jeongguk’s hip and the other at the base of his dick, Taehyung settles into a slow rhythm. He watches Jeongguk as he drags his tongue across a sensitive vein and seeing the pleasure on Jeongguk's face is so utterly gratifying. But Taehyung only has the chance to do it two times before he can feel Jeongguk’s fingers twist in his hair, pulling him off.  

“Not like this.” Jeongguk nods towards the bed. Taehyung’s insides tighten with unbridled want.

Discarding the last of his clothes, Taehyung makes his way over and Jeongguk is quick to follow his good example. The state of the bed is not unexpected but it still amuses Taehyung. A bottle of lube and a few unopened condom wrappers are strewn across the duvet, obviously thrown on there without care.

Taehyung crawls onto the bed with a chuckle, settling on his shins. “You’re such a romantic, Jeonggukkie.”

“At least I bring condoms to the party —” Taehyung opens his mouth to protest but Jeongguk knows better than to give him the time to do so “— Condoms that aren’t Glow in the Dark or Banana Flavoured.”

As Jeongguk settles on the bed behind him, Taehyung picks up one of the packages for closer inspection. “Ultra Thin Feel. How uninspired.”

“But I like them, baby.” Jeongguk wraps two possessive arms across his waist and pulls him closer until Taehyung’s back sits flush against his chest. It causes Jeongguk’s dick to settle between the cheeks of his ass, still wet with his saliva, and Taehyung can’t help but roll his hips back into it. The grip on his waist tightens. “I like how they let me feel every ridge of you when I fuck into you.”

The way the dirty words are breathed near his ear makes Taehyung shiver. Desire starts to coil in his stomach, the heat from before blazing back to life. Suddenly, Taehyung is no longer interested in looking at the condoms, he wants to start using them already. “When you put it like that, it does sound nice.”

Jeongguk hums in agreement and reaches around him for the lube. When the bottle cap snaps open, Taehyung experiences an almost visceral response; a tremor shaking his body in anticipation. It only gets worse as Jeongguk’s finger begins to tease his entrance and it doesn’t stop until the digit slides in easily, meeting almost no resistance. Taehyung immediately rocks back on it. He’s so hungry for it.

“Fuck,” Jeongguk curses in a coarse voice. “What have you been getting up to before you came over?”

A second finger joins the first one, making Taehyung keen. “I-I got impatient, so I gave myself a head start.” What he doesn’t say is how Jeongguk had been on his mind the entire time Taehyung finger-fucked himself in the shower earlier that evening.

Jeongguk groans behind him. The digits curl and twist expertly, causing white hot sparks to flicker up Taehyung’s nerve endings. “How did it feel when you were touching yourself? Did it feel good, baby? Did it feel like this?” There's an almost jealous edge to Jeongguk’s voice.

“No,” Taehyung confesses with a moan. “You feel better. So-so much better.”

Jeongguk grunts in approval, appeased by the idea of outdoing Taehyung’s own fingers. If Jeongguk wasn’t tormenting his body with sharp stabs of pleasure, Taehyung might have laughed at his competitiveness. With the situation being as it is, he releases a series of desperate moans instead.

Jeongguk begins to place to soft bites and wet kisses along Taehyung’s shoulders and neck as he works him open. Taehyung knows he’ll probably be covered in them by the time the night is through because, for some reason, Jeongguk is never satisfied until Taehyung looks like his personal work of art. Taehyung reaches one arm over his head to clutch at Jeongguk’s hair, silently asking for more.

Jeongguk moves one arm around him to start stroking Taehyung’s dick again, using a hand Taehyung suspects he'd been touching himself with just seconds earlier. Distracting Taehyung with his tugging, Jeongguk slips a third finger in. It stings in the most delicious manner. Movements faltering for only a second, Taehyung’s body readily accepts that digit as well.

Taehyung knows he could come like this, would come like this very soon if they didn’t stop, but he doesn’t want it this way. Jeongguk’s hand and fingers are not enough. Taehyung craves more. He tightens his grip on Jeongguk’s hair. “I’m ready, Gukkie. I’m ready.”

It’s all the encouragement Jeongguk needs. His hands still their administrations, the loss making Taehyung whimper, and move to Taehuyng’s back, pushing him down towards the mattress until Taehyung is on his hands and knees. Jeongguk doesn’t ask if it’s okay like this, they're past that point. After several weeks, Jeongguk knows how Taehyung likes it. Except there’s a softness behind the forceful touch that Taehyung rather not think about.

The sound of a plastic wrapper being torn open is there to distract him.

Taehyung doesn’t turn to look but he knows when Jeongguk is rolling on the condom. He knows when Jeongguk lubes himself up. He can tell by all the little sounds that escape Jeongguk’s mouth as he’s touching himself. Those sounds haunt Taehyung in his dreams. He thinks about them all the time.

Jeongguk pushes in with a swift but steady thrust and the stretch his dick provides makes white spots flash behind Taehyung’s closed eyelids. Taehyung almost sobs with how good it feels. The sensation never disappoints. Jeongguk never disappoints. Even as Jeongguk is still for a moment, giving Taehyung time to adjust, Taehyung’s body seems to buzz with pleasure and he immediately pushes back, trying to take Jeongguk deeper.

“Fuck, you take it so well, baby.” Jeongguk’s strained praise is like music and Taehyung wants to hear more. He needs to hear more.

They settle into a rhythm, Jeongguk’s hands caressing his sides, pulling him closer every time he pushes in. Taehyung eagerly obliges by rolling his hips back to meet his every stroke. All the while, Jeongguk keeps singing his appreciation in soft murmurs, “You look so good like that, baby. So pretty. So fucking good.”

It takes just a few thrusts before Jeongguk finds his prostrate and Taehyung keens while letting his head drop down onto the pillow to let him know just that. Jeongguk doesn’t miss the hint and makes sure every next push hits Taehyung exactly where he needs it the most. Jeongguk can touch him so deep like this, fucks him so well from behind. The waves of heated pleasure are rolling over Taehyung; he just wishes there were more.

“Faster.” Taehyung can hardly recognize his own voice, cracked and splintered with lust.

Jeongguk groans in response and his fingers grip Taehyung’s hips in a vice-like clutch, leaving even more marks. Marks Taehyung treasures.

The bucking of Jeongguk’s hips builds up, the plunging of his dick in Taehyung’s body almost punishing. Like Taehyung had wanted, the waves of pleasure increase in number. He’s beginning to drown in what Jeongguk is doing to him.

There’s only Jeongguk and the sounds they’re making and his sweat slicked skin against Taehyung’s body as they move together. The bed cracks and protests under Jeongguk’s forceful thrusts but Taehyung loves the obscene sounds. The coil of heat and want and ecstasy in his stomach just keeps constricting further and Taehyung knows he’s so close. He can already feel his toes curl in bliss.

Jeongguk must have sensed as much. “Are you going to come, baby?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung chokes out between hoarse cries.

Jeongguk stills suddenly, a hand moving to squeeze around Taehyung’s dick. “Not yet. Not until I say so.”

Taehyung feels a familiar mixture of emotions take hold of him. A part of Taehyung hates Jeongguk for denying him his orgasm but a larger part of him loves the delayed gratification Jeongguk is subjecting him to. But then Jeongguk completely slips out of his body and Taehyung’s scale of emotions immediately tips in favour of strong dislike.

Jeongguk.” The neediness is unmistakable. It’s a desperate plea disguised as a name.

“Get on your back.” But before the words finish leaving Jeongguk’s mouth, he’s already succeeded in turning Taehyung over.

Jeongguk makes sure to lock their eyes together as he slides back in Taehyung’s body. Trouble. Jeongguk is trouble. The obsidian eyes are like magnets; Taehyung can’t look away.

The new position provides a whole new level of intimacy. A level Taehyung isn’t quite sure he can take but when Jeongguk’s mouth is upon his own, those thought disappear like they were never there to begin with. Taehyung obligingly wraps his legs around Jeongguk’s waist as they settle into a slower rhythm than before.  

But Jeongguk still pushes so deep inside his body. Still fucks him so well even like this. Taehyung clutches at Jeongguk’s hair as the waves of heat are back, rakes his nails across Jeongguk’s tattooed back as Jeongguk moves within him like he’s robbing Taehyung of everything he has. Jeongguk is trying to steal something with his kisses. Something precious; Taehyung just knows he is.

Before Taehyung can determine what he's lost to Jeongguk, the coil in his abdomen bursts and his orgasm finally hits him. It makes Taehyung’s head roll back against the pillow, his eyes rolling back even further, whimpers he didn’t even know he could make filling the air.

But Jeongguk only stills for a minute, Taehyung’s climax so strong he can’t move for a short while, and picks up his pace again. The sensation of Jeongguk fucking into him is so intense when Taehyung is still riding the aftershocks of his release. It’s too much. Taehyung deeply regrets not sucking Jeongguk off for longer. He weakly pushes on Jeongguk’s shoulders, knowing it’s futile. “Fuck, don’t do this to me, Gukkie. You can’t do this to me.”

Like he'd been waiting for Taehyung’s desperate pleas, Jeongguk’s hips begin to stutter and falter, finally reaching his orgasm as well. Taehyung’s body is wrecked with a quiver when Jeongguk groans in his ear as he comes, another when Jeongguk swells inside of him, and a final one when Jeongguk ultimately slips out of his body.

Taehyung immediately misses Jeongguk’s weight when he rolls off him. He feels he should say something, something to burst the bubble. He settles on a sighed, “your dick has wrecked me.”

Taehyung can practically see Jeongguk’s chest swell with pride upon hearing his praise and grins a sly smile he doesn’t let Jeongguk see. Bad boys and their easily inflatable egos.

For a while, the only sounds between them is their breathing returning to normal. The blood rushing in his ears is replaced by a wonderful mellow feeling. Suddenly, Taehyung’s midterm stress and essays and lab experiments seem like things that never even happened. He isn’t sure if he even remembers what he’s majoring in at the moment. Biology something.

Eventually, Jeongguk gets up to dispose of the condom and to fetch them a towel. He helps clean up the mess on Taehyung’s stomach when Taehyung still feels a bit too hazed and blissed out to move. After unceremoniously dumping the towel on the floor, the laundry basket standing merely three feet away, Jeongguk is back at his side.

Taehyung vaguely registers Jeongguk starting to play with his hair. The sensation is far too pleasant. If he isn’t careful, it might lull him to sleep.

“Did everything work out okay with that lab project you had to do?” Jeongguk’s question catches him off guard, Taehyung didn’t expect Jeongguk would remember something he’d once merely mentioned in passing.

“It turned out okay in the end.” Taehyung trails the outline of the tattoo on Jeongguk’s hipbone with a single finger. It’s Taehyung’s favourite one because whenever he licks it, Jeongguk goes mad. “The Professor says he is going to deduct some points, though.” His finger reaches the lowest line of inked skin and the muscles in Jeongguk’s abdomen contract in the most mouth-watering way. “Because he caught me roasting squid jerky over a Bunsen burner one evening. Apparently I’m not allowed to use the university’s equipment in such a disrespectful manner.”

Jeongguk snorts rather un-sexily upon hearing that confession. His bad boy persona cracks and evolves into something else; something bordering on cute and adorable. It reminds Taehyung vaguely of a bunny and suddenly Jeongguk looks his age. Moments like these don’t feed into burning in the lower pit of Taehyung’s stomach but hit Taehyung higher. They make his heart thump violently in his chest. Jeongguk is trouble. Trouble indeed.

It scares Taehyung more than he would like to admit. “I should go and get back to my dorm before the temperature outside drops below cold as fuck.”

Jeongguk watches him get up and pull on the clothes they’d left all over the bedroom floor. He looks unfazed by Taehyung’s abrupt departure but it’s not like shouldn’t be used to it by now. Shimming into his sweatpants, Jeongguk follows Taehyung out into the hallway. “Maybe you could stand the cold a little better if you'd put on a proper coat instead of that mustard monstrosity.”

Taehyung huffs as he pulls the garment in question up off the floor and over his head. “I look like an adorable ray of sunshine in this sweater and don’t you even try to deny it.”

As they make their way to the door, Jeongguk laughs in a way that shows he clearly disagrees with that statement.

When Taehyung turns to toe back into his shoes, he feels something soft being draped around his shoulders. The scent of Jeongguk’s cologne invades Taehyung’s nostrils as his fingers toy with the new addition to his outfit. It’s like a punch to the gut. Taehyung’s questioning eyes flicker from the red scarf to Jeongguk’s face.

“It’s an old one. You can bring it back next time.” Jeongguk looks almost as surprised by his actions as Taehyung is.


The unexpected moment of care is followed by an awkward silence. Taehyung is about to make a silly remark to try and salvage the situation but Jeongguk beats him to it, “Say hi to Jimin for me.”

“You know I won’t.”

“Hmm, that’s right, I’m your dirty little secret.” Jeongguk smirks but Taehyung can’t tell how sincere it is. On the surface it looks like he enjoys being someone’s dirty secret just as much as Taehyung pretends he likes to keep them.

Taehyung decides to make an effort for his best friend and raises an eyebrow. “Now that we are on the subject of Jimin, stop being a cocky brat and start calling him hyung. He’s older than you and if I have to listen to him complain about you one more time, I’ll probably go crazy.”

Jeongguk easily dismisses Taehyung’s instructions with a wave of the hand. “What would be the fun in that?”

Taehyung figures he’d hereby tried and failed. Jeongguk would continue acting however he pleased and Jimin would have to deal with that problem on his own.

Just like Taehyung had invited himself in, he lets himself out by opening the door and stepping outside. Jeongguk leans against the doorpost and the entire situation is laughably similar to earlier in the evening. Except Jeongguk’s lips look a little swollen and his hair is messy from where Taehyung clutched at it and Taehyung assumes he looks similarly dishevelled.

The bunny that Taehyung had caught a glimpse of in the bedroom is long gone. At the moment, Jeongguk looks every bit the bad boy enigma but Taehyung can still feel his heart beating in erratic patterns.

“Text me.”

“Sure,” Jeongguk drawls with studied nonchalance, almost tipping over into indifference, but Taehyung knows he will. Jeongguk always texts.

Taehyung supresses the urge to press a goodbye kiss against Jeongguk’s lips and settles for a casual wave. When he turns and takes his first few steps towards home, he can hear Jeongguk’s apartment door closing behind him. The sound is unexplainably unpleasant.

Taehyung digs his nose into the scarf. More of Jeongguk’s scent fills his nose, familiar and capable of inducing an immediate tightening in his gut. Taehyung sighs. Deep down he knows he’s making a big mess of things and it would probably prove to be toxic in the long run. Sometimes, when it’s two in the morning and Taehyung still can’t sleep, he wonders if he’s using Jimin’s dislike of Jeongguk as an excuse. It’s easy to pretend something isn’t real if nobody knows about it. If you don’t tell anyone.

As the lamp posts around him increase in density, Taehyung resolves to finally spill the beans this time. To tell Jimin what has been going on and to see where that revelation will take him and Jeongguk. Just like he had the last time he came back from Jeongguk’s apartment in the dead of the night. And the time before that one.

Maybe this time he finally would.